"Dear Ron

I hope you and your family are well when this letter reaches you, my summer homework is obviously done thank you, as for my hobbies reading is one of the best there is, not all of us are lazy like you Ron, it wouldn't hurt you to pick up some books instead of staring into space with your mouth open as I know you love to be!

I miss you guys a lot too! Sometimes I can't imagine that there was a time when I didn't know you, I always wanted to have friends to talk to and study with, it's hard to think that I used to love vacations because I wasn't surrounded by kids who on the best days ignored me and on the worst whispered bad things about me behind my back and now I wish they lasted less time so I could be with you guys again. Let me tell you that when I see Sirius again I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind, you don't know how worried Harry and I were when you didn't wake up! I know that Harry was able to communicate with him and he reproached him for the same thing, but if Harry asks I didn't tell you! For some reason he thinks it's embarrassing to watch for his friends...

I'll be honest Ron... Every year that goes by I find it harder and harder to tell my parents the truth about what happens every school year. How to tell my parents that the Ministry of Magic, the power that governs the entire wizarding community, thought it was okay to release dark creatures, which feed on people's happiness and can eat their souls in an institution with hundreds of children? In order not to lie to them completely I mentioned that the ministry had sent a couple of aurors to protect us if the escaped prisoner thought of hiding near Hogwarts. Seriously Ron, the disappointment of how the ministry handled Sirius' situation from imprisoning him without trial to the extreme measures for his capture makes me wonder if it's worth dedicating my career to it...

Moving on to better topics this year we are going on vacation to Spain! I already want to go and see its museums and soak up the history of one of the oldest countries of western civilization! How I wish you could see Pablo Piccaso's paintings, I'm sure you would love them, his kind of art is non-existent in the magic world, and not to mention that you would fill your mouth with Paella, one of the best foods of the typical cuisine of that country. How I would love someday to have a vacation where the three of us explore a new country... Maybe we could do it once we finish seventh year, you and I both know that Harry really needs a stress free vacation surrounded by friends.

I can't tell you how happy your invitation makes me Ron! I have to admit that I am a little jealous that you kidnapped invited Harry to your house but not me, as you said, I have always wanted to see a magical house and above all what kind of magic Mrs. Weasley does to keep the house going with you and the twins and all the other Weasleys in it. I spoke to my parents and they mentioned that I get to spend the last 2 weeks of the vacations with you, so if you want to show me all your favorite places (which I also want to see) you better finish your homework before I get there, because Merlin will help me Ron! If I get there and see that you haven't finished it, we won't leave your room until you have finished it all.

I'm sending you my rune notes with Erol, you don't know how proud you make me that you're quitting that silly subject! To say that books won't help is a huge red flag! The nerve with that woman! Nothing to do with Professor Bathsheda Babbling, the one in charge of teaching Runes, I know you will love it Ron, she has a great passion for her subject, just like Professor McGonagall, any doubt you have don't hesitate to write it Ron, I promise to help you so that the lost year in that useless subject doesn't affect you.

I know I can't stop you from joining the team Ron, since it is something you are passionate about, but please be careful, three years have passed since Harry joined the team and in each of them he has been on the verge of death. I wouldn't be able to stand it if you were exposed to those dangers as well as him, you guys really are silly!

Say hello to Ginny too! I should try to make friends with her, I'm sure she'll have interesting stories about you Ronnie... just kidding... or not?

Well Ron I'll say goodbye, when Erol gets to your house we will be on our way to Spain and not to distrust him but I don't think he can handle the trip there, so send me a letter until we are in England, I can't wait for your next letter and be at your house Ron!

With all my love, the smartest and most sensible of your friends.

Hermione J. Granger"

My face hurts from the wide smile I have at the moment. This letter has everything that makes me love my Hermione. Her intelligence, her passion for learning, her bossy attitude, her devotion to her friends, her desire to have the last word, her concern for the ones she loves, that playful side that only shows up with me.

I swear this time I will give you the man you really deserve, not the insecure boy you had to put up with.

Although you can't blame me for being like that either, on one side was Harry's world class problems and on the other my teenage hormones, so in between those problems my confused head decided to go for the easier problem which was to help save the world.

It's been five days since I started working out every day, I'd like to say that I can already feel my training paying off but I know it's just my ego trying to delude itself, wanting to believe that my muscles hurt so horribly because they're already taking shape, ha! Neville would look at me with disappointment if he heard me.

I found in my vacation a good routine, in the morning I do my exercises: running and swimming and then I help my mom with breakfast, after eating I get to have a brief chat with Dad and Percy before they leave to work, then I do my chores around the house (which luckily mom shows me favoritism for helping her by giving me the less heavy ones after Ginny) and then I move on to my summer homework (if Hermione and I are going to be locked up in my room all day it's going to be for something else. .. wake up Weasley, it's still too early for that) to finally find something to do, be it spending time with Ginny or the twins, chatting a bit with mum, or just exploring the muggle village near the house.

A part of me longs with all my heart for Hermione and Harry to be by my side again, although I know my worry is unfounded, the last times I was away from them it was because they had died...

I never hated anyone else in life as much as Voldemort and Bellatrix, one taking my little brother from me, the other torturing the love of my life to insanity...

The rage shared between Neville and I against that damned harpy could never be satisfied, three bodies in a vegetative state lay in the Lestrange mansion, that damned harpy had as pets the soulless bodies of Neville and Hermione's parents, a mockery of the two of us who she knew were at the top of the resistance chain of command.

Bellatrix used a magic based on the one used for the Howler to be able to transmit the cries of torture of my Hermione, every day at the same time they were transmitted, if we destroyed any of the transmitters they quickly sent a signal to the snatchers who although they were pathetic had enough bodies to give us problems, after the first time we destroyed one we didn't make that mistake again.

I hate that my mind tortures me with these memories before going out to my exercises, but I guess it's unavoidable thanks to my nightmares, I must do something about them, my mom is starting to suspect my dark circles under my eyes, they are getting darker every day, it's a pity that I was never good at occlumency.

The fresh air from the morning dew helps me a little to clear my mind, my body starts to get used to the routine making my training plan easier and easier, when I finally arrive to the lagoon I take off most of my clothes and the towel I carry (something I completely forgot to take the first time and that caused me a sermon in front of my brothers by my mother, to this day they still laugh when they see me... gits) and I start doing my swimming laps.

I have to admit that I am starting to like swimming as a sport, Hermione at some point complained about the lack of extracurricular activities at Hogwarts, where only quidditch is found, while in muggle schools there were study groups as well as art and various sports, among them swimming, I never saw it that way but I am not surprised that quidditch was so popular, if you didn't like it you had no other activity to entertain you.

(Why did we only have one year of dueling club? Even if it was Lockhart's idea, it was a really good one that could have helped us prepare without arousing suspicion).

I'm tempted to suggest the clubs to the professors, but I know that would draw attention to me, besides with this year having the tournament along with the other 2 schools it would make it practically impossible to accommodate new activities at Hogwarts, and even then, if I were lucky next year Umbitch will be in power and the first thing she did was to ban extracurricular activities.

Umbridge... at least we were able to get revenge on her, she was in a high position in Voldemort's regime but not in his circle, making it easy to kidnap her and extract all the necessary information, without her we wouldn't have gotten the notes from the unspeakables that helped us with our artifact.

(The death we gave her afterwards was one of the most joyful moments we had for a long time in the DA).

I must have been too distracted in my memories because I didn't notice that Luna was again at the edge of the lagoon, this time near my belongings staring at me while holding something in her hands.

As I finished my last lap of swimming my mind was racing, since the first day I knew that meeting her again was a high possibility, but that didn't stop my heart from pounding. But the Sorting Hat didn't put me in the Griffindor house just because red and gold suits me so well, so I gather all the courage of the lion house and get ready to talk to my Luna.

My mind reminds me of one of the many conversations we had at the beginning of our relationship.

"Since the first time I see you in my second year, I start to fancied you Ronald, you were so red and funny!"

"Well Luna, if that's what you noticed about me now I know I have to worry that if we ever meet some muggle clown might steal you from my arms."

Her laughter was melodious as always, but I could tell how the sparkle in her eyes had dulled after she was captured and taken to Malfoy Manor.

"I don't think any clown is as brave or selfless as you Ronald, also my daddy says that clowns are an evolved species of boggards, which select the muggle children with the most fear in their hearts and torment them, I would never choose one over you"

"Perfect, now we just have to finish off Voldemort and his death eaters and I won't have anything to worry about."

I can't help the smile on my face, every single moment that I shared with Luna was a treasure in those dark days, I feel silly to feel nervous to see her again, no matter how our relationship will be from now on, I know that it will be one of the best, not only for me, but also for Harry and Hermione.

Our eyes meet, when I'm almost at the edge of the lagoon, her dreamy look and her innocent smile remind me of the starry nights on the roof of the burrow, giving her a friendly smile is the easiest thing in the world.

"You should be more careful with your belongings Ronald Weasley, the nargles might see them and want to play a joke on you by hiding them."

"Well Luna Lovegood, I don't think there are many around, after all there aren't any Death Eaters within miles of this place, and there aren't many people to scroll through either."

Her big grey eyes widen even more and her smile widens, could it be because I know her name or I know about the Nargles?

"I see you are well informed Ronald, but I regret to tell you that although your information is correct as to their habitat, your head is already infested with them."

"You have a good point Luna" I would previously consider this crazy talk, but I found the humor in how Luna perseveres the world in war "But the ones that are close to my ears don't want to leave, my thoughts have them too entertained to mess with my stuff, speaking of them, will you pass me my towel?"

As if I had given her the formula for the philosopher's stone I can see how Luna accepts my explanation as absolute truth and passes me the towel, as I dry myself I can't help but feel Luna's gaze on my chest, it will be interesting to see this innocent Luna and her crush towards me.

"Do you come here often Luna? I think I've seen you before just for a moment."

"Not as often as you Ronald, this is the best place near the house to look for creatures to draw and when I don't find them I just draw the beautiful scenery."

Finally I notice the sketchbook she carries with her, next to it the drawing instruments of Muggle origin, Luna always thought that in terms of items to write the Muggles had outdistanced us by far, an opinion that Hermione also shared so it must be true.

Noticing how my gaze is still on her drawing articles, with her characteristic dreamy smile she hands me her notebook to take a look at it. Looking at Luna's drawings is like seeing the world through her eyes, a world of dreams and infinite possibilities in which I would love to immerse myself to forget the harsh reality.

(Am I doing the right thing in this second chance for everyone? How do I know I'm not making the situation worse, as I always do...)

Two frogs croaking on a big leaf is the first thing I see when I open the notebook, I turn the page and I can see a Niffler trying to catch the reflection of the sun in the water, fairies dancing surrounded by leaves in the wind, a beautiful sunset hitting the trees giving them a beautiful orange tone, the last page I can see what would be a drawing of me, swimming in the lagoon, still only my silhouette is drawn, that by the long arms and hands can only be mine, the beginnings of a big nose clear any doubt.

"How long have you been drawing me?" I can't help but raise my eyebrow.

"It's only been less than half an hour Ronald, seeing you in the water again made me realize that you are now part of the landscape, so I decided to honor your new status with a drawing."

"Are you going to finish it now?"

"Of course not, you're not in the water anymore" his light laughter makes it sound like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"That's too bad, I wanted to see it finished and my muscles hurt too much to jump in again for you to finish it."

I can't help it, I flex what little muscle I have in hopes of impressing her, if anyone asks me I'll blame it on having to deal with the hormones of my adolescent body again.

"Well Ronald that means I will have to see you for more days in a row" she said as a matter of fact, I wonder if she didn't notice my embarrassing attempt to impress her or just decided to ignore it, I don't know which makes me feel worse.

"Great! I would love to have someone to talk to other than my family, you don't know how boring they can all get in such a short time" I hope my feigned annoyance can pass as real, if possible I would like my whole family to always be within arms reach.

"I know what you mean Ronald, daddy can be kind of impulsive when he wants to go looking for Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, knowing they can only be found the week after the new moon!" the innocent way she pouts a little makes me have to use all my willpower not to kiss her, it should be illegal to be so cute.

"At least I hope he waits for the morning dew, if they are not distracted playing with the water they would be impossible to observe" I tell her with all the confidence that gives me countless nights spent with Luna talking about everything that was going through our minds.

Again her grin widens, as she nods her head, I can almost hear the "Finally someone with sense!" that I'm sure is formulating in her mind.

"You really know a lot about magizoology, many of our Hogwarts classmates don't know about Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, much less the correct methods of observing them, every time I try to tell them about them they ignore me... I guess knowledge of magical creatures isn't of great interest..."

My idiot teenage self would never have realized that Luna really knew what the real problem was, her eyes for an instant went from dreamy to those of someone who is consumed by loneliness. She just doesn't want to say out loud how people avoid her because of the way she is and the beliefs she shares with her father. It doesn't make me happy to remember that both Hermione and I were of those people, only Harry and Ginny saw the true value of Luna Lovegood from the beginning...

"Well Luna, the study of fantastical creatures is no longer in vogue since Newt Scamander, you and I are the few who understand the excitement of studying creatures that to this day are full of mysteries."

If any part of me felt like scum for lying about my love for the study of magizoology (come on, I love Hagrid... but he's a lousy teacher, even Hermione couldn't find enough good points to follow care of magical creatures in sixth year) it vanished when I could see the sparkle in Luna's big eyes as she felt a connection with someone her age.

"I know! Isn't it great? To help such a noble creature get the study he deserves to evaporate the stigmas that society has associated him with... my daddy and I will one day be able to do them justice with our own research."

The way she expresses with all the happiness of a child her goals makes me smile like an idiot, Luna Lovegood is ethereal like the fairies, as if she embodies the good things of the magical and natural world, as if she is Mother Nature's gift to the world.

(A gift I greedily want only for myself... and of which she is only half of all my greed).

"I love your smile Ronald, did I say something funny?" anyone would think that comment is a claim, but Luna says it with pure interest, probably thinking of how she could say something similar to make me smile more.

"I just like to see you so cheerful Luna, if my friends are happy it's normal for me to be happy too."

Even Luna couldn't disguise the surprise that reflected in her gaze, a surprise mixed with high doses of hope.

"We are friends?" her soft tone almost prevented me from hearing her, I can feel how she is a little afraid of having misunderstood my comment.

(It's unfair of me to know what Luna wants to hear and use it to tighten my bonds with her?)

"Since you greeted me we are, as long as you agree" I think my face or tone of voice couldn't help the affection I have for her because Luna's pale cheeks are now adorned with the prettiest red color.

"I would love to be your friend Ronald Weasley" and without even a second passing after she said those words to me she tackled me with a hug, good thing I had already dried off the pond water but I wish I had put on a shirt, having only her clothes between us almost put me in an embarrassing situation with my new old friend.

We stayed some more time talking about nothing and everything at the same time while we watched the clouds, I mentioned to her every shape I could find and she told me the theories she had about what was hidden behind them, I had to say goodbye soon after I had to help my mom to prepare breakfast, but not before promising that tomorrow we would see each other again which made her even happier.


The day passed quickly with my mom realizing that I was happier than usual and asking me if something good had happened to me in the morning, not expecting that question I did not have any answer already thought so I had no choice but to tell her the truth that I met a girl in the lagoon, at least I heard two murmurs from my brothers that sounded suspiciously like Hermione's name.

I didn't want to sleep yet as I knew that my good day would be embittered by the constant nightmares of my biggest failure, as it happened every night since I came back. Trying to postpone the inevitable I decided to go down to the kitchen as quietly as possible to get a glass of pumpkin juice and leave the house for a walk around.

A few steps outside the house I noticed in the corner of my vision something flying around our quidditch pitch. Years of having to hide from snatchers and death eaters looking for air and ground resistance made me think the worst, I felt my heart start to pound and my breath hitch from the possible confrontation I wasn't prepared for, in my stupidity I didn't think to bring my wand.

Improvising with what I had at hand, I grabbed a fist sized stone (which considering my large hands was of considerable size) and used all the stealth that my years of experience in the war gained to approach without being seen, the good thing that the burrow is surrounded by bushes that make it easier to go unnoticed even with my great height.

When I found myself in a better position I could finally see clearly that person flying. When I realized that it was only Ginny practicing quidditch on the sly I finally sighed the breath I hadn't realized I was holding and I could feel my body relax like jelly. I had forgotten that in fifth year Ginny revealed to us that she had been sneaking practice at night for years, I couldn't help but feel bad that I didn't realize that was the reason Ginny always looked tired in the morning.

Still hiding, I watched her as she moved through the air with unparalleled ease. While Harry is the undisputed master of speed at Hogwarts, Ginny's pirouettes, feints and evasions have no equal, my little sister is a phoenix reincarnated as a woman, I'm sure of that.

Ginny died several years after the battle of Hogwarts, it took an ambush with dozens of death eaters to kill her. That time we had to split up due to the terrain, Hermione and I took Muggleborns no older than thirteen that we were able to rescue from Voldemort's camps, Ginny seeing Hermione and I hurt by the first wave of the ambush took an individual decision and with a bombarda destroyed the path we were on, separating the two of us and the children from her and our pursuers.

I screamed like a madman, it was the chamber of secrets again, a pile of rubble separated me from my sister who was in mortal danger, only this time Harry was not there to save the day, I started to dig with my hands, panic making me forget about magic but Ginny screamed at me to leave, I couldn't believe what she was telling me, she was the last family I had left, how did she think I would leave her alone? If I had to die with her I would.

Knowing me as only she could, she decided that talking to Hermione was the best option, I entrusted her with the lives of the muggleborns that had just been freed (which I couldn't care about at the moment compared to Ginny) and above all my safety, Hermione understood that if we stayed we would all die and with tears in her eyes she promised her a quick petrificus totalus in my direction and the levitation spell for my transportation, Hermione managed to save us all.

All this while I could hear Ginny restraining the death eaters, preventing them from removing the debris that was blocking our path.

I could hear the facts later, when we captured a snatcher, Ginny died that day in battle, with her last moments of life she was able to bring the roof down on her and our enemies, twelve of them were killed, they were killed by Dolohov.

But that didn't matter to me.

I had let my little sister die.

My responsibility.

The one who was my best friend throughout my childhood.

How could my parents, my older brothers and Harry forgive me when it was my time to see them in the afterlife?

(Why does death take away the good things of this world and leave someone as pathetic as me, not only alive, but with another chance?)

The sound of the broom approaching my direction brings me out of my memories, a surprised and angry looking Ginny can be seen thanks to the moonlight, knowing that there is no reason to keep trying to hide I meet her half way, I know that if I say something stupid I might get hit.

"Hey Ginny! You want some juice?" okay that was stupid... I'm embarrassed enough to quickly push the almost finished glass away from her face, which rightfully looked at me like something was wrong with my head.

"You were spying on me!" Not a question but a statement.

"Emm... No?" There's a reason I always try to have my conversations already thought out, so that my treacherous brain doesn't fail me like it did just now.

Not having been born yesterday, my sister quickly gives me a very unfriendly face as she grabs my shirt tightly, despite our huge height difference, Ginny knows how to give off a creepy aura.

"What's your plan Ron? Tell mum to get me in trouble? Blackmail me?" although her anger is blunt I can sense the genuine fear she has of our mum finding out.

I wonder how she would look if she knew that when I finally revealed to Mum in my fifth year her training and desire to play for the Griffindor team, Mum was proud of her and supported her all the way?

None of us really know how lucky we are to have Molly Weasley as our mother.

"So? Are you going to say something or are you going to keep quiet like a fool?"

"Calm down Gin! I'm not going to say anything to anyone! I swear!" I throw my arms in the air in surrender, my delicious juice spilling sadly onto the grass.

For a few seconds Ginny stares at my face, analysing whether I'm lying or not, apparently she believes me as she releases a sigh and lets me go, she drops to the ground obviously frustrated that someone knows one of her secrets, I decide to join her by sitting down next to her.

"You know I'm not a snitch Gin."

"I know" since we were very little the twins gave us a lesson on what happened to snitches.

"How long have you been training?"

She is quiet for a few seconds as if debating with herself whether she wants to reveal more parts of her secret to me "Ever since you left for Hogwarts, when you told me in a letter that Harry Potter had been selected as the seeker in his first year I knew I wanted to give my all to be on the team."

"Trying to impress a certain dwarf friend of mine?" I can't help but wiggle my eyebrows suggestively, I know I earned the punch to my arm that followed from that.

"Nooo!" his face as red as our hair tells me that at least part of his motive was, "It's just that if a first year could be that good, even if it's Harry, maybe I could..."

"Being part of the team at a young age?" I help her finish.


"Why didn't you ever apply for the team if that was your plan?"

Seeing Ginny's reaction I wished I hadn't said anything, she started hugging her knees while trying to make her body smaller, all the while hiding her face from me.

"Tom..." Ginny finally managed to utter almost in a whisper.

Damn Lucius Malfoy, his days are numbered, that's my promise.

"He... he made me forget all my plans, he knew the things I had to say so that all my attention would go to him..."

I can feel Ginny's conflict, how it hurts her to reveal all this but at the same time it's like she's been waiting for the moment to get it all off her chest.

"This past year I wanted to forget about everything that happened in my first year and try out for the team... but those damn dementors! So many times they were close enough to me to bring back the memories of possession..."

"Ginny... w-why didn't you ever tell me that" How horrible of an older brother am I that I don't realise how much my sister suffered even before the war? Why am I so insensitive?

"You always looked busy with your friends," his voice couldn't hide the reproach, "Ever since you became friends with Harry and Hermione they became your whole world. At no time after the events of the chamber did you ever come over to see how I was feeling..."

Even though I had no right to do so I began to shed tears. Is this how Ginny always saw me? As if I didn't care about her?

I can't blame her, I never gave her reason to think otherwise.

"Ginny... I... I never thought you would feel that way, the moment Harry and I saw the message that you had been taken to the Chamber of Secrets was the worst moment of my life..." At least the worst moment up to that point "Harry was trying to calm me down but I just wanted to go as soon as possible to save you... Bloody Lockhart, because of him I couldn't be with you and Harry when you needed me the most."

"I wanted to be with you when you needed it, I wanted to comfort you, to keep you from having nightmares... but what right did I have to be the one you leaned on when at no time during the whole year did I realise what was happening to you? When you had to be rescued by my friend while I was useless? I couldn't Gin... I was sure you felt that I had let you down, that you had realised that you couldn't count on me... that you hated me..."

"R-Ron" my pitiful sobs wouldn't let me see my sister clearly "I-I needed you after what happened, I wanted my brother and friend by my side."

"I-im so sorry Ginny!" Why can't I do anything right? Why did Neville and Luna think that someone who always fails like me could make things right?

(I haven't even been in the past a month and already I've found even more of my sins that I wasn't aware of)

"I swear I'll always be there for you... I love you so much, don't ever think otherwise, please give me another chance to prove to you that I can be the brother you deserve."

"Ronnie..." was all he said before he threw himself at me and hugged me tightly, only you could hear the sozollos of both of them under the starry night.

"I was so scared... I could feel how I was no longer myself, how Tom controlled me as if I were a simple doll...".

And hours passed in which my sister showed me the wounds in her soul, the betrayal of the one she had come to think of as her soul mate, the nightmares she had had since that day, the guilt she felt when she saw Colin and Hermione in the common room.

I just kept hugging her, reassuring her that it was all over, that none of it was her fault and no one blamed her.

When she finally seemed to have had enough, I decided to end the night on a lighter note.

"So Gin, are you planning on trying out for the team this year?" I knew there would be no Quidditch tournament this year but I couldn't reveal it.

"I don't know... I still don't feel like I'm ready yet."

"You know, I'm planning on entering the tryouts as a keeper."

"Really?" I guess he was surprised as at no point had he mentioned it, my earlier self would have said it at the top of my lungs to get some attention, just like in my fifth year.

"Yes, I'm training every morning swimming, I need to improve my condition if I want to be a worthy successor to Oliver" again I flex my null musculature, but unlike Luna my sister doesn't tempt her heart to tease me.

"Well I see you're getting great results" I almost worried she would choke on her sarcasm.

"Hey!" we laughed together, both her and I are a mess from everything that has happened tonight.

"Let's try the trials together Gin, between four Weasleys and the saviour of the world himself there's no way we're going to lose the cup this year!"

"Ginny is quiet for a few moments, her eyes reflecting a hope that she can put her past behind her, a smile tugging at her lips, I can feel the path to my forgiveness being traced.

"Alright Ronnie! Let's do it!" her smile is infectious, it feels like in this moment she and I know for sure that we will not only be chosen but we will win.

"You know I could use a practice partner, my shots would improve if I had someone as an obstacle."

"Sounds like a plan, anytime you want you can also join me for my morning swim."

"Eh I think I'll pass, I have enough strength in my arms" I can't help but feel relieved, I still don't want to share my time with Luna with anyone else.

We finally head back to the house, with smiles on our faces, this conversation must have happened a lifetime ago.

When it's time to part I couldn't help but say how I felt.

"Thank you Gin"

"What are you thanking me for?" his face of genuine confusion makes me smile even wider.

"For giving me another chance to be your big brother."

"You're a fool Ron... You always have been and always will be my brother."

"Thank you, good night Ginny, I love you"

"I love you too Ronnie"