Waking up Harry was extremely groggy; he was still aching from the pain of the night before. It showed through a soul crushing headache and a throbbing pain throughout his body.

Reaching up Harry clutched his head, trying desperately to push away the pain that still lingered. When he finally found the will to move from his bed, Harry felt something tug at the bottom of his spine. He reached behind in shock, never experiencing the sensation before, that was when he felt it. Something protruding from his back, something… furry? He quickly ran to the small mirror that was attached to the wardrobe door, which lay at the end of his bed and next to the bedroom door.

Looking into the mirror, Harry got the shock of his life. He didn't recognise the person staring back at him from the reflection of the mirror. While they still had black hair, it was nothing like his own, the only thing he truly recognised about the person was his green eyes. His skin wasn't even the same, it was as if he had been stuck in Hogwarts dungeon all year, not working in the garden all summer. The hair while still black had completely changed, once extremely thick and unruly, now silky smooth and now almost reaching his jawline. His face while generally the same, lost its baby fat and was now slightly elongated but remaining the shape he had inherited from his mother, oval like and soft. Even his brows had changed, once thin, now thick and with a more defined arch to it, as if to say he was always contemplating the stupidity of people around him.

All of this was nothing in comparison with the cat ears now perched on top of his newly acquired hair, right now laying back across his scalp because of the distress he was now feeling. Even his hands had now changed, now slightly longer than before and thinner, with the new addition of two-inch claws that were now digging into Harry's palms. In shock he quickly relaxed his palms, only to see the claw marks left, now dripping blood. Spinning around Harry continue to look for any new information, and in his still shocked status, he found the thing that had started it all, a tail, a black furred fluffy cat's tail.

"What's going on, Is this a dream? "Harry whispered to himself, as to not wake the Dursleys. He crumbled to the ground in pure and utter shock at the absurd situation he was in. He sat like that for at least twenty minutes, shaking from the adrenaline running through his body.

"Okay, okay I must think rationally, who can I talk to, I need an explanation for this? I certainly can't contact Lily; it'll just be another excuse for her to keep Adrian away from me. Same with James, he's out of the question. I look nothing like him anymore… Wait does that mean…? No, but could it be?"

In his head Harry made a list of people he could trust to get some truthful answers from, but only one person sprang to Harry's mind. He couldn't contact Hagrid as he was much too loyal to Dumbledore and couldn't keep a secret to save his life. His only option was Professor Snape.

Harry quickly ran over to his still sleeping Snowy Owl, Hedwig. His first gift and most loyal companion, He woke her up in a flurry, unlatching the bronze cage. She fluttered out, screeching at the rude awakening and new appearance of her charge. Somehow quickly getting over it, she flew over to his shoulder ready to follow any instructions from her human. She preened his hair, trying desperately to bring him as much comfort that her small body could provide.

Scrambling over to his trunk, Harry grabbed some parchment and a quill. Trying desperately to find the words to write to his professor.

Dear Professor Snape,

I am in dire need of your help, somethings happened. My birthday came last night, and I've changed… I can't write more. I would have to explain in person, so you don't think I'm crazy. If you want to help, please reply as quickly as you can, so we can set up a meeting place and time. If you are willing to help, please respond.

Your Student,

Harry Potter.

Quickly attaching the letter to Hedwig's awaiting leg. He then unlatched the bedroom window. Where she flew out with great speed. For the next several hours Harry paced that tiny bedroom, not daring to leave the room. Too afraid of the things his family would say at his changed appearance. They would surely kick him out for it. God only knows how much time had passed, while Harry waited.

When dusk hit, Harry could finally see Hedwig in the distance. Beating her wings as fast as she could, she travelled the last legs of her journey in record speed. Then finally glided through the open window, dropping the long-awaited letter in Harry's awaiting arms.

Dear Mr Potter

At four o'clock tomorrow evening, we shall meet at the Three Broomsticks, in the first private room that is available on the second floor. We shall discuss any grievances there.


Professor Severus Tobias Snape.

That night sleep did not come quickly to Harry. He stared at the plaster board ceiling almost all night, just wondering if Snape would provide any answers at all for what was happening to him. Or was he just destined to be a freak of nature like the Dursleys always said he was. With what little sleep he had that next morning, Harry got up and out of bed at Six, as to not disturb the rest of the residents in the house, as he made his escape.

He made his escape under his invisible cloak, which James gifted him, to somehow apologize for the years of abandonment, Harry guessed. He was as quiet as he possible could, picking the lock to the bottom cupboard, grabbing his wand and broomstick, which had been locked up by Vernon every summer. He chose to avoid using the front door, to be as discreet as possible he chose to go through to the backdoor and round to the side fence (which was well hidden by large bushes, so there was no possibility for any of the neighbours to see anything unusual.). He made the journey as swiftly as he possible could to the nearest train station taking the train to Waterloo, he skipped his way through the morning crowd, fitting himself into the very back, dark corner, that had a faint smell of the bathroom that was next to it. He chose this spot as he knew no sane person would choose to sit in that spot. So, he had no chance of being sat on by another passenger.

By the time Harry made it to Waterloo station it was roughly eight o 'clock, Harry still had to get to Charring Cross to find the Leaky Cauldron. He couldn't take the bus as it was heavy into rush hour, and the journey would take twice as long as walking, but walking brought another issue. With it still being rush hour he had to make his way through the dense crowd, while still wearing his cloak, so with there being no other chance he went. Making the journey to the Leaky Cauldron, weaving through the dense crows, when he roughly was halfway through his journey, he became more confident, dodging people and keeping to the back streets. When he took his last turn that led into Charring Cross, that's when it happened, he walked directly into someone. A dark figure looming over him, golden eyes staring directly into Harry's very soul.