Starting Over

Note: This is only the second time that I´m doing this, but I´m totally obsessed with this couple and find so little stories about them. I really need more and I´m hoping to inspire more people to write more of those. I read Unexpected Offers like 30 times, is just perfect, and I would die for more in this style! This one was actually based in an unfinished one, who started perfect but unfortunally didn't went very far called, The Exciting life of a dead Girl, I used the setting to started mine. I got some elements from to finish. Is just amazing! I have the first five chapters ready in a notebook, and will try to upload at lest two today, my laptop is shit! Doing this totally alone, no beta, and English isn't my native language so try to go easy on me. Hoping that more people fall in love for this totally hot couple, and I´ll try to include an image of the Victor that occupied my dreams. I hope I figure out how!


Her mind was working in overdrive, she looked at Jean and could almost smell what the woman was thinking. Jean who was beloved by so many, who would be missed by all. But not me! She though resolute, but the whole truth was that she just couldn´t stand anymore. Being the perfect, shy, little kid, they want her to be. She was not a kid, she was not sweet, she was jagged and twisted and dark as hell! I can´t pretend anymore. Jean is their golden girl and I don´t want to pretend to be just like her anymore.

While the panic was distracting everybody, she got close to Jean, look in her eyes and murmured sorry. She touched Jean´s faceand the other woman drop to the floor. Their attention turned to Jean, and Rogue slipped out of the jet, Jean´s plan clearly in her head. She saw the jet lift off, heard their thoughts when they realized what she was doing. The last thing she heard before the water took her was Logan inhuman scream, then the water come rushing into her lungs, darkness invading her and her last thought was Free at last!

In the jet Logan´s roars of agony were scaring everyone on board. He couldn´t believe what just happened. Marie, his Marie, that wonderful and sweet little girl couldn´t be dead. The beast inside him was howling in fury and sadness. His animal screaming, trying to teary his cage. The animal part of him always saw the girl as HIS, and wanted her and that didn´t just scary the hell of him. For fuck sack the girl was 16 when he met her! He has to see her as a kid, he was not some perv to try to seduce little girls. The beast was never ok with that. He didn´t see her as a kid (don´t even think about that word), he keeps trying to convince him that the girl was no kid, she smells old, she has his fucking mind! And that just make him even more guilty.

She hides last time and he didn´t stay long, too lost in his own problems. But he observes her more this time. She smelled sad all the time! First, he thought it was the boy´s fault and want to gut him (slowly, the beast screamed). But the truth was Marie never smelled all that interested in the boy. Probably what stopped the beast to kill him in the spot. But now just leave him with more questions. Why she was it the Iceboy if she didn't like him at all. He looks at the boy, but have to look away quickly, it was getting harder and harder not to just stick his claws in him. That the boy was crying and devasted didn´t diminish in nothing his urges.

The flight home was hell, with Logan pacing like a cage animal, claws in and out of his hands, roaring to anyone who dared to try to get too close. Scott was hovering over Jean, who was still weak from the drain. And that left just Ororo trying to console poor Bobby.

When they arrived, Logan went straight to Charles, black eyes and growling, almost sadness pouring out of him, Logan fell something in him finally snap! He let out a long grow of despair. He could feel tears down his face. Wolverine in his head growled, trashing, wanting to find her. She was his! His! The beast couldn´t be quieted in his pain. He run for a long time growling and screaming, the animal out and crying his despair in the night.