Well, Perry Mason did it again!

Right there, in the courtroom, he not only exonerated his client, but he also exposed the guilty party!

Della smile. She loved seeing him do that.

Only this time, she was proud in the knowledge that she was partially responsible for this outcome. She went undercover to the shoe store where witness Gary Foster worked. ( The Case of the Shoe Shopper) She was able to convince him to see Perry. In fact, it was his testimony that tipped the case for Ellen Fitch—the defendant. Thanks to Gary, it was determined that the real killer was Jonathan Mellon—Ellen's own boyfriend! Under Perry's questioning, Mr. Mellon broke down right on the witness stand!

And on top of that, Della bought a new pair of shoes; in fact, she was wearing them in the courtroom! And Gary gave her an unusual compliment; he told her that she had lovely feet!

While most of the people were congratulating Miss Fitch, Della walked over to Mr. Foster.

"Thank you, Gary."

"You're welcome, Miss Street. I'm really sorry I was hesitant, at first."

"No problem. That's pretty common among witnesses."

He suddenly smiled. "You're wearing the shoes you bought from me!"

"Yes, that's right! Still think I have lovely feet?"

"Yes, I do!"

She hugged and kissed him. Then she walked over to Perry.