A Choice Made, A Die Cast

This is just a little thing I decided to write for fun (and to stave off writer's block and depression) in between writing my original work. While I will still hold myself to my basic standards of writing, this is not a serious project and thus isn't being held to quite the same scrutiny. Might continue it, might not. Any grossness of the MC will mostly be kept out of any lewds to come should any occur, but Nurgle is as Nurgle do indeed be.

I blinked, and found myself in an infinite void. Stretching out for eternity in every direction was not but a crushing, all consuming darkness. The sole exception to the unfathomable dark in all directions, were blazing white letters hovering before my eyes.

You are being thrown randomly through the omniverse. You are being granted a boon, you may choose only one:

Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, or Slaanesh.

Make your choice, and decide the flavour of your future power. You will start at the level of a minor champion, and grow from there with practice and killing.

Some may think this an obvious choice in any of the offered directions, and yet I agonized for what felt like hours. Slaanesh sang to me a symphony of writhing flesh and drug abuse, and yet, that one little phrase resonated darkly in my mind; randomly thrown.

The omniverse is infinite beyond all infinities, and the vast majority of it is utterly inimical to human life; hell, the majority of the known universe was inimical to life in general. I can't be sure that where I wind up will even have people to seduce, let alone ones I would want to seduce. Sure there's more to Slaanesh than seduction, but that really is the core of it and all the lowest level champions usually have.

Tzeentch offered magic, knowledge in general, technology, and social manipulation. Oh, and random bullshit. Still, there was every chance I'd wind up in a world where magic wasn't possible or would draw way too much attention or where the resources to make tech didn't exist. However, while all of that could be worked around, the major issue from Slaanesh remained: Tzeentch offers zero enhanced survivability.

Khorne was a very good possibility, offering absolute magical immunity and vast physical strength and martial prowess. To add to the already impressive bid, there was also the possibility of getting bulletproof flesh and a great number of similar resistances. Except… all of that was far down the line, requiring oceans of blood and years of war to get anything more than a mild physical boost and even then, none of it would help me survive if I wound up in deep space or an innately lethal death world. Even further, it was entirely possible I would wind up somewhere without magic, thus rendering the biggest base level boon useless.

Nurgle, for all the associated… aesthetic issues, was the only god that offered immortality as a signing bonus. None of the others could promise me that no matter what I popped into, I would probably survive. Unless I spawned inside a sun or a black hole, I would probably be okay. Add onto that the incredible offensive and defensive power of plague magic and the sheer variety of effects it could have, and it just kept looking better. Mind control? There's a plague for that. Machine uprising? Got a virus for that. Memetic infection, physical corrosion, zombie plagues, and so much more are all on the table. Even just at the most basic level, Nurgle offered by far and away the most survivability and wide scale destructive power from the get go. The only downside was just how fucking gross it was, though the addition of no longer feeling pain or discomfort was a rather major side benefit.

I sighed, only then noticing I hadn't been breathing since I arrived in this shadow zone. My heart and my penis both wanted to pick Slaanesh, but that paranoid part of my brain that resembled a terrified rodent screamed that only the Plague Father can free me from the pounding fear of death and pain.

I'll just have to hope I can keep my pretty face and not wind up with a ugly case of maggoty balls, I suppose. It would be a damn shame to rot my cock off if I did manage to wind up in an inhabited universe and world.

With some reluctance, I made my choice. For a long moment, nothing changed; then, the blazing text before me faded away and a sickly green message replaced it.

A good decision, my boy! I will, most regrettably, be unable to watch your growth in person, but I eagerly anticipate meeting you somewhere down the line. My colleagues have decided to give you a gift each, so I felt I might as well show them up! You'll find my extra gift somewhere around wherever you land; you'll grow stronger as you kill and train, and it will grow with you like a lovely little parasite! Do me proud, son, and remember to have fun.

Ice filled my veins for an instant before the darkness faded to black and took the Grandfather's words with it. For an indeterminate time I floated in nothingness, my mind stuck in a state not quite conscious and yet not quite asleep. Then, out of nowhere, I felt the sun on my skin and sand beneath my back. The cawing of seagulls and crashing of none to distant waves informed me I was on some sort of beach even before my eyes snapped open.

Normally, when one suddenly transitions from total darkness to bright light it has a rather negative effect on their eyes; pain and temporary blindness being the most pronounced. And yet, I felt fine; no pain, no discomfort, nothing but the distinct yet distant feeling that staring straight into the noonday sun for too long would damage my eyes.

A grin broke out across my face even as I allowed my scalded cornea to shelter beneath my eyelids once more. It seems this world is habitable at least, which does somewhat invalidate my choice to be a Nurglite but not entirely; the mere fact that I felt no pain from baking in the sun or my mildly burnt eyes validated my choice even if that were all I got.

"Um.. Ex-excuse me? Are- are you alright?" A shy voice interrupted my musing thoughts, reminding me that just because I didn't die instantly that doesn't necessarily mean I'm safe. My eyes snapped open, darting around for a bit before meeting a pair of worried emerald eyes. I scanned over the stranger for a moment, taking note of their curly green hair, bright green eyes filled with genuine concern for my well being, set into a pale and freckled face. Of course, what stood out the most to my veteran pervert eyes was their massive tits and thick ass.

All it took was a single glance over to tell me this was a female Izuku Midoriya, and a glance behind them revealed the skeletal (and still decidedly male) form of one Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might.

I sighed heavily, "I fucking knew I should have picked Slaanesh."