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Stalker in the Night

She liked to walk at night. Well, that wasn't unusual; now that she was fully a part of Dauntless it wasn't like Tris had a curfew or anything. She was an adult. She could do as she pleased.

But not many elected to take the night shift, to come and go in the early stretches of dawn and the lingering hush of dusk. There were better assignments, Lauren had tried to tell her. She was cutting off her best chances to have some quality time with her family on the scant few off hours she would be allowed, Will reminded her.

It was worth it, Tris insisted. Worth it for the quiet, the stillness, the way it felt when she closed her eyes that she was the only one out there on the streets or in the halls of Dauntless. Tris loved her faction. She adored their chaotic energy and their unending enthusiasm for anything from fresh produce come in for the first time of the summer to the successful return of a scout team gone for a month. Dauntless was a faction of shared experiences. But sometimes Tris wanted to feel separated from that - on her own terms, by her own choice - and the night gave her that.

Plus it was damn hard to find time to spend with her boyfriend otherwise.

"You're early," Tris called out when she heard the soft footfalls behind her. Eric was cueing her on purpose. Any Dauntless worth their salt could avoid being heard. And Eric was far from just any Dauntless.

She squinted at the band of orange that still wrapped around the horizon. The sun had nearly set but not just yet. Eric slunk through the long shadows that stretched from the neighboring building, pausing when he hit the edge of the last one. Tris skipped across the distance and threw her hands around his shoulders. "Hey," she greeted him properly, taking in a deep breath of Eric .

"Hey yourself," he murmured before pressing his lips to hers. She felt herself smile, still eternally happy even with the tiny display of affection. Sometimes it was the little things. The curl of her lips caught his attention, and he snared her bottom lip between his teeth in response.

The playful growl he let out would have sounded intimidating if he didn't have his thumbs tucked into her belt pulling her closer. Instead it sent a thrill down Tris' spine.

He let go - just with the teeth, not with his embrace. "A terrible monster has me trapped," Tris mock-whispered.

Eric hummed in agreement before dipping his head down to the arc of her jawline. "You should have known better than to venture into the darkness." His tone was teasing like hers. His lips were gentle on her skin, lulling her into a fuzzy warmth as he ventured downward before his teeth pressed against her bare throat.

Tris held her breath, feeling him against her pulse point. If she could feel her every heartbeat, she knew that Eric was even more aware of each ba-dump . When it kicked into a quicker pace it wasn't from fear.

She tumbled out of his arms easily; he hadn't been holding her with any strength. She watched and giggled into her palm as his focus shifted once more to her. "It isn't quite dark yet," Tris reminded him before he could take another step. She had slipped a handful of paces away. Far enough to cross the shadow's edge.

The low growl that emerged from Eric's throat sent another thrill down Tris' spine. What could she say? She was a thrill-seeker, had a death wish, was a moonstruck, lovesick idiot - all depending on whether she asked Will, Christina, or Tori.

Tris twisted on her heel and laughed as she jogged down the street. Eric's footsteps paced behind her, faltering again when the shadows failed to press past the final dregs of sunlight. "Careful, Prior." His voice carried easily even as she turned into the next street. She wouldn't hear his footsteps next time. Their cat and mouse would take a turn soon enough.

"Where's the fun in that?" she called in response, knowing he would hear all the same.

She turned her head over her shoulder as she jogged, trying to squint past the long twilight shadows. Eric wasn't there. Tris twisted her head to the front once again. Then she scrambled to keep from tumbling right into her boyfriend's chest.

He caught her easily by the arms, bringing her once more into his. Tris laughed again, still feeling the rush from the run. She found herself pressed loosely against a lamppost; that was what had tricked her. The soft yellow light wasn't true sunlight. It wouldn't stop Eric.

"Now you've been caught by the terrible, horrible monster," he mocked. His fingertips trailed along her skin as he pushed her hair back behind her ear. Tris once more found herself holding her breath.

His eyes, dark with hunger, flicked from her neck to meet hers. He was waiting, perhaps slightly impatiently. Tris nodded and immediately her own eyes fluttered shut. Eric's lips were back on her skin. She smiled as he still refused to take what he really wanted. Either way, she enjoyed the feeling as he peppered the hollow of her throat with his kisses.

"Tease," Eric murmured. His breath felt hotter than usual or maybe that was just her own body flushing from the attention. She wasn't sure if he wasn't just a bit of a tease himself after all, but then finally he gave in and bit down.

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