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"Raise your hands and touch the sky!" The woman on the screen yelled out as she demonstrated the move. Alexei copied the move, reaching for the sky as high as he could in his red onesie.

It was another day in the Dreyar household. While Laxus was washing dishes from breakfast, Alexei was in the living room watching tv. He was watching a woman do yoga, and he was imitating the moves he was watching. It has become part of his morning routine.

"Bwoda come!" Alexei beckoned Laxus to come participate when he entered the living room to sit. He wanted his brother to do yoga with him.

"Uhhh sure," replied Laxus in an unsure voice as he stood next to Alexei. He wondered what Alexei was watching every morning and was surprised it was yoga. He didn't have a problem with Alexei copying the moves because it was a session for beginners. However, Laxus was unsure about participating, considering his own physique and lack of flexibility. He may have a harder time imitating the moves, but he also didn't care for it as much as Alexei did. Laxus preferred his heavy lifting and weights.

"Let's assume the downward dog position!"

"Hup!" Alexei got on all fours, extending his bottom into the air as he looked down at the floor. "Bwoda too!"

Laxus hesitantly assumed the same position. This is ridiculous, thought Laxus. I look ridiculous!

"Let's assume the triangle pose!"

"Eh!" Alexei had his two feet apart. He bent to the side with one hand facing the sky and the other facing the ground.

"Huh!" Laxus was surprised at how easily Alexei copied the move. No way did it look like a triangle. More like a cone. He tried to copy the instructor and have his arms' face parallel to the ground and sky, but his was more of a 45-degree angle.

"No! Like this!" Alexei shook his head when he saw his brother do the move wrong. He repeated the move to Laxus.

Laxus tried to replicate the move once more, but failed. His muscles prevented him from doing so. Alexei let out an angry pout, crossing his hands over his chest. "Bwoda no good." He wanted to do yoga with someone. Alexei shook his head in disappointment and left the living room, leaving a shocked Laxus frozen in place.

The Next Day

Alexei noticed the girls coming out of the guild's training room, wearing activewear and carrying gym bags. They chattered and giggled happily while sipping from a sports bottle. "What's dat?" Alexei asked the girls and pointed to the gym bags.

"Oh, this." Levy lifted her orange gym bag, opening it to reveal the contents to Alexei. "This is a gym bag. I carry extra clothes, water, snacks and a yoga mat for gym class. We do yoga, dance class and other fun activities."

"Yoga?" Alexei's eyes sparkled at that word. "I wanna." Finally, some people he could do yoga with. Alexei walked towards his brother and tugged his pant leg. He pointed to the girls. "Yoga!"

"Uhhhh." Laxus was unsure if he should let Alexei do yoga with the girls. It also looked to be a female only class. "Let's ask the girls first." Better safe than sorry.

Laxus brought Alexei over to the girls, specifically the harmless ones, Levy, Lisanna, and Lucy. It seemed to be a popular class because it looked like all the girls were participating. "Is it alright if Alexei joins you in the morning for gym class?"

Alexei smiled brightly at the girls and looked at them using his cute puppy eyes, clasping his hands together. "Pwease?"

"Of course Alexei can join us," cooed Lucy, patting Alexei's hair. "We start at 9 in the morning. Make sure he has a mat and the appropriate clothing. And don't worry, he's in safe hands. We are still at the beginner's stage, so he won't hurt himself."

"Yay!" Alexei jumped in excitement, tugging Laxus's hand out of the guild. "Bwoda let's go!" They needed to head to the store and pick out some stuff for him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the guild

The men of the guild were huddled together, whispering something with pervy grins on their faces. "Did you get it?" Macao asked Bickslow, who had a black bag in his hand. He placed it on the table with a thump.

"No." Bickslow shook his head with a grin. "I got something even better." He pulled out a brown teddy bear wearing a bow tie and broach in the middle.

"A teddy bear?" Wakaba said in a disappointing tone. "What happened to the guild blueprints?! You know, the one that shows secret rooms and passageways." Even since the guys heard of the girls' gym class, they have been trying to find ways to spy on the class without getting caught. The blueprints were supposed to be the solution.

"This isn't just an ordinary teddy bear. It's a nanny cam." Bickslow's smile grew wider at the confused looks on his friend's faces. "It's our ticket to heaven! And I know just who to give it to." Bickslow glanced at Alexei, dragging Laxus out of the guild, and sported a pervy grin. There was no point in memorizing the blueprints. The girls were going to catch them. This wasn't their first attempt at a leer feast. Sharp women like Erza and Mira would skin them alive.

The Next Day

"Hey Alexei," sang Bickslow with an 'innocent smile', putting the teddy bear behind his back so Alexei could not see his surprise. "I have a present for you." It was not uncommon for guild members to give Alexei presents and gifts. Asuka and Alexei were the youngest members of the guild and the guild did not hesitate in spoiling the little ones. Bickslow just had to make sure when the 'cam' was discovered that it was not traced back to him. "It's something you can take to yoga class."

Alexei closed his eyes with a smile on his face, holding his arms out. He felt something soft in his hands. He let out an excited gasp. "Beaw!" It looked like a tinier version of a bear he saw in picture books in some of his stories. It was in the color light brown with black eyes and a smiley face on it. The best part was the blue bowtie with a red jewel in the middle. "Tank you!" Alexei gave Bickslow a hug with the teddy bear still in his arms.

"You're welcome." Bickslow felt slightly guilty for tricking Alexei and using him for his plan, but at least his present put a smile on the little kid's face. "Now run along now. You're going to be late." Bickslow waved goodbye to Alexei, who was following the girls into the room as they turned into a mini studio.

Later In the class

"Don't worry, Alexei! You will have a lot of fun today. Plus, the teacher is very good. Probably one of the best." Levy placed a comforting hand on Alexei's thigh who was sitting cross-legged like everyone else until the teacher arrived. He was sitting in between Lucy and Levy. They were at the top of his list of people he liked to hang with. They would constantly read stories to him.

Alexei was so excited he could barely contain it. But he knew he had to be patient until the yoga teacher arrived. All the girls sung praises of him and said that his practices were revolutionary.

Lucy glanced at the watch in her hand and clapped her hands with a smile to get everyone's attention. "Okay everyone. Class is about to start in a few minutes. The teacher should make an appearance." She pulled a silver key from her pocket and waved in the air, chanting. "Open!"

"Pun pun!"

It shocked Alexei to see who the teacher was after the cloud of smoke disappeared. It looked strange with a carrot nose and constantly shaking. That carrot nose did look delicious, though. But he was curious. What kind of animal was this? It did not look like anything he had seen before. He tugged Lucy's pant leg. "Wat dat," asked Alexei, pointing at Plue who was doing some sort of dance. Was he cold or just shaking?

"That's Plue. He's a dog like Chara," answered Lucy.

Alexei's eyes went wide at this revelation. That was a dog! It certainly didn't look like a dog he knew from pictures. Maybe Lucy was wrong. Alexei shook his head. "Nooo. That's not dog! Chawa dog!"

"But he is a dog," protested Lucy, embarrassed that even a baby doubted Plue was a dog. "I know he looks different from a dog, but I can assure you he is a dog."

"Pun Pun!" Plue raised his hand in agreement. "Pun pun."

"Class has started!"

With Laxus

Laxus was scribbling something on a piece of paper when suddenly he stood straight in his seat. His ears twitched. Silence. Huh. That's strange, thought Laxus. There were no sounds of arguing, fists being thrown, or furniture being broken. Something's up.

Laxus had to investigate this. Silent meant trouble. Whenever Alexei was oddly quiet, Laxus would discover Alexei doing something mischievous. Going by that logic, since most of the guild members acted like children, trouble was brewing and Laxus was going to get to the bottom of this.

Laxus' first thought would have gone to Juvia, and that she was concocting a new plan to seduce Gray, but she was busy doing the yoga class with the other girls. It had to be the men.

Laxus stood up and left his office using stealth. Last thing he needed was the men to realize he was onto them.

He headed to the guildhall and saw it was practically almost empty. Only a few members were left, such as Freed, Gray, and Romeo. This worried Laxus. That meant most of the guild perverts were gone and at the same time. This was not a coincidence. They were off doing something.

Laxus marched towards his right-hand man. "Freed, where is Bickslow?" Once he found Bickslow, the rest should be found.

Freed thought about it for a second. It was strange he didn't hear his friend the whole day. Now that he thought it, he saw him leave with some of the members of the guild, heading towards the place they tried to spy on the girls in the pool. Freed let out a shudder as he called that incident. The explosion Natsu, Gray, and Gajeel made that day still haunted him. BUt if they headed there, that meant Bickslow was not up to anything good.

Freed was about to reply when Romeo spoke up instead. "I think they are trying to find a way to spy on the girls in the yoga class." He also added. "I think they succeeded this time. I overheard them chatting about how Bickslow is a genius."

This caused anger to course through Laxus's veins. Lucy was there and that meant the men were spying on Lucy. "And why did they call Bickslow a genius?" Of course, Bickslow was responsible for this. He was glad that the little boy had a lot of information. Probably because his dad was a perv and tried to keep him out of trouble, or at least from embarrassing him.

"Something about him planting a camera in a place the girls will never find."

Laxus nodded and reached into his wallet to get something. He pulled out a wad of cash and placed it into a surprised Romeo's hands. "Thanks kid. You were a big help. Buy yourself some ice cream." Before Romeo could refuse or give back the money, Laxus teleported from the bar.

"You're so lucky Romeo," cried Freed dramatically with tears streaming down his face. "Laxus-sama never buys anyone ice cream. I'm so jealous. I want to eat ice cream with Laxus-sama!"

Laxus burst through the doors of the mini-studio where the girls were working out. A few of the females let out a scream at the sudden appearance. They just finished their poses and were about to take a break.

"Laxus! What is the meaning of this?" Erza summoned a sword and pointed it at Laxus's neck, who wasn't fazed by it one bit. Anyone else would have peed their pants or cried. He was too busy trying to locate the camera using magic.

"Bwoda, do yoga," asked Alexei cutely as he wiped his face with a towel. He really worked up a sweat with the girls and had a fun time. He couldn't wait for the next class, even though he was hesitant about being taught by a dog.

"Not today, Alexei," replied Laxus, focusing on his magic to detect electric wires or circuits. He was trying to sense something that was out of place in this room. It was a neat trick he learned when he first became S-Class. People tried to spy on him or plant bugs to obtain information, but Laxus would always find the spy gear. "I just need to find something."

"Laxus, is everything alright?" Lucy stood up from her spot on the ground and approached Laxus. Something wasn't right. Laxus looked frazzled and his eyes were darting all over the room as if he was looking for something.

Laxus stopped, looking around the room for a second to address Lucy. Gosh, she looked so stunning in that high ponytail and workout clothes. Her face was practically glowing from the workout she just did. It happened to resemble another glow women get from another certain "workout" and that involved two people.

Laxus cleared his throat and shook his head to remove the dirty thoughts from his head. "A moment, please." He beckoned Lucy to follow him to the corner of the room, out of everyone's earshot. He specifically didn't want Alexei to overhear him. No need to expose him to the guild pervert's shenanigans.

Laxus lowered his voice and whispered. "I heard there's a camera in here." Lucy's eyes went wide open at that revelation, but she stayed silent and he continued. "Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary lately?"

"That can't be possible," Lucy whispered back. She was relieved at the fact they only did basic moves and nothing too showy as consideration for Alexei. "Mira and Erza combed through every inch of this place every day. We tried to make it as safe as possible. First few days we found the spy gear. Then it was the secret rooms and peepholes." Lucy shook her head in disappointment. "I assumed they backed off. Should have known something was up when we didn't find anything the last few days."

"There's gotta be something," pondered Laxus out loud. "My source wouldn't lie. Apparently, they are using something different and it has got past Mira and Erza. Anything new in this room?" If the girls didn't notice or find anything, it must have been something new. Something insignificant that escaped the girl's eyes.

"Bwoda, look. Beaw!" Alexei ran towards Laxus with the bear in his hands. He raised it in the air to show his brother. "Pwesant for me."

The bear! Laxus and Lucy thought as they both came to the same realization. It was harmless enough for it to get past Erza and Mira because they assumed it was just a toy. Lucy smiled and bent down to talk to Alexei. "Alexei, sweetie. That's a cute bear you have there. Who gave it to you?"

As Alexei explained who gave it to him, Laxus quickly scanned the bear. He noticed electric energy coming from the bowtie with the red jewel. He glared into the camera and mouthed the words, 'you're dead.' He was going to get rid of that jewel later.

"Abort the mission. We've been compromised! Abort the mission!" Bickslow screamed at the guys as he took off his headphones. "Destroy everything!" He commanded the boys to destroy the security equipment. Just as he was about to break the computer screen they were watching, he heard an explosion.

The men started quivering as they fearfully watched the women of Fairy Tail in fighting and magical stances ready to beat the men up.

Yoga class at the guild stopped after this.