KonoSuba: Tales of the Red Warrior

Chapter 3

First Person P.O.V

I continued to gape at the litteral goddess standing in the doorway to Vince's shop.

Said goddess tilted her head at me with a confused look on her face.

"Do I know you?"

I couldn't help but faceplant on the wooden floor before jumping up.

"You don't remember me?!" I shouted making Kazuma jump before I gave a weak chuckle. "Granted we only talked for a few minute and it's been over a month, god- you- only knows what you've done in that time." I sighed while rubbing my face.

"Wait, wait, wait, back it up!" Kazuma said while looking between me and Aqua. "You two know each other?" He said before pointing at me, a bit dramatically I might add. "Then that would mean-"

"That I am a reincarnation, the same as you." I cut Kazuma off, making the young man stagger at my bluntness. "I could tell you were one from the fact your wearing a tracksuit, something not even made in this world." I said before turning to the goddess Aqua. "What really has me shocked is the fact a goddess is here in the mortal world. Would someone clear that up?"

Before Kazuma or Aqua could say anything the door opened, and in walked Vince.

"Hey Jay, I finished clearing up that shipment mess. They'll drop off a few crates tomorrow so you don't have to lug anything around." He said before noticing Kazuma and Aqua. "A costumes, I hope everything is to your liking." The older man said with a grin.

"Ah, O-of course," Kazuma said as he grabbed the short sword and jacket before pulling out his small sack of cash. "Here's the payment."

Vince took the money and gave me a nod. "You can head out, I'll man the store."

"Thanks Vince," I said as the blacksmith made his way into the back. I sighed and turned to the two. "Listen, why don't we head to the guild hall and talk. It should be mostly empty at this time." I said before throwing them a small grin. "Food will be on me."

"Let's go!" Aqua said practically dragging me and Kazuma out of the shop.

The three of us soon found ourselves at a table in the far corner of the guild hall, Aqua stuffing her face with meat while chugging ale like a pro.

"Don't drink so much!" Kazuma shouted at Aqua while ripping the mug from her hands, making her whine. "We're going on a quest today! I need you sober!"

"But he said he's paying for it!" Aqua whined as she reached for the mug, only for Kazuma to push her away.

"No, drink after!" Kazuma shouted louder making Aqua pout as she ate her sandwich.

I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the very... bizarre scene I just witness. Clearing my throat, and putting what I just saw in the back of my mine, I grabbed the two's attention.

"So, addressing the elephant in the room," I said before looking to Aqua. "What are you doing here Aqua? Shouldn't you be... I don't know, in the god world?" I asked with a completely baffled look on my face.

Aqua looked at Kazuma with anger, resentment, and disgust somehow all at once. "Blame this shut-in here for that." Aqua growled before taking a big bite of her sandwich

I raised a brow before turning to Kazuma, who sighed as he slumped in his chair. "Remember when Aqua said how we were able to ask for anything to 'help us on our journey to defeat the demon king'?" Kazuma asked and I gave a nod. "Well after Aqua was being a smug... jerk, I decided to ask for her and have her defeat the demon king for me."

My eyes widen at that. "Wow, when they said you could ask for anything they really mean it." I muttered, wondering if maybe I should of asked for a better power. "Wait, didn't you say you and your companion have been working in construction and sleeping in horse stables?" I asked, trying to imagine a goddess like Aqua busting her ass trying to pay for rent money.

"And that brings me to my next problem," Kazuma said before taking a breath then pointing to Aqua. "She's fucking useless!" Kazuma yelled while pointing to Aqua, who choked on her food and gave Kazuma a hurt look. "All she does is drink, eat, and drink some more until she's puking her guts outside, forcing me to hold her hair until she's done! I had to struggle at some dead-end job while making peanuts just to support us!"

"Hey, don't put the blame on me!" Aqua yelled as she stood up while pointing to Kazuma. "You're the one who dragged me here before I can give you your starter money! It's not my fault we were broke, I can't make money appear out of thin air! Also you weren't the only one working under the hot sun trying to make money, so what if I like to drink after a hard day's work!"

"You drink until your flat broke and try to take money from me!" Kazuma yelled back, his eye twitching. "We would of been doing quests weeks ago if you weren't an alcoholic goddess!"

"Well at least I'm a goddess and not some NEET shut-in!"

This when on for several seconds, Aqua and Kazuma yelling at each other while throwing insults at one another. It got to the point that we were grabbing the attention of some of the staff.

Sighing, it was my turn to butt in.


I shouted while slamming my hand on the table, making the two jump a bit in surprise at my sudden action.

Taking a breath I looked to the two. "You're making a scene."

Kazuma and Aqua noticed the eyes on them and sat down while grumbling.

I took a breath before looking to the two. "Okay, you both been through a lot, so let's try to move past this and hopefully not start a fight, okay?" I asked, getting a slight nod from the two. "So, Aqua, how long are you stuck here?"

"Until the Demon King is defeated." Aqua said with a glum look. "And by the time Kazuma becomes strong enough to defeat the King I'll have died of old age." She said, making Kazuma grumble.

"Okay, okay, your situation's rough." I said while giving both my sympathy. "Let's just take this one step at a time."

Kazuma sighed before looking at me. "Fine, so what's your name anyway? I didn't catch it with everything going on." Kazuma asked as he drank his water.

"I'm John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt." I said with a straight face, making Kazuma choke on his water before coughing loudly. I grinned at his reaction as I let out a small laugh. "After coming to this world I decided to change my name. New life, new world, new name." I said with a grin. "But you can call me Jay for short."

Kazuma snorted as he shook his head. "Okay, Jay, what was the gift you asked for from Aqua?"

Pricking my finger on my sharp teeth I started to float the drop of blood around, making Kazuma's eyes widen.

"Blood Manipulation, I can manipulate my blood for attacks and even defense. Plus I have a tone of Blood Base skills that cost barely any points to unlock. I just have to level up to unlock a few skills."

"Lucky," Kazuma grumbled while giving me a look of envy at my useful gift.

"Smart," I said with a grin, making the guy huff. "So, you two still plan to go on a quest today?"

"We need to, if we don't start now we'll be stuck in labor work forever." Kazuma grumbled as he pulled a flyer from his pocket. "Take a look."

Kazuma handed my the paper and I gave it a quick look.

Kill Quest: Eliminate five Giant Toads in three days time. Reward: 25,000 Eris/5000 Eris Per Toad. 100,000 Eris for completion.

"Huh, toads." Was all I said as I handed back the flyer. "Interesting choice for a first quest."

"Only choice." Kazuma said as he put the paper in his pocket. "I couldn't find any quest that looked easy, the others sounded too hard for a party with barely any equipment. Plus I'm only a level 1 Adventurer." Kazuma grumbled.

I nodded before looking to Aqua, who gained a smug look.

"While Kazuma is just an Adventurer I am a Arch-Priest and have managed to unlock all of the highest skills." Aqua bragged, making Kazuma glare at her.

"Well you are a goddess, I would be shocked if you didn't have a tone of Skill Points available." I said before looking to Kazuma. "So, why did you choice Aqua as your gift? You said something about her being a jerk."

Kazuma clicked his teeth and looked away. "She was making some jokes about my death and I decided to get some payback, plus I figure I can piggyback off her hard work and have her beat the Demon King while I reap the rewards." Kazuma said with a smug grin.

"Lazy NEET." Aqua muttered as she took a sip of her water.

I raised an eyebrow at Kazuma before looking to Aqua. "So why were you making fun of his death, that seems mean." I asked while my brows furrowed. Aqua did seem insensitive and I'll admit a bit of a bitch, but making fun of a 16 year olds death seems harsh.

Aqua gave a snort as she looked to me. "He died in a 'car accident'." Aqua said before her smile turned vicious. "But really the car never touched him, since it was moving so slow. After all it was only a-"

"Stop! Stop!" Kazuma said while putting his hands over Aqua's mouth. "He doesn't need to know!" Kazuma shouted, a frantic look on his face.

I leaned back from the sudden reaction while quirking an eyebrow. "Whoa, what's the big deal about a car accident?" I asked, wondering what the hell happened in this accident that had Kazuma so frantic and looking embarrassed. "Hell, I was hit by a car while on my rollerblades, so I understand."

"Please, just drop it." Kazuma practically begged me while dropping his head.

I raised my hands in defeat while nodding. "Fine, fine, I'll drop it." I said before sighing. "So, now that we got mostly everything sorted out, what is your plan for the Kill Quest."

Kazuma and Aqua looked at one another before rubbing the back of their heads.

"Um... we didn't really have an exact plan." Kazuma admitted with a shrug. "I was mostly going to have Aqua handle them since her stats are way higher then mine while I kill them when there not agro onto me."

"I'm not some monster magnet Kazuma." Aqua glared at the young man with a deadpan look on her face.

"No, your a goddess, so start acting like one." Kazuma throw back, making Aqua puff up her cheeks.

I gave a sigh, these two were the most dysfunctional partners ever. "And what if one chases you Kazuma, you can't expect Aqua to save you every second." I said before my face turned serious. "Also, don't underestimate those Giant Toads, I hear they kill quite a few rookie adventures who are carless."

"Have you face any?" Kazuma asked as he ate his soup.

"I actually avoid them." I admitted, making the two raise an eyebrow. "I was considering it a few weeks back, but after I found out more about them I decided to hold it off until I was stronger."

"Really, what did you find out?" Kazuma asked, paying close attention to me while Aqua continued to eat her food.

"Two very important things. One, Giant Toads are immune to two types of attacks, Water and Blunt. You can drop a mountain on them or hit them with a tsunami and they wouldn't be fazed. You can see why I'm hesitant to face them when my main ability is blood based, which is nearly the same as water." I said getting a nod from Kazuma. "The second is while the Toads themselves are slow, there tongues are crazy fast. Their tongues are several meters long, flexible, and can drag things as large as cows into their mouths and swallow them whole."

Kazuma looked a little pale at my explanation as he gulped. "A-and this is supposed to be the beginning town." He said in disbelief.

I gave a shrug. "Well Giant Toads are far from invincible. They are very slow and take all other damage normally, they are only dangerous in numbers and from a distance if there tongue gets you." I said before I leaned forward. "Are you up for taking this quest."

Adventuring wasn't for everybody. Some people tried it out before quitting, some die young before they can even get started, and some are forced to stop after being injured or not having enough money to live. Kazuma didn't have my luck of having some early skill points along with a useful ability, so he was starting from the ground up like every other person in this world. If this guy honestly didn't want to be an adventure, then he shouldn't have to.

Kazuma looked hesitant before he stood up. "This... this is my only chance." He said before throwing his fist into the air. "This is my only chance to have a fantasy adventure and gain a Harem!" Kazuma shouted into the air, his face turning slightly perverted. "Then I'll live like a king after defeating the Demon King, spending the rest of my days playing games and bathing in baths full of girls underwear!"

"..." I just stared at the teen before slowly turning to Aqua and placing my hand over hers. "He didn't touch you, did he?" I asked as she shook her head.

"Hey, don't make me out to be a pervert!" Kazuma yelled at me.

"It wasn't that hard after that speech you just gave!" I shouted back.

"Boys, stop!" Aqua yelled as she pushed us apart. "We should be focusing on taking the quest and making money. Right Kazuma?" Aqua said while looking to the teen.

Kazuma dropped his head. "You know it's the end when Aqua starts making sense." Kazuma sighed in defeat as he sat down and quickly finished the rest of his food. "Alright, enough talk! The longer we wait the longer we'll delay this quest, and I will not sleep in a horse stable for the rest of my life."

I sighed as stood up. "Alright then, let's go."

That made both Kazuma and Aqua look at me with confusion. "Wait, your coming with us?" Kazuma asked me with a confused look.

I gave a small shrug to the two of them. "I'm not doing anything today and I figure you two could use some backup on your first Kill Quest incase anything goes wrong. Plus I'm really close to reaching level 10." I said before waving my hand. "And don't worry, you don't have to pay me. So you two can split the cash between you."

Kazuma gained a big grin as he pumped his arm. "Alright, it's looks like things are finally looking up for my fantasy adventure!"


"Kazuma, stop running!" I yelled as I ran as fast as I can, both swords in my hands.

Me, Kazuma, and Aqua were outside Axle in the green fields. We went to Luna after agreed to go together to get a better understanding on what we were supposed to do exactly.

The quest was just about as simple as it could get. Kill five giant Toads in three days, get 5000 eris per Toad and a bonus of 50,000 for completing the quest on time. Though if the Toad's body was eaten or taken before the guild came, only 2500 would be given since the guild uses the toad meat to feed other adventurers and stock up their kitchen.

Luna said the best place to hunt the toads was in the fields outside Axle. Giant Toads mated in the fields and sometimes burrowed underground when sleeping and to protect their eggs.

After the three of us made it into the Giant Toad territory Kazuma tried to sneak up on a sleeping Toad for an easy kill. Unfortunately Kazuma had no points in sneak or abilities and the Toad woke up right away.

Now Kazuma was running for his life while the Toad hopped after him. I was chasing them hoping to stop the Toad long enough for Kazuma to attack and get some EX, but wasn't having much luck. Aqua was off to the side laughing her ass off at Kazuma's distress, much to both of our annoyance.

"Save me Aqua! Jay! Anyone-WHOA!" Kazuma tripped as the Toad landed right behind him. Fortunately the teen was able to get his footing and start running again.

"Let's try this!" I yelled and held up a gun-finger. "Bloodshot!"

The blood bullet flew across the field and hit the toad in the back. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, the attack did no damage to the frog as it continued to hop after Kazuma.

"Great, my blood attacks won't do shit!" I growled as I tried to run faster.

"Kazuma!" Aqua called out on top of a hill with a cocky smile. "If you want me to save you, why don't you start by adding 'Sama' to the end of my name?!"

"Is she still pissed that Kazuma called her usless?!" I groaned at the so called Goddess.

"Aqua-Sama!" Kazuma yelled out, making Aqua grin.

"I guess I have no choice. I'll help you out, you shut-in NEET." Aqua said as she started to go on a rant about Kazuma and I joining her church.

If she was paying attention she would of noticed that the Giant Toad turned to her before hopping her way much faster then before, as if it was annoyed by Aqua's voice. Before either of us could even get a word out the Toad swallowed Aqua into it's mouth before it slowly started to swallow her.

"Aqua!" Kazuma and I yelled in shock before rushing across the field.

"Rend!" I slammed both my blades into the Toad's back, making it stagger forward.

"Take this!" Kazuma yelled as he jumped up and jammed the sword into the Toad's head

The Giant Toad went stiff and I was ready to attack again until the monster fell onto it's side, blood pouring out of it's head where Kazuma stabbed.

Aqua slipped out of the toad's mouth, covered head to toe in some foul smelling liquid.

Kazuma and I panted heavily, from the running and Aqua nearly dying, we both felt a bit winded.

Aqua sat up on the grass and started to cry, not that I blame her.

"It's a good thing the Toad stopped moving around while it was eating." Kazuma said in a breathless tone.

I couldn't help but snort. "Yeah, count our lucky stars." I said with a sigh before looking to Aqua. "How are you doing bluebell?"

Aqua continued to sniff with tears in her eyes. "Thank you Jay! Kazuma!" Aqua cried before lunging forward and wrapping her arms around my waist in a hug while Kazuma jumped back. "Thank you so much!"

I cringed at the smell of whatever Aqua was covered in. It smelled like raw fish that was going bad. I couldn't help but also blush as I felt Aqua's head very close to my lower half.

"Damn she stinks!" Kazuma yelled as he covered his nose, making Aqua cry louder.

Sighing I rubbed Aqua's head, trying to ignore the slimy feel.

"It's okay Aqua, your safe now. There, there." I said in a soothing tone, and much to my relief she started to calm down.

Kazuma sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. "This was a bust. Let's head back for today and try again tomorrow, or until we get better equipment."

I nodded while rubbing Aqua's head, who was now just sniffing. "That sounds good, but before we go I want to show you something."

Pulling away from Aqua I approached the dead Toad. Kicking it onto it's back I reach behind myself and pulled out a large knife.

"What are you doing?" Kazuma asked as he walked up next to me, looking at the knife with confusion.

"The best part of going on a quest. Looting!" I said with a grin.

"Looting?" Kazuma asked in confusion. "It's a Toad, what could it possible have?"

I continued to grin. "Tell me Kazuma, ever played Monster Hunter?"

Kazuma nodded with a confused look before his eyes widen. "A-Are you going to carve the toad for parts?!" Kazuma yelled in shock while Aqua looked confused while sniffing. "Are you going to make some kind of Toad Armor?!"

From the look on Kazuma's face I could tell he was imagining me in some kind of Toad theme armor.

"No," I said with a snort. "I'm going sell the most valuable organs Giant Toad's have, the Liver and Gallbladder."

"Liver and Gallbladder? How are they valuable?" Kazuma asked.

"Well the Liver is valuable because of how nutritious it is. Mid to high class people will pay a good amount to eat monster liver, and on the type of monster it came from the price varies." I said with a thoughtful look on my face. "Toad Liver is pretty common so we may only get about 9000 Eris per liver."

"Whoa, seriously!" Kazuma said in shock. "Wait, isn't the guild paying us to get this Toad? Will they not pay if some of it's parts are missing?"

I quickly waved my hand. "No worries, I've done similar things like this before. Luna said that depending on the details in the quest anything goes. So the guild will still pay you even if some parts are missing. Plus most monster organs go bad in a few hours after their death, so by the time the guild retrieves the dead Toad they can't use the organs."

"Wow." Kazuma said, looking surprised by the information I give him. "So if people will eat monster liver, do they also eat monster Gallbladder?" He said, looking a little disgusted.

"Actually, monster gallbladder is used for medicine." I said, making Kazuma blink. "Most of the time monsters will have Gallstones, which can be used for various types of medicine. It's a gamble, but worth it since most alchemists, healers, and even priest will pay 60,000 Eris per ounce." I said, getting a real shocked look from Kazuma. "There is also the mucus gland inside the toad that could be sold for a pretty penny, but I don't have the skills to remove something that delicate, unless you want even more mucus flying everywhere." I said, making Aqua shake her head while looking a little scared.

"How do you know so much about this?" Kazuma asked with a hint of envy.

I gave the teen a shrug as I turned to the dead toad. "Well I've been in this world close to two months. I didn't just work and go on quests, on most of my days off I went to the library and read up on monsters, their habits, how dangerous they are, and what makes them valuable. If I need more details on certain monsters Luna was more then happy to give me a run down." I then turned to the dead toad and held up my carving knife. "Now stand back, it might get a little messy."

Kazuma did as I asked as I stabbed the knife into the toad's belly before running it down. The stench of the toad's insides made all three of us cringe.

Rolling up my sleeves I reached into the toad with my knife before cutting the liver and pulling it out, my hands covered in blood. Reaching into the side of by backpack I pulled out a blue silk bag before shoving the liver into it. I repeated the process with the gallbladder and put it into another silk bag.

"Will the liver and gallbladder last long enough for you to sell it?" Kazuma asked while looking a little green, not that I could blame him since I puked the first time I did this.

"Normally no, fortunately I have these." I said as I reached to the side of my backpack and pulled out a bundle of blue silk bags. "Preservation bags, good for preserving monster parts for long periods of time. They cost a pretty penny, but worth it in the long run and are super easy to clean." I said as I put the monster parts into my backpack and looked to Aqua. "Ready to go back?" I asked softly while I absorbed the frogs blood, cleaning myself.

Aqua sniffed as she pushed herself up. "I'm all dirty right now." Aqua sniffed while looking to Kazuma and I with worry. "If the followers of Axis see me sullied like this, I'll lose their devotion!" Aqua said as she started to get her spunk back. "If it gets out that I backed down from a lowly frog, the name of the beautiful and stunning Aqua-sama will fall by the wayside!"

Kazuma and I had different reactions. Kazuma was giving Aqua a pure deadpan look that obviously told he gave no fucks about her problem. Me, I was holding back a laugh, trying to hide it. To hear Aqua make such a rant I couldn't help but find it a little funny. From what Kazuma told me Aqua was a hard construction worker and a pro-drinker, so it's funny that now she was complaining about getting dirty.

"AAAAHHHH!" Both be and Kazuma blinked as we saw Aqua run off towards a pink toad in the distance.

"Wait! Aqua!" We called out after the goddess, only to be ignored.

"Feel the power of the gods! Regret that you ever stood in my path and bared your fangs at the gods, and repent in the pits of hell!" Aqua yelled at the toad before cocking her fist back. "God Blow!" Aqua's fist glowed a powerful aura that radiated power as she throw the punch.

Both me and Kazuma were amazed by the powerful attack that it left us stunned.

"'God Blow' is a lethal fist that carries a goddess's rage and sorrow! Any it strikes will perish!" Aqua yelled as she punched the Toad.

"...Wait... a punch..." I said slowly before my eyes snapped wide open. "Aqua, stop! That attack won't work!"

It was too late as Aqua punched the toad in the belly. As soon as her fist connected with the toad the results were as expected, no damage.

Aqua stood in place for a good moment before looking up with a innocent smile. "N-now that I have a good look at you, I think frogs are pretty cute."

The Giant Toad's response was also as expected, it leaned down and took half of Aqua into her mouth before trying to swallow her whole.

"Aqua!" Both Kazuma and I yelled as we went to go rescue the goddess again.

I sighed as I walked into the guild hall, a small sack of cash hanging from my waist.

After saving Aqua again we all agreed to call it a day. The three of use took a quick bath at the bathhouse before I went to go sell the monster parts. I sold the two livers to an Inn chef that bough them both for 18,000 Eris, as for the gallbladders, I sold them both two a alchemist in the city. Despite having two gallbladders their was only 1/2 of an ounce of Gallstones, so the alchemist gave me 30,000 Eris. Making the profit from the two kills to be about 48,000 Eris.

Glancing around the lively guild hall I spotted Kazuma and Aqua off to the side eating.

"Let's recruit more allies!" Aqua declared as she started to eat, ironically, frog meet with a happy smile.

Kazuma was about to say something before noticing me. "Oh, Jay, your back." He said while Aqua turned to me.

I gave Kazuma and Aqua a nod as I sat at the end of the table. "So did you get paid?"

Kazuma gave a sad sigh at that. "We risked our lives and earned no more then part-time construction work pays. 10,000 Eris."

I gave a small laugh at that. "Well if adventuring was easy, every person in the city would be an adventure." I said as I pulled out a sack of cash. "Here's your half for the monster parts." I said as I throw Kazuma the sack.

"Half?" Kazuma asked with a frown as he caught the sack. "I thought you said we didn't have to pay you?"

That made me snort. "Your not, I made this cash with my own knowledge and experience. I'm just splitting the profits because you helped beat the Giant Toads. That's 24,000 Eris, so with the 10,000 you made that's a 34,000 profit."

That made Kazuma and Aqua's eyes widen in shock. "Wow, so this carving thing really makes a difference!" Kazuma said with a grin. "Look's like today wasn't a total waist."

I gave a shrug. "Now it does." I said, grabbing both of their attentions. "After you reach a certain level to tackle the harder quests the money they give out will make the monster parts you sell pretty meaningless. I don't mind the carving and it's always good to have some extra cash since weapons and armor cost a lot of money, so it's always good to get some extra cash whenever you can."

"Well until we can hit the harder quests we need more allies!" Aqua declared again while sipping her ale.

Kazuma sighed at that. "You say 'allies,' but we're beginners with no decent equipment. Do you really think anyone will party up with us?"

"You've got me here!" Aqua said with a sigh of satisfaction as she slammed her mug down. "I'm a goddess and an Arch-Priest, one of the most advanced jobs their is! Anyone would kill to have me in their party!"

Kazuma didn't look convinced as Aqua continued to brag while I rubbed my chin.

"Well, she might not be so far off." I said to Kazuma, making him look to me with bewilderment. "Healers are always wanted because anything could happen on a quest, so someone who can save you from the brink of death is always a major boon. And what's the worst that can happen?" I said making Kazuma nod slowly.

"Right!" Aqua cheered as she bit into her meet. "Now that we've got that straight, hand me another piece of fried frog!" She said before she continued to eat.

"Oh?" Kazuma said slowly as he turned to me. "So will you be coming with us tomorrow?"

I quickly shook my head. "Sorry, but I'm picking up some customer made armor tomorrow, I spent over 350,000 to have it made so I need to make sure it was money well spent."

That made both Aqua and Kazuma look to me with pure shock. "3-350,000 Eris?!" They shouted in shock as Aqua spit up a bit of her food.

I reeled back from their shocked looks, surprised by their reactions. "W-well yeah, the way I fight I favor speed and offence over defense, so I invested most of the money I made in the last two months to get some good leather armor that will let me take a hit without worry and not weigh me down or hold me back."

Vince had got me in contact with the best Tanner in the city to make my leather armor. Vince was damn good at making weapons and armor, but even he admit his skills were a bit lacking when it came to making leather armor of the best quality.

I blinked and started to fish out my Adventures card. "Speaking of my armor, I wonder if I leveled up?" I muttered to myself before looking to my license. "Alright, I'm level 10!" I said while pumping my fist.

"Cool," Kazuma said with a hint of envy again. "But it's just one level."

"No, this means I can finally change jobs!" I said while getting up from the chair. "Want to see me change class?" I asked the two.

Kazuma and Aqua looked to one another before shrugging and getting up from their seat.

The three of us made it to the main counter to see Luna their as always.

"John, good to see you." Luna said with a smile. "Are you looking for a quest?"

"Actually, I just leveled up." I said to the woman as I placed the card down on the counter. "And I'm looking to change my class."

That made a smile cross Luna's face as she took out the same blue crystal from when I first got my card. "Please place your hand on top of the crystal once again." Luna said as she put the card under the crystal. I did what she told as Luna looked at my stats. "What class do you wish to change to?"

"Berserker." I said, getting a confused look from Kazuma and Aqua as Luna tilted her head.

"Interesting class." The woman said before nodding her head. "You do meet the requirements. This will only take a moment."

Luna pressed a button and I felt a wave of magic wash over me as the blue crystal rewrite my class from Swordsman to Berserker.

Luna gave a pleased smile as she took my card and handed it to me. "Congratulations John, you are now a Berserker."

I had a massive grin on my face as I took my card and saw that my class had changed to Berserker.

"...That's it." I turned to see Kazuma tilting his head at me while folding his arms. "No offence, but I thought their would be... something grander."

I gave a small laughed as I nodded my head. "I feel you, I was kind of hoping for a light show, maybe some confetti." I said making both Aqua and Luna giggle.

"Well congratulations on getting a new Class." Aqua said with a smile. "See that Kazuma, Jay's only been here a month longer then you and he's already leveled up and changed jobs, you lazy NEET." Aqua said in a smug tone, making Kazuma grit his teeth.

I gave an uneasy laugh as I started to move the two back to our table before they started a fight. "Let's finish our food before it gets cold." I said, and that seemed to calm them down enough as we walked back.

Sitting back down at our table I quickly when to my skills to see what was now available to me.

Blood Manipulation/Hemokinesis

(Unlock at Level-10)

Meditation: By meditating and concentrating on the blood in your body, you can recover much faster over time. (200 Vitality and MP every minute)(Warning: Must be still in order to activate this ability)(Point Cost: 1)

Blood Potion: Create a potion of your own blood to heal yourself later. (Cost: 150 MP and 100 Vitality)(Heals 150 MP and 100 Vitality)(Point Cost: 1)

Bloody Needles: Send sever spikes of blood at your enemy from multiple angels. (Cost: 10 MP per spike)(Point Cost: 1)

Blood Edge: Coat your weapon in blood to increase it's over all damage. (Cost: 15 MP every second/20% Bonus Damage)(Point Cost: 1)

Mimicry: Use your blood to make copies of weapons. (Cost: 50 MP)(Point Cost: 1)

Devour: Blood is life. You rip into your enemy, doing damage and healing yourself in the process for every successful hit. (Heals 1% of health for every successful attack)(Point Cost: 1)

Class: Berserker

Two-Handed Sword: The Two-Handed Sword skill rises proficiency with two handed swords. (Point Cost: 1)

One-Handed Sword: The One-Handed Sword Skill rises proficiency with one-handed swords. (Point Cost: 1)

Duel Wielding: The Duel Wielding Skill raises proficiency when wielding more then one weapon. (Owned)

Whirl: Become a whirlwind by spinning your blade and attacking all foes in the surrounding area, can cause passive bleed effect. (Power and speed based on Dexterity)(Owned)

Rend: Whined up and strike with all your strength, ignoring 10% of enemy defense. (Power based on Strength)(Owned)

Fleet Footing: Damage from hits received while dodging is reduced by 40%. (Defense based off of Agility and Dexterity)(Owned)

Undying: When Vitality reaches 0, consume what MP you have left to heal yourself. The amount restored is based on MP. (Warning! Can only use Undying once per day!)(Point Cost: 2)

Boxing: Unleash your fists on your enemy. Boxing skill rises proficiency with fist fighting.(Power based on Strength and Dexterity)(Point Cost: 1)


Intimidation: Unleash a powerful shout of killer intent that sends weaker enemies running and the stronger enemies hesitant to attack you. (Effectiveness based on Level and Strength)(Free Skill)

Frenzy: Attack relentlessly in an angered and berserk state. (Do double damage while Frenzy is active, take 50% more damage.)(Point Cost: 1)

Twin Fangs: You lash out with both blades, striking deep, with bonus damage if you flank your foe. (Damaged based on Strength and Dexterity)(Free Skill)

Bloodied Prey: Your strikes cut deeper into any foe whose current health is lower than your own.(Does a bonus of 15% damage when you have more health and adds bleeding states effect)(Passive)(Point Cost: 1)

Shield Breaker: Your critical hits crack armor and rends shields, sundering your enemies armor for a short time. (Reduce enemy armor by 30% for 20 seconds)(Point Cost:1)

War Cry: Send out a powerful cry that gives allies the confidence to face the challenge ahead. (15% Bonus to all allies for 10 minutes)(Free Skill)

Charge: Slam into your enemies with full power, knocking them down and gaining a damage bonus. (10% bonus damage to the enemy that was knocked down.)(Warning!: Higher, larger, and stronger Level enemies may not be able to be knocked down unless weakened.)(Point Cost: 1)

Livid: The more foes nearby, the harder you fight and the tougher you get. (5% Bonus damage and defense for every enemy in the area. Maximum bonus damage 50%)(Point Cost: 2)

Rampage: One minute of nonstop destructive attacks while immune to any attacks. (Body Pain and take 20% more damage once Rampage is finished for two minutes. Effects double if stacked with multiple skills.)(Point Cost: 2)

I saw my old skills and new skills mixed in under the Berserker list, along with my new blood abilities.

I saw I had three free skills under the Berserker Class, Intimidation, Twin Fangs, and War Cry and quickly took them. Glancing at my skill points I counted 6.

"Okay, I have 6 skill points and I count 12 new skills." I muttered as I read over the new skills. "I'll get... these four."

Blood Potion, Bloody Needle, Blood Edge, and Devour. I'll get Mimicry and Meditation at a later date once I have enough skill points after getting the better skills.

Unlocking the skills I felt another wave wash over me, making me grin. "Now I have two skill points left." I muttered as I looked under the Berserker skills.

I could get two skills or one really good skill. Thinking it over I decided to get two skills, Frenzy and Charge. It was a perfect combo, knock down my enemy with Charge, get a damage bonus, then wail into them with Frenzy.

"And I'm all set!" I cheered as I slid my Adventures Card in my pocket. "I can't wait to test out my new skills."

"...Damn it!" Kazuma moaned as he slammed his head into the table, making both me and Aqua jump at the suddenness. "Why are you having such an easier time then me?! You only been here a month longer!"

I rubbed the back of my head and looked at Kazuma with some pity. I'll admit things have been way easier for me then most adventures thanks to the ability I chose and I was lucky enough that Vince took me in and gave me a place to crash. From what Kazuma and Aqua told me they had it very rough since they started with no money and Kazuma was average in every category with the exception of Luck and had no special power since he chose Aqua instead.

"W-well look on the bright side, you took the first step of becoming an adventure today and you made some decent money. That's a plus." I said before looking at the time. "I need to get going and get some rest, will you two be able to get home safely?"

"We'll be fine." Aqua said while waving me off as she started to pull away a sulking Kazuma. "Well, see you later Jay. Next time you see us we'll have a hundred members added to our party." Aqua said with a confident wink before taking Kazuma away.

As they walked away I couldn't help but smile. They were an interesting pair to say the least, the way they acted I would of guessed they were brother and sister.

Getting up myself I started to make my way back home.

"Damn it's hot out today." I said while slipping my sunglasses on.

I was currently walking through the city, making my way to the Tanner who made my armor.

"I hope the armor won't make me sweat like crazy." I muttered, it would suck if I bought good armor that was uncomfortable. Then I would have to pay more just to have it fitted.

After a few minutes of walking I found myself in front of a fancy looking building with a small guardian in front.

I walked inside and saw it was filled with high-quality leather boots, pants, jackets, and capes. Their were also daggers, bows and arrows off to the side, along with some fancy jewelry.

"Hello, Martian?" I called out.

A moment later a man came in from the back. He was older, mid-40s, with brown hair, a brown beared, and light skin.

He wore a red turban on his head, a yellow shirt, and a brown pants.

When Martian saw me he smiled.

"Ah, Mr. Schmidt, good to see you. Here to pick up your armor?" The Tanner said while moving behind the counter.

"Yup, hope everything is finished." I said while walking up to the counter.

"Oh it is more then finished." Martian said with a smile as he moved to the side and opened a cabinet. "When you came to me three weeks ago with your proposal I was very interested. Ever since I opened my shop I have only made armor and weapons for Rogue-like adventures. Thieves, Archers, Rangers, adventures who needed to be as light as possible." The Tanner said as he pulled out a box with a huff and dropped it on the counter. "Yet I never thought I would make such a unique armor for a Berserker of all adventures." The man said while opening the box with a big smile on his face. "Please, try it on."

I took the surprisingly light armor and went to the changing room.

After a minute I came out and was met with Martian who hand a full length mirror.

I now wore leather armor that was black with red highlights. (AN: I'm not going to explain the look of the armor, so just imagine Witcher 3 feline armor. Which ever version is the readers choice)

"Wow," I said in amazement as I gave myself a good look. "This is perfect Martian, I look awesome!" I said with a massive grin. The armor fit perfectly around my body, yet I felt no restriction or

"Glad you like it." Martian said with a grin. "I made the leather from Rookie Killer leather, those big cats that protect Goblins, light but surprisingly durable. Their is also some Fire Drake scales mixed in, that will help with elemental attacks. I can say this armor can take a few good hits from a Manticore and you would still be alive." Martian said with pride. "If you come across any exotic or interesting materials, I would be more then happy improve the armor for a very low price. Or you can just sell me whatever you find."

I nodded as I put my cloths back into my bag. "I'll be sure to do that, though I'll need to do some research to find out what is useful and valuable." I said as I pulled out my phone and looked at the time. "Well, I got to go meet up with a friend. See you later Martian." I said before exiting the Tanner shop.

I walked down the bricked road and couldn't help but have a big smile on my face. The armor felt amazing and barely weighed anything, like a glove around my body.

"I haven't seen Yunyun in a while." I muttered as I turned a corner. "I'll go see how she's doing."

With that I started to make my way to Yunyun's home. It took me a good 20 minutes of walking to reach my destination, an Inn.

Yunyun told me she got a monthly allowance from her father that she used to pay rent at the Inn. It was sometimes common for adventures to rent out rooms in Inns to live in since owning an actually house was way too expensive and pointless since adventures traveled a lot.

Entering the Inn I walked up to the front desk to see an older woman writing in a book.

"Hello Ella."

The woman looked up and gave me a smile. "Hello again John, here to see Yunyun?" She asked as I nodded. "She's in her room last I saw."

"Thanks," I said before making my way upstairs. I made my way to the second floor of the Inn before going to the door at the end of the hallway.


"Just a second." A voice called from the other side before the door open to reveal Yunyun with a pair of glasses on. "Oh, Jay, so good to see you!" Yunyun said while giving me a hug. "And you finally got your armor!"

I hugged back and patted Yun on the head. "Good to see you too Yunyun. How've you been?"

"Great!" Yunyun said with a smile as she pulled back. "I learned a few spells, Energy Ignition, Cursed Lighting, Inferno, and Bottomless Swamp." Yunyun said with pride.

My eyes widen at that, four new sells added to Yunyun's arsenal, plus they sounded powerful. "Well your not the only who's got an upgrade." I said while taking my adventurer card and showed it to Yunyun. "I became a Berserker yesterday!"

"Oh, congratulations!" Yunyun said with a cheerful tone. "Did you go on a quest yesterday?"

"Kind of," I said while folding my arms. "I met some adventures yesterday, one of them being... an old acquaintance. We went on a quest and managed to kill some Giant Toads, after we got back to the Guild Hall I saw I leveled up and had the right states to change my class to Berserker."

"These new adventures, will they be joining our party?" Yunyun asked in a hopeful tone.

I smiled before rubbing the top of her head. Yunyun was very shy but wanted friends badly, so she figured the easiest way to make friends was to have them join our party.

"Maybe, we seemed to work together alright yesterday, and with you adding long-range support we'll be well functioning." I said, making the young girl smile. Glancing out a window I saw the sun was setting. "They should be back at the guild hall by now. Want to go meet them?"

"S-sure!" Yunyun said with a smile. "Let me just put my books away then we can go!" She said as she ran back into her room in a rush, making me smile.

After Yunyun put everything away we started to make our way to the Guild Hall. As we walked together I gave Yunyun a brief description on what to expect with Aqua and Kazuma as the sun hanged low, making the sky seem orange.

"They sound like very interesting people!" Yunyun said with a smile that was a little too innocent.

I have a small laugh as I shook my head. "Interesting is one word." I said before frowning. "Just be carful around Kazuma, he's..." I trailed off while trying to think of something to describe him without out right calling him a pervert. "Just be carful." I said, getting a confused look from Yunyun before she slowly nodded.

After a bit more walking we found ourselves at the Guild Hall and quickly entered to see things as busy as always.

Glancing around I spotted Aqua and Kazuma sitting at a round table together. Aqua happily eating while Kazuma sulked.

"Hey guys," I called out with a smile before blinking, noticing a third person sitting with them. "Huh, who's she?"

The person was a young short girl, possibly 12 or 13. She had short brown hair in a bob-cut, a large witch hat, red cloths, an eye-patch over her eye, a cape, and was carrying a staff.

All three turned to us, and only Aqua grow a smile. "Hey Jay, we just completed our first quest-"


I jumped a good foot in the air as I heard Yunyun scream right next to me. I whipped my head to the side to see Yunyun point at the girl sitting next to Kazuma, who was now standing.

"My rival!" Yunyun said with a fire in her eyes that surprised me.

"So, we met again Yunyun." The witch girl said in a low tone as she glanced at me, and I thought I saw the faintest smile on her face. "And I see you managed to find a party member."

Yunyun beamed with pride at that. "Yes, this is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!"

"Or Jay."

"And he is my partner!" Yunyun said with a prideful smile as she folded her arms. "Now I challenge you to a duel!"

"Ho~" The witch girl said in a playful tone. "Do you really think you've gotten strong enough to face me?" The girl said as she slowly reached behind herself. "Then I accept your challenge, and as usual I pick the duel."

I looked back and forth between Yunyun and the witch girl with worry. I knew Yunyun said she had a rival, but I thought it was more passive, like a sport competition, yet Yunyun look's ready to fight.

"L-look, let's take a step back-"

"The duel will be a game a cards!" The witch girl shouted as she pulled out a deck. "First one to lose will have to buy the winner their next three meals!"

"I accept!"

Soon the two girls sat down as the table next to Kazuma and Aqua before starting their game. All the tension they had seemed to fizzle out by the sudden change of pace.

"...Well that happened." I deadpanned with a confused look on my face as I sat next to Aqua. "So someone mind telling me who the witch girl is?"

Kazuma groaned as he picked his head up to look to me. "That's Megumin, an Arch-Wizard we picked up today."

I blinked in surprise as I looked to the girl. "Seriously, she's an Arch-Wizard?" I said in shock, another young girl having such an advance class.

"Yup," Aqua said with a smile as she took a swig of her ale. "She's a member of the Crimson Demon Clan, who have a very high affinity for magic and all members are Arch-Wizards."

I was shocked again as I turned to see Megumin's eyes were in fact red and glowing a little, the same as Yunyun.

"Whoa," I said with amazement before blinking and looking to Kazuma. "So why are you so bummed? You should be celebrating to have a powerful ally." I said with a confused look.

Kazuma glared at me as he pointed to Megumin. "She only knows one spell, and refuses to learn anything else."

I blinked, open my mouth, blinked again, shook my head, before I finally found the right word.


Kazuma sighed and started to explain his day to me. Apparently Aqua's request didn't work out so well and had no one come until Megumin showed up. Seeing the girl was an Arch-Wizard they agreed to see what she was capital of and took her to face some Toads with them. Kazuma did say Megumin was powerful, apparently the one spell she knows was called Explosion and from they way Kazuma described it, the spell was equivalent to a Napalm Bomb going off, which was amazing on it's own. Apparently the girl loved explosions so much she that was the only spell she was willing to learn. However, Kazuma said that the downside was Megumin could only use it once per-day, and if that wasn't bad enough Megumin becomes completely immobile for a few hours, and even then she can't move much. Kazuma found this out after Megumin fired off her explosion and was paralyzed, unable to move as a Giant Toad ate her, forcing Kazuma to save the witch girl and goddess again. The only upside was that they completed the quest, down side, Megumin was now apart of the party.

I gave Kazuma a blank look before tilting my head. "Why the hell did you add her to your party?"

Kazuma clicked his teeth as he looked away. "She was... convincing." Kazuma said in a bitter tone.

I wanted to ask more but decided against it. Glancing to the side Yunyun and Megumin were still playing, though from the looks on their faces Megumin was winning.

I heard a thud and turned to Kazuma slam his head on the table.

"We risked our lives for 36,000 eris each." Kazuma sighed as he rubbed his face and I saw bags under his eyes. "It's not worth it."

I gave a nod at that. "From what I head, the Toad quest is common for Rookies and rarely pays off. It's good if your going solo, or even with a partner, you get a decent chunk of cash and some XP, but doing it with a party just makes things less worth it, though it does make things safer." I said as I glanced at the quest board. "What else do they have, maybe we can find something better."

"It's no use." Kazuma said as he pointed to some of the quest on the board.

I squinted my eyes and saw that most of the remaining quests were a bit strange, such as finding a pet White Wolf, or volunteering to be apart of a mages experiments.

"Yeah, it's not worth it." Kazuma said with a depressed tone as I rubbed the back of my head. "I want to go back to Japan."

I gave Kazuma a sympathy smile as I patted his shoulder. "I feel you buddy, but we're stuck here." I turned to my side and raised by arm to a waitress. "Some vodka for me and my friends!" I called out getting a nod from the girl before she walked away.

"Vodka?" Kazuma said with a confused look.

"Yeah, yeah, I know what people say about people who drink vodka, but what can I say, I have horrible taste." I said with a grin.

"We all have our preferred alcohol taste Jay." Aqua said as she slammed her mug with a grin on her face. "For me I love my bubbly drinks, but I don't mind a good cup of ale!" She said as she took another gulp before slamming the mug again.

"Well I like Vodka, but I would love a shot of Tequila right now." I said as our waitress dropped three shot-cups at our table and I passed her some money. "But this will have to do."

We gabbed our shot-cups and held them up, though Kazuma looked unsure while Aqua just smiled.

"So, what are we doing?" Kazuma asked with a raised brow.

"A toast." I said simply.

"...I toast to what?" Kazuma said while looking at me with annoyance.

"To whatever you want, it's up to you." I said with a shrug as I saw Yunyun sit next to me, her face looking down as Megumin grinned in victory. "I'll start... To a new life and adventure!" I said as I downed the shot.

Aqua grinned as spoke next. "To defeating the Demon King!" She said as she took the shot like it was nothing.

Megumin grabbed her mug and held it high in the air. "To explosions, may they be huge and powerful!" She said as she drank her mug of juice.

Yunyun looked left out before I slid her over a cup of water, getting a smile from her. "T-to friends!" She said with a bright smile as she drank.

Kazuma looked around with bewilderment as everyone now looked to him expectantly. He looked at the shot in his hands before slowly raising it up.

"To..." Kazuma said slowly before he grinned. "To my fantasy adventure!" He shouted before downing the shot. "...Ack! You drink that for fun!?" Kazuma said as he cringed at the taste.

Aqua and I laughed at his reaction. "He doesn't have our mature taste, right Jay!" Aqua said as she throw her arm over my shoulder.

I gulped as I felt Aqua's breast touch my side and saw she had a blush on her face, meaning she was already drunk. "Give him a few months, that's how long it took me." I said as I waved the waitress over for another round. "Plus repetition helped." I said with a grin.

Things started to guy by fast as the five of us all had a good time. Aqua drank her fill and did party tricks that were entertaining. Yunyun and Megumin laughed and played like they were friends. Even Kazuma was laughing and the gloom left his face.

I leaned back in my seat and took another shot, but stopped at the last second.

Glancing across the Guild Hall I smiled as I saw Aqua preforming for everyone in the guild, getting cheered on as she had a glowing smile.

I raised by shot while looking at her. "To Aqua, for giving me a second chance at life." I said before downing the shot.

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2: Armor: The reason I chose the Feline Armor is because I favor speed and offence over defense. It's better to dodge an attack then tank it, plus that's why we have Darkness. Like I said before, I rather hit my enemy hard and fast enough it beat them in seconds then drag a fight out.

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