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AN: This was inspired by one of the chapters of Gakuen Babysitters. Such a cute manga and anime.

"... 8, 9, 10! Ready or not, here I come!"

Laxus finished counting and opened his eyes. He heard the sound of feet padding across the floor and giggling. "Hmmm. I wonder where Alexei is hiding."

Laxus was answered with the sounds of more giggling. He could easily find Alexei with and without his dragon senses, but Laxus wanted to draw out the game as much as possible. He was not a huge fan of playing hide and seek, but Alexei liked it, so he complied. Alexei was terrible at hiding by hiding in spots you can easily tell a child is hiding; his feet showing from under the bed or fingers grabbing onto the curtain. Or if Laxus took too long, Alexei would reveal his location by leaving his hiding spot and yelling, I'm here! At least Alexei was good at the seeking part. Then again, Laxus would not put a lot of effort into hiding. He couldn't anyway because his size prevented him.

As Laxus predicted, Alexei got antsy. "I'm here," yelled Alexei with a smile, poking his head from behind the curtain.

"I'm going to get you," growled Laxus with a smile, chasing after Alexei, who let out an excited shriek, running away. Alexei's running always had him laughing. It looked like a penguin trying to run. His legs were still short.

Alexei, in his excitement at running away from his brother, did not notice the stuffed animal on the floor. His foot slipped, and he crashed to the ground, falling face first with an oomph.

"Oowie," whined Alexei, trying to get up with tears forming in the corners of his eyes. His knees, arms and chin hurt a lot. The areas were red. He looked up at his brother with his hands in the air, showing Laxus his injuries. "Boo boo," he sniffed, trying to hold back the tears. He wanted to show he was brave and strong.

"Come on buddy," said Laxus as he picked up Alexei from the ground and headed to the living room, placing him on the couch. "Let's watch a movie, okay?" He went to get the first aid kit.

Alexei nodded in response, squirming when Laxus wiped his injuries with an alcohol pad, and placed a cartoon bandage on his knee, elbow and chin. He cuddled into Laxus's lap as he scrolled through the channels on the lacrima tv.

"This looks nice," said Laxus, stopping on the movie channel. Right now the tv was playing a kid's tv show. An old woman was reading stories out loud, accompanied by cute animations.

The further they got into the show, Laxus let out a yawn and felt his eyelids droop. The narrator of the stories had such a soothing voice. Maybe I'll close my eyes for just a second. Laxus leaned his head against the couch, snoozing away.

Alexei had the remote in his hands. He liked the story, but he wanted to watch something else. Imitating what he saw his brother do on many occasions, Alexei pressed random buttons, pointing the remote at the tv. He scrolled through the channels until he saw something that looked interesting.

It was a jewelry commercial. The gems and metal looked so shiny and pretty to Alexei that he couldn't help but get enthralled by the visuals. But the jewels weren't the only interesting part of the commercial.

A man and a woman were gazing intently at each other underneath a cherry blossom tree. "I love you," they murmured to each other and pressed their lips together in a loving kiss. The scene then transitions into a young woman sitting on a couch with an older woman who resembled her. "Happy Birthday Mom." She handed a black box and kissed her mother on the cheek, murmuring an 'I love you' as well. The scene transitions once more, showing a mother and her young son. The son hands a box to the mom and gives his mom a kiss on the cheek. The commercial ends with "Do you love someone? Say I Love You with a kiss. Shop at Amour's!"

Interesting, thought Alexei, absorbing the information he just received from the commercial. People show that they love each other with a kiss. He glanced at his brother, who was in the process of waking up. I need to test this out! I will ask my big brother!

Alexei tapped his older brother, who was in the middle of letting out an enormous yawn. He glimpsed at Alexei, noticing his improved mood. Looks like the movie provided a good distraction. "Hey bud. Did you like the movie?"

Alexei nodded in response. "Bwoda kiss!" He lifted himself up and gave Laxus a wet kiss on the cheek. "I wuv you."

"Thanks bud. I love you too." Laxus was still awkward with this display of affection, but he was trying to get used to it for Alexei's sake. There was already one socially awkward, brooding dragon in the family. They did not need another. "But make sure you only kiss the people you love, okay? Like me, gramps or a girl you like." Last thing Laxus needed was for Alexei to kiss everyone around.

Alexei gave him a tiny nod. "Okay. Only those I wike." He liked all the girls in the guild, so it wasn't a problem.

Laxus should have realized that the conversation should not have ended there. If only he knew the chaos that would ensue the next day.

The Next Day

"I wuv you!" Alexei yelled happily when he ran into the guild, heading towards the girls who were sitting together at the table. "Mwah!" He blew a kiss at them.

"We love you too, Alexei," cooed the girls of Fairy Tail. They all adored the little boy. He was too adorable for his own good and they didn't hesitate in spoiling Alexei.

"Come here." Lucy beckoned Alexei to come closer and sat him in her lap. Alexei happily started babbling to them.

"That kid is so freaking lucky," grumbled Bickslow under his breath as he and the pervs of the guild watch Alexei cuddle with the girls in jealousy. Laying his head on their bosom and patting them. If they tried to do that, they'd get beat up. Alexei got to get away with it because he was a baby. His intentions were harmless.

"What I'd give to be in his shoes," sighed Macao, placing his hand under his chin.

"I don't understand what the big deal is," wondered Laxus out loud, shaking his head at his guild mates. "So he's super nice to the girls." He was hoping that with Alexei spending a lot of time with the girls, he'd forget about the fact that he doesn't have a mother around. That was a conversation they needed to have in the future, but not now. Laxus was going to let Alexei be blissfully unaware of his origins until he was old enough to understand.

"Bossman! Are you seriously not seeing what we are seeing," asked Bickslow in an exasperated tone. "He's a ladies' man in the making. Alexei has all the girls wrapped around his tiny, grubby fingers." Bickslow pointed to the girls to emphasize his point. "That's literal heaven right there!" He let out a wistful sigh, staring at the girls' longing. "What I'd do to drink those tall bottles of milk?"

Laxus made a disgusted face and shocked the men, grinning when they all spazzed. He headed upstairs to his office to deal with some paperwork. If only Laxus stayed to witness the chaos that erupted.

Alexei tapped Lucy, letting her know to put him down. He padded towards Juvia, who had hearts in her eyes, staring lovingly at Gray. Juvia was his unofficial magic teacher. Whenever his magic went out of control, she was there to stop the unintentional floods. "Jubla!" He beckoned Juvia to bend out and grabbed her face. "Kiss!" He put his lips on Juvia, who went white as a ghost.

When Alexei turned around, distracted by something in the guild, Juvia registered what had just happened. "Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm sorry, Gray-sama. I tried to save my first kiss! There is nothing happening between me and Alexei. My heart belongs to you," wailed Juvia, with dramatic tears falling down her face. Her magic started getting out of control. "LOVE TRIANGLE!" Her imagination is going wild.

"JUVIA! CONTROL YOUR MAGIC," yelled Gray, when he was caught in a whirlpool as he tried to calm the girl down.

"Alexei. Come here." Erza beckoned Alexei to come closer to her. "You must take responsibility for Juvia. You can't just…" Erza was interrupted when Alexei gave her a kiss on the cheek. Her face turned redder than her hair. "K-kiss," stuttered Erza, smoke coming out of her ears. A familiar blue-haired mage popped into her face. "I-I wasn't cheating." Erza fainted at the last part.

"Kiss." Alexei, unaware of the chaos he was causing, started going around and kissing the girls.

"KISSING IS MAN," yelled Elfman, pumping his fist in the air. His attitude changed when he saw Alexei kiss Mira and Lisanna. "Nooooo, not my sisters!"

"Oi! You can't have shrimp! She's mine," growled Gajeel when Alexei kissed Levy. "I haven't even kissed her yet. Only I can kiss her!"

"Gajeel," scolded Levy with red cheeks. They started dating a few days ago and were taking their time.

"What's going on here," yelled Laxus as he looked at the mess in front of him. People running around and crying.

"Bwoda kiss!"

"Your brother is going around kissing everyone," snarled Gajeel, pouting with Levy in his lap.

"What?!" Laxus was surprised to hear this. He walked over to Alexei and bent down on one knee. "Alexei. You can't go around kissing everyone. I told you yesterday. Only if you love someone."

Alexei was confused at this as he cocked his head to the side. "But I wuv evewyone." He didn't understand what the big deal was. He wanted to show that he loved everyone by kissing them, just like the commercial.

Laxus let out a groan as he tried to figure out a way to explain this. "It's okay to love everyone, but it doesn't mean you can kiss everyone. There are different ways of showing I love you."

"No kiss?"

"That's right Alexei. You can't kiss everyone. Only the girls you really love. Like a girlfriend."


"That's right, a girlfriend. You don't have a girlfriend yet, Alexei." Laxus was pretty sure Alexei did not have a girlfriend around his age.

"But I do," said Alexei in a serious tone. He raised his hands in the air as emphasis. "I have lots giwlfwiends! All my giwlfwiends." Alexei gestured to the women of Fairy Tail. They were girls and his friends. That meant they were his girlfriends.

Laxus smacked himself on the forehead at that comment. He tried his best to explain the situation, but to no avail. The other members of the guild were finding the situation to be hilarious. He was about to go another route when the guild doors slammed open. Three people walked in.

"Hey there Alexei," greeted Asuka with a smile. Alexei was a good friend of hers. It was nice to finally have someone younger than her. She wasn't the baby of the guild anymore.

"Asuka kiss!" Alexei ran towards Asuka and planted a kiss on her lips. If Laxus knew what was going to happen, he would have tried to stop it.

The boisterous guild went silent at that declaration and the scene they just witnessed. Everyone simultaneously went to the one person who would explode over this, Alzack, Asuka's father. His bangs were covering his eyes as he reached into his coat pocket to pull something out.

"Alzack dear. He's just a baby. It's a harmless kiss." Bisca tried to placate the overprotective father. To think he had to witness his precious daughter's first kiss. "He doesn't know what he is doing."

"I wuv u Asuka!"

Other people in the guild had other ideas. "Hey Alzack, to think your future son-in-law was right here the whole time! When's the wedding? Yeouch! Put those guns away!"

"No one kisses my baby girl and gets away with it."

"Woah. Woah Woah." Laxus ran over to Alzack and took the guns away before Alzack started shooting the place. "Look man. I'm sorry about that. I don't know what's gotten into Alexei." Alexei has gotten more physical affection over the last few hours. At first, Laxus thought it was just limited to him and Gramps, but is now realizing there is a bigger problem at hand. Alexei needs to learn he can't just go up to people and kiss them. "Just let me talk to him."

"You tried talking to him and nothing worked!"

"I have an idea," chirped Mira with an innocent smile. Knowing Mira, she probably had hidden intentions. "Alexei, come here."

Mira beamed another smile at Alexei. "Alexei, out of all of your girlfriends, which one do you love the most?" Mira had a good feeling about the answer, but wanted to hear it from the kid himself.

"Ummm." Alexei cutely pondered out loud with his hand under his chin. "I wuv Lucy!" She was so nice, pretty, and always played with him. All the girls were nice to him, and the bond he had with Lucy was special. She always made him feel good and happy.

"That's great to hear. I love Lucy as well. She's one of my best friends." Mira chirped with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Butttt… I'm not the only one who loves Lucy."

"What?" Alexei's smile drops from his face.

"Yeah." Mira nodded. She felt bad for what she was about to do, but it was the only way. "Everyone loves Lucy. She's sweet, kind, pretty and gives the best hugs. Right guys?" Mira glanced at the men of Fairy Tail for confirmation, who let out a cheer of agreement.

"Yeah! Luce is amazing!"

"Lu-chan is so smart!"

"That girl has an amazing body!"

Lucy's face continued to turn a deeper shade of red with each compliment her fellow guild mates gave her.

Mira leaned in close to Alexei for the final blow. "Since everyone loves Lucy, I'm guessing there's no issue in showing that we love her. Laxus! Why don't you show Lucy how much you love her?"

It took a couple of seconds for the mages in question to realize what was going on. "What?!" The blond duo screeched with red cheeks at Mira.

Mira whispered to Laxus and Lucy. "Trust me! I know what I am doing. Just play along!" She turned back to Alexei. "I'm sure you don't have a problem with your older brother kissing Lucy, right?"

Alexei went silent at that and Mira took that as confirmation as she gestured to the two blondes. "Go on," encouraged Mira, the other members joining in as well. If what she predicted came true, Alexei will push Lucy away from Laxus. He loved and was possessive of his brother. Not even Lucy could get away with a kiss with Laxus.

"Whoo hoo, pucker those lips!"

"Yes, love rival will not steal Gray-sama."

"You show her who's man."

Laxus let out an audible gulp, glancing at Lucy, who was looking down with a pretty flush on her face. He already had some confusing feelings towards Lucy. Who knows what kissing her could lead to?

"Let's just get this over with," Lucy barely squeaked out. She was surprised she hadn't fainted yet. She always found Laxus attractive, which was why she was hesitant to help him with Alexei in the first place. Seeing Laxus so loving and involved in Alexei's life made her feelings stronger for him. However, she will not make a move. Ever. Alexei was number one in his life and whoever Laxus ended up with was none of her business. Maybe it's time for her to move on.

"Okay." Laxus let out a shaky breath and leaned in towards Lucy, who had her eyes closed.

"Noooooooooooo," shrieked Alexei with panic filled eyes as he got in between the two blondes, pushing to create as much distance as possible, preventing their lips from touching.

To everyone's shock, Alexei pushed Laxus away from Lucy. Everyone knew how much the little boy loved his older brother. Guess he liked Lucy more. Alexei clung to Lucy with an angry, cute pout on his face. "She's my giwlfwiend! You can't have her!" He buried his face in her stomach, sniffling, his tiny sobs muffled. Seeing his brother and his favorite person in the world about to kiss created an ugly feeling in his tummy. He didn't want them to kiss. Lucy was his.

Laxus and Lucy let out a sigh of relief despite the disappointment they felt about not being able to kiss,

"I'm guessing Alexei isn't going to kiss anyone anytime soon," Laxus let out a nervous laugh when he saw Alexei growl at Natsu, trying to approach Lucy. He tried to calm the rapid beating of his heart at what was about to transpire between him and Lucy.

There was going to be a lot of thinking tonight, and it took Alexei a few days before he finally allowed men to be near Lucy without growling or baring his fangs at them. If he was too emotionally stimulated, the atmosphere would get dewy or the glasses would break from the force of his magic.

Maybe it's time to teach him how to control his magic, thought Laxus as he tried to distract himself with a lesson plan for Alexei instead of thinking about his almost kiss with Lucy.