I felt useless for a change, Harry and Hermione were in danger, along with the death eater who caused the deaths of James and Lily Potter and a werewolf teaching us at Howards and me here more useless than ever with a shattered leg (I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot commenting that they had to kill me first if they wanted to hurt Harry, I hope Hermione and Harry don't make too much fun of that). My best friends could be dead right now for all I know and me here in a comfortable bed being healed by Madam Pomfrey, it's been hours already without knowing what happened, no one knows or wants to tell me if the two most important people in my life are safe and Pomfrey keeps giving me that horrible look every time I mention to her that I want to move.

Suddenly I feel something... as if the world stopped for a moment except for the magic, it feels dense and chaotic (I'm sure Hermione wouldn't believe me if I knew that word) a supernatural coldness runs through my body and a moment later I feel as if my head was filled with thoughts that are not mine, but at the same time they are... I feel that at any moment my head will explode, I have never felt such a terrible pain in my life, my sight blurs, my throat starts to hurt from the screaming at the top of my lungs that I can't avoid doing, I only see Pomfrey with what I think is a terrified face coming to my side before everything goes dark.

I feel invaded by fear in this world of complete darkness, I feel too many unknown but at the same time familiar feelings: loss, shame, hate, sorrow, unhappiness, acceptance, love, hope, meaning, for every hundred heartbreaking sensations I feel one that makes me keep my sanity, green and brown colors that make me feel as if I had failed the thing I loved the most, are overshadowed by a gray tone that calms me and makes me think that all is not lost.

All the time I am here I am screaming at the top of my lungs, wondering what I did to deserve this, these feelings that are not mine but at the same time they are, they tell me "everything" "betray at the worst moment" "dare to survive when you are the worst person" "replace her so easily" this last one I don't know what it refers to but I feel that at least this is not true. In my constant screams I feel how another voice similar to mine also screams, with a different tone of voice than mine, I don't know how much time has passed, I feel tired, there has not been any moment in which that voice and mine have stopped screaming, the feelings that invade me are increasingly difficult to differentiate if they are mine or not, my mind clings to that pair of brown and gray colors that give me a sense of love and hope.

I can notice how every moment that voice and mine get closer to have the same tone, I feel that this is something important. I don't know how long I have spent in this complete darkness but finally our voices are heard in harmony, the feelings flow with images and memories that are mine, but still are not, I feel how a mind as equal as mine fades my mere existence... at this point I don't care when these feelings of guilt and sorrow receive the face of my family and best friends, what I want most is to stop feeling them... this new presence... this new but old Ron shares his thoughts, feelings and emotions with me, what he wants most is to keep what we love from being snatched from our hands, so with a promise I make it swear I let my conscience dissipate, Harry my brother... Hermione... my love (so it was love I felt, I thought I simply had stomach problems) take care of yourselves, I love you both...

My last thoughts as myself are that it's a shame not to meet this cozy gray... Luna... what a peculiar name...

The old me no longer exists, he will not have the opportunity to live through the greatest failures Ronald Bilius Weasley has ever committed:

He won't let envy make him stand against the person he swore to protect as a younger brother when he had the whole school against him.

He will not have the opportunity to accuse his older brother of betraying his family for a job, when that family never supported him in his goals or dedicated a few words of pride to his achievements, on the contrary they used them to mock him (how to ask for loyalty to someone to whom you do not give a minimum of brotherly love).

His insecurities will not make him try to make him feel better about himself by making fun of such a peculiar girl, with a soul as pure as her gray eyes, who in spite of her idiot child attitude, always saw him as one of her closest friends (and apparently something more considering their last conversation).

He won't have the chance to play with Lavender Brown's feelings, that woman who gave him her heart, who listened to him with gestures of understanding and affection when he told her his deepest fears and insecurities every night and only responded with love, that girl whose only mistake was to love someone as mediocre as him, who used her to feel more manly and try to make her best friend jealous, thus breaking 2 hearts in one.

...No... He won't have the chance to fail his two most precious people when they cared for him the most... when morale was at rock bottom and they needed to be closer than ever Ron let that piece of Voldemort's soul play with his mind, if there was ever any doubt that he was the weakest link in the trio his abandonment cleared it up completely, when all he needed to do was not be a coward, a shitty brother and friend, he couldn't deliver and like the coward he was he ran away from his problems, cowering like a little boy to his big brother; yes, the moment he came out from under the oppression of the pendant, he immediately regretted it. ... but if he were the half Griffindor he always presumed he was not even a moment of weakness he must have had, Harry his brother (after all the suffering he caused Harry, does he still have the gall to call himself his big brother? ) carrying the weight of the world at no time did he falter before the amulet, his Hermione (Even with all the damage he caused her he considers her his, Ron you bastard) who took personally his lack of progress to the mission entrusted by Dumbledore, never faltered... only he so mediocre was the one who left.

"You've always been the least liked by a mother who longed for a daughter... And now the least liked by the girl who prefers your friend... Always the second, eternally overshadowed" You don't get to be the dark lord without knowing where to hit where it hurts the most I guess.

No, my younger self will fade with the realization that the worst thing he ever did was be mad at his best friend over a cat and a rat.

How I envy him.

I still find myself in the depths of my subconscious, with the last memories of my past self I can realize that I arrived just after the truth about Sirius, Remus and Peter was discovered, it's a shame a few more hours and I could have captured the filthy rat and cleared Harry's godfather's name, but at least I still have plenty of time to save his life.

"If I'm right Ronald" Luna commented to me as she finished some arithmagical calculations that even in five lifetimes I couldn't understand "our time-turner will be anchored to the time when one of the old ones from the ministry of magic was used, the higher the time magic is the more it will attract to that moment".

It was obvious then that the moment when a time-turner transported two people close to me at the same time would be a lightning rod for my consciousness to land on.

I'm sorry Luna... I couldn't save your mother and give you the happiness you deserve. I'm sorry Percy... I couldn't correct my actions in time and let you know how proud I am that you are my brother before you justifiably walk away from us. I'm sorry Ginny I won't be able to stop Riddle from staining your body with his presence, I know you tried hard to hide it but I dare say I am the closest person to you and I could notice how your happiness after that accident was not completely real as it was before.

But now is not the time to regret about the past or the future, I am about to regain my consciousness and I need to be strong to face all my loved ones who still live in this time, try not to lie at their feet begging for forgiveness that I do not deserve and instead lessen the negative effects caused by Voldemort and thus be able to win this war.

I feel myself fade into darkness and feel the weight of my eyelids on my 14 year old body again, as my eyes get used to the light of Howards infirmary I can tell that my leg doesn't hurt a bit anymore; It must have been several days since Harry and Hermione rescued Sirius and Buckbeak, my body feels heavy, and I struggle a bit to sit up as I seem to be unaware of my surroundings as I don't realize that someone is standing near me and not just anyone...


Three years... three years have passed since the last time I heard her sweet voice, the last time I heard her say my name was between cries of suffering, while a cruciatus affected her body (I swear by all my magic that Bellatrix Lestrange will meet the most painful death possible when I get my hands on her).

But that was in the future past, now here I see her, her eyes the most beautiful chocolate brown ever, her skin without any of the scars gained in the war, her expression only shows the relief that her best friend finally woke up, without any sign of the suffering she went through at the hands of the worst of the death eaters, my Hermione is as beautiful and perfect as I remembered her.

We were able to save them Ron, both of them!" his pretty face took on a worried expression directed at me "Imagine how Harry and I felt when we ran to tell you what happened and Madam Pomfrey wouldn't let us into the infirmary, Ron... you let out accidental magic that started to hurt you!" his eyes were starting to get wet "I didn't know... I didn't know what would happen to you, they told us that you started screaming at the top of your lungs, and then you went into a coma, I was... we were so scared."

I knew I had to say something, things like "don't worry Hermione I'm fine", or maybe be an idiot and say something like "well it could have been worse, at least I wasn't expelled, right Granger? " but I couldn't, I know my treacherous voice would fail me and only muffled sounds would escape from it, even if I told myself otherwise always a part of me thought this wouldn't work that I would never see my "Mione" alive ever again, but now being in the past with her as the first glimpse I have of my second chance, everything finally seems so true...

"Come on Ron tell me something... please tell me that you are already well, it has been ten days since you went into coma, what I want most is to hear you saying that you are well and you are just hungry..." she was telling me while the concern was more and more accentuated in her face, bravo Ron you have not even five minutes in the past and you are already making your loved ones feel bad, I am sure that the dementors would envy my ability to make people miserable.

It's not my voice that betrays me first, it's my eyes that decide that I still don't make my love care enough and start shedding tears like a waterfall, Hermione sees this and before I even think of what to do her body leans into mine with her right hand resting on my hospital bed and her left hand trying to wipe my tears away, the moment I felt the warmth of her hand on my face I couldn't take it anymore, in a quick movement that my numb body complained I grabbed the hand of my brown haired witch and with an almost animalistic desperation I pulled her towards my body, with my left arm around her waist and my right arm around her shoulders, her face submerged in my chest and mine submerged in her bushy hair.

I couldn't help it, my body sought her warmth like a drug, I wished the world was just this small room with curtain walls, just the bed and the two of us. His warmth was exquisite, his soft skin and vanilla scented hair (same vanilla scent as the love potion) intoxicated me.

"R-Ron!?" that tone of concern changed as fast as if it were magic to one of embarrassment and panic, from between her hair I could see how her skin was reddening from the accumulation of blood in her head, my heart was racing knowing that even at such a young age I could make my Hermione blush with displays of affection, although to be fair I never hugged her in such an intimate way until after the age of 17 "R-Ron! ?" she was trying again to get my attention "S-someone could be here any minute, your family is at Howards right now, not counting H-Harry or Ma-Madam Pomfrey" she was telling me to let go of such an intimate embrace, although all said at no time had she tried to pull away from me and I could swear she was slyly getting more comfortable on my chest.

"You-I had a long nightmare Hermione" my breathy voice finally managed to say something, I immediately noticed the change in her body, her posture stopped being rigid, her hands started to try to comfort my back, her head finally moved away from my chest, and she was trying to look for my face, which was starting to miss the sweet sensation of her hair.

"A nightmare Ron?" she would ask me in a sweet but worried tone, Hermione quickly abandoned her own embarrassment knowing that I needed to be comforted, for god's sake Hermione why do you make me love you more and more? "Do you want to talk about her?" receiving no answer she continued to ask "What happened in the nightmare Ron?"

"I-I... I was left alone... without my family, without our schoolmates, without... without H-Harry... without you" my tears flowed harder as I said this last "Something terrible happened to them all Hermione... and I couldn't help it, I had to watch all the people I love disappear without me being able to do anything!" my body couldn't take it anymore and it started to buckle without my permission, my voice replaced by pathetic sobs, now it was Hermione's turn to pull me into her body, gently placing my head on her left shoulder while her hands caressed my back and my hair.

"Don't worry Ron, it was just a terrible dream, your parents and siblings aren't going anywhere, our friends are safe at Howards, you know well that Harry manages to get himself into all sorts of trouble but that's what we're here for, to keep him from getting into it and to get him out of it when he gets into it anyway... and..." there was a pause, as if she wasn't sure how to continue "and... I'm not going anywhere Ron... you and Harry are my best friends, I will... protect you from anyone who tries to hurt you and I know that you... that you will do the same for me."

I already failed to do that once Hermione... it pains me to know that you have so much faith in someone as useless as me, but with the sweat, blood and tears of the survivors we earned a second chance and by Merlin I'm going to make this one worth it.

" You're right as always Mione" lifting my head from her shoulder, automatically missing her warmth, I hold my gaze with hers and give her my best attempt at a smile "I won't let anything happen to them... I won´t let anything happen to you" with her face between my two hands I gently lower her head and give her a small kiss on her forehead.

I won't let anything happen to them... I swear to you.