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Under a Knife's Point

"You don't look so hot." The words came out of Tris' mouth before she realized who she was talking to. Between herself and Kyle, they had been able to drag Eric more or less into the back of the truck. Kyle nudged Eric's boots out of the way of the track and proceeded to roll the door shut. The noise from the truck's engine was cut at least by half, and Tris hoped for a moment that her comment had been missed underneath the roar.

Eric managed to roll his eyes somewhere in the direction that Tris was crouched. "You keeping tabs on my looks?" he retorted. The effect was somewhat weakened by him immediately wincing and grabbing at his side as the truck cornered within the vague vicinity of the road. Kyle moved to voice his complaints at Richards, leaving Tris with the equally cross Eric.

She used a hand to stabilize him as the truck continued on. They had been fairly lucky that the truck had been coming along for an unrelated visit to Candor. Otherwise Eric and Tris would have been making the slow walk back to Dauntless. "Who knew lawyers could throw a mean right hook?" Tris said to keep Eric distracted. She had been fortunate to have avoided the worst of the brawl. Eric, however, had not fared so well.

"Helps when they have a knife, too," Eric grunted.

Tris opened her mouth to continue the banter back and forth. Then she noticed the dark stain creeping along Eric's side and the way that he hadn't removed his hand from his ribs. Another jostle of the truck wiped out the rest of the color on Eric's face. "Hey, tough guy." Tris' voice dropped low. She didn't want to alarm the others in the truck. "Let me get a look at that."

Peeling his hand away was a slow affair. Eric didn't show weakness often; it wasn't his nature. Tris grimaced as she took in the amount of blood that had transferred to his hand in the few short minutes alone. She nodded tightly and he immediately pressed again on the wound. Tris squeezed his shoulder briefly before stepping away. It took less than thirty seconds to tell Richards to change directions and bring them directly to the hospital. It didn't make sense to delay by stopping at the infirmary in Dauntless. Sure, they would be able to handle it. But depending on how deep the wound was, Tris would feel a hell of a lot better having the greater resources of the hospital on hand.

When she returned to kneel next to Eric, he had taken to staring daggers at the ceiling. "You're going to be fine," Tris said firmly.

Eric only nodded in response. Everything from his neck down showed obvious signs of tension as he tried to keep himself still. Richards could get them to the hospital quickly but it wasn't going to be a gentle ride.

"Gotta assess the wound." Tris explained as she went, half for Eric's information and half for her own sanity. Talking herself through the task made it easier to compartmentalize. The instant she'd seen the blood, her nerves had skyrocketed.

Getting Eric's hand back out of the way wasn't enough to see. Tris grimaced and reached for the blade that she had on her calf. There was an obvious flinch from Eric when he saw her unsheathe the knife that Tris ignored. Making the tear bigger gave her a better view of the slice. An "oof" escaped her unconsciously. It wasn't pretty.

"Now you're just making up excuses to undress me," Eric hissed between clenched teeth. He had to grip the grated flooring with both hands as the truck took another wide turn. Tris flipped the knife and made another set of cuts. This time it was to the bottom of Eric's already ruined shirt. When she had enough material to wrap around her hand, she then sidled under Eric's arm.

"My most secret fantasy, revealed. Now hold still. You're losing too much blood still," Tris insisted.

Her focus was on applying more even pressure. The makeshift bandage helped, and she could get a better angle than he had with the weird angle. All concerns about appearances and physicality were tossed out the window. His teasing was a cover for his panic, and Tris could appreciate that. Stiff or not, Tris wasn't going to just let Eric bleed out.

He looked up at her with his shirt torn in a mess, her hands stained red, and smiled.

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