The stranger looming over Harry was at least over 6ft, they had dark bronze skin, as if carved out of a mixture of obsidian and pure gold, black hair that was almost blue in the sun, which reached his broad shoulders. Falling flawlessly, past his strong defined jaw that's peppered with stubble the same shade as the rest of his hair, framing his thick lips perfectly. The most striking thing about the tall handsome stranger was not his coal lined golden eyes, it was the way those eyes stared at Harry's own green eyes, as if he were able to see through Harry's invisibility cloak, which was impossible.

Harry quickly decided to flee from the stranger, hoping this man did not truly see him, it was just a coincidence that those beautiful eyes, which drew Harry in were staring right at him… right? Harry quickly shook himself out of his stupor, looking at his watch to see that it was half past one. He felt like he was in a trance from just seeing the stranger, he must have lost track of time wandering the streets.

Finally making his way to The Three Broomsticks, still hidden under his invisibility cloak. He scurried to the room Snape described. It was a small but private room, dark with a large mahogany table in the middle, which could at least fit eight people. The table currently held eight solid wood chairs, which perfectly matched the mahogany table, with red upholstery on the seat of the chairs.

While waiting for Snape, Harry decided to snoop around the room a little. Looking out the window that looked out the main street of Diagon Alley, seeing the wizarding world's general public; just strolling down the alley without a care in the world. While staring out the window Harry heard the door behind him softly open, he could hear the murmurs of the patrons of the bar downstairs. He quickly turned around to see to his relief Professor Snape. Quickly throwing the invisibility cloak off, he through his small body into the professor's waiting arms. He then truly broke down finally having someone to also carry the burden that he now carried.

Harry startled Snape when he barrelled into his arms, but Snape while startled was not shocked as he knew the day had finally come. All he could do first was hold Harry and bring as much comfort as possible, and just hope that Harry could forgive him when he finally found out the truth. Snape already knew why Harry had sent the message, as most of the Prince side of his family had gone through the same change, Severus however had not been included. Unlike his mother he did not carry the same capability in his own body, as his mother once did. The reason Severus had never been able to go through the change was because of the blood he carried through his father, without both parents carrying magic in their blood a cat-child could not be born. As during pregnancy, the child had to have had contact with the father and mothers magic, be that through conception or during pregnancy.

"It's alright Harry." Severus whispered, holding him tight.

"I have to explain somethings to you. Growing up, On the street where I lived, I met a girl. We quickly became inseparable, until one day we both received our letters to Hogwarts, we ended up separated into different houses, her Griffindor and I as you know was placed into Slytherin. While we struggled to stay friends through out our years at Hogwarts, we began to grow apart. Because of our relationship, James Potter saw this as an opportunity to pull a great prank, which caused me to lose my temper and call her an awful name. We parted ways after that.

After losing the woman I loved I began to practice dark magic with a group of students from Slytherin, which later led me to join the death eaters once leaving school. I thought that it would lead me to higher places. I was sorely mistaken." Harry was horrified but not shocked at the news from his professor. He had always suspected (from the gossip around Hogwarts) that the professor had a bad background, he just never thought that the Professor would have told him himself.

"While I may have not gone through the change myself, my mother did on her 17supth/sup birthday. She had to hide this as there are many people who would have condemn my mother and her family for their gifts, they once originated from Egypt and came from a longline of Human-Cat Hybrids, gifted the power, you now have, by the Goddess Bastet.

What I'm trying to explain is my once best-friend and for one night, lover. Was your mother Lily. I think you must be my child."

Harry didn't know what to think, while horrified that he had been lied to all his life, he wasn't surprised by Lily hiding it, as she was a vicious cow before finding out. The reason Harry was hurt was the Professor never even bothered to tell him.

"So, all the countless times we were alone at Hogwarts you didn't bother saying a single word to me, to prepare me for what happened yesterday! You left me in that house with the Dursleys, those people hate me, if you're my father why didn't you take me?!" Harry Demanded.

"If I had known that you were my son, I would have taken you, if I had known that she would leave you with her sister. I didn't know, I'm sorry will never make up for the 17 years you've been without me, your father. I know that, but all I can do is prove to you now that I will always be there, always! I'm so sorry, I love you, I'm so sorry." Severus clutched the now crying Harry in his arms, Harry grasping the fabric of Severus's cloak with a desperate grip. "I'm so sorry, please forgive me if I had known, if I had only known. But Death Eaters and Dumbledore are watching me. I couldn't let word get out that I even suspected that you were mine, I couldn't risk your death, I'd rather you live a life without me than not having you in this world, my child or not,"

Both Harry and Severus broke down again both clutching the other in a desperate grip. Severus imagining the world without the child that he had grown to care for all these years, without even being aware that he truly was his child.

Harry while still hurt couldn't stay angry with Severus, because even though growing up the only true parental figure he had all these years was Severus. The only adult he could truly trust with anything, even his life. The news that Severus was his biological father was a real weight off his shoulders, Harry now had a reason for the treatment he received from his mother, as he was not the perfect Potter child she had wanted and the evidence of the affair that she had with Severus, one night or not.

Once they both could calm down, slowly letting go of the other.

Severus continued," There is more you need to know."