"At four-years-old, Harry had quite an ordinary life. He lived with his parents James, Lily, and his one-year-old brother Adrian whom he adored. If you looked in to the modest three-bedroom cottage you'd see the family of four celebrating Halloween by the fire. Hot chocolate and a warm fire to beat the autumn chill in the air.

"The only clue to any abnormality in the house, were the pictures on the walls and mantle, moving, as if by magic replaying the scenes captured in the frames over, and over. One showing the younger version of the couple in the room currently, dancing and twirling within the frame, only to end with the couple looking out of the frame smiling showing their love for all to see. And most peculiarly in the room was cloaks left on the coatrack and over the chair by the door, plates cleaning themselves in the sink, the wooden sticks left on the table and the multicoloured bubbles entertaining the children and the tiny child sized brooms left to lean against the walls. A perfectly happy family shown for all to see, until that night.

The sound of a fence gate squeaking alerted the family to the intruder that was just about to arrive in their supposedly safe house. Harry felt the change in the atmosphere of the room, even with him being only four-years-old Harry was quite smart and knew something just was not right.

"Grab the boys Lily, it's…!" James shouted only for his voice to be cut off mid-sentence from the front door being blown from its hinges knocking James off his feet. He bludgeoned his head off the solid wooden floor, his round glasses cracked, and blood began to pool from the back of his unruly head of hair from where he hit the hard floor.

"James!" Lily shrieked out, after she saw her husband crashing to the ground with the heavy door landing on top of him.

"What happens next will change the very dynamic of that once loving and caring family. Lily still running up the stairs, trying desperately to block the door from the madman after her family.

"She lay both Harry and Adrian down on Harry's bed, whispering," You keep your brother safe Harry, Mummy loves you Adrian and Daddy loves you, protect Adrian Harry."

"The bedroom door burned to a crisp with that their final defence against the hooded figure crumbled to nothing. The figure cackling with a bone chilling high pitched giggle, as his blood-red eyes devoured the terror shown on the red headed woman's face, as his deathly pale wand pointed right between her green eyes. Only for her vision to be clouded in a harsh blue light, hearing the crying of her children and the madman's cackle.

The only thing Harry remembers from that night is the laughter, and later the absolute devastation he felt as he found out that he was being given to his mother's sister.

"Albus, how can you even suggest that?" James exclaimed after waking up in the hospital wing of his old secondary school, lying in the crisp white bed sheets in the large room. He glared at the aged man, with his crystal-clear blue eyes and grandfatherly appearance.

" Why would we need to give Harry to that family? We are his parents.

"I agree with him James, maybe it would be better for Adrian if we can pay full attention to him, he's going to be famous. I don't want Harry to be jealous of him. I'm sure my sister will love him and care for him, while we can continue looking after Adrian without interference from the wizarding world and Harry can grow up without a famous brother… without having to hide. He could have a normal life James, please." Lily pleaded, grasping James's hand from his left side, while Albus Dumbledore's tall frame loomed over his right side.

""Maybe, it would be best for them both. I don't want either of them to grow spiteful of the other. You're right Albus." James said unsure." It'll be the best thing for Harry… Right?" James whispered to himself. His dark brows furrowed.

"What the three of them were not aware of was the small child listening in on the conversation from behind the curtain, four beds down from James's. Harry clung to his younger brother who was in his arms, absolutely terrified by the idea of being given away to his Auntie. While he was terrified Harry was not surprised by that his Mummy was willing to give him up. He always knew his Mummy did not love him the same as she loved his younger brother, while not in words, she was disgusted by him and his very presents. Harry didn't know why, and he wouldn't know for years to come.

Clutching Adrian in his arms even tighter, trying to give his little brother as much of his love as possible, because he knew that this might be the last time, he sees his brother for years to come. He fell to sleep with his brother in his tight, to only wake up the next morning by his mother dragging him off the bed, clutching his arm with an almost bone breaking grip. She then apparated to the small suburbs of Surrey in the early hours of the morning, so they would not be noticed by the nosey neighbours of Privet Drive, a place where every garden, family and house looked the same. Down to the types of flowers planted each year to the colour of the front doors, to the make of car. The most freakishly normal street, of middle-class families, each competing to be the most normal and boring of all. Where from when the door was opened by his disgusted looking aunt all he felt was the neglect and hatred.

"For thirteen years he grew without the love and care of a parent. Instead growing up with the neglect of his walrus of an Uncle, who hated anything to do with magic, calling him and his people freaks, his giraffe of an Auntie Petunia, who hit him over the head with a hot frying pan for burning the bacon once. And mistreated by his pig of a Cousin Dudley, who never allowed any of the children in the area to ever become friends with him, or they would get a beating from him and his gang of hooligans.

"He grew up in those suburbs, neglected, mistreated and alone for thirteen torturous years until his seventeenth birthday, where he could finally leave the awful place. With its nightmarish cookie cutter houses and its doll-like residents, all playing to the same tune never to show their true characters. Each with their own 'perfect' life's. For no one to see the skeletons in their closets and the secrets under the floorboards.