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Victor was not used to feel joy, unless it was killing. But that split of a girl in his house was giving him more joy than any massacre. The way she was acting and feeling around him, was something that he never expected to have. He was worried that his little explosions would scary her, but she seemed to like his violent responses. And the cherry on top, she doesn't want to go back to the X-Geeks. Her strong reaction to the school had him preoccupied. What the hell they were doing to her there for she acts like that. He knew that Xavier was not this benevolent pacifist that he like to pretend. Hell, Victor did some jobs for Wheels, and he knows how pragmatic the man can be.

The way that Rogue was reacting when he was telling his plans about train her, maybe do some mercenary work, was warming his black heart. He knew she was gonna be perfect, a true companion, way better than even Jimmy. Her excitement when he was describing his plans real and wonderful. He could barely wait to begin, the thought of fighting her exciting him too.

When he finishes telling her everything and she finish eating, he could see that the girl has made up her mind. Her eyes bright and full of possibilities. She was ready to begin a new life. And the best part, she wanted to be with him. And he knows that after that he would never let her go. She was his now.

Now that she was calmer and full, he thought that it was a good time to start to work on her powers. He may have stolen Magneto´s files about the girl, and her blood sample. He also did a job in return for some hack work in the school files about the girl. And, he had a genetic scientist to work on the problem of the girl's powers. The research was going well until he had to cut it short to go see what was happing with Jimmy. The geneticist surprise when he killed the guy was a proof of his ingenuity. Like Victor would let anyone have that much information on his girl.

Even so the little time that the guy had, gave him a lot of information. The girl was way more powerful than anyone thought before. The powers that she absorbed, don't go away, they get integrated in her DNA. She should be able to use them at her will. The fact that this was not in any of her files from Xavier was worrying. Did they just not know, but Victor saw her genetics test there. They should notice the differences in her DNA. The only plausive explanation was that Xavier wanted to keep it quiet, don't draw attention to how powerful Rogue truly is. Yeah, that sound like Wheels, specially if the girl was not happy in the school or if the people there were already scared of her. He would not want the girl to be recruited by the competition.

Rogue told him of how her powers manifested for the first time, the boy is still in coma for what little information he got. The poor little girl has been terrified of herself and her powers ever since. Most mutant powers were strongly affected by emotions. His best theory is that her powers are always on as a defense mechanism, and her fear makes impossible to shut up. He had some initial plans on how to help her with control, and after what happened earlier, he was pretty sure that he was in the right path.

He was never that interesting in the meditation thing like Jimmy was when they were in Japan, but he was smart enough to see the benefits for his own temper problem. And even if he never took as serious as the runt, he still learned the techniques and how to apply them. Victor was sure that this was going to help her with control.

Rogue was still scared of her powers. He could see she was unsure about them. He doesn't want her to be afraid.

¨Look girl, you have to calm down. You are not poison, not dangerous, you just need control and I will help you with that. Most our powers are influenced by emotions, and I have a theory that is your fear that stops you to get control¨.

¨But that is just a theory, what if I hurt you or worse¨¿

¨Afraid to kill me little girl¿ As long as you let it go, I´ll be okay, it will not be my first death¨. He laughs, but there was a part of him who could not stop speculating if the girl could truly kill him, forever, if she holds long enough to drain him of everything. Even level 5 healing powers had limits, and just because he never finds those before, doesn't mean they aren't there. There were times in his long life that he probably would want to test that. But now with so many reasons to live, he wants to proceeded with caution.

¨Wait, you die before¿ More than once¨¿ And again he laughs.

¨Yeah, I die a bunch of times, but why this is so shocking to you, you die at least two times so far¨.

The girl looks shocked at first, but then he heard the most beautiful thing ever, the girl thrown her head back and started to laughs too. She had such a beautiful laugh; he could hear that forever.

¨I guess I did! It should not be funny but is so absurd that is laughing or screaming¨!

He could not stop to be delight for her laughs. Is official, I'm going soft. To be that enchanted for a laugh. If it was moans that would be another story. But he doesn't want to scary her, and he could feel that she needs some control of her powers so she could relax around him and he could do all the sinful things he wants with her.

He took her outside, to start to work in some meditation techniques, her looking even more gorgeous in the sun, surrounded by nature. He helps her control her breath and calm her mind. Find the relaxion and safety. And when he finally saw that she was in the right state of mind he touches her. Nothing happened. Victor smiled seeing his theories coming true.

At first, she didn't notice anything, but when she saw him touching her skin, she could not believe. As soon as she noticed, she got nervous again and lost control. But seeing that it was possibly made her cry. Victor was immediately worried but she calms him down:

¨Those are happy tears; you have no idea how much this mean to me. You gave me hope for the first time. I can be in control; I can touch another person. That means the world to me¨.

She approaches him, working in finding her calm, and gently kissed him. Just a soft touch of the lips. But of course, this affected his control, and he grab her and kissed her passionately. Her control snapped in the middle, but he didn't care, the feeling of her powers delicious to him. She started to panic and tried to let it go, but he didn't want that. So, he kissed her until he passed out, still hearing her calling his name.