"Master/Servant Link"

Noble Phantasm

Chapter 24: Farewell to ignorance.

Miyu let out a groan of discomfort as her eyes fluttered open, every part of her body hurt. Some parts were worse than others, she had sharp pains in her chest which immediately alerted her to being awake while an uncomfortable sensation of pins and needles coursed through her whole body.

Her head slowly turned as her hazy vision began to clear up, in the corner of the room she could make out a figure sat on a chair with a book in hand. She wasn't completely lucid yet, thus in her current state she allowed the first words she could think of to flow freely from her mouth.

"Dad?" She muttered in confusion, the figures head slowly turned to her and let out a grunt, either of amusement or disinterest.

"I regret to tell you this, but I am not your father." The figure responded with a deep voice, one she had heard before. Her eyes widened as her vision cleared, staring back at her with a mildly amused expression was the school counsellor. Kotomine Kirei, dressed in his priest robes with a book in held in his right hand.

"Why are...?" She muttered out weakly as she attempted to push herself up on the bed she was just now realising she was lying on "Where am…" she hissed as a sharp sensation shot through her right side, her hand instinctively grabbing it.

Kotomine stared at her with a blank expression as he snapped his book shut "It would be best if you did not move recklessly." Miyu turned to him with a pained expression, the barest hints of a smirk playing on his face "While your healing went well, the injuries you incurred will still afflict you with pain for some time."

The girl looked around the room for the first time, squinting her eyes as the scenery sparked a sensation of familiarity within her "The Einzbern house?"

"Yes." Kotomine nodded "After your altercation with the Servants led to your injury, you and your peers regrouped here." he slowly rose to his feat, casting a long shadow over the young girl "I believe they are all currently downstairs, awaiting you." he released a breath which almost sounded like one of mirth "The young Edelfelt head was quite concerned about your condition. She was present up until I dismissed her half an hour ago."

"How...long?" Miyu asked through gritted teeth as the pain assailed her again, not that she noticed, but Kotomine's lip twitched upwards ever so slightly at her expression.

"Near five hours." He replied, turning away from her and moving for the door "I will inform them of your recovery, the mystic code of the Wizard Marshal will likely be here to confirm your condition, alongside your guardian." he paused just at the edge of the door "I know not what secrets you currently hold."

Miyu froze as the priest slowly turned his head to stare down at her "But it seems as though your compatriots consider them relevant." he smirked "I am still a priest, should you desire confession, the Church will remain open to you."

"No thank you." Miyu managed to mumble out while averting her eyes from him. Kotomine's lip thinned and he nodded once.

"Very well." With that, he quietly departed the room, leaving Miyu alone, her head a hurricane of differing thoughts and growing fears. She had forgotten about them in the heat of the moment, although Kotomine's words had brought them back to the forefront of her mind.

The Golden Servant, Gilgamesh, he had outed what she truly was and made clear his obvious desire to capture her. She knew why…

The others would now want to know why too. Miyu grit her teeth as tears began to build up in her eyes. It was looking less and less like she could fulfil her brothers wish for her. Well...maybe she could fulfil some of it.

"She will make a full recovery." Kotomine announced to the small gathering, Sapphire immediately shot past him, he didn't even flinch or pass a glance in its direction, instead his eyes landed on Luvia, he slowly raised an eyebrow "Will you not join it?"

"In due course." Luvia replied with a frown "First, there is much to discuss."

"None of which involves you, fake priest." Rin gave a him a dismissive wave and a scowl "You can go."

"Oh?" Kotomine smirked at her "And after all the hard work I have done, I do not even receive a thank you?" Rin narrowed her eyes at him and turned away in a huff.

"What a terrible priest." Carn interjected with her own dull tone to match her fathers, Kotomine's smirk immediately vanished and was replaced with a tired expression "Makes a little girl scream and then asks for thanks."

"Regardless of how you feel, Rin." Kotomine turned to her "In calling for my aid, you have officially asked for the aid of the Executors in this situation, and even if you had not, it is not a situation I can ignore." his eyes slowly turned to Caren "Where there any further messages?"

"You received several calls telling you that you had won prizes." Caren replied, a glint of amusement danced across her eyes "And I felt it best to spread the Lords love...and finances."

Kotomine gave a slow blink at her words before he slowly furrowed his brows as their implication set in, Rin let out a quiet chuckle of her own as a look of irritation slowly formed on the priests face.


"If you must know," She sighed "A body was discovered an hour ago." she cut him off without missing a beat "The blood had been drained from it." the table stiffened.

"I see." Kotomine nodded his head, then turned to Rin "It seems that one of your stray servants has already struck." the girl bit her thumb and looked away from him, anxiety slowly began to leak from her, in the same way that Luvia now looked far less sure of herself.

"Caren." Kotomine turned to her again "Is there a need to intervene in the official report?"

The white haired girl shook her head "They're putting it down to a local psycho. They will likely forget about it in a few weeks."

Kotomine gave her a flat look "Go to the station and have the report changed to something more mundane."

The girl sighed in exasperation but slowly walked out of the room, the click of the door alerted them that she had departed.

"That will probably by the Archer servant." Archer spoke up as he materialised, sitting down on the sofa "If he has a Master, then they aren't capable of properly supplying him." he sighed "It is both good news and bad." he rose to his feat and crossed his arms "He won't be able to go all out against us for long, but it means he'll likely attempt to deal with us as quickly as possible to avoid that."

"We still need to deal with Zouken on top of that." Rin exhaled, rubbing her brow, then looked up at Archer "How is Emi-"

"How is poor Sherou?" Luvia interrupted her with a stricken expression, hands clasped together "He was in such an awful state." Rin's eye twitched with irritation, the priest smiled.

Archer raised an eyebrow at her before he grunted "The idiot is too dense to die." was all he said on the subject "Chloe is also set to recover and Illya will likely be the first down here. Her wounds weren't as bad and, loathe as I am to say it." he muttered under his breath "Ruby was quite skilled at healing magecraft, Irisviel had to do very little for her."

"That's one less concern." Rin slumped in her seat "How did this even happen in the first place…" the girl griped as she ran her hands through her hair "How do two servants just appear?"

"The Berserker was obviously summoned by Matou Zouken." Archer replied with a frown "Gilgamesh, however...that I don't know." he sighed "Our main concern is the possibility of a Grail War starting...again."

"Grail War?" Rin and Luvia parroted, looking at him in confusion. Kotomine sported a frown as he mulled over the suggestion, it made the most logical sense given what Tokiomi had been preparing for, at least until the Einzbern family had fallen to ruin.

His eyes slowly trailed over the house 'Well, almost to ruin.' he corrected himself.

"Servants like myself are summoned to fight over the Holy Grail." Archer supplied "Usually for the chance to have some long held wish granted, the Grail is supposedly all powerful so there really isn't much that it can't do."

"The presence of servants here, however, means that the possibility that a Grail is also present." Kotomine supplied "The Ritual was supposed to take place ten years ago, however the Grail's vessel had previously been supplied by the Einzbern family. When they were wiped out, the Ritual failed start." he frowned "However, I doubt that the Einzbern homunculus would start such a thing, even if she knew how."

"Which means there is another Grail Vessel here." Archer surmised, eyes drifting to Luvia, the girl furrowed her brows and then followed Archers gaze up to the ceiling, or more accurately the floor above them. Where Miyu was currently recovering. Her eyes slowly widened in realisation before they drifted back down to Archer.

"You can't mean-"

"Gilgamesh expressly ordered she survive, yes?" Archer cut her off. Luvia slowly nodded her head, biting her lip before she stood up.

"Excuse me." They curtly spoke, then disappeared out of the room and moving up the stairs.

"Hmph." Kotomine turned back to Rin, the amused smirk playing on his face "More information you neglected to mention?"

Rin scowled at him in response.

Illya sat next to Shirou's bed, her eyes were glassy and her cheeks were stained with tears. Her brother lay there, only the quiet sound of his haggard breathing disturbed the silence of the room. Even Ruby hadn't said a word since they came in here.

Mama and Papa were currently seeing to Chloe, leaving just her in the room with Shirou.

His skin had healed up, the only evidence of injuries were the red marks running across his chest.

And the hideous burned scar running along his side where the red lightning from the attack had directly his him. Her eyes focused on that.

Still thinking back to the injuries he had gotten when fighting the Golden servant. When he protected her. It was pathetic, she wanted to be a magical girl that could protect people, yet she hadn't been strong enough to protect anyone, Shirou had gotten injured trying to protect her.

The quiet creaking of the door disturbed her ears, she cast a glance over her shoulder to see her father slowly enter the room. His usually blank face was far more vulnerable than it had been previously, a look of concern in his eyes as he stared at Illya and then at Shirou, still unconscious on the bed.

Kiritsugu didn't say a word as he gently shut the door behind him, ghosting around the room before he was at the foot of the bed, staring down at Shirou with a gaunt expression. He released a haggard breath as he turned around, grabbing a nearby chair and pulling it out, sitting down on it.

"...Is this how you felt?" Illya muttered lowly, Kiritsugu sent a glance her way, portraying minor confusion "When you couldn't save someone you wanted to?"

His expression softened "Shirou...will be fine." he assured her with a nod and a tiny smile, the best he could manage.

"...Its my fault." Illya sniffled "Its my fault he's like that."

"Illya-" Kiritsugu sighed, going to speak when the girl cut him off again, turning her puffy red eyes towards him.

"Its my fault! He went out looking for me because I snuck out...I…" She choked back a sob "I just…"

"Wanted to save someone." Kiritsugu finished, his head falling into his hands, a tired breath escaped his lips.

"I…" Illya slumped in her seat "I…I couldn't save anyone. Onii-chan got hurt because I wanted to save someone. I couldn't even protect him…" she sobbed "What's the point of being a magical girl if you can't save anyone?"

Kiritsugu sat in silence while his daughter started to cry quietly "I couldn't save the first girl I loved." he eventually confessed, Illya looked towards him, confusion in her eyes "Shirley…She was excitable, playfully curious to." he gave a nostalgic smile "She had an air around her that made her difficult to hate...she actually called me 'Kerry' because my name was too difficult to say." he smiled as Illya released a quiet chuckle. "...I couldn't save her...She was the first one I told my dream to…"

"...A Hero of Justice?"

"Mmm." He nodded slowly "...I couldn't save her or anyone else...So I decided to never allow something like that to happen again. No matter how difficult it was, I would ensure that someone would be saved." he turned to her "Illya. You can never save everyone and no amount of wishful thinking or mystic codes can ever change that. Even the most talented Magus could never save everyone." a breathless sigh escaped his lips as he stood up from his chair, moving over to the young girl and crouching down in front of her, placing a hand on her shoulder "You were lucky no one died. Extraordinarily so. However, you shouldn't blame yourself for this."

"If I wasn't there-"

"Then Shirou wouldn't have been there either." Kiritsugu nodded "But no one had any way of knowing what was about to happen, you had no way of knowing. Illya." his eyes turned downcast "If anything, I'm to blame. I haven't been around enough, perhaps if I was something like this wouldn't have happened in the first place."

Illya remained silent as Kiritsugu rubbed his eyes "Its...I can't support you in this. Because I don't want you to throw yourself into these situations. However...you have been acting along in this for weeks without my knowledge. Illya...what will you do now?"

The girl stared at Kiritsugu for a few seconds, then slowly drifted her eyes over to Shirou's unconscious body before they moved back to her father "I...I don't want to anyone to get hurt protecting me."

"The people who care about you are always going to put themselves at risk if you are in danger, Illya. Even if you become one of the strongest magi around, we will always worry about you."

"The bad servant is going to hurt people...like Onii-chan." Illya affirmed to herself "And the worm guy is going to continue to do bad things. If I gave up after this…" she bit her lip, looking Kiritsugu in the eyes "I...I want to…"

"...I see." Kiritsugu nodded his head, slowly standing up and releasing a sigh that seemed to age him considerably "I'll always be here if you need me, Illya. Me, your mother and Shirou." he smiled "Archer too...maybe Chloe." he frowned "Not entirely certain about her yet, I believe Iri was talking to her before tonight."

There was a knock at the door, the pair turned around to see Sella poke her head in "Pardon the intrusion, Kiritsugu. Miyu-san has awoken and requests to meet with everyone."

Illya and Kiritsugu furrowed their brows in confusion before the latter nodded once.

"We'll be right there."

"How's Onii-chan?" Chloe asked the pair as they came into the room, still nursing a small bruise at her side.

"He'll…" Illya sniffled "He'll be fine." she gave the most confident smile she could manage, although it came off more strained than she had hoped. Chloe stared at her with an indiscernible expression before she shrugged.

"I convinced the fake priest to give us some privacy. He and that enforcer are outside right now." Rin spoke up as she entered the room "Took longer than I hoped, so whatever Miyu has to talk to us about he won't rat us out just yet."

"Thats...good, right?" Illya asked, cocking her head to the side and staring at Rin with a slightly perplexed but bordering hopeful expression.

"Yes." Rin nodded with a tired smile "Whatever Miyu has to say won't immediately work its way back to the mages association." she turned her head to see Luvia helping her young ward into the room, Miyu looked far better than she had when she was first brought in, although there was still some minor bruising along her arms and up her collarbone.

The girl looked around the gathered room with an anxious expression, a feeling of dread formed in her heart as she considered how exactly she was going to break the news to them.

Luvia allowed the girl to take a seat in the centre of the room, the small audience of the Einzbern household, Archer, Luvia and Rin surrounded her with varying looks of interest, or in Archers case, one of expectation.

Miyu saw the expression on Archer's face and the knowing gleam in his eyes. He'd obviously already figured out some of it. She felt a tinge of nostalgia along with a feeling of remorse sweep through her at seeing the look again. Her brother had always sported the same expression whenever he knew Miyu had done something but she didn't immediately admit to it.

"Miyu-chan?" She broke her gaze away from Archer and towards Irisviel, the woman giving her a supportive look "You wanted to tell us something?"

Miyu bit her lip, slowly but surely, she nodded her head. The words she searched for died in her throat, she knew what she had to say, but she wasn't sure how to say them. How exactly could she confess that she knew about the cards all along and that Gilgamesh was there for her, that Berserker was fighting to get her.

How exactly would they react? A coldness swept through her as the treacherous thoughts began to form in her mind, different scenarios playing out in her mind, she could almost picture the looks of betrayal on their faces when she told them how she had deceived them. How she had abused Luvia's kindness an-"

"Miyu." Illya's voice interrupted her, amber eyes met dull red and the girl gave a nod and a reassuring smile. "You don't have to if yo-"

"I lied." She managed to grind out "...From the beginning I lied." swallowing heavily, she took in the looks of confusion that were sported around them. "I...knew about the class cards before I met sapphire."

"You wha-!?" Rin made to stand up when Luvia placed a hand on her shoulder, Rin turned to her with a scowl, only for the Finnish magus to shake her head. Then turn back to Miyu with a focused look, she gave a single nod to continue.

"The Class cards...Were designed for a Holy Grail War." Miyu hesitantly explained "Rather than summon Heroic Spirits...they would use the power of one instead. There were…" she closed her eyes and sighed "Eight cards."

"...Eight?" Archer asked "What was the eighth card?"

"I only saw it twice." Miyu replied "But...it was the Gilgamesh card."

"So...the guy we saw was someone using the class card?" Illya asked "He wasn't actually-"

"He was." Archer cut her off, then raised an eyebrow at Miyu "The question is, why were we not told?"

"I didn't know it was here." Miyu confessed "I thought it was still in the hands of the last user."

"And where are they?" Miyu flinched, looking down at her hands as she nervously rubbed them together before she shook her head.

"Not...here." She let out a shaky breath "The ritual for the Holy Grail War...needed a Grail. I...don't know much about my original family...but they continued a traditional craft...where special children could grant wishes. The Grail War...was created because of this. My...brother. Told me that they were wiped out in the Fourth Grail War...except me."

"You are the Holy Grail of the Class cards?" Kiritsugu asked with a serious expression, Miyu looked away from him but hesitantly nodded. "...Where did this Fourth Grail War take place?"

There was a moment of hesitation before she spoke again "My brother and his father adopted me at the end of the Fourth War." Miyu went on "They...my brother raised me. Then the Ainsworth family kidnapped me for the Fifth Grail War. My brother...fought and won the War and he...made a wish for the Grail with the magical energy accumulated."

"What was his wish?" Irisviel asked, a sympathetic expression on her face.

"He...sent me away. To a place where I could be happy without worry of being used." She looked back at them "...To a world where I could be happy. Meet new people."

Archer slowly exhaled, moving off the wall he was leaning on "...I see." he nodded "The wish of the Grail he used dabbled in the second magic. Sending you and the class cards here." Miyu nodded. "Gilgamesh wants you because you are the Holy Grail." he frowned "It also answers where he came from."

"It does?" Rin asked, Archer turned to her and nodded.

"The Class Cards are still small scale summoning of Heroic Spirits. If the Gilgamesh card was a shadow servant like the others, then it was still a summoning in progress." He pinched the bridge of his nose "When Matou Zouken summoned his Berserker, the ritual called to the Throne and allowed for the Servant Gilgamesh to manifest instead. He doesn't have a Master because his existence is likely similar to Chloe's."

"That means he's…"

"Incarnated himself." Archer clicked his tongue "Troublesome indeed." he looked back at Miyu "Question is what we are supposed to do now? We've confirmed what Zouken and Gilgamesh are after."

"It changes nothing." Kiritsugu stood up "While this information is revealing, and answers questions held, our objective changes little. We still need a way of dealing with Gilgamesh and Matou Zouken's servant, provided the latter is still alive after his encounter."

Archer frowned for a few moments, then turned to Irisviel "Have you felt anything odd in the last few hours? Any form of disturbance in yourself?" she blinked, then shook her head "What about you?" he turned to Illya, the girl cocked her head to the side in puzzlement. Archer sighed, then looked at Miyu "And yourself? Aside from your injuries, do you feel any inbuilt disturbance within you?"

Miyu seemed to jolt as his questioning, but she slowly shook her head in response. Archer grunted and turned back to the group "Considering none of the current Grail Vessels can feel an influx of mana from the death of Berserker, we can assume he is still alive."

"So…" Chloe coughed into her hand "...What do we do?"

"The fake priest and that nasty school nurse can take care of Zouken." Rin crossed her arms "The issue is getting past their Berserker."

"The Berserker has terrible Magic Resistance." Luvia interjected "The gems I used against him did some damage, which means he would be susceptible to the Kaleidosticks."

"See?" Ruby waved around "I'm useful once in a while!" she turned to Illya "Here that? Its basically just a bigger version of a class card."

"Do we have any idea as to Berserkers identity?" Rin turned to Luvia, the blonde haired Magus bit her thumb but slowly nodded her head.

"They were able to discern the identity of the Saber card with but a glance." She replied "Considering their class and their obvious dislike for King Arthur, I suspect it is Mordred of the round table."

"I never heard of Mordred wielding twigs as weapons." Archer scoffed "Nor is there anything in his legend about turning street lamps into something on par with a high grade weapon."

"Stole Clarent?" Rin shrugged "Maybe that's their legend to just steal stuff and make it their own?"

"Well, not entirely sure how that helps us." Archer scoffed "I'm skilled at projection but Rhongomyniad is beyond my abilities." he paused "If we could keep Berserker distracted long enough for Zouken to be dispatched of, then Sakura would have no reason to fight."

"Or find a way to incapacitate her and Kirei can remove her seals." Rin offered "...Just saying. Berserker would be useful if we fight Gilgamesh."

Miyu was staring at then with no small amount of shock, revealing that the entire issue with the class cards had originated with her being here.

And they didn't appear to care in the least. She gaped for several moments as she stared around the room in shock, she couldn't help herself from blurting out the first words that came into her head "I-is that it?"

"Hm?" Archer and Luvia looked towards her, both raising their eyebrows signalling her to go on.

"I-I lied to you all! I kept this a secret! I-it's my fault this has happened so why...why are you all just…"

"If its about you being a Grail…" Irisviel trailed off, scratching the back of her head with a small smile "Myself and Illya are also like that."

"B-but the class cards-"

"Did you participate in their creation?" Luvia asked, cocking her head to the side, when Miyu shook her head Luvia merely smiled at her "Then our original positions have not changed. While your involvement is greater than anticipated, there is very little you yourself have to blame for in this situation."

"B-but…" Miyu's lip quivered "That's...that's not fair...its my fault...you can't just…"

"Good grief." Archer smirked at her, shaking his head "I thought you would have been better prepared for this after I warned you about keeping secrets."

"Archer!?" Illya turned to him in shock "You knew?"

Archer gave her a flat look "Not about this particular fact, although I had my suspicions. Besides, so long as they didn't directly threaten the safety of my Master, I saw no reason to pry further. She is the Edelfelt Ward, what happens to her is in their choice now."

"Quite so." Luvia nodded "And I gave my word as an Edelfelt-"

"Worthless." Rin coughed under her breath, causing Luvia to briefly scowl at her before looking back, puffing out her chest and continuing on as if she hadn't been insulted.

"-I gave my word as an Edelfelt to adopt you. Therefore, it would be a grave insult to my family if I were to allow you to come to harm."

"Strangely considerate of you." Archer observed, Luvia pouted at him.

"Just because I stand as a Magus in the Clocktower does not immediately mean I have no principles."

"I suppose." Archer shrugged, then turned back to Miyu "So, what now?"

"I…" Miyu slumped in her seat "I...I don't...I don't know."

Illya rose from her seat, marching over to her friend and placing both her hands on her shoulder, Miyu blinked, looking upwards and staring into Illya's red eyes, shining brightly with determination. "If that blonde guy wants Miyu so much, he's going to have to get through me first!"

"Not to put a damper on your proclamation." Chloe raised her hand "But...he kind of already did that. Its why Onii-chan is currently in the other room healing." Illya flinched, Irisviel rounded on the girl with a frown.


"No!" Chloe crossed her arms "I'm very happy that Illya wants to protect her friend, that's very nice. But we are dealing with a servant who makes older Onii-chan over there-" she gestured her thumb back at Archer "-Look like a chump. I'm not saying I can do better than her, I would be pasted by a servant as well, I'm just saying we should have a closer look at our situation. You know, pick our battles kind of thing."

"She's right." Archer nodded his head "I've already played my hand when fighting Gilgamesh, he won't be caught off guard again."

"So...we focus on Berserker first?" Rin asked "Deal with that one and then the Archer?"

"No." Archer shook his head "Gilgamesh would merely attack us while we are at our weakest." he paused "Unless…" he crossed his arms "Zouken is our primary problem here."

"Yes…" Rin nodded her head "That's what we've been talking about."

"No. Zouken is the main driving force behind the Berserker." He replied "If we dealt with Zouken, Matou Sakura by herself wouldn't be too great an issue to deal with."

"We're not killing-"

"I wasn't going to suggest that." Archer replied "What we need, more than anything, is a way to tip the scales." he smirked "You have the Caster card, do you not?"

"I do." Miyu nodded her head, wiping her tears away "Why?"

"If it is Medea of Colchis, we would be in luck. Her Noble Phantasm was a crystallisation of her legend. The ability to break any form of magecraft." Rin and Luvia widened their eyes in alarm at that "Meaning they would work against Sakura's command seals."

"What are you suggesting?" Luvia asked "We use this dagger to destroy the Matou girls hold over the Berserker?"

"I was suggesting we transfer it." Archer smirked. The room fell into silence as they considered the plan he was suggesting.

"You suggest that the Executors kill Zouken, and then steal the Berserker servant from the Matou Heiress." Maiya surmised, then looked at Kiritsugu, the man cupping his chin in thought.

"That...would work." He acknowledged "However, it would take preparation." he looked back at Archer "I assume this is not as simple as you make it out to be."

"No." Archer shook his head "It would need to be used on Berserker, rather than Sakura." he frowned "And it is a fragile weapon and would shatter upon contact with his armour, add onto this that I am not a Caster class servant, so I do not have the means to support another servant, therefore I cannot use it."

"Meaning someone else would have to." Kiritsugu nodded his head, clicking his tongue.

"So...we need to break Berserkers armour and then myself or Miyu would have to stab him?" Illya tentatively asked "Is...is that right?"

Archer remained silent for a few moments before he nodded his head "Yes. Berserkers are also notoriously high maintenance and unruly, whatever benefits he would bring are also matched by the problems. For you and Miyu while in your magical girl form, with near unlimited mana, it would be no problem for you to support a Berserker servant...outside of it though." he cringed, looking at Miyu "You would have an easier time of it...considering your condition."

"Not an easy plan then." Luvia growled "And it places Miyu in far too much danger. Then there is the possibility of Gilgamesh attacking us during the plan."

"No more danger than she is currently in." Archer pointed out "As the Grail Gilgamesh is after, she is already a target for him. A servant bodyguard might just be what she needs."

"So...why don't we summon a servant then?"

"Do you have a catalyst lying around anywhere?" Archer gave her a flat look "Summoning without a Catalyst and on a rushed timeframe is stupid, more importantly, what will you do if you get a Heroic Spirit who actually has a wish they want granted?" Luvia remained silent, slowly nodding her head.

"So, we attack Zouken first." Kiritsugu interjected, rising from his seat "Myself, Maiya and the Executors can deal with him." his lip twitched in irritation "While you...Illya and Miyu do what you can against Berserker."

"What about the Enforcer?" Rin asked "She'll probably come along as well, what with her interest in the Class Cards once this has been settled."

"If she's smart, she'll prioritise." Archer dismissed "However, it would be best to take her with us when we face Berserker. From what I've been told, she was skilled enough to land some blows on him and we'll need all the help we can get."

"...When do we strike?"

"Gilgamesh has already replenished his magical energy." Archer replied "Or, at the very least, is coming close to it and while I would rather we wait until we are all fully healed up...we cannot afford to. With likely injured as well from his fight with the King of Heroes, our best time to strike is now."

"I'll get the fake priest and the Enforcer back in then." Rin walked over to the front door, sighing and slumping her shoulders "What a mess this is."

"Hmm." Archer grunted in affirmation at her summary of the situation.

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Anyway. Miyu's confession...lets face it. No one, at that point, would probably care. Especially not the Einzbern's of all things.

"Oh? You're a Holy Grail? What a coincidence!"

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