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It was a crisp November night in the small town of Little Whinging of the county of Surrey. The small conservative village was quiet, with very few out and about in these wee hours. As it should be, many of its citizens thought. After all, who in their right mind would be driving at this time of night?

Celestia Ludenburg, that's who.

The Ultimate Gambler rested her hand on her chin as she looked out the window of her private chauffeur car. She had been invited to take part in a poker tournament all the way in London. She won, of course, but she will concede that it was a tighter game than usual. The Europeans did invent the game, after all. She had planned to return to her hotel afterwards. But on a whim, she had decided to do a little last minute sightseeing in some of the nearby villages. Now here she was, boredom creeping on her as she watched cookie cutter house after cookie cutter house pass by.

It had been about a year since the self styled Celeste had graduated from the infamous Hopes Peak Academy as a part of Class 78. And those 4 years within its walls had easily some of the best in her life. At first, Celeste had more or less distanced herself from her classmates, preferring to focus on her studies and her own personal goals. But as time went on, she found herself becoming more and more involved with her fellow Ultimates. The talented drew in the talented, she had supposed.

But the more she hanged out with them, the more she actually began to feel close to them. A sort of comradery blossomed between the 16 of them. And with it, Celeste's mask she had spent years to set up had begun to crack. It was with them that the gothic gambler had allowed the part of her she shut within, the part of her that she loathed above all else, to spread its wings.

She laughed. She cried. She shouted. She was Taeko Yasuhiro. Yet, at the same time, she was Celestia Ludenburg. Her two selves had become one. And she enjoyed every second of it. For the first time in her life, she had people she could actually call her "friends".

Even after she graduated, she and those of her class had kept in close contact with one another, becoming a second family of sorts. In that time, Celeste had re-evaluated her life, taking the lessons she learned from all of them and returned to her domain as the Queen of Liars. And boy, did she return with a vengeance after she had left for the school life.

She had felt for once that her life had become perfect. She has people she can truly trust in, she feels comfortable in her own skin for once, and now, with the tournament's winnings, she's only a couple grand away from buying her dream castle! She felt…. content.

"Ms. Ludenburg?"

"Hmm? Yes, what is it Mr. O'Reilly?" Celeste asked, looking up to face her chauffeur, whom she had hired from a London cab company to drive her place to place. A nice man, if a bit eccentric.

"It's nearin' the witch's hour, Miss. Don' ya think we should 'ead back." The Irish cabby said.

"Come now, the night is still young. Do not tell me you are so superstitious to fear the night." She said playfully. But agreed with his assessment. It was rather late, and she had a flight back to Japan tomorrow.

"Not really, Miss. it's just," He said hesitantly. "Things 'ave been rather… strange… as of late."

"Oh, do you mean all those strange reports that have been on the news?" She asked. Remembering a few of the headlines she heard in the morning news.

"Aye. Those are the ones." He said with a nod, looking at her through his rear view mirror. "Ever since the end of last month, there's been all sorts of strange thing's happenin'."

"Strange peoples in even stranger clothin' goin' out and about, shakin' hands an' huggin' total strangers.. Nocturnal birds flyin' in the daytime. Weird lights and shootin' stars all across the night sky. Hell, I heard one guy in my department, David; I believe his name was, tellin' just about anyone who would listen about seein' people flyin'! If you could believe it." O'Reilly gave a chuckle.

"Huh, that is rather strange, isn't it." Celeste pondered. "Well, I'm sure it's probably nothing." She nodded to the cabby. "But your right, we should probably head to the hotel. How long do you suppose it would take?"

"Well…" The Irishman quickly scanned the open map on his passenger seat. "We can turn on Old Westward Street and go through Privet Drive. There we should be on the highway in no time."

"Do whatever you see fit."


3 {Break} 3

It only took them a couple minutes to arrive at Privet Drive. Another quiet neighborhood that looked the same as the dozen others Celeste saw in this rinky-dink town. Seriously, this place was so normal and boring, it was almost unnerving.

The gambler felt her eyes grow heavy as she struggled to stay awake. Ugh, as much as she just wanted to just fall asleep in her seat, she knows she's gonna regret it with the neck pain later on. She couldn't wait to just lay down on her bed and…



"Son of a bitch!" Celeste swore as she clutched her forehead, which had just hit the back of the driver's seat as soon as he slammed the brakes. She looked over the seat, sending the O'Reilly a heated glare. "What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you? Why did you do that, there isn't a car in sight!" She yelled, only to suddenly grow quiet when she saw the drivers face.

He was as pale as a ghost, his eyes wide and shaking something fierce. "What? What is it?" Celeste demanded.

The cabby raised a finger and pointed outside to the front of the car. She frowned in puzzlement. Had they hit something?

"Stay here." She ordered as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

She got out of the car, slamming the door slightly in anger. She rounded to the front of the car, at first not seeing anything. She went to cast yet another glare at the shaking driver, before something caught the corner of her eye. She looked down and just about screamed.

Laying there, fast asleep in the middle of the road, was a baby. A fucking baby. She felt her hands go up to her mouth in shock. Oh god, they nearly ran over a baby!

She quickly, and gently, picked up the young infant and cradled it into her arms. It fussed about for a second before returning to its peaceful sleep. She quickly looked around, her rage slowly rebuilding itself up as she looked for the sick fucking bastard who left a fucking infant all by itself.

Her eyes latched on to a bright blue blanket that laid on the side of the road. The piece of cloth had seemed to have originated from a small basket. A small basket that was sitting right next to a tin trash can in front of a house.

She felt her teeth grind against one another, shaking in rage. Did they fucking seriously leave a baby on the curb like the fucking evening trash?!

Celeste had half a mind to just march on up there, pound in their door, and give them a piece of her mind. And just as she was about to do so, she felt a calming presence wash over her. She stared down at the sleeping infant in her arms and sighed. No, not right now. Right now she had to figure out what to do with this poor thing…

She briskly walked over to the side of the road and picked up the blanket with her free hand. She gently laid the baby in the basket and covered him with the blanket. She picked up the basket and walked back to the cab.

"I...I-Is… t-t-that…" O'Reilly stuttered out as Celeste got back in the car.

"Yes." The gambler said firmly. "Drive. Now."

"Y-Yes ma'am…" The cabbie said, taking off into the dark streets. Unconsciously going down the path he planned out to the hotel.

The cab was silent for a good while. Celeste glanced over to where she had placed the basket, having no room to keep it on her lap as she wanted. It was then that she got a good look at the infant.

It was a boy. That much was obvious when she had picked them up. Their skin was a bit pale, most likely caused by them being outside for so long in that cold Fall air. The beginnings of black hair covered their head. But what was the most noticeable thing about him was the strange scar that was on their forehead. It seemed a bit fresh, and how it was shaped was even more strange. Almost like a bolt of lightning.

Celeste felt her blood boil at the sight of it. Had those sons of bitchs who left him there also responsible for the blemish? Oh, when she got her hands on them, she'll make them wish for death…

She closed her eyes and let out a calming breath. No, stay calm. There was a baby here. Now was not the time for such thoughts.

She glanced over once more, then she looked over at it in confusion. She hadn't noticed it before, but there was a note pinned to the side of the basket.

She ripped the note off and quickly unfolded it. Maybe she'll be able to get some answers! As her eyes began to scan the note, she could feel her brow furrow the more she read.

Dear Petunia Evans Dursley,

With the arrival of this letter and its rather important package, I bring you grim news. Tonight on the night of October 31st, your dear sister and her husband, Lily & James Potter, we're struck down by Lord Voldemort.

While you may be saddened to hear this, I do bring better news. On the same night, your sister's assailant has disappeared, being presumed dead. And the son of the dear couple, as well as your new nephew, survived the attack. His name is Harry.

With his arrival, I presume you know what it is I ask of you. Please, take care of Harry. He is not safe in our world, what with Voldemort's supporters still at large, and most likely vindictive about the death of their leader. But as his last living blood relative, I can provide both you and your family protection as long as he is under your care. I know how you feel about our kind, and if you don't want to do it for me or Lily, at least do it for Harry.

Yours sincerely, Albus Dumbledore

Okay… What the hell is this shit?!

Celeste crumbled the letter in her hand. The details were vague, but she believed she got the gist. This boy is an orphan, his parents having been killed, and he was sent to live with a close relative.

Only for said relative to leave him out for the trash

She fumed silently to herself, now trying to wrap her head around the specifics of the letter. First of all, what the fuck were those names. Sure, she had no room to complain (Celestia Ludenburg… it was a pretty name, sure. But couldn't her teenage self come up with something that didn't make her sound like someone from a Victorian novel), but… Lord Voldemort? Albus fucking Dumbledore?! Those were fucking ridiculous!

Also, what exactly did this Dumbledore mean when he said "our kind"? Were they foreign or something? That would explain the strange names…

The gambler let out a soft huff of anger as she slipped the crumbled up letter in her blazers pocket. Well, at the very least, she got the name of the bitch she was going to ruin. Oh yes…

The sound of moving blankets caught her attention. She turned her head to the seat opposite of her once again.

He was still asleep, though he gripped his blanket much tighter than before, idly nibbling on one of its corners.

Celeste felt a small, almost hidden part of her coo at the sight. Now that her anger has finally cooled, she could now better appreciate how adorable the baby was. She blinked. Wait… what was that? Adorable? That was… a strange thought…

"Ms. Ludenburg?"

Celeste was snapped from her thoughts at the man's voice. She looked up to her driver.

"We're 'ere" O'Reilly said, still a bit pale about what almost happened.

She blinked again, turning head towards her window. They were, in fact, parked near the entrance of her hotel. Time must have slipped her by…

"So… um… Ma'am?" The cabby spoke out. "Should we, well, contact the authorities 'bout the youngin'?" He pointed to the small basket, his voice barely a whisper.

Celeste thought about this. Well, yes, the most obvious thing to do was to contact the police about this. An infant left on the curb is sure to bury the bitch of an aunt to deep to dig out of. But… a small nagging part of her reasoned, she didn't know much about the legal system here in the UK. Hell, for all she knew, the bitch would only get a slap on the wrist and still be able to keep the baby. She shuddered at the thought. If she was so willing to just dump the child, what would she do to him if she was forced to keep him?

And even if she wasn't able to keep him, the boy would just be shoved into an orphanage or the foster care system. And that could spell a possibly worse fate than he had just left.

She looked down at the young boy again. Her hand unconsciously brushed the soft tufts of midnight hair on his head. He fussed slightly at the touch, momentarily opening his eyes before going back to sleep, revealing his bright emerald green eyes.

She felt her heart tug. It was at that moment she came to a conclusion.


The cabby goggled. "Sorry?"

"I'll pay you triple my fare if you forget what happened tonight." Celeste said, a forceful tone in her voice.

"But Ma'am…"

"I will not take no as an answer, O'Reilly." She said, giving him a cool glare. Immediately quelling whatever argument he had. He gave a small nod, still a bit hesitant.

With that said and done, the gothic gambler departed from the cab, basket in hand.

What she was doing was crazy. She knew that. She had just graduated from high school. She has no experience with children. And she knew her own personality and temperament could be dangerous to a child.

But, she was no ordinary girl. She was Celestia Ludenburg. The Ultimate Gambler. Graduate of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78. She was friends with some of the most influential people in the world. Her net worth was in the millions.

As she passed by the front desk, whose occupant could only stare at the scene before her, Celeste felt her gaze lower once again to the boy.

No… To her boy. To Harry.

To her new son.


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