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C1: Uzumaki Naruto!

"Congratulation, you died, kit." Naruto raised an eyebrow when he heard a familiar, deep voice said in his head. A short moment of confusion passed and the blond just chuckled. Of course, he had died, he remembered sealing Kaguya and Black Zetsu by casting Chibaku Tensei with Sasuke. But the Mother of Chakra had cast one final spell before being engulfed in the shower of stones.

She had shot out All Killing Ash Bone in every direction, there was literally a shower of them back then. Naruto and Sasuke had no trouble defending themselves, but there was still Sakura and Kakashi on the battlefield, both tired from the long battle. He and Sasuke had immediately come to their rescue, but by doing so, they had risked getting hit themselves. In the end, he had been grazed by the all-killing weapon and disintegrated with a sad smile while his teammates and sensei looked on in horror.

Even Kurama couldn't help him survive. The fox had shouted at him, calling him an idiot until he couldn't hear or see anything anymore.

Still, Naruto didn't think his decision was wrong because if given the same choices, he would still choose to save Kakashi again. From the other's perspective, he might be an idiot, but there was really nothing wrong in sacrificing himself to save his sensei. They were his precious peoples after all. With Kaguya, Madara, and Black Zetsu all gone, he only hoped they could finally enjoy a peaceful life.

'Why am I still conscious? I'm dead right?'

"How can I know? I'm also wondering the same question."

'Or maybe I'm not dead yet? And I'm just unconscious from taking severe damage?'

"No, you are dead. I felt your body disintegrating. You felt it too so stop dreaming, kit." Naruto fell silent at that. The experience of watching and feeling bits and pieces of his body turning into ash was something he would never forget. It's not painful, not even as hurt as an ant bite, but damn. It was horrifying, the feeling of hopelessness at being unable to do anything but wait for death.

'Okay, so what is happening now?' Naruto tried to move his body, like looking around or just twitching his fingers. But there was no body for him to move, he couldn't feel it. It was like he had forgotten how to move his limbs. The feeling was just so strange.

"Something is happening, kit. I can feel it. But I don't know what it is." Kurama said with a cautious tone. Just like he said, Naruto could roughly feel something or some sort of force pulling him toward an unknown direction. It was like he was lying on a plank of wood and it was being pushed by the waves, drifting to an unknown destination.

It went on for the longest time before finally, it stopped. Naruto didn't know how long had passed. Maybe minutes, or hours or even days, but it seemed that he had finally arrived at his destination. There was still endless darkness around and Naruto still couldn't move his body or looked around either, but at the end of his line of sight, he could see a small dot of light. The dot slowly got wider and larger, the light it emitted became blinding and then, everything just went black again.

This time, Naruto had truly lost consciousness.

"I see, so this is the process of reincarnation. Interesting…" Kurama said to himself before falling silent. Just like Naruto, he had also lost consciousness as their souls entered the white dot. His last thought was whether he would still be together with Naruto in their next life.

In the endless black space that no one presented, a white soul, bearing inside its spectral form a smaller, red soul entered the blinding white gateway of rebirth.



It was a very foreign word for Naruto. Back when he was still alive in the Elemental Nations, he had never given much thought about the afterlife and all. But now that he had actually experienced it, Naruto couldn't help but believe. After all, he would deny his very existence if he didn't.

Six years had passed, and Naruto was now at the age when he would spend most of his time looking for any friend to play with in the park back in Konoha only to sulk alone later on. But things were different now, in Gosha Village.

"Rinko-chan!" Uzumaki Naruto called out and passed the ball to a cute, blue hair girl. Still had his unique spiky blond hair, sapphire blue eyes, and whiskers mark on his cheeks, the only thing that changed about Naruto was his body which had reverted to that of a six-year-old. Maybe because of his daily exercise though, Naruto's body was slightly taller, and his frame was also larger than other boys his age a bit, unlike back in Konoha where he was called a shrimp.

"Shoot!" A young girl shouted as she received the ball passed by Naruto and shot it toward the goal. Enchanting violet eyes and shoulder-length blue hair tied into a ponytail, she was Akiyama Rinko, five-year-old and daughter of the current head of Akiyama Clan.

"Waaahhhh!" The blue hair boy standing in front of the goal paled and crouched down, all the while hugging his head as the ball swiftly flew past him. He was Akiyama Tatsurou, Rinko's younger brother, a four-year-old.

"You said you would go easy on me, sis!"

"Tehe, sorry. I'm taken by the atmosphere." Rinko said sheepishly with an embarrassed smile while scratching the back of her head.

"Uuugh. Get up, Tatsurou. We will get our revenge!" A young girl called out with an upbeat tone as she went to help her fallen teammate up. Her name was Mizuki Yukikaze, a slightly thin girl with long brown hair which reached her lower back and worn in thin pigtails. Her eyes were purplish red, almost pink in color, resembling shining ruby.

"You are bullying the kid again, Naruto. Having both Rinko and Asuka on your team is almost cheating!" A slightly tall girl complained while walking toward the group. Tying her blond hair into a high ponytail, she looked at Naruto with her azure eyes and smirked.

"Me siding with these kids will settle the odds. You don't really care about having a 3-vs-4 match, do you, Naruto?" The blond in question smiled lightly and nodded his head. She was Shinganji Kurenai, a six-year-old daughter of a captured female Fuuma and some big bad devil Naruto didn't know because of his age. Due to her demonic blood, Kurenai was superhumanly strong and was the only one among their little group that could actually match Naruto in terms of physique.

"Not like you could change anything, Kurenai-san." A girl with short brown hair came up and said confidently while puffing out her chest. She was Koukawa Asuka, a child of the Koukawa Clan, currently four-year-old. Her blue eyes looking almost smugly at Kurenai as if she was challenging the older girl.

"…This simple soccer match is about to get supernatural with all the Taimanin-in-training and both my brother and cousin involved…" A tall, slightly tanned boy said exasperatedly with a deadpan look on his face and sighed with a very Shikamaru-like expression. His name was Fuuma Kotarou, future head of the Fuuma Clan, currently five-year-old. As he was also from the Fuuma Clan, Kurenai was his cousin while Naruto was his biological brother.

The Fuuma and the Uzumaki were both fallen Taimanin clans with nothing but a large mansion and their glory written in history books. Just two or three years ago, their father, an ambitious man had attempted to topple the Igawa Clan to take control of Gosha Village but failed miserably. Needless to say, both clans fell after that incident, resulting in Naruto and Kotarou becoming orphans and the hope of both clans. Naruto took up the last name Uzumaki as a tribute to his past life, becoming its future head while Kotarou stayed a Fuuma.

"Let's win this too, Rinko-chan, Asuka-chan!" Naruto called out excitedly with his teammates and got into position. The soccer match started and the seven kids played with each other gleefully.


Anti-Demon Ninja.

A gathering of descendant from ancient ninja clans with hundreds or even thousands of years of history, that was Gosha Village. Aside from having a superior physique due to their bloodline and secret Ninja Arts passed through generations, all Taimanin and Taimanin in training also had one other thing that most nowadays humans didn't, Chakra. All Taimanin were trained from a young age in meditation to sense the chakra inside their body and control it with their thought. But Naruto, as an experienced Shinobi who had perfected his control over chakra thought differently.

He thought the training was inefficient. Chakra could easily be moved and molded by just a thought from the user, but if they didn't know the way to move their chakra or what shape should it take, no Jutsu would come out. And so, Naruto confronted his adoptive mother, Mizuki Shiranui, a renowned Taimanin about it.

"Shiranui-san, can I ask why don't we release Chakra outside of our body to attack, and only use it to strengthen our physique?" Naruto asked, sounding confused while fighting down his blush as he looked at Shiranui.

Shoulder-length brown hair with two long thin strands reaching her ankle, she had eyes the same color as Yukikaze's and a very… provocative figure. Milky white skin, thin waist like she had never had a daughter, wide hips, and gigantic bust bigger than even Tsunade's. Currently 21 years old, Shiranui had just come back to duty a few years ago after her husband was KIA on a mission. But even at the lowest point of her life, she still decided to take Naruto in to look after him after the fall of both clans. She saw Naruto as her own son and in return, Naruto also respected and loved her as the closest figure he had to a mother.

"That's because releasing chakra outside of our body is very difficult. You need to be able to move your chakra perfectly like it's a part of your body. You also need to memorize your chakra pathway, leading your chakra around without knowing the right way will result in nothing." Shiranui explained with a smile before pointing her finger at a nearby chair she didn't mind breaking. The moment her finger touched the chair, it exploded into splinters as if it was hit by a truck, causing Naruto's eyebrow to raise at her amazing chakra control.

"Releasing a burst of chakra at the moment your attack connected with the enemy will tremendously boost your attack power. The same technique can also be used defensively to offset or even reflect the damage back to the attacker. But it's extremely difficult to master, the only one who could probably control Chakra to such an extent in our village is Igawa Asagi, that girl is really a monster despite her young age." Naruto knew that name. Igawa Asagi was the rumored strongest Taimanin in their village, surpassing even Shiranui, and was the idol of all Taimanin-in-training. Unfortunately, Naruto hadn't met her yet, but he was an acquaintance of her sister, Igawa Sakura. The blond Igawa was only four years older than him while and Asagi was eleven.

But back to the matter at hand, it seemed that not only his adoptive mother, but all Taimanin didn't know how to wield their chakra the right way. It's not like their method was wrong though because that was how Sakura and Tsunade used their chakra. It was limited however because that method was only suitable for close-range combat. Both Sakura and Tsunade got their position on the list of history strongest Kunoichis thanks to their fine use of chakra, the help of Ninjutsu for long-range combat, and most importantly, the Byakugou no In or Strength of a Hundred Seal. The Taimanin had none of the latter two though, and the reason for that was rather simple.

They didn't know hand seals.

The art of hand seals, which was the necessary method to properly summon, move, control, and mold chakra to perform Ninjutsu, Genjutsu was lost in history. And in this world where Devil, Fallen Angel, Youkai, Angel, and various other kinds of monsters existed, that put the Taimanin who fought to protect humanity at a huge disadvantage.

Remembering Rinko, Yukikaze, Kurenai, Asuka, Tatsurou, and Kotarou who all wanted to become Taimanin in the future, Naruto's expression turned serious. Fighting against beings that could use magic to create supernatural phenomena without Ninjutsu was too risky, they might even die or be captured later. In fact, despite Gosha Village's long history, Naruto didn't see that many people around. Maybe most of them were doing missions outside the village, but the only reason for it to have such few people must be because of the high death rate.

Naruto himself was strong. He had his buddy Kurama inside his body, and most importantly, he knew how to properly use his chakra. His experience was no joke either because he had even fought and triumphed over Kaguya, the Mother of Chakra. But even then, Naruto wasn't sure he could protect all his precious peoples alone.

And so, rather than giving fish to the Taimanin, he decided to teach them how to fish instead. Gazing into Shiranui's ruby-like eyes who was rather perplexed by his suddenly turned serious expression, Naruto asked.

"Can you come with me for a moment, Shiranui-san? Please." Channeling chakra into his eyes, the perfect excuse for him to introduce Taimanin to the art of hand seals appeared. His azure blue eyes were gone, and replacing them was a pair of slitted, blood-red eyes like that of Kurama the Demon Fox. The Fuuma Clan was famous for having evil eyes with special abilities. As Naruto was also a Fuuma, he would use it as an excuse for being able to know how chakra works and having perfect control over it.

The moment Naruto's blue eyes turned crimson red, Shiranui knew the boy was up to something serious. She had been taking care of him for about three years now, and she was confident that she knew Naruto better than anyone in Gosha. Yet, this was the first time she had ever seen Naruto being so serious, he had even activated his evil eyes which she didn't know when he had awakened. Nodding her head, Shiranui's expression also turned serious as she followed Naruto to their backyard.

Silently, she saw Naruto picked up a wooden dummy target she kept to train her naginata art and placed it a distance away. The boy then slowly moved his hands, running through a series of complicated and strange hand signs before he stopped and kneeled down.

"Doton: Doryuusou. (Earth Flow Spears)"

The moment Naruto slammed his hands onto the ground, earth spikes suddenly shot up, impaling the dummy target. Before Shiranui could even progress what had just happened, the blond had already moved his hands again, running through another series of hand signs that were different from before.

"Raiton: Thunderbolt." Unlike last time when Naruto slammed his hands onto the ground, he ran to the dummy and tapped it instead. A moment later, thunder strike from a small gathering of black cloud that didn't exist before, hitting the dummy still impaled by earth spears. The spears all shattered before the power of the thunderbolt while the wooden dummy target was charred black.


"Fuuton: Kamaitachi (Wind Cutter)." Shiranui wanted to ask how did Naruto know these supernatural abilities, but once again, the blond was faster. He jumped away from the dummy and slashed the air with his hand. Then from the tip of his fingers, a green crescent blade made from compressed air flew toward the dummy with great speed. The dummy was cleanly cut in half, its upper top flew through the air.

"Katon: Goukyakuu no Jutsu (Great Fireball)." Naruto sucked in a breath of air before spewing out a torrent of flame that created a large fireball flying toward the poor dummy. Needless to say, it ignited, burning brightly even after the blond stopped spewing out flames.

"Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Formation Wall)." Naruto ran through another set of hand signs and once again sucked in a deep breath. But this time, instead of spewing out flames, a torrent of water was shot out of his mouth, quickly putting out the flame that was caused by his earlier technique. Seeing that the blond finally stopped, Shiranui ran toward the poor dummy and swiftly examined its state.

Her eyes narrowed a bit when her hands could still feel the gentle heat coming from them. She then picked up a piece of scattered rocks surrounding the dummy, tasted a bit of water still on the ground, and ran her hand across the smooth surface of the dummy cut by the wind technique. The fire, the water, the rocks, were all real and not an illusion.

Shiranui contemplated a bit before looking at Naruto who was rather calm despite just showing her his power over nature. Spewing out flame and water, summoning wind and lightning, shaping the earth. They were all supernatural phenomena normally only achievable through the use of magic, but Shiranui was sure that Naruto didn't use a single spell during his demonstration. There was also no chanting or magic circle involved. Instead, she felt chakra, a power she was very familiar with.

"Naruto, what was that?"

"I call them Ninjutsu. When I awakened my evil eyes, I got the ability to perfectly feel and control chakra. The reason I asked you about chakra earlier was that I haven't seen anyone using Ninjutsu yet… Is this supposed to be… hard?" Naruto's eyes returned to their original azure color and he asked while sounding confused. Looking at the blond who she saw as her own son with a stunned expression, Shiranui blinked once before smiling down at him with a hopeful expression.

"Naruto, are you sure those techniques are all chakra-based?" He nodded. Sucking in a deep breath to calm down her excitedly beating heart, Shiranui asked the most important question that could potentially change all Taimanin's future.

"Do you think anyone with chakra can use them? Can you teach them?" A contemplating expression appeared on Naruto's face as if he was thinking really hard about her questions. Shiranui also noticed how the boy looked a bit uneasy like he didn't know how to probably answer her. It was then that she realized Naruto was still a child at heart and shouldn't have realized the importance of teaching Taimanin the ability to utilize Chakra to such an extent.

'Is this supposed to be… hard?' Naruto had averted his eyes when he asked that. It took Shiranui a moment, but she thought the boy was afraid of what others would think of him if they knew he was different. Then, there was his background too, son of the traitor who had tried to take over the village.

'Poor boy.' Shiranui thought sadly, her excitement at possibly increasing the combat ability of Taimanins to decrease their death rate forgotten as she engulfed Naruto in a hug.

"It's okay, Naruto. No matter what, I'll always stay by your side. Me, and Yukikaze, and everyone else. We will always be your allies." To Shiranui, Naruto wasn't just her adoptive son, but more like a son she had never had and the legacy of her dear friend. It's fine even if the boy decided to keep the secret of chakra to himself, as long as he could live happily, Shiranui would too.

'Wait, what? Ugh, I-can't-breath…' Naruto thought as he tried to break out of Shiranui's embrace. It's not like he didn't like the feeling of those massive mammaries pressing against his face and chest, because they felt amazing. But Naruto really preferred not dying by suffocation caused by amazingly big boobs. It took a while, but Shiranui seemed to have noticed his situation and released him before he ran out of air.

"…I really don't know if what you suggested is possible, so I want to try teaching you first, Shiranui-san." Naruto suggested after catching his breaths. He didn't know what had happened to the young woman that caused her to suddenly hug him, but Naruto thought he would rather not find out.

At first, he had merely thought that he would just have to teach the Taimanin hand seals and they would be able to use Ninjutsu. But after going through his demonstration, he had realized a major flaw in his plan, that was Naruto himself didn't know that much Ninjutsu. He did know some Ninjutsu but they were mainly Fuuton technique because he didn't have the affinity required to learn jutsu of other elements before the war.

Then during the war, Naruto awakened his Ashura power with the help of the Rikudo Sennin while the Bijuu gave him maximum affinity to all five elements and even some advanced ones. He could cast and learn all kinds of Ninjutsu with ease due to his strong affinity, but after the war, he died. So aside from a few basic Ninjutsu, Naruto didn't know much. What could he teach the Taimanin when he himself didn't know much either?

Unknown to Naruto, his uneasiness when thinking about that was what caused Shiranui to misunderstand his intention and hugged him back then.

"That's a good idea, Naruto. Then how are we going to start?" Shiranui asked with a happy expression while holding Naruto's hand. Though she had let him go earlier, the woman was suspiciously close to her adoptive son, holding his hand as if afraid the blond would run off if she didn't.

"Since you are already good with controlling your chakra, I will just teach you the hand seals. Which elements are you going to try?" Naruto asked with a blush on his face while trying to keep his eyes from looking at Shiranui's bouncy breasts. He might have the body of a child but his mind was still that of a hormonal teenager, he just couldn't help it.

Why was his adoptive mother so damn attractive? Naruto suddenly felt pity for Shiranui's KIA husband.

"Since my Ninja Arts also deal with water, I will try to learn your 'Suiton' first." Nodding his head, Naruto slowly showed Shiranui the hand seals necessary until she could perform them without errors in the time necessary. Each seal did a different thing to the chakra inside the body, but chakra's nature was like water, it would return to its original state if the next seal couldn't follow up in time. Not only was Shiranui required to do the hand seals perfectly, but she also needed to do it fast, so the process would probably take a while… or so Naruto thought, but…

"Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Formation Wall)." Shiranui swiftly ran through the hand seals required at the speed comparable to a Jounin and spew out a large torrent of water. Since the technique was considered to be defensive, the attack power wasn't there, but the amount of water Shiranui spew out was enough to flood their entire backyard… and their neighbor too.

"FLOOD!" Naruto swore he had just heard someone screamed but decided to ignore it. Looking at Shiranui who was smiling happily at her successful Jutsu, the blond gently smiled.

"Hah? You want me, a six-year-old kid to teach at your school? Are you crazy?" Naruto asked loudly after hearing the absurd request coming from Igawa Asagi, the strongest Taimanin in Gosha. With long dark blue hair that reached her butt and a pair of sharp green eyes, Asagi had a very voluptuous and sexy figure that boasted the golden ratio. Said woman was currently standing arms crossed, staring at Naruto, a six-year-old boy with calm eyes.

The day after Naruto showed Shiranui the potential of chakra with some basic Ninjutsu, they had come to meet Asagi. Apparently, she was planning to establish an academy in which Taimanin-in-training would be learning under official Taimanin to increase their ability and Shiranui thought it would be best for Naruto to teach his Ninjutsu there. Needless to say, Asagi was also greatly impressed by Naruto's short demonstration and came to the same conclusion, hence the offer.

"The academy needs time to be established, so it will be next year or the year after that. At that point, you are no longer a six-year-old." Thanks to her no-nonsense face, Naruto was having trouble distinguishing her words as a joke or not. But the blond still frowned and crossed his arms.

"My point still stands. What can a kid like me teach in your academy?"

"Ninjutsu. You will teach all Taimanin Ninjutsu at my Academy. During Ninjutsu periods, you are the teacher, but outside of it and you are still a student. Obviously, I will still pay you the salary of a full-time teacher and you don't need to pay your tuition fees. So, how about it?"

'This woman, she isn't joking.' Naruto thought with a twitching eyebrow. Still, Asagi's offer wasn't bad. He didn't care about the salary part. He was the fucking head of a clan with only himself left, so money wasn't something he needed to worry about. But the idea of teaching Ninjutsu at an academy where all Taimanin in Gosha and abroad gathered was good. The only reason Naruto declined her offer at first was that it was too sudden. Besides, he had never actually taught anyone before.

'…I better not do this half-assly if I started.' Taking in a deep breath after thoroughly contemplating Asagi's offer, Naruto nodded his head and smiled at the dark-blue hair woman a very Naruto-like smile while giving her a thump-up.

"Alright, I accept."

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