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11 months old/ One Month Later

Music was blasting all over in the Dreyar household. Fairy Tail's resident Lightning Dragon Slayer was doing something no one would believe. He was singing and dancing along to the song as he brought a baguette over to Alexei, who was dancing along as well in the living room. A month ago, Laxus wouldn't dare do something like this in front of anyone, much less a baby. It wasn't like Alexei was going to tell everyone what he was doing at home. Even if he did, no one could understand him.

Using the baguette as a microphone, he was singing the lyrics to the song I Was Made For Loving You Baby by Kiss. Pointing to Alexei every time the word baby came up, who was bouncing up and down and laughing at his older brother's antics.

Alexei, who was holding on to the couch, tried to take a step forward and dance towards his brother but failed as he fell on his bottom. Laxus set the baguette down on the coffee table nearby and grabbed Alexei's hands, helping him stand. Laxus slightly bent down and moved his arms along with Alexei's, raising it up and down as they moved to the beat. Then Laxus picked Alexei into his arms and sat him in his walker so he could dance with ease.

Laxus danced towards the remote, picking it up to increase the volume, and used it as an air guitar. Just as his favorite part came, Laxus started to spin. He abruptly stopped when he saw someone watching him and felt his heart stop. It was Lucy, standing near the door to the living room with an amused look on her face. Mildly panicking at getting caught doing something silly, he tried to shut the music player off, momentarily failing as the song kept repeating the word baby until, through some miracle, it turned off.

Laxus let out a cough as he tried to explain what he was doing. He prayed that Lucy didn't see anything as he straightened himself. "Ahem. What are you doing here," asked Laxus in a stern tone.

"I rang the doorbell, but no one answered." Lucy pointed her thumb towards the door. "When I knocked, the door opened, so I came inside. Besides, you were the one who told me to come at 10." The last thing Lucy was expecting was to walk into a performance by Fairy Tail's resident lightning slayer. No one would believe it if she told them, not that she would. However, she was enjoying Laxus' squirming.

Laxus glanced at the clock and realized it was 10 in the morning. Time went by so fast. He had a mission later in the afternoon that required him to stay for 2 days. He asked Lucy to look after Alexei until he came back. This would be the first time he would be away from Alexei for so long. Usually, he would come back within the day. He hoped Alexei wouldn't forget about him. "You have my number, right?"

"Have it on speed dial."

Laxus nodded, satisfied with that answer. He would have asked his grandfather, but he trusted Lucy more. Besides, Alexei being alone with his gramps could mean trouble as Laxus recalled his mysterious illnesses and injuries. "Let's head to the guild. I'll leave when Alexei's distracted."

Lucy was chatting with Levy, with Alexei in her arms, playing with her keys, when her phone rang. She apologized to Levy and checked to see who was calling when she let out a groan, answering it. "Yes, Laxus. Everything's fine here." This was the third time in 30 minutes that Laxus called her or texted her to check on Alexei. "I have him in my lap. Okay, now focus on your job." She left out another sigh when she ended the call.

"Abu," said Alexei curiously as he looked up at Lucy.

"That was Mama Laxus, again," cooed Lucy as she rubbed her nose against Alexei's. "He's just jealous we are having so much fun." Usually when Laxus went on a mission, he would call a few times or send a text for updates. But those were missions where he would come back at the end of the day. Lucy assumed since this was the first time Laxus would be away from Alexei, he wanted more updates. Ever since Laxus read one of the parenting books Mest and Troy gave him, he's been worried Alexei would forget him if he left too long.

"I'm surprised Laxus hasn't shocked you for calling him Mama," commented Levy casually. Levy knew for a fact if someone else called Laxus Mama for fun, they would have gotten shocked. Maybe he has a thing for Lucy but doesn't realize it yet.

Lucy shrugged her shoulders. "He needs me and he knows that." Lucy shifts Alexei so he can stand on her lap. "Plus, with the way he's been acting this half-hour, if that doesn't scream motherly, then call me crazy." Although Lucy explained to Laxus, Alexei wouldn't forget him after two days. He still wanted frequent updates during the day.

"I wonder what Alexei would call his birth mom if she ever shows up." There was the slight chance Alexei's mother would want to visit him or get him back. Levy prayed that day never came. Alexei was happier with them, especially with the stories she heard of his birth mom. A real mother wouldn't choose drugs over their own child.

"I doubt it. Even if she suddenly developed the mom gene, she'd be breaking the law, visiting Alexei. She gave up all her rights the day she signed that paper. Besides, Alexei has plenty of female role models here to look up to. Right, ladies?" Lucy glanced over to the women of Fairy Tail approaching their table.

"That's right," chirped Mira, with a smile. "Why have one Momma when Alexei can have multiple aunts?" The other women nodded and voiced their agreement, fawning over Alexei. "Now. Since Laxus isn't here, we can finally do what we always dreamed of doing." Mira paused for dramatic effect. "A baby fashion show! Alexei has what it takes to be a model and be the most fashionable baby out there. Laxus is holding him back with his bad taste clothes and ban on animal clothing unless they are dragons. Ladies, may the best outfit win and let the show begin," exclaimed Mira, passionately, with fire in her eyes as she held a baby devil costume in her hand.

This is so strange, thought Laxus as he laid on his bed in the room, the client provided for him. It's so quiet. He decided to wait in his room until the evening, when the client called for him. The job had a great pay, enough for him to not go on missions until next year, so he'd get to spend more time with Alexei during the holidays and his upcoming birthday. A bonus. The client was freaking hot.

The client was a wealthy socialite named Miranda Nova. She was having guests over for the weekend for a huge party and was worried about her competition, trying to sabotage her business. She got threatening letters over the past few weeks. This event was important for the sake of creating more connections and expanding her business. She worked in the business of Magic Vehicles. They were trying to come up with a new design that caused a less strain on the mage it was siphoning magic off. Laxus's job was to protect Miranda Nova in case an attack happens.

The party wasn't set to start in the evening, so Laxus had time to kill in his room. Miranda already showed him around and he observed possible points of entry in case something did happen. He also noticed Miranda wrapping her arms against his and pressing her bosom against it, fluttering her lashes innocently as she explained the importance of the party.

Now Laxus certainly wasn't blind. Miranda was gorgeous, and he was certain she wanted him. Of course, he's a man with a working libido and he wants her too. But he was still on a job. Unless she blatantly says or does something, he wasn't going to make a move. Maybe they can work something out after the job. He certainly was pent up from having no sex for a month. He promised to honor the deal he made with Lucy regarding Alexei. Technically, he wasn't breaking the deal. He wasn't going to bring someone home, nor was Alexei going to meet him. If something happens, he and Miranda will go their separate ways.

Laxus took his phone out of his pocket, tapping the recent number, this time, opting for a video chat. Might as well check on Alexei again. This time since he was going to be away for longer, Laxus left his coat behind in case Alexei had a hard time going to sleep. The scent will make Alexei think Laxus was still there.

Laxus waited a few seconds longer until finally Lucy answered the phone, who looked strangely flustered and out of breath. "Sorry about that," gasped Lucy, catching her breath. "Alexei took my phone, and I had to chase him to get it back." Lucy thought it was strange that Alexei was suddenly quiet. Although Alexei tended to be quiet when he played with his toys, babbling here and there, he was a lot quieter than usual. When she heard the sound of a camera clicking and her phone missing from the coffee table, it didn't take long to realize who the culprit was. As she made her way towards Alexei to get her phone, Alexei sensed her and started running away in his walker, giggling, holding the phone in his hand. He probably thought they were playing a game as he ran around the house, laughing loudly and bumping into things. She finally obtained the phone when it rang. "Everything is fine here."

Laxus nodded, satisfied with that answer, but he still wanted to see Alexei. "Bring the phone to Alexei. I want to see him." Seeing Alexei will lessen his worries.

Lucy walked over to Alexei, who was playing with the driver's wheel on his walker. She snapped her fingers to get his attention. "Alexei," she cooed, bending down to sit beside Alexei, holding her phone so both of them can get in the frame. "Look who wants to talk to you."

Alexei glanced up to see his brother on this tiny rectangle thingy. He let out an excited squeal. "Mama!" He made grabbing motions towards the phone. Lucy brought the phone closer so Alexei could get a better look. "Ahbadah," he babbled excitedly, telling his brother about his day.

"Hey there, buddy," smiled Laxus at Alexei, who was blubbering gibberish excitedly. "Are you having fun with Lucy today?" He knew Lucy would play and do activities to help Alexei learn and improve his motor movements.

"Bagahpadado," replied Alexei, making movements with his hands. "Palabu!"

"Oh." Lucy perked up when she remembered something. "Alexei, why don't you do that thing you learned this morning. Mwah!" Lucy blew a kiss at Alexei, giving him a playful wink. The ladies of Fairy Tail taught Alexei this in the morning, which he enthusiastically imitated back.

"Mwah," repeated Alexei, pressing his hand against his mouth and extending it forward, blowing a kiss at the phone. "Mwah!" Alexei did again with a smile, looking at his brother with expectant eyes, waiting for Laxus to blow him a kiss like the beautiful girls did this morning.

Laxus let out a chuckle at Alexei's antics. "Are you trying to make Alexei a lady-killer," teased Laxus, directing a grin towards Lucy, who shook her head in disbelief.

Lucy raised her hands in mock surrender. "Me. I didn't teach him much. Alexei has that natural Dreyar charm. He already has all the women wrapped around his cute little finger." Lucy noticed Alexei let out a big yawn. "It's also time for this little ladies' man to take his nap." Lucy glanced back at Laxus. "I'm going to put him down for his nap. Might take an hour or two. You can check in then."

Laxus waved goodbye to the two blondes, hanging up the phone in the process. He glanced at the clock. Still 3. Maybe he'll walk about the mansion.

Laxus got up from his bed and exited the room, roaming around the halls. Along the way, he noticed an open door. Curious, he peeked through the crack and his eyes went wide open at the sight in front of him.

Miranda Nova was wearing an open silk kimono with revealing lingerie underneath. She was applying lotion to herself, currently spending extra time on her legs. With one leg on the bed and the other on the floor. She bent down, giving Laxus a better view of her cleavage as she reached down to lotion her lower leg.

Suddenly, Miranda stood straight and turned her head to stare right back at Laxus. She gave him a flirtatious smile as she walked closer to the door, opening it wide with a sexy pose. "I have a hard time reaching my back. I don't suppose you could help me before the event starts," fluttering her lashes, lowering her kimono to the floor.

Laxus gave a grin in response, entering the room and closing the door behind him.

Midnight/Nine hours later

Laxus panted, taking in deep breaths as he pushed himself to the side, laying on his back. The event was a success, and Miranda Nova wasn't harmed. One person tried to harm her by yelling and running like an idiot with a knife in his hand towards her, but Laxus quickly took care of the problem. As a reward and to show her appreciation, they had another round of sex. This time, it was much more intense than before. Miranda really knew how to please a man, and Laxus was well-satisfied.

Leaving Miranda to sleep, Laxus headed back towards his room in his underwear, the rest of his clothes in his hands. Placing them on a chair in the corner, he laid down on his bed, grabbing his phone from the nightstand. It's midnight, thought Laxus, turning his phone back on. He had a tendency of leaving his phone off or behind while on missions, in order to have the client's undivided attention. Besides, Lucy was with Alexei, so nothing bad would happen.

When his phone was finally on, Laxus noticed the amount of missed calls and unread texts from The Thunder Legion and his grandfather sent 2-3 hours ago. Laxus had a bad feeling as he read through the messages first.

Laxus, where are you?!

Call me when you get this message.

Get back here as soon as you can.

Laxus! Something's happened.

Laxus immediately stood up and put on his clothes. After that, he called Freed, praying that he would pick up. "Freed! What's going on?!" He almost tripped over his shoes.

"Laxus-sama! Finally, you picked up. Please come back home quickly. Someone broke into your house and tried to kidnap Alexei. He's with your grandfather at the moment and the Rune Knights and Lucy's…"

Freed was going to continue his frantic rant when Laxus abruptly interrupted him. "I'm on my way now! Finish the mission in my stead tomorrow in the morning." Laxus hung up the phone and teleported to his house. Freed could explain to Miranda why Laxus left halfway through the mission. The important part was over, anyway.

Laxus teleported to the front of his house, landing on his lawn. He noticed the Rune Knights scrambling around barking orders and a few of them leaving in an ambulance after closing the door. That made Laxus even more worried and thinking the worst.

Alexei! Please be alright, thought Laxus as he ran into his living room. He felt himself go weak in the knees at the sight in front of him.

Alexei was sitting on Master Makarov's lap on the couch, tears streaming down his face as Makarov tried to console the crying child. Laxus never felt so relieved in his entire life.

"Alexei," Laxus called out, picking Alexei up from his grandfather, hugging him close to his chest. "It's okay. It's okay. I'm here," said Laxus soothingly, smoothing out Alexei's wild hair, bouncing him up and down as Alexei held onto Laxus's biceps. He checked and made sure there were no visible injuries. Seeing none, Laxus glanced down at his Grandfather who had a grim expression on his face. "What happened," demanded Laxus, scanning the room. The house was in disarray, the parts he was able to see. Something happened.

"I'm not entirely sure," replied the Master in a small voice, looking down at the floor. "Someone broke into the house and there was a scuffle. Lucy's getting treated in the hospital for injuries right now." His gaze turned angry as he glared up at Laxus. "Where were you?! The Thunder Legion, and I called you so many times! What was so important that you couldn't pick or check your phone for 5 seconds. If I didn't happen to stop by your house…" Master took a deep, shaky breath to calm himself and keep the tears at bay. Seeing Lucy unconscious on the kitchen floor, bleeding out, and a hooded figure above her with a metal bat. The image was still fresh in his mind. Luckily, Alexei was upstairs in his bed but the noise must have woke him up because while all of this was going on, he was crying. The figure was about to head upstairs when they ran away at the sight of the Master. Helping Alexei and Lucy took priority over everything else, so he called Mest for help and backup. They looked all over and couldn't find the person.

Yelling wasn't going to help in this situation. What bothered the Master the most was how did they know Laxus wasn't home? Not only that, the Rune Knights discovered runes that banned the use of magic, leaving Lucy with no means to defend herself. This couldn't be a one-person job.

"I'm sorry," apologized Laxus in a meek voice as he looked down at the floor in shame, holding Alexei tighter as if he was going to disappear any second. "I should have been more responsible."

"Laxus, like it or not, everything's changed. You can't do the same things you used to do. A child is here, for God's sake! Alexei takes priority over everything else. Even a mission!" Makarov always made an exception for his children, even his grandchildren. Family comes first. "I thought you changed."

"I'm sorry," repeated Laxus again like a broken record. His grandfather was right. What he did was irresponsible. He should have had his phone with him. Better yet, he shouldn't have gone on an overnight mission in the first place. This wasn't like the old days, where he can take long missions and stay overnight. Or recklessly have fun with the client. He got too comfortable, relying on Lucy's assistance. Originally, he was supposed to stay for one, but the client begged for another day. Seeing how beautiful she was and the double pay, he shamelessly agreed. "I-is Lucy alright?" He heard Lucy was injured in the scuffle.

His grandfather was about to respond when a female Rune Knight approached them. Although she had the Rune Knight emblem on her, she was wearing a suit, with a blazer and pants, hair in a bun. "Laxus Dreyar, I presume?" She adjusted the glasses sitting on her nose.

"Yes," replied Laxus, shifting Alexei into his arms who fell asleep.

"I'm with child services." The woman flashed her badge, showing Laxus and the Master. "I'm here to take Alexei Dreyar. His mother wants custody and her parental rights restored. Since this is a complicated case and taking into account what just happened, we think Alexei is safer with us. Until the court's ruling, Alexei will stay with us until the judge decides who is a better fit to raise him."

Laxus and Master watched in horror, helpless against the law, as the social worker took Alexei away.