Chapter 1

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"Can we go back now? I'm tired, and my legs are wet and cold and-"

"Shhh, we're almost there." I said and gave Mina a little pat on the shoulder.

"You're such a baby Mina." Raye said in a low mutter as we hiked up a hill.

"Look! Isn't that beautiful?" I breathed when we reached the top.

No one could say a word. The grass, the sky, the small stream was like a picture from a painting. The cold wind rushed us and wrapped around us like a blanket. A very cold blanket. The sky was so blue and clear. The puffy clouds were so big and white they looked like cotton. Below us, the sun was shinning down on the dew that dotted the long emerald green grass and made it sparkle like diamonds. There was a huge tree next to a small gleaming stream. It looked old, with its drooping dark green leave and twisting branches and a large, thick trunk.

"It looks like we found our resting place." Lita said, breaking the silent awe. We all settled next to the tree on a checkered picnic blanket and pulled out our lunched from our bag packs.

"Damn, did your cook pack enough food for us?" Raye said and pulled out another big sandwich.

"Hey, she made me oatmeal cookies!" Mina squealed and eagerly opened the bag.

"I got peanut butter." Lita announced.

Our cook, Lottie, always went overboard when it came to our hiking lunches.

"Hey, Ami, do you think your parents will worry about us? I mean we've been gone for some time." Mina asked shoving a cookie in her mouth.

I shrugged, "I don't think so. They've decided to have a PRIVATE dinner after my Dad gets out of his meeting."

"Oh?" Mina said and raised a perfect dark blonde eyebrow, her beautiful blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

"My parents always have private dinners. With other people. Like this latest woman Philip is with, she's old enough to be his daughter. He brought her to the apartment the other day drunk as hell." Raye said and let blades of grass fall through her fingers.

"OUR apartment? When was this?" I asked.

"You were at school and Mina was out with some guy, Lita was at her own parents' house." She said with shrug.

"Where was your mom?" Mina asked taking a bit of her sandwich and chewing thoughtfully.

Raye shrugged, "Probably at her latest boyfriend's."

I shook my head. I didn't know how Uncle Philip and Aunt Fern did that. My parents we so committed to each other.

Mina snorted. "At least your parents acknowledge you." She muttered in disgust.

We were quite, thinking to ourselves. Mina's parents were the worst. They didn't want a daughter. At ten, Mina went back and forth between the Hayden brothers. My parents even petitioned to take full custody of her, but Uncle Henry and Aunt Vera wouldn't even hear of it. Besides business, the Hayden brothers never really got along. I didn't know how my Grandmother handled all her sons who disliked each other so much. No wonder she moved to Florida when her last son graduated from college. I mean, five boys? I couldn't really stand my own three brothers, no matter how much I loved them.

"I'm finished." I said and stuffed the rest of my lunch back into my backpack. I wandered down to the stream and washed my hands in the ice clod water. My reflection rippled off the water, and I paused to study myself. I couldn't deny that I was rather good looking, not that I was conceited, but there was no way to deny that I was pleasing looking. I inherited my Mother's dark black hair that was almost blue and soft, almost elfin features, and my father's china blue eyes. I was slender with curves that came at the mere age of twelve.

I looked back at Mina, Raye and Lita, who were packing their things back up. I flicked a look over to Lita and watched as she shook her shiny brown hair back off her slender shoulders. Lita had a variety of sharp and soft features with emerald green eyes. She was taller then Mina, Raye and I, because of her long runner legs. Raye was a no nonsense kind of person who said what she thought and did as she pleased. With her raven black hair that had unusual purple highlights to go with her purple eyes and her flawless peachy skin with a lithe body she kept hidden at times, Raye was gorgeous. She only had a couple of relationships, but all of them ended badly and made her wary of the male sex altogether. This thing with her parents didn't help much either.

Mina was an all out knock out with long soft golden hair, baby blue eyes that sparkled every time she looked at you, and a slender body that had all the guys panting to get close to her. She had that effect on them. She flirted outrageously and wore clothes that barley covered her body. But something about her made it all look classy. She was a baby, no doubt. She complained all the time and pouted every time she didn't get something she wanted, but that was our Mina, you took her as she came.

"We better get going. It looks like a storm is coming in." Raye advised squinting at the sky.

"That's weird. It said it would be sunny all week." I murmured staring at the dark, brooding clouds that were filing in.

"Europe weather. It's unpredictable." Mina said and started toward the car.

We hurried as fast as we could, but didn't make it. Cold, hard rain sliced through the sky and soaked us in seconds.

"Where did you park?" Mina yelled over the distant thunder.

"Over the hill!" Lita yelled back. The rain was bad, and we couldn't see three feet in front of us.

"We have to wait out the storm somewhere! It's too dangerous to go find the car now when we can't see!" I yelled at my cousins.

We ran to a nearby cave we scouted earlier.

"Man! My hair is a mess!" complained Mina. She was visibly shaking and I quickly opened my bag and took the picnic blanket and gave it to her.

"Do you have any matches Ami?" Lita asked. "Mine are soaked."

I rummaged through my bag and pulled out matches and tossed them to her.

The cave was cold and very dark. Lightning cracked outside and a flash of white light lit it up for a moment. Lita lit a match and the cave seemed to light up automatically, which was rather strange.

"Oh my God!" Exclaimed Mina and pointed a shaking finger up at the wall we were next to.

I gasped as I saw what she was pointing at. It was a torch with a metal claw holding it up.

"What the hell is this place?" Raye murmured and yanked the torch from the wall lighting it. The room brightened more. As we began to walk further into the cave we saw other torches aligning the wall. We followed the long hall lighting torches on our way until we came to a dead end.

"There has to be more to this cave than this." Mina said roaming her hand over the cold stone wall.

"What's this?" Lita asked running a hand over the scratchings on the wall.

We all peered closer. They were weird shapes that were faded.

"Beyond the hall of flame there is a passage that opens only for the destined ones. Chant the spell and the doors will open for you." I glanced back up at my cousins who were eyeing me warily.

"How do you know what it says?" Raye asked suspiciously.

"I-I don't know. I'm as flabbergasted as you two." It was true, it all made sense to me like I was reading a textbook. How weird. This day was beginning to get pretty strange I though biting my lip.

"Well where's the spell? I want to read it." Mina said with growing excitement.

"I can't believe your buying this Mina. Obviously some punk kids wrote this and Ami is playing some kind of game with us." Lita scoffed.

"I am not Lita. I honestly knew what it said." I defended planting hands on my hips glaring defiantly at her.

"Yeah right." Raye said. I was use to Raye's sharp remarks. It surprised me that I grew immune to them.

"Hey what's that?" Mina pointed to the ground. There was some sort of loose stone. "Hey! Look at this!" Mina said and pushed the large stone aside. Nestled in sand was a worn leather book. "I think this is the spell book." Mina grinned up at us, handing me the book, her eyes glittering with anticipation and excitement.

"It is. Open it Ami." Raye said. I hesitated and gave Raye a questioning glance. I though she thought this was fake. "Just do it. That way I can prove to you and Mina that this is all just a dumb game." She said with a roll of her eyes.

I studied the cover of the book. It had five stars in the front, each a separate design.

"Oh Ami, just open it. What harm can be done from reading a book?" Mina asked almost jumping up and down with tension.

"Fine." I opened it, half expecting lightning to strike us. There was only one page and it was brittle and yellow with age.

Surprisingly it was in English and we all read it together.


"We call to the powers of all that are to be

Come and cast your power upon we

We call upon the Goddess of Light

We call upon the Goddess of Might

We call on the Goddess of the Elements

We call upon the Goddess of Heart

For we are those who will bring daylight to the dark"


We finished the 'spell' and waited for the worst. When time flew passed us we gave into shaky laughs.

"See? What did I tell you? There is no such thing as magic." Raye said and closed the book with a snap.

Mina playfully pouted. "Too bad."

I had to laugh which was cut short when the ground began to shake. A powerful light blasted from the book cover. Raye screamed and dropped it. The intense light grew bigger and bigger and created a sucking hole. The currents of wind grabbed my ankles and pulled. I went down with a smack on my butt. It pulled me closer and closer to it. I tried to take hold of anything that I could but all my hands could grab was cold, dry dirt. Almost all my body was in the hole and I caught onto the end of the vortex and tried to hold on, but the currents were much stronger than I and soon I was falling into the hole with nothing but my screams to greet me.

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AN: Alright, this fanfiction is a little different form my other one, but I really like the idea. Serena will come in the next chapter and this will be a love/fantasy story. Also, as you can tell, this is an Alternate Universe story, so there will be no sailor scouts. The guys will make their appearance later in the story to. Please review me cuz I love all the inspiration ya'll give me.