Full Name: Atanas Grigorov Dyukandzhiev

TAC name: Arachnid

Date of Birth: 27th of November, 1960

Place of Birth: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Education Level: Plovdiv Agrarian University, Bachelor's Degree in Entomology (4 Years), Masters Degree in Arachnology (1,5 Years)

Service History: 1978- Conscripted into the Bulgarian People's Army, serving one year in Kyustendil. Assigned to self propelled artillery regiment as a gunner on "Tundzha" MT-LB 120mm mortar carrier.

1979- Accepted into 68th Airborne Regiment.

1980- End of mandatory military service.

1985- Voluntarily enlisting into service and continuing service with the 68th Airborne Regiment.

1987- Assigned to lead 3rd Platoon.

1991- Medically discharged due to sustained injuries during a live fire exercise rendering him immobile.

2001- Enlisted in the SOBT- Special Unit for Combatting Terrorism.

2007- Crack down on a neo-fascist cell and St. Kliment Ohridski University Hostage Crisis.

2014- Stara Zagora bank hostage crisis.

2016- Crack down on suspected ISIS cells in Pazardzhik Province.

2018- Crack down on a suspected "White Masks" cell in a villa north of the village of Belasitsa, Blagoevgrad province, NDK Terrorist Attack. Assigned to Team Rainbow alongside Ivaylo "Sokol" Arnaudov.

Family Status: - Grigor Nikolaev Dyukandzhiev, Father (Deceased, Natural Causes)

- Elena Dimitrova Dyukandzhieva nee Savova, Mother (Deceased, Natural Causes)

- Haralampi Nikolaev Dyukandzhiev, Uncle (Deceased, Incarcerated in Belene Labour Camp for alleged hostile activities against the Bulgarian Communist Party.)

Marital Status: - Lyudmila Ognyanova Gaydarova, Wife (Deceased, Malignant Brain Tumor)

Psychological report on Specialist Atanas "Arachnid" Dyukandzhiev

Seeing a soldier way past his prime to continue the fight is something astonishing. And like Specialists Mike "Thatcher" Baker and Jalal "Kaid" El Fassi, Specialist Atanas "Arachnid" Dyukandzhiev is no exception. Starting out as a conscript in the armed forces of the People's Republic of Bulgaria and continuing to serve even when the Iron Curtain fell, and Bulgaria was transitioning to democracy, it is evident of his passion and determination to serve his homeland. But at one point he left all that behind to pursue higher education. Graduating with a Bachelor on Entomology and later on a Masters degree in Arachnology in the agrarian university of his home town, instead of continuing his work in his scientific field, he returned back to his country's armed forces.

When confronted about that, he said the reason was his father. Normally people would assume he grew up as a military brat. However the truth is much more different. His father was a true believer of Communism and wanted from his son to continue his work as a party functionary. But refusing to have any relation to his father and his work in the Communist party, he wanted to distance himself anyway he can. He described the numerous attempts on getting him to sign in the Komsomol throughout his mandatory service and his time in the Alma Mater. The last straw was being barred from entering any scientific circles unless he became a member of the party.

Specialist Dyukandzhiev shares very negative opinions about his father. How he constantly and brutally beat his mother over the fact she was a Christian, which was something unacceptable in the atheist communist state, how he reported his brother, Specialist Dyukandzhiev's uncle, to the secret serviced for possessing anarchist literature, which led to him being imprisoned in a concentration camp and subsequently dying there. Specialist Dyukandzhiev simply didn't want to be in a system which oppresses others for their different beliefs and has you snitch family members and neighbours to the secret police. In his time in the armed forces, and specifically the then 68th Airborne Regiment, he found camaraderie like none other. His time there helped him establish connections, which helped him to block away his father's influence.

But it all ended one day when he almost lost his left leg when a high calibre machine gun malfunctioned and send a round his way. It was expected from him and his platoon to carry out their duties as part of the UN peacekeeping mission in Cambodia in 1992. During his hospitalization he was given the news of his platoon's demise. He also was clearly distraught by the distasteful reputation of the Bulgarian peacekeepers. His adjutant, then Sergeant Galin Mladenov, now commander of the counter-terrorist unit in Bulgaria, assured him that the platoon didn't indulge in debauchery and other perverse deeds.

In his time in the hospital, he met his wife, who was a nurse there. Specialist Dyukandzhiev shared how his marriage was one of the most cherished moment in his life. However she was struck ill with a malignant brain tumour. As he went over the details of the hardship they had to endure, I noted he was fidgeting with the wedding band on his finger the whole time. At one point he told me how her favourite flower was the sunflower. He then told me "You know, Harry, the Bulgarian word for sunflower is slanchogled, which literary translates to looking at the sun. She always reminded me to have this slanchogled, to have this look towards the sun. To look for the bright side of life, to aspire, to yearn for it. To work for it."

Specialist Dyukandzhiev then told me about how he came to be in the SOBT. His adjutant and now superior, Mladenov, told him about his recruitment there. He then told me how something kick started in him. How he will right his wrongs by being once more with his new brothers in arms. Due to his medical history it was expected of him to fail Selection. However he disproved them wrong. One of his greatest achievements during his time in the counter-terrorists was defusing a hostage crisis during a bank robbery in 2014 by just going up to the suspect and talking to him since the negotiators were yet to come on scene. He told me the tragic story on how the suspect decided to rob the bank. His daughter had been paralysed after a car crash, which also resulted in the death of the mother. Receiving no help from the government, he took the matter in his own hands, hoping whatever he robed could help with the treatment of his daughter to finally have a normal life. Specialist Ivaylo "Sokol" Arnaudov also shared this story, expressing an intense vitriol. He also shared the story of his greatest defeat. When they were sent to destroy the last cell of the People's Socialist Nationalist Party in Sofia back in 2007, he lost two men as the stragglers hit them with their getaway vehicle, which subsequently led to the hostage crisis in St Kliment Ohridski University, where Team Rainbow, before its deactivation in 2012, was sent to defuse the situation.

During his time in the SOBT, he developed an almost paternal relationship with the men under his command, as evident of my first interactions on the day of Specialists Dyukandzhiev and Arnaudov's recruitment into Rainbow. And how broken-hearted was their departure. Under his command were the most colourful characters, Specialist Arnaudov included, whom he described as the most "arrogant, insolent, rebellious, undisciplined, annoying bastard he ever met in his life, but a blessing to have by your side". As he grew to know him, he became more understanding of his temperament and where he came from. Another victim of the communist regime he came to sympathize. And his following sympathy was what helped earning his trust and keeping him in check without vilifying him. Since then the most oddball recruits were send under his wing to be moulded into exemplary soldiers.

As a leader, he values efficiency, discipline and teamwork. He expects his subordinates to look after one another during missions, and prioritizing the safe return of all. Never travelling outside of his own country, he developed this curiosity of absorbing the feel of his surroundings, he frequently takes walks over to the town of Hereford, observing the people and the town itself. But most of the time he'll be seen in the company of a book somewhere, or keeping himself in high athletic shape as he can be seen running the track. He maintains a good standing with our most senior members, especially Specialists Mike "Thatcher" Baker and Jalal "Kaid" El Fassi. He also exhibits a strong self doubt. He states that whatever experience he accumulated over his lifetime as a soldier, most members of Rainbow did in a quarter of it. And he fears that would make his value of expertise and leadership to be low at best and nullified at worst, due to his belief that the seniors should always set the example to the young.

-Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey

Device evaluation

Device: Black Widow Mk1 Drone

Operator: Specialist Atanas "Arachnid" Dyukandzhiev

Evaluation Lead: Specialist Emanuelle "Twitch" Pichon and Specialist Atanas "Arachnid" Dyukandzhiev

Let me start by requesting a restriction on Pulse's access to the R&D lab. He has proven to be of no help at all other than giving out poor humorous remarks and singing Itsy Bitsy Spider for the duration of the field test.

(Comment_J. Estrada: But he did appreciate my spider infestation joke.)

(Comment_A. Dyukandzhiev: I only said it wasn't half bad. You still need to work on your humour.)

When I first saw the drone in action during the attack on the National Palace of Culture, I was completely taken by surprise. Complex composite materials on the legs of the drone help it traverse 90 degrees surfaces. The Black Widow also possesses the ability to destroy devices other by proximity, but with a weaker charge, or bigger electric and electronic devices with a more concentrated charge and reduced blast radius. Inside the "abdomen" (or opisthosoma, as Arachnid put it) is a Tesla coil- like device that emits intense voltage upon detonation, destroying everything in a proximity of five meters. The top of the abdomen is covered in a layer of composite non-conductive materials that reduce the blast radius, but in turn have a more intense charge, if the situation requires the destruction of more powerful electric and electronic devices. The drawback is the device gets destroyed in the process. Plans to increase the blast radius of the proximity charge are being discussed with Mira.

Overall I'm thankful to work alongside with Specialist Dyukandzhiev and be given the opportunity to explore it in depth.

(Comment_A. Dyukandzhiev: Likewise, Emanuelle.)

(Comment_J. Estrada: Hey! What about me? :| )

(Comment_A. Dyukandzhiev: I suggest you keep on working on your humour, if you want to seem somewhat useful in the laboratory, Jack.)

(Comment_J. Estrada: Snarky old geezer.)