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A couple of days after Helena moved to Gotham, Bruce hosted a small party at the Manor, a small get-together for Helena to get to know everyone. Terry, Max, Basem, Sally, Hayate, and Diana were there; even Barbara, Tim Drake, and Clark attended. Michelle, the former Blaze, wasn't at the party as they were still easing her into the group. As the party went on, Bruce and Terry noted how they never saw Helena without a smile on her face throughout the entire party. Helena also seemed to immediately bond with Grace, along with Max and Sally.

Hours later, that night after everyone had gone home, Helena walked around Wayne Manor, getting familiar with it. She decided to move to a small house near the edge of town, a bit of a halfway point between downtown and the Manor. While Bruce and Terry assured Helena she could live in the Manor, Helena decided it was enough to live in the same city; though she didn't rule out moving into the Manor someday. She promised she'd be spending plenty of time there, regardless. As she explored, Helena came to the main fireplace room, where the painting of Thomas and Martha, her grandparents, hung from the wall. She had seen it earlier but, for some reason, this was the first time it really began to hit her. Who they were and how their deaths affected Bruce.

Bruce and Diana walked in, finding Helena staring up at the painting.

"They're my grandparents," Helena whispered. "This is… my family." She felt tears come to her eyes. "I'm… I'm really with my family."

"Yes," Bruce said.

"I wish Lydia could see this."

"I wish I could bring her here. I wish I could bring her back."

"Wish I could, too."

"I'll leave you both be," Diana offered, "so you can talk."

Helena turned immediately and pleaded, "No, Diana, please! I really want you to stay. I want to hear all about you, too."

"That could take a while."

"I've heard. And I can't wait." Helena looked at the painting again. "I want the whole story."

Bruce stared at Helena in wonder.

Helena turned to Bruce, "Tell me everything. About them. About you! About… just… please, tell me everything!"

Diana smiled.

"It has a sad start," Bruce admitted. "Some sadder moments." He looked Diana, "And some… rather bright spots, as well."

Helena smiled. "Sounds like the perfect story."

Bruce chuckled and sat down in one of the easy chairs in front of the fireplace. "Alright." He motioned toward the other easy chair.

Helena sat down, pulling her legs underneath her on the chair, and Diana sat down in the couch behind them.

Bruce smiled at Helena and she smiled back, resting her head on the arm of the easy chair.

After getting home from the Manor, Max took Grace to the baby's room, laying Grace down in her crib. Terry went to the bathroom and leaned against the bathroom sink. He looked in the mirror and rubbed his face. It had been a long few weeks and sleeping for a month didn't sound like a bad idea. Basem and Hayate agreed to take over patrol for the night, as well as training Michelle, with the standard promise of calling Terry if things got hectic.

Max walked in and leaned against the bathroom door. She sneered at him, "Ain't you a sight?"

"You're so kind," Terry replied, irritably.

She laughed. "I'm joking. You used to think I was funny."

"In small spurts."

Max giggled again. "In all seriousness, baby… I'm so damn proud of you. You handled this one like a champ. Then again… actually, you know what, you handle all of them like a champ."

Terry smiled and looked at her. "Thanks." He looked back at the mirror. "I just hope Bruce will be okay."

"He will be. He'll work everything out with Helena. Just like he did with Tim and Barbara. And you. And he's got Diana. Plus… he'll always have us. Whatever he needs."

"Yeah." Terry let out a deep exhale. "I know it'll work out. I just… I'm just hoping it will, too. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I get it. And it will. I know it." Max studied him a bit longer. "So… with all this kid stuff… you won't be mad if I ended up pregnant again, right?"

"Of course not," Terry replied. "Why would I be?"

"Just wondering."


"Good. 'Cause I'm pregnant."

Terry stopped. He turned and looked at Max, finding her smiling from ear to ear.

"Max," Terry said, nervously yet hopefully. "This was a very long case… and I need every bit of good news I can get. Please tell me you're not joking."

Max just held her smile.

"Oh, my God!"

"I can make it even better," Max said.

"How?!" Terry asked.

"Sal's pregnant, too."

"I need to sit down," Terry sat down on the edge of the tub.

Max laughed. She walked over and kissed him.

"I love you, Max," Terry said.

"You moron," Max replied. "I already know that." She sat down next to him. "Things just changed again."


"Are you good with that?"

"It'll take some getting used to…" He looked at her, leaned in, and kissed her. He pulled back and smiled. "But, yeah, I'm good with that."

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