Even after thirteen years, Privet Drive looked scarily the same, different neighbours came and went but each house still carried the same air. The arrogance of the people and their mundane lives still went unchanged. One big change in the neighbourhood, was the additional resident of number Four Privet Drive. He was the only truly abnormality in the neighbourhood, which every family new about. The strange Potter Boy.

Harry was currently residing in the smallest room of number Four. He had lived in that room since arriving on their front step, on a cold autumn morning. The room once only held the discarded toys and castaways of the Dursley's Son Dudley. But now also held Harry, another castaway. That room held him like a prisoner, and his jailers the Dursley's.

Harry had just recently returned for his final summer to the Dursley's house. The reason he would no longer have to return to the god forsaken house was, once the clock struck twelve on the thirty first of July, he would be seventeen years old, the age of majority in the Wizarding World. Harry had been reintroduced to that world on his eleventh birthday by his first friend, Rubeus Hagrid, the current Gamekeeper and Keeper of keys and grounds for Britain's most prestigious Wizarding school. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Where Harry had been studying for the last six, going on seven years.

Even with him being reintroduced into wizard society, the people in Harry's life hadn't changed immensely, even with him being sorted into Hufflepuff (one of the four houses of Hogwarts). Harry still hadn't been able to make any real connection with anyone in his own age group, even his dormmates. Harry was still unable to fit in with his peers, ridiculed for his parents abandoning him and his much to serious and mature nature. Which was caused from knowing true horrors from his abandonment at the Dursley's.

The only real connection he was able to make was with the schools most hated professor, Severus Snape, The Potions Master. While being a strict professor, he was known for not getting along with any student unless they were in his own schoolhouse, Slytherin, which he was the head of. Somehow Harry had been able to worm his way into the professor's life. With their mutual sullen personalities, dark sense of humour and potions skills, they got on exceedingly well.

With his connection to the Potters, Harry was at first goggled at by his peers, but once sorted into Hufflepuff he was once again shunned by his peers. He did not fit into the perfect image of a Potter son created by the wizard world, so he was ignored and ridiculed for it. After trying for so long Harry stopped trying to please others and stayed in his own private bubble, as he did in the muggle world. A quiet and sad boy.

The only people allowed in his private bubble were Hagrid, Professor Snape, and his brother Adrian, who started to attend Hogwarts when Harry was thirteen. When he finally saw Adrian again, it felt like Harry was returning home, a warm fuzzy feeling, something he only had a faint memory of. The only snag he met that year was the letter he received from his mother that stopped him right in his track. He was informed he was not allowed to contact Adrian, as they did not want him to interrupt Adrian's education or training. In other words, his mother would take him directly out of Hogwarts if she even got a sniff of Harry interrupting her perfect family unit.

The devastation Harry felt at that moment was soul crushing. As the only way he could see Adrian was from afar, a silent protector, while his brother got up to all sorts of shenanigans his First and Second year of Hogwarts. First trying to get the Philosophers Stone away from Voldemort, then the opening of the Chamber in his Second year. Each time Harry had to inform Professor Snape whenever Adrian did something that would put him in harm's way. Even going so far as to open the door to the Chamber of Secrets so Professor Snape could get Ginny Weasley and retrieve the Cursed Diary that possessed her, how only he noticed her odd behaviour Harry would never know. By some miracle Adrian's Third year nothing major happened other than, Remus Lupin becoming professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, and later being revealed to be a werewolf by Snape one morning at breakfast after being pranked by Sirius Black, Lupin's partner of several years. How only he noticed the coincidental times Lupin mysteriously falling ill, coinciding with the lunar cycle, Harry would never know.

Harry curled himself up on top of his small bed in Privet Drive, watching his small digital clock, which he had somehow fixed after Dudley through it out his window one morning. Which now sat on the cardboard box that sat next to the bed, the only piece of furniture other than the bed was the small single wardrobe next to the door that led to the hallway, which had a small cat flap where the Dursley's sent food through once a day, when Harry was locked up for 'misbehaving'. The clocks faced directly to the bed, so Harry had the best view to the time. He was wrapped in the thin blanket from his childhood, which was once red and was now a faded pink from wear and tear, it was one of the only possessions he had that was from his original home with the Potters. He was contemplating the year to come, was it going to be as agonizing as all the years previous, would he finally be able to make a life for himself without the shadow of the Potters? Would that year finally take a turn for the better? Would him finally turning seventeen make a difference? Would he really be able to escape his life at the Dursley's or would it haunt him forever? Would his life always be a pain? When the clock finally struck twelve, after watching it for so many hours, Harry honestly thought he found out exactly how the year was going to go.

From the top of his head to the tips of his fingers, the base of his spine and even his toes. All Harry felt was pain. The pain was so excruciating Harry couldn't even scream, all he could do was feel the tears streaming down his face, curled up in the foetal position unable to move, all he wanted was for the pain to stop, even if the only cure was death. But fate finally took mercy on him by allowing him to pass out from the shock. To only wake up the next morning to the biggest shock of his life.