A red Spider Emblem was placed on the back of Spider-Man's suit as he was seen making a dive from a rooftop. Then just as he reached a safe enough level to swing, he swung right up using a Web Shooter to guide his movements as he shouted out his voice in adrenaline.

Soon, he made his way onto the rooftops, hopping and skipping his way down the path until he made one last jump down the last building, sliding down on the roof to make a zipline in the air, passing by two civilians on the way.

"'Xcuse me, Spidey's coming in the way!"

As he passed by two pedestrians that took their attention, he made his way onto the street, swinging from building to building as he narrowed himself down enough just to reach the sidewalk filled with civilians that were happy to see him outside right in their nearest vicinity.


"Lookin' good, Spidey!"

"Hello, Pedestrians!"

After making his quip, he cracked out a laugh as he enjoyed the energy of feeling the air pushing right at him while he kept on moving to his destination.

"Hey, Karen! How far am I to the Battle of the Bands?"

"You're only 300 meters away, Peter. Soon, you'll be just in time to join the rest of the Audience attendees."

"Good! Because Gwen would murder me if I was late!" He jumped onto a flagpole, sitting right on top of it as he looked around the street with so much anxiety. "Now, can you check the police scanner for me? See if there's any danger going on? Because I can't afford anything slowing me down while I try not to-!"

Suddenly, an explosion occurred just several blocks away from his current position as people shouted from below, having heard the loud noise drawing from the place of origin as Spidey sighed miserably.

"Try not to be late," Spider-Man said having lowered his brow. "Ugh... I'm seriously cursed... Karen!"

"There's a report of a local Bratva gang that recently performed a hostile takeover the Noguchi Museum located in Astoria."

"Gang assault again?! That's like the millionth time in a row this month!"

"Actually, this would make this the 5th time this action had been repeated at the same location."

"Seriously? Oh... Well, then either way; it's Hero Time!"

He leaped out of the flag pole to swing right down onto the street as his hand slid on the black cement before making a small swing hop on top of a taxi. Then having jumped on a truck carrying a large gas tank, he made one small sprint on top before spinning two webs to pull him up into the air as he flipped with such finesse after pulling off a zipline, seeing a horde of patrol cars ringing their sirens from his area.

Main Street on Queens was a nightmare as the Russians had taken over the bank, having created a large shootout in the area as cops brawled with the Bratva in a deadly firefight, the men inside held hostages inside as they broke down every glass containing precious valuables while the head of the assault stood with his gun ready, overseeing the goods.

"Boss." One of the men called out the leader. "More cops are arriving soon. We should go at once."

The leader nodded, humming as he heard the gunfire going off just outside. "Da... It's time we take leave."

"And what of Hostages?"

The leader turned his head around, seeing the frightened innocents they have in their mercy as he sighed through his nostrils.

"...Take care of them. No witnesses."

The men nodded their heads as the leader turned around to face the opposite direction, hearing the cries of men and women as he waited for their cries to be mixed with the sounds of bullets flying in the air.

...Then nothing happened... Nothing, other than the sounds of men being beaten and scratched to their lives as the leader lowered a brow, having been confused by the transaction that occurred before turning around and widening his eyes to what he had seen before him...

All of his men that were with him on the job; all beaten to a pulp as many laid on the ground or sat leaning against the wall as many occupants whimpered in the confusion of the sudden incident that occurred. Fearing the worst has occurred to him, the leader started pulling out his weapon, turning to the hostages as he assumed the person he waited for.

"Where is he?" He questioned, pointing his gun at the hostages as they screamed in terror. Then he started cursing something in Russian before repeating the same question as he did before. "Where is he? Where is Spider?"

"You're thinking of the wrong species, ugly."

He turned around, raising a brow as a Woman in White Hair was scratching at her nails. Her body slim and pretty as any girl as her gear consisted of a Black and White Suit, with White stripes going around her chest and waist, White Gloves and Boots, and a Black and Yellow pair of Goggles covering her eyes as her smile lightened the entire room she stood inside of.

"In fact; You shouldn't always assume that Spiders tend to make most of the messes... After all..." She started turning around, facing the ringleader of the operation as she continued to smile. "Sometimes Cats can be just as bad as Spiders, don't you think?"

The leader started lowering his weapon, mostly stunned by her unique physical appearance as he just stared at her.

"...What... Are you?"

She quirked a brow, still having that feminine smile maintained at will. "What? Isn't the suit and the talk of Cats not obvious enough for you?"

He gasped in astoundment first... Then he thought back to the men lying on the floor, and his brow became an angry one at best.

"Did you do this? Did you kill them?!"

"Oh, no. No, no, no! I am not that type of Kitty. Although, I do tend to get my Claws dirty-!"

Just as the thug started raising his weapon, she made a backflip kick, pushing the gun away from his hand before flipping herself around to face the man in question... With both claws right on his neck as she got up close and personal with him.

"Especially if a Cat doesn't get treated nicely like all the other Kitties are supposed to be treated."

He gasped as he felt the claws dig themselves into his skin just slightly as he almost stopped himself from swallowing his throat, breathing softly as he held his hands up.

"Who... Who are you?"

She chuckled dearly, shaking her head. "Again, isn't this all supposed to be obvious to you?" She sighed in false disappointment. "Alright, fine... If you're so interested in getting to the point, I'd like to prefer myself as a Cat."

With no warning, she facebutted the Russian Gangster full frontal as he fell down on the floor, knocked out cold while she sighed, pulling her hair back.

"...A Black Cat, to be precise."

Her words echoed into the Russian Bratva as he fell into a void of sleep. While he drifted to unconsciousness, her eyes turned over to one of the hostages. A guard to be precise as she made her way over to him.

"Oh, thank you so much, lady!" He expressed his gratitude as the Black Cat approached him. "Thank you so much, you just saved our asses!"

She continued to make her smile while stopping in front of the guard, wrapping her hand around the back of his neck, making him feel sweaty by her very approach to him.

"Oh, buddy... I wouldn't offer my thanks quite yet if I were you."

All of a sudden, her other hand got out a keycard, making the guard widen a brow before looking down, seeing his way to making access to certain items being stolen right out of his belt as her other hand released his head, she turned around, humming seductively.

"Well, it's been fun, but I think we're just about done here." Black Cat told them flatly without any sign of shame on her face. "Please tell the boys whenever they wake up that I offered my thanks to them for providing the distraction I needed to get what I wanted. I really appreciate that!"

"Oh my god, seriously?"

"What is wrong with you?"

"You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Hey, aren't you gonna let us out of here?!"

"What the hell, lady?!"

As she grabbed the leftover bags that contained the Museum's merchandise, the guard sighed at the utter humiliation he had endured, seeing the Black Cat making her way to the Museum's most prized possession whilst hearing the hostages making their complaints at the White Haired chick.

While that occurred on the inside, the cops still battled the Bratva from the outside, explosions still popping from their use of Grenade Launchers as cars flipped over sideways from the assault, Yuri ducked her head down having borne witness to such ferocity that had possessed.

"Dammit." She cursed as she fired back at them, using her radio inside the car. "All units, we need back up on 33rd and Vernon! I repeat we need more backup!"

As the crooks fired upon the cops, Spider-Man arrived right next to Yuri as he sat down right next to her with his arms folded together.

"Hey, Yuri. How are you doing? You guys okay?"

She sighed as she shook her head, turning to Spider-Man. "Your timing is impeccable. These Russians are not messing around, they want to get away with the museum's possessions even if they have to do it by force! Not to mention how well armed they are!"

"Yeah, speaking of, where did these guys acquire a grenade launcher?"

"Is this seriously the time to ask questions right now?"

"Ah, you're right! Sorry, Yuri."

She grunted as she nearly felt a bullet pounce right on her head as she ducked her head down. "This firefight is getting ugly. If we don't end this soon, people are gonna get hurt on all sides, whether it's a cop, a thug, or even a civilian!"

"Right... So, does this mean I have your sworn permission to go do, well... You know?"

As she listened to the gunfire, she noticed her men getting pinned down from the debris of bullets and grenades in the air while they were taking heavy fire from the Russians, seeing no end to their reign of violence on the streets as she turned to face Spider-Man with a nod.

"Do your thing."


He sprung right up and jumped into the action, webbing up several gunmen against the ground before proceeding into the upper level, performing an assault as he attacked the robbers that are a part of the attack.

Soon, he rounded them up one by one, taking many armed felons out in one web, one that tied them together so they would all be right behind each other's backs as Spidey landed on the ground, wiping his hands together.

"Well, that was easy!" Spider-Man said in a cheerful manner. "Now, if you'll excuse me-!"

"Don't think this to be over yet, Spider!"

Spider-Man raised a brow. "Uh... Hello? You guys lost, the good guys won. How could you say-?"

Before he could finish asking, two trucks armed with guns arrived on the scene as they burst right through two empty patrol cars, taking everyone by surprise as he turned around to see backup arriving on cue.

"Oh, boy..."

"Everyone down!" Yuri commanded. "We've got Incoming!"

As more criminals arrived on the scene, bullets began to fly once again as one of them was headed right for the Captain, Spider-Man swung over and saved Yuri at the nick of time, swinging themselves over to a safe distance from the reestablished firefight.

"That was a close one!" Spider-Man said out loud as he let go of Yuri. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," Yuri answered. "But my men are still getting gun downed here."

"Yeah, speaking of guns; don't you think that this amount of firepower for one museum heist is just a little bit overkill?"

"We'll talk more about that when this fight is over! People are still in danger, both law enforcement and civilian!"

Spidey nodded his head. "You're right. We shouldn't waste time like this, we should end this right now-!"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Spider-Man's cell phone began to ring as he widened his eyes at the interruption that caused their current action to cease to a halt.

"You have an incoming call from Ned Leeds," Karen told Spider-Man through his Mask. "And 3 text messages urging you to answer him urgently."

"Who is that?" Yuri asked, causing Spider-Man to be slightly embarrassed.

"Uh... Just a Friend of mine." Spidey told her honestly. "I got to take this."

"Seriously, now?"

"It's actually pretty urgent! Yuri, I promise, it'll only take just a second, I swear!"

"Ugh..." Yuri started grabbing an assault rifle. "Just make it quick!"

She left Spider-Man behind to rejoin her fellow Officers as he answered the phone, pressing it against his ear.

"Hey, Ned! Now's not a good time!"

"Peter, where are you?" Ned asked him as he was seen walking into some type of concert. "This concert is about to start soon, and everybody's asking where you are right now!"

"I was on my way there, I swear! But then something just happened, and then just suddenly-!"

"Wait... Do I hear explosions happening on the other end?"

"Uh... No?"


Before any of them knew it, a car exploded just right behind Spider-Man as he lowered his head down in cover.

"...What was that?" Ned asked, suspicious of him.

"Uh... Just some fireworks?" Spidey told him with a quirky brow.

"Dude... You're Spider-Man right now? Seriously? Now?!"

"Look, Ned, I'm trying to-!"

"Sorry to intrude, but you have another call coming from Gloria Grant."

"Crap!" Spidey sighed. "Sorry, but I'm gonna have to put you on hold! Talk to you soon!"

"Peter, wait-!"

He hung up the call to answer Gloria's as he took a deep breath, closing his eyes.

"Hey, GG!" Spider-Man said with open cheerful eyes. "How are you guys doing?"

"Peter, where are you?" Gloria shouted as she held on to the phone. "Gwen's expecting you to show up, the concert's about to start in 5 minutes!"

"Is that him?" Gwen asked as she walked over to Gloria. "Is that him on the phone?"

"Yup, feel free to talk to him."

She handed Gwen her phone as she took it, pinning it against her ear in frustration.

"Peter! What the hell? Where are you?!"

"Uh..." Spidey looked around, seeing the Russians trying to shoot at him from the back of the car. "At a Museum... In a shootout."

"Seriously? You're doing this now?!" Gwen looked behind the curtain, seeing dozens of people in attendance. "The MJ's is about to compete in the Battle of the Bands, and you're in the middle of Superheroing at this Hour?!"

"I'm sorry! Really, I'm truly sorry! I was just on my way there when these guys were at this museum, and they're trying to steal some stuff-!"

"I don't care! Finish it, and just get over here!"

She hung up the phone as she groaned in frustration, handing the phone over to Gloria as she rubbed her neck.

"Thanks for letting me use your phone."

"No problem."

Gwen turned around, looking at GG. "Hey, how is my hair? Is it crooked?"

"No, but I suggest pulling your Headband back just a tick."

Gwen sighed, doing what Gloria suggested as she turned to a mirror, MJ walked over to the group carrying a guitar.

"What was that about?" Michelle asked out of curiosity.

"Eh, just some boyfriend issues," Gloria told her. "Is the new Girl set?"


A girl of Puerto Rican origin came out with another guitar as she sighed, rolling her hair back. "Yeah, I'm all set! And for the record, you guys can always just call me Anya instead of just calling me by the first letters of my initials, right?"

"We know. We only call you that because you're new to the Band, AC."

"It's basically our way of nicknaming our initiates to the Band..." MJ told AC.

Gwen turned around, seeing the Hispanic Girl in question. "Anya, good to have you here!"

"Thanks! This is really good for me to be here, though I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a little terrified right now."

"Thank you for helping us be our 2nd Guitar Player! It was such a big weight off our shoulders to have you rehearse with us all these weeks, you are such an excellent Guitar Player."

"Yeah, and don't be thinking you're the only pissing your pants here, 'cause uh..." MJ nodded, giving a thumbs up. "I'm pretty much shitting myself right now."

Gloria rolled her eyes. "Well, of course, you are. I mean, this Band is literally named after you."

"And that's making me feel any less stressed how exactly?"

"And look at that wild performance from The Dazzler! They're really kicking some serious tunes out of those Guitar Strings!"

The crowd outside the stage roared as the announcer's voice spoke through the building, having heard that their time is nearly beginning.

"Looks like we're about to start soon," Gwen said, getting her Guitar. "Hope everyone's set, 'cause we're about to make some noise!"

"Hell yeah!"


The girls of the Band cheered while Gwen just smiled, sighing externally while waiting for Peter to show up.

Speaking of which, Spider-Man groaned as he put his phone away, having read the time, knowing that there is so little left to lose right at this moment.

"Ugh, Karen! I need to end this quick!" Spider-Man told her. "How many am I dealing with?"

"According to my scans, you have at least 14 hostiles armed with lethal weaponry," Karen told him. "You should be able to disarm them in 2 minutes and 14 seconds."

"And how much time would I have to get to the Concert?"

"Around 3 minutes and 46 seconds in counting. I suggest you get to it immediately."

Spider-Man sighed, shaking his head. "Alright... Here goes nothing!"

He swung right out of his spot, coming back into the fight as he accelerated his movements to get the battle to end quickly.

While this occurred, a few unsavory figures were taking advantage of the chaos that was going down and started to raid cell phone retailer store as evidenced by them storing boxes into a truck.

"Come on... I can hear the gunfire dying out, we don't have long." One of the crooks said as he held a gun of his own in hand.

"Cool your jets. Hammerhead will get the shipment of free smartphones, don't you worry about it."

"Hey! We don't say the boss's name out in public, you know that!"

The second henchmen nearly scoffed. "Look around you! There's a shit ton of explosions happening a few blocks away from where we are! No one ain't gonna hear a word what we're saying, and even if they could, everybody's too scared to even come near the stunt those Russians are pulling off."

"All I'm saying is that I don't want to be on "Clean-Up" duty if anyone hears of any witnesses. Now hurry up, and move it! I hate being out here in the snow, it's so damn cold-!"


The two turned around, hearing something loud bang nearby as one of the men started loading their guns.

"Crap... Was it that Bug who that Albino Luke Cage-looking guy was spouting about yesterday?"

"I dunno... Wait here."

The thug started peering out around the corner as the other continued to pack boxes until a large hand grabbed him by the head and pulled him deep into the shadows, muffling his screams enough where his own partner couldn't even hear him as he turned to see a large dent on a truck's roof. Pulling his gun down, he turned around, checking around the corner for any signs of a certain Web-Slinger.

"Hey, Ruben... You see anything weird-?!"


As a loud scream took the man by surprise, the 2nd and last thug was seen being thrown towards the wall next to his partner, splattering blood in the process as the body fell into the snow, completely disturbing the man in the process.

"Ruben!" The gangster gasped his name as he knelt down, seeing the blood pouring out from the back of his head. "Holy f... What the hell happened?!"

As he asked the question out loud, a large black shadowy figure was rushing swiftly in the wind, loud enough for the thug to turn around and point his gun up in the air, just trying to find whatever slaughtered his accomplice in cold blood as loud footprints continued from above and center, making him scared straight as the cold air left from his own breath.

"Where are you?!" The man questioned loudly, trying to find the monster responsible. "What are you, another one Norman Osborn's Goblins?! Come on, show yourself, you freak!"

"Can you stop yelling?"

The man screamed, turning around to see a young blonde man with Hazel eyes as he pressed his hands into his pockets, walking over to the thug unconcerned about the gun he's holding.

"I said, stop screaming," The Young Adult said. "My friend, the other guy, he doesn't like loud noises, especially when people like you scream too much, it annoys him so much."

The man shuddered as he pointed the gun at the kid, having mentioned his "Friend."

"Wh... What friend?"

"Say, speaking of friends, yours doesn't seem to be looking alright..." The young adult said as he peered his eyes over to the person known as Ruben. "I mean, wow... That's a lot of blood. I mean, I've seen my fair share of blood man, but damn, I was not expecting a lot."

The thug turned to glance back at his possibly brain-dead partner before pointing the gun back at the blonde.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?!"

The man raised his hands up, keeping calm despite the danger he's in. "Eddie. Eddie Brock, nice to meet you... Mind telling me what's your name?"

"Don't you play games with me, Kid! Was that you?!" The thug questioned, walking closer towards Eddie Brock. "Was this you, or that Spider-Freak?!"

Eddie scoffed, shaking his head. "Oh, man, you are going to wish that this is Spider-Man you're dealing with here, not the other way around."

"So, then it was you, huh?" The thug questioned even further. "What the hell did you do to Ruben, you son of a bitch?!"

Eddie sighed as he saw the gun pointed directly at his head when the man started standing right in front of him.

"...Same thing that We're gonna do to you, from the look of it." Eddie answered as his expression remained unchanged throughout the scene as the frightened crook began to feel a bit intimidated.

"We? We?! Who the hell is We-?!"

A large Black Slimy hand reached out at his neck, and another at the gun, which became crushed by the weight of it as the man widened his eyes while choking, seeing Eddie Brock's entire being transformed into a Black Symbiotic Parasite with Teeth as sharp as a blade as its' White Eyes stared deeply into what may be his next victim...

"We... Are Venom." The Symbiote answered with malicious glee as it began to open its jaw wide, and the man before letting out a blood-curdling cry before the eventual teeth snap bit half of his own corpse in half, as the snow began to fall down in the night and the murder taking place in the dark, where no one would ever see the two men again...

Hi, so you're wondering just where the hell I've been, and normally this is the part where I come up with an excuse, but truth be told, there is no excuse for keeping everyone waiting for so long, and for that, all I can is that I'm sorry. So, in recognition of my tardiness, I present to you a preview of things yet to come in the 2nd Season of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Now, don't get me wrong; I haven't given up on the rest of my projects, they're both still ongoing even as we speak, but I thought I might clue you in on a small prototype scene that I've been working on to myself, just so for those who have read the first season of my Spidey Fanfic can get a good idea of what's bound to happen in the next chapter in Peter Parker's Arc. I've been reading everyone's reviews on how I should approach the second season, and I've taken all the ideas into heart as this season will be one of the most intense I may have written, so you guys should expect some dark stuff ahead.

Other than that, if you are still interested in Wolverine or like to read something different, feel free to check out the first two episodes of Wolverine and the first three episodes of TFA Season 6: Fall of Cybertron. I hope that posting this means that I've finally gotten my writing mojo back as I hope to post more in the near future.

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