Everything was chaos, the magic was more alive than ever, throwing without any order the remains of what for a long time was our shelter and laboratory. So much time investigating, coming up with different theories and routes to follow, so much time where hope was exhausted and we cried together, so many times that an idea almost out of the air came to us and made us be one centimeter closer to our goal, so much time finally paid off.

That giant time-turner that we built began to spin, the one so rustic that only two people without the experience of metallurgical magic as us could have created, full of ancient and newly invented runes, with thousands of arithmetic formulas engraved with perfect order and beauty (maybe not as perfect as she would have done but I know that my current companion is a diamond that was hidden in plain sight and only slightly below... her) its base was filled with all kinds of potions almost as old and forbidden as its source of magical power... The resurrection stone.

Because if we are going to fuck up this horrible world we live in, the least we can do is fuck it up big time even though I know this will work, she is too smart to make mistakes, don't say this to her but I think my current partner is even brighter than her, she won't be as meticulous or have that gift to investigate the best solution for the new conflict Harry got himself into (damn I hate to think about my best friends... my heart can never stop searching for their smiles and warmth, my eyes already started to cry even more) but she doesn't have a mind tied to logic and the established; My Hermione could learn a thousand spells from a book perfectly but my partner could write a book with a thousand spells of her own invention.

I feel how the density of magic becomes even heavier, the universe itself responds to this act against its laws, among the books being destroyed by such a great sight are the still warm bodies of both our enemies and the few friends that we still had left, and to think that just now the death eaters would find us, just when we only needed to perform the experimentation part, but well nothing has gone well for years, what made me think that this would be different?

Poor Neville, he was definitely the true example of a diamond in the rough, since my Harry died at the hands of Voldemort (there is no more fear left in me for his name, only hatred for the one who took away everything I once loved) he was the one who took charge of the resistance, a natural leader, with his same kindness as the first day on the train where he was looking for his (honestly) pathetic pet (although well at least Trevor wasn't a Death Eater who betrayed your best friend's parents) but with the pain of seeing our friends and schoolmates being killed he gained a resolve like no other, I dare say he was a better Harry than even Harry (but don't tell Harry I thought that, I know Ginny won't agree but I know I was still the most important person to him until the end) His death reflects how great he was in life, defeating 7 Death Eaters single handedly and they could only finish him off because the noble idiot for some strange reason thought my life was worth more than his and got between me and an avada kedavra. I swear Neville that if this works out
I will make sure that you never lack a friend, you won my loyalty (which always fails in the worst moments) and my friendship (which I would like to think is still worth something) for life.

"Ronald, the time is near" she says to me, her voice choked with the cry of knowing that our friends died and it's just the two of us now; and in a few moments only she will be left, how I miss the lost innocence in both her voice and her eyes, I'd give anything to hear her dreamy tone talking about nargles, or how unicorns secretly rule Canada

"Luna... no... I can't leave you here alone" Please don't make me be any more of a shitty friend than I already am "I'm sure we can both go together..."

"The magic of the deathly hallow though powerful, is tied to the will of Death, we can't offend it further by asking more than one person to escape its laws" I know there is not a single basis for what she comments, but being her saying it I know that is basically a truth of the universe

"Luna... then you go, you're smart and brave unlike me..." I drown in my own self pity "I'll just screw things up as usual... I was always the weakest link, both in the golden trio and in the resistance, even with only two people alive among us I'm still the last option..." I can't go on mentioning how I'm a disgrace for the whole Weasley clan since Luna, even with all her bleeding wounds, manages to reach me and seals my lips with hers, the sweet nectar that is her gives me a few moments of clarity (I wonder if Hermione had known how easy it is to shut me up she would have filled me with kisses every day, at least in my fantasies she does).

"Ronald you know very well that only one person thinks so badly of you and that is you... you are a great strategist, a good warrior, the best friend you can have... and... the best lover" with this last comment her cheeks turn a sweet cherry color, whatever they say my Luna knows how to raise my ego to the sky "my injuries wouldn't let me make the trip alive, right now I'm just a few steps away from meeting Death in his kingdom, I hope he's not mad at me for using his relic as a battery" she says the last in a distracted way as she used to do so many years ago.

"That just goes to show how bad you all are at judging people, everything you said is wrong...well not the lover thing, you gave me too much oral proof that at least that's what I'm good at" Well I wouldn't be Ron Weasley if I didn't ruin a good time with my stupidity.

Luna lets out a weak laugh and with all her remaining strength she gives me one of her biggest smiles "Ronald you are the heart of whatever group you are in, whether among your siblings, with the golden trio, or with the resistance, you are the person who helps us bring out the best in each other, you make us shine so bright that you forget your own brightness is what feeds ours, you are the one who gave Harry the family love he always longed for, even when you felt that your family didn't give you the attention you wanted so much you decided to share that attention with Harry, because you couldn't let an injustice like your friend not getting love go on, when Malfoy began to insult Hermione you threw yourself completely against him, you could not let the prejudices of some affect your friend who being new in our world did not know the dangers of the outdated doctrines of a dark age, in the resistance your first priority when devising strategies was always the lives of us and you cried until dawn when any of us failed to stay alive, you don't make friends dear Ronald... you adopt everyone as your family and that union, courage and love strategy is what we need to have a second chance and only Ronald more than fulfills those qualities" he mentions all this to my ear while his hand caresses my hair.

"Luna... I have a thousand and one regrets in my whole life, but one of the biggest without a doubt is not having sought your friendship earlier, you are one of the greatest people that exist in this world and if anyone can be described as magical is you... I promise you that you won't be alone once I get to the other side" I start to babble like the idiot that I am

"You don't know how glad I am to hear you say that Ronald!" she tells me as I wipe the tears and blood from her beautiful face "The only problem will be seeing the boy I like arguing affectionately with the love of his life in the front row" she tells me even more weak than before... He doesn't have much time left "You know from the first moment I saw you I liked you, so handsome, so tall, your nose as big as beautiful, your freckles forming cute constellations on your white skin, your eyes as blue as the sea, but you only had eyes for Hermione and I don't blame you, I adored how the affection you showed for each other could be felt all over Howards... too bad you showed it in one of the least romantic ways."

Leave it to my treacherous ears that even at the end of the world still get red and hot when I'm embarrassed, but good no one can blame me after hearing a confession of such magnitude from my partner to then remind me how fucking obvious the love I showed my previous partner was, but since I haven't said something stupid in a while I need to correct it.

"I won't deny that Hermione is the love of my life Luna...I wouldn't disrespect you to try to sound better to you" Luna nods subtly "but you know better than anyone that Hermione is no longer the only woman in my heart" she gives me a smile again "Luna you and Hermaione each have 45% of my love."

"Wow Ronald, you are given a second chance to live and you are already thinking about having the love of two witches!" she tells me in a mocking tone "I think you shouldn't use your strategic mind in that kind of love matters" Too late love, I'm already trying to think how to have them both without Hermione emasculating me "But well... from my side I don't mind sharing, love is something that the more people have it the better" Jackpot! " And 45 plus 45 is only 90 Ronald, whose are the other 10?"

"Good sweetheart, I couldn't divide my affection without giving some to Harry could I? Poor brother of mine would die of jealousy."

The giant time-turner decides it doesn't want to listen to any more love drama and starts to wreak havoc, reaching its perfect point... it's time to go... I approach Luna's face for one last tender kiss, the lights in her eyes are almost out, the only reason she's still alive is so she can see me leave safely, leaning her against a nearby piece of furniture so she can see me to the end, I start walking towards the last hope of this fucked up world, where the chosen one died slowly and painfully at the hands of his rival in front of the whole world and the smartest witch of her generation was tortured until she preferred to bite her own tongue at the hands of Voldemort's right hand, this world where the decapitated heads of my family adorn the Malfoy residence, where the Head of Augusta Longbottom and Xenophilius Lovegood lie in Voldemort's trophy room next to the corpses of my best friends. Without looking back fearing that my courage will fail me I reach the potion I need to take, this one is blue and viscous like no other and as it reaches my stomach I feel it freeze it painfully, but in just a few seconds I see that it works, The magic that attracts our artifact powered by Death itself resonates with my magic core, I feel as if hundreds of thousands of mini rays electrocute me again and again but I keep going until I reach the center of the machine, the potions of the base react to the skin of my bare feet and cover me with an almost celestial blue light, I give a last glance to my friend, companion, confidant and love just to see how with her last strength of life she gives me one of the wide smiles that characterized her so much in Dumbledor's army, to finally close her eyes for the last time and forever, Luna... I hope you are with your father and mother mentioning to them that although you did not find Nargles you created a device that defies the laws of time and can transport the magical core along with the memories of a wizard to his younger self, I would say that is something to be proud of.

I feel my body transform into pure magic and for a moment I feel like I am part of the world and what surrounds it, until I feel like I am being sucked into a thin tube similar to the house elves' teleportation and I head to a younger me, Luna, Neville, Harry... Hermione, I don't know why you decided to trust me in your life, but I swear I will honor your friendship by giving you a better second life, whatever it takes.