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Prompt: You borrowed my hoodie and now it smells like you

Citrus, Spruce, and Sweats

Eric frowned as he picked through the laundry basket. He knew that he'd seen Lauren take everything down last night to the faction laundry room. She had even gone through and snagged all of the towels from the bathroom, the jeans Tris had left on the bench by the door, and the socks that got kicked under the bed. Everything had gotten washed. So where in the hell was his sweatshirt?

It wasn't like there were many places that it could have ended up. Eric knew that he had left it over the back of the couch yesterday when he had gotten back from lunch. And it wasn't like the apartment that the three of them lived in was overflowing with spare square footage. There was the main room with the couch and a table with four whole chairs crammed around it, the bedroom that was mostly bed and dressers, the bathroom with two whole hooks on the back of the door, and the one spare room that they'd stuffed a bookshelf, a mini fridge, and another wardrobe for out of season clothes in. There had been a Murphy bed in the other spare room, but it was a better use of space to keep that put away since the three of them stopped pretending they weren't already way happier just piling on together.

That was it. Even having commandeered the relatively bigger apartment from Four, there was still nowhere else that Eric even could look for his sweatshirt. He grumbled under his breath and made his way up to his office without it. Maybe he actually had left it up there. At very least he knew he had his vest up there to help keep off the morning chill.

When the elevator doors opened up to the Leadership office floors, he was nearly overrun by a certain blonde-haired menace. Eric had to catch her by the shoulders before she realized that the elevator wasn't empty. "Oh, fuck," Tris blurted out. Eric stifled a laugh; it was still hilarious to him to hear the ex-Abnegation girl drop f-bombs with the same level of casualness as the rest of them. He'd feel a little bad about corrupting her, but he was fairly certain it had been Lauren's fault rather than his.

Besides, his attention was on the baggy hoodie that fell comfortably past her hips. Eric quirked an eyebrow. "Guess I don't need to wonder where that went any more. Should have expected one of you got sticky fingered," he said. They maneuvered into the hallway rather than remain in the elevator car.

Tris, once again defying any expectations that might have existed about ex-Abnies, just laughed. "You were still asleep! And you're not due in until, what, eight? It's barely seven. You weren't even going to know it was missing," she said defensively. Rolling her eyes, she pressed her armful of folders into his hands and moved to tug the hoodie off in one smooth motion.

"Here." She swapped the files for the sweatshirt. It was still warm from her skin. And there was a distinct scent of citrus from Tris' shampoo over the fresh laundry detergent.

Eric felt a little guilty when he saw her bounce on the balls of her feet. Tris tended to wear tank tops and today was no different. "Now you're going to be cold," he protested. Never let it be said that he didn't have any soft spots. They were just reserved for a very select group of people.

She shrugged one shoulder and pressed the down button on the elevator again. The car had descended to another call while they chatted. "Nah I'll be back in the apartment in a few minutes. Seeing as you just rolled outta bed, there's bound to still be a warm spot there. Or I'll just take Lauren's fleece. That's the nice thing about having two partners. Plenty of clothes to steal," she teased.

Eric laughed at that, joining her soft giggle. "You know you could buy your own now, too. What's it been, a year since you joined the faction? Why're we expected to outfit you with our hard earned points? I'm starting to feel used here, Prior."

Tris leant up on her tiptoes to press a kiss to his cheek. Her own slowly shifting feelings about PDA aside, she respected his limits, too. "Nothing wrong with being a little used sometimes," Tris teased, clearly not meaning it. The elevator dinged again and the door slid open for Tris. "I'll see you later?"

He waved her off and headed towards the Leadership offices. While he walked, he tugged the hoodie over his head. The soft inside was just as warm as Tris' kiss had been.

"Scandal and intrigue!" Kyle's voice called from the front desk as Eric made his way down the U-shaped hallway. "I just saw a different blonde come by in the same outfit. What will the people have to say about that?"

Eric flung up a crude gesture as he continued down. "And a good morning to you, too, Kyle," he said in response. The best way to deal with the loudmouth receptionist varied by day. Today it pleased Eric to leave it at that.

Besides, the "people" in Dauntless didn't matter to Eric, not in this regard. What did he care what they thought? He was much happier to just enjoy the little things about their relationship. Like how for the rest of the morning, Eric could still catch a whiff of Tris' shampoo when he moved or the softer, subtler smell of spruce that the detergent that Lauren bought for half a credit more from the shops.

Maybe Tris hadn't been totally joking when she'd said there wasn't anything wrong with being used sometimes. She had gotten his hoodie for an hour or two, but he got a lot more out of the deal, he thought.

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