Title: Death Sits Next to You

Rating: T

Summary: The White Council asks Emily to interfere with an X File about a spirit attacking children in their classrooms. Her parents aren't happy. Crossover of the Dresden Files and sequel to Why the Sixth Law of Magic Exists.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Jim Butcher's or Chris Carter's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

I really hate it when I summoned by the White Council. If they didn't have news about sending me home, then I didn't want to hear from them. I might have told McCoy that I would help them, but it hadn't even been a month and I was being asked to come.

"I thought we couldn't live in modern homes," I told the Merlin.

"I've been around a long time," he told me. "I find ways."

"So what do you need me for?"

"Your parents are working on an X-File," the Merlin told me. "A very bad one."

"I don't ask what my parents are working on," I told him. "Their adults and I leave them to do adult things."

"Then I suggest that you get really interested in what they're doing and real fast," he said. "Seven children have been killed in the last month."


"Because of what they will become," he said. "Any and all children that are soon-to develop their craft are put in a file. Someone, or something, has found that file and is going around and killing children before they can develop their abilities."

"Why don't their families watch them?" I asked him.

"They're all adopted," he answered.

"Are the Red's or Black's involved?" I asked, knowing that Harry had yet to destroy the Red Court."

"This doesn't smell like them," he told me.

"How do you know?"

"Because the Red and Blacks are currently having their own little war right now," he told me. "I don't know if this is a rogue wizard or something from the Nevernever."

"And you want me to go over to-."

"Atlanta, a small town about twenty miles from the capital," he said. "Find the bastard that's doing this and do what's needed."

"Of course," I said and I left.

I drove the four days to a small town that I couldn't even pronounce and probably never would. I hate small town, grew up in one, there was just the huge creep factor that existed in one. I pulled up next to a truck and got out, the warm air telling me that summer was almost here, and I walked the short distance to the office and rang the bell. A man in his thirties opened the door and let me in.

"We have one room available," he told me.

"I'll take it."

He handed me the key after I paid him and I headed for my room.

I unloaded what I needed, including the last of remaining children that the Council had recorded as future wizards. There were seven more children that were still alive that was on the radar of the Council. Those seven had address, but I needed to go to the school. I needed to find out what attacked them. The bad part was that the school was a crime scene and I didn't have the badge that I needed to get through. I would have to wait until nightfall.


"Looks like Emily is here," Scully told her partner.

"What the hell is she doing here?"

"I think we should ask her that," Scully suggested. "Mulder I'm not a fan of her being anywhere near an X File. I still remember that thing that tried to kill her."

"I'll have a word with her," he said.

They got out of the car just as Emily came out of her room, her long staff in her hand. They had seen it a couple of times enough to know that she was doing something that she probably didn't want to do.

"Want to make a bet that someone has something over her head."

"Like a way home," Scully answered.

"I saw you coming out," Emily told them.

"Why are you here?"

"Because the White Council has made it clear that I'm supposed to be here," she told them. "I would rather be at home watching TV, but I don't have a choice. Here, a gift."

She handed them a list and she got into her car.

"Something killed them, something knew that they have the gift, and the person that sent the thing wanted to make sure they couldn't develop it. I'm going to the school, tonight, to see what I can find. Want to come?"

"You're not going anywhere."

"Do you think that I want to be here?" she asked. "When the Council tells me to do something I do it. It's all part of being a wizard."

And she pulled out and left them behind.

"Remind me to pay them a visit," Mulder told her. "Come on, before we have to bail her out of jail."

Later that night they pulled up and saw that her car was already there. Getting out they made their way across the parking lot and into the building. It was silent as the grave and there was no sound coming from anywhere.

"This way," Mulder said and they went down the familiar hallway to the crime scene.

"I see that you've managed to show up," she told them.

She had a pouch on the table and her staff was floating a couple of inches away from her.

"Now that's what I call magic," He told Scully.

"Your impressed by anything," she told him.

"So what are you going to do?" he asked her.

"Get you an image," she told them. "This powder allows me to focus my intent, and will, through the powder to produce an image. Magic, my dears, magic."

She sprinkled it on the floor around the desk that the victim had been setting in. They watched as she extended her hand and the powder rose up until something large, with very sharp teeth, and nasty looking.

"Damn it, it's a fucking ghoul," she told them.


A/N: Ghouls were seen in the book Summer Knight and are allied with the Winter Court. This story takes place when Winter has control over the table.