So I decided to see if I was any good at writing these gamer fics. I enjoy them very much and I was inspired by them to write my first story! I do accept constructive criticism, but please be gentle. Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoys the idea's that come out of this cesspool of a brain!

I in no way own these characters or worlds that take place in this story, I am just playing around with the sandbox left to me and my imagination. But the OCs are MINE!

Chapter 1: Press Start to Begin!

[Congratulations! You have died! You lived a grand total of 43 years, 137 days, 19 hours, 25 minutes and 13 seconds. You have been selected by the random multiverse lottery system to be the next Gamer! Press Start to begin!]

I have been staring at this blue box for what seemed like forever, not believing what I was seeing. There was a large start button floating underneath the message. I have been trying to press it for what seemed like hours but apparently disembodied souls don't have anything to "Press Start" with.

[Try thinking Start you Dunderhead!]

-1 Int (For taking literal hours of this system's time!)

Alright sheesh, no need to yell. I quickly think start. If this is like any other system I have read about in my previous life, then I need my intelligence just to survive. It is arguably my most important stat!

+1 Int (For an intelligent decision)

Ok now the system is just mocking me, I can feel it in my soul! Which come to think of it is the only thing I have right now soooo . . . . .

[Please Enter a Name]

Tavish Byrne

[Your name will be Tavish Byrne?]


Yes of course that's my new name. Why so skeptical game?

[Nothing's wrong per say, it just that new games usually give themselves some edgy sounding, anime name in hopes of going to an anime world. Are you sure?]

Hey I enjoy anime as much as the next dude, but I have some sense of realism thank you. If there is a character creator, I won't be going for an anime look, so why would I have an anime name? I have no context on popular anime names, plus I really like this name.

[Fine I am just making sure this is going to be semi-permanent.]

+1 rep with System (1/100) for having some naming sense.

[Alright next up is to select your race.]


What are the question marks?

[The question marks represent a random race from across the entire multiverse. You could end up a Saiyan, a frog, or a flying spaghetti monster. So . . . . feeling lucky?]

Well shoot, I could end up screwed, or very, very lucky. Do I want to risk it? No, but fuck it! Nothing ventured nothing gained. Hit me with it system!

[Race Gained. Transcendent Human (Doom Slayer)!? You lucky fucker!]

[Prestige Class gained: Slayer (1/100) Grants +5 Str, Dex and End per level]

[Perk gained: Immense Strength: The Doom Slayer´s strength allows him to lift heavy objects and throw them on great distance without effort, is able to smash through walls, and carry a great amount of various heavy weapons without tiring. His might is sufficient to grapple and overpower superhumanly strong enemies in hand-to-hand combat, and perform visceral "Glory Kills" to ensure their complete destruction. Grant's an additional +5 to strength per level]

[Perk gained: Immense Durability: Able to survive injuries which would kill an average person and even weaker enemies, he becomes near-unstoppable, being able to endure both cold and heat and is capable of enduring the hits that enemies are able to land. Grant's an additional +5 to Endurance per level]

[Perk gained: Immense Speed, Agility, and Reflexes: Even with his heavy armor and equipment, the Unchained Predator is highly mobile with amazing reflexes and reactions. He can outmaneuver his opponents with great dexterity, avoiding their attacks, he is able to jump to great distance both horizontally and vertically and land from heights perfectly. He can also very quickly switch between his weapons. Grant's a +5 to Dexterity per level]

[Perk gained: Destruction Empowerment: The most unique thing about the Doom Marine is his ability to grow stronger and become even more tenacious with every enemy he kills giving the Slayer the ability to absorb the souls of those he killed. Grants access to Soul Well (0/25)]

[Perk gained: Weapon Mastery: The Doom Marine is capable of using any weapon or firearm in his possession with master proficiency. He can use all artillery he comes across with great effect, while also upgrading and modifying his arsenal. Grants the skill Weapon Mastery (1/100)]

Perk gained: Expert Combatant: The Unchained Predator is a highly trained and experienced combatant, even when lacking ammo and weapons, he can slay his enemies just with his bare hands alone, without the need of any melee weapon, he can defeat and tear apart demons far bigger and stronger than him just with his own skills in hand-to-hand combat. Grants the skill Expert Combatant (1/100)]

Holy fuck, I hit a jackpot as far as racial lottery is concerned. By the way system, I saw strength and Dex among the perks, what kind of stat system am I working with?

[I am glad you asked, here is a base overview and then let's get to character creation.]

Strength: "Do you even lift bro!?" represents how much oomph you can put into a physical activity

Dexterity: "I can do a handstand on top of a ladder while shooting a bow!" Represents how agile you are.

Endurance: "You tough enough?" Represents how tough you are, and how long you can do strenuous activities

Intelligence: "The square root of pi is . . . . ." Represents how smart you are. Essential for magic

Wisdom: "Confucius say, he who stand on toilet, is high on pot. . ." represents your ability to effectively use your smarts. Also represents how you use your mana

Charisma: "I seduce the dragon . . . ." Represents not only how good looking you are but how much presence you have while interacting with people.

Luck: "Do you feel lucky punk?" Represents the quality of loot acquired from slain enemies, the quantity of drops and the likelihood of getting pulled into events can be good and bad. Also affects Gacha.

Alright, sweet. This is a lot simpler than what I thought it would be. What about the Soul Well?

The Soul Well represents the number of "Souls" you have acquired. Every time you fill the well allows you to cash in the well for a perk point.

The Slayer wasn't built in a day huh?


Let's see that character creation menu please. I want to be out of this soul form as soon as possible.

A menu opens and I see a genderless being with a series of options and start making my body. I end up with a tall, well-built body topping out at 6'6 with dark red hair and green eyes. I wanted a leaner build but I guess that the slayer build wouldn't allow me to be too lean. I am slightly ashamed to admit that I contemplated maxing out the slider at 3 feet for my dick before I settled for a more reasonable length. While I thought it would be funny to see the look on people's faces when I have that big dick energy, I figured it would be more of a hassle just walking around with the bloody thing.

Alright what next System?

Please select a Primary class


Wait, I thought Slayer was my class?

Slayer is a prestige class, which means that it is an additional class acquired through the system. You can only level one prestige class at a time. You could work on multiple standard classes when one reaches Lvl 40.

Alright then let's go with fighter.

Please select a specialization

[Warrior] [Duelist] [Martial artist] [Berserker]

Warrior would feel repetitive on top of my slayer class and I feel like berserker would feel like overkill with slayer. Plus, I didn't feel like flying off into a mindless rage so that left duelist and martial artist.

Hey system, do I get to choose my world?


Could you at least tell me where I am going?

[Attack on Titan]

Well . . . shit.

That wasn't exactly an ideal world to start out in, but thanks to making out like a bandit with the racial lottery, I think I could pull through. If I remember correctly, the Eldians were very far behind in regards to technology. There most advanced tech being the ODM gear.

I guess I can't go wrong with Martial Artist.

Class gained [Martial artist (1/100)]

[Gain +5 Dex, Str, and End every level]

Well, those extra stat points are going to help if I have to go through the military training. Do I get to assign my stats?

[No, your points are assigned based of your base race. They are then augmented by your class and you receive 10 stats per level to assign how you choose. Various actions in the world can be taken to increase your overall stats such as running to boost Dex and End or talking up people to increase charisma]

You are surprisingly helpful for a system, usually in the stories I have read, the system likes withholding information or is just generally an asshole.

[It would be detrimental to hinder you as my host, ultimately the purpose of the system is to provide an enjoyable game]

Would you like a name other than system? I can't tell if you have a preference.

[I don't care]

Soooo male or female?

[. . . . . . .]

[Female please]

How about Iris?

+1 with Iris for providing her with a name (2/100)

I don't care my ass! Any way at the end I finally got to my stat sheet and was somewhat surprised by the end result.

Tavish Byrne

Level – 1

Class – Martial Artist – Lvl 1/100 [0%]

Prestige Class – Slayer – Lvl 1/100 [0%]

Race – Transcendent Human

Alignment – True Neutral

HP- 200 [40 per minute]

MP- 100 [20 per 30 seconds]

SP- 200 [40 per 30 seconds

Soul Well (0/25)








Mana Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

Health = END X 10

SP = END X 10

Wow, I didn't expect such round numbers! I was expecting less uniformity but I can work with this. Hey Iris, do I have any skills yet?

Skills are developed through leveling, by taking a new class or by performing certain actions. Skill creation however is limited and has to go through review by the admins.

Skills Gained

[Glory Kill] (1/100)

50 SP, 10 MP to use

Finish off an opponent with 1/10 of their HP left in the most brutal manner possible to refill SP, MP or HP

[Blood Punch] (1/100)

50 SP

Turn your opponent into a bloody mess. Have to kill 3 opponents to charge up.

Deals Str*5 damage.

[Weapon Mastery] (1/100)

You have handled many weapons and you know how to use them.

[Expert Combatant] (1/100)

You know how to handle yourself even if you have no weapons. This is an indicator of how far you have progressed in the martial arts style of the slayer.

[Armor training] (Passive)

You have the knowledge of how to maintain and wear the armor of the slayer

"Speaking of which where is the praetor suit? Can I get the one from Doom Eternal?" I was getting nervous at this point. I mean, what kind of slayer would I be without it.

You're going to need to make it.

"God damn it." I wanted that suit ever since I saw the trailer for it. "What is that going to require, because the world that I am going to does not have the tech needed to make the suit.

Quest added

[If I don't have it, I'll make it]

Objective – Make the Praetor Suit

Reward – Praetor Suit with your specifications, ? , ?, ?

"When and where will I be dropped off in this world?!" I was starting to panic because if I wasn't given enough prep time this could end very, very bad for me! I suddenly felt a surge of tranquilness as my brain slowed down to process this information and possible plans, a new skill popped up

Skills Gained

[Gamers Mind] Passive (MAX)

Allows the player to calmly and logically think things through.

Provides immunity to psychological status effects.

[Gamers Body] Passive (MAX)

Grants the body that allows the user to live life like a video game.

[Observe] (Active) (1/100)

Provides information on a target

I knew there was something I forgot to give you.


Anyway, you are going to be dropped inside of wall rose just after the wall maria reclamation operation, you are an orphan from Wall Maria and have taken up a job working for your Uncle as a Blacksmith. That gives you one year before the training of the 104th Cadet Corp. you should have time to at least make a few of the Slayer's weapons and the armor. You will just have to grind like any self-respecting gamer.

"Oh, ok." I breathe a sigh of relief. I remember reading a gamer story where they had to evolve extremely fast in order to not die. I'm glad that I have so time to prepare.

Now the only thing left is for you to test your instant dungeon mechanic!

I will just drop you in.

A hole opens up underneath of me and I plunge into the darkness. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" I scream as screens flash in front of me.

Welcome to the Game Player!

Initializing ID Mechanic in




I slowly come back to consciousness and notice the forest canopy up above me. I quickly sit up and look around. I can smell the forest in all of its colors again! Being in the void for so long puts things in perspective!

As I continued to appreciate the sites and smells around me, I felt a sharp pain on my arm.

[-3 HP]

I look and see that a short little green goblin threw a rock at me.

It was dressed in a small rabbit skin loin cloth and covered in tribal markings. It barred its pointed teeth at me in challenge.

I was feeling rage bubble up inside of me. How dare this little shit throw a rock at me, I didn't choose to land here. . . wherever here is?

Quest added

[The beginning]

Objective 1: Use observe on the "Goblin"

Objective 2: Kill said "Goblin"

Objective 3: Clear this area of the Dungeon

Bonus: ?

Reward – ID Create, ID Escape, 500xp, $500, ?


Goblin Scout Lvl 5

HP- 200

Thoughts – You're an easy Target

I kind of have to admit that he may be right. I have no weapons; I am wearing basic t-shirt and pants and I have no shoes. But that doesn't stop my rage from continuing to tower and I realize one very important fact, he is almost three and a half feet shorter than me.

As soon as I come across this realization, he seems to realize that to as he pales into a significantly paler green and I give him a savage grin.

He turns to run as I quickly dart across the small clearing and grab and fling him into the nearest tree

[-20 HP]

The Goblin tries to get up but I am upon him ramming him into the tree again and again.

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

I switch tactics as I break his arm and ram the bone sticking out through his skull.

[Glory Kill]

All SP Restored

I sit back, breathing heavy as I take in the fact that I had just killed someone with my bare hands. The weirdest part about it was that I had no regrets and was absolutely calm about it. What was that towering rage that I had felt? I thought Gamer's mind would protect me from aspect like that. As I was mulling this over, a series of screens popped up.

Perks Discovered

[Indomitable Rage: His rage is such that it was enough to keep him alive and propel him forward across worlds & time for the better part of an eternity after he sealed himself in Hell to fight off its accursed denizens. The intense hatred he feels towards his enemies and all their affiliates have not only given him insurmountable strength to wade through waves upon waves of monstrous fiends and apparitions, but made him legendary in the annals of history across multiple dimensions as well as in their recorded fables. Allows the Slayer to enter a Rage State X 2 to Str and End (1/100)]

Cost: SP use is doubled in this state, Rage ends when out of SP. Cooldown 3 min

[Indomitable Will: The Doom Marine possesses tremendous amount of willpower and determination that cannot be weakened. No matter the situation, opponents or obstacles he pushes forward, refusing to give up regardless of what happened. Enables the Slayer to focus his Rage on specific tasks. +10 to Will during Rage State

[Level Up]

Tavish Byrne

Level – 2

Class – Martial Artist – Lvl 2/100 [95%]

Prestige Class – Slayer – Lvl 2/100 [36%]

Race – Transcendent Human

Alignment – True Neutral

HP- 300 [40 per minute]

MP- 100 [20 per 30 seconds]

SP- 300 [40 per 30 seconds

Soul Well (1/25)








Mana Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

Health = END X 10

SP = END X 10

Stat points (10)

[Observe] (Active) (2/100)

Provides information on a target

[Glory Kill] (2/100)

50 SP, 10 MP to use

Finish off an opponent with 1/10 of their HP left in the most brutal manner possible to refill SP, MP or HP

[Blood Punch] (1/100)

50 SP

Turn your opponent into a bloody mess. Have to kill 3 opponents to charge up.

Deals Str*5 damage

[Weapon Mastery] (1/100)

You have handled many weapons and you know how to use them. Weapons deal Weapon + (Str*2)

[Expert Combatant] (2/100)

You know how to handle yourself even if you have no weapons. This is an indicator of how far you have progressed in the martial arts style of the slayer. Unarmed combat deals Str*2

I can feel my muscles itching as I get stronger, faster and tougher. The first one was easy! Is this all a goblin is!? I could probably take them all on! And he dropped loot!

1x rabbit loin cloth

1x rusty goblin spear

1x cooked squirrel

$15 dollars

Sure it's not the greatest loot but that's what I have my stat points for as I put all of my points into luck, boosting the stat to 20.

[Luck event triggered]

I hear a scream from behind me, and I turn around and see the rest of the goblin scouting party. I probably should not have tempted fate. I decided to use observe on them.

[Observe Level up] (3/100)

Goblin Scout Lvl. 8

Goblin Scout Team Leader Lvl.10

Goblin Scout Lvl.4

Goblin Scout Lvl.7

Goblin Scout Lvl.5

Goblin Scout Lvl.6

Goblin Scout Lvl.4

Goblin Scout Lvl.4

Thoughts – You killed their friend in a over the top brutal manner, you need to suffer before you die.

"Well shit. . ." I mutter before the leader releases a war cry and charges, the rest of the goblins following behind.

I dodge out of the way of the majority of their wild stabs before their leader gets the first hit in catching my arm.

[-65 HP]

I grab the spear and rip it from his hands and use the spear to stab the nearest one.

[-75 HP]

I quickly realize that I am not going to be able to sustain this as I receive another stab wound from a goblin. So, I do the only thing that I am capable of doing. I unleash my rage.

[-75 HP]

[Indomitable Rage activated]

I roar out and run the nearest goblin through with a spear.

[-150 HP]

I grab and twist spinning his head clean off his shoulders in a fountain of blood.

Glory Kill!

HP restored!

I snarl as I turn to the remaining goblins, covered in their compatriots blood my rage. Grabbing the nearest one, I break his spine over my knee before ripping him in half.

Glory Kill

SP restored!

The Goblin's came here expecting an easy kill, instead met a being of rage, one who could walk the very depths of hell and come out on top. They came across the apex predator and released the chains holding his rage in check.

Terror now gripped their little faces. Their leader quickly took a position at the back of the group. "Hold the monster off!" He yelled. "I need to warn the tribe!" and beat a haste retreat. The remaining goblins tried to scatter with their leadership gone, but Tavish was having none of that and proceeded to polish off the remaining goblins.

Level Up x2

[Level Up]

Tavish Byrne

Level – 4

Class – Martial Artist – Lvl 4/100 [13%]

Prestige Class – Slayer – Lvl 4/100 [76%]

Race – Transcendent Human

Alignment – True Neutral

HP- 500 [40 per minute]

MP- 100 [20 per 30 seconds]

SP- 500 [40 per 30 seconds

Soul Well (8/25)








Mana Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

Health = END X 10

SP = END X 10

Stat points (20)

Money: $90

[Glory Kill] (5/100)

50 SP, 10 MP to use

Finish off an opponent with 1/10 of their HP left in the most brutal manner possible to refill SP, MP or HP

[Blood Punch] (1/100)

50 SP

Turn your opponent into a bloody mess. Have to kill 3 opponents to charge up.

Deals Str*5 damage

[Weapon Mastery] (4/100)

You have handled many weapons and you know how to use them. Weapons deal Weapon + (Str*2)

[Expert Combatant] (10/100)

You know how to handle yourself even if you have no weapons. This is an indicator of how far you have progressed in the martial arts style of the slayer. Unarmed combat deals Str*2

As I come down from my rage, a feeling of exhaustion overtakes me. I end up sitting against a tree in this blood-soaked clearing as I slowly catch my breath and wait for my rage to come off cool down before I go after the rest of the goblins.

I didn't realize that the slayer was consumed with that much rage when he went into combat. It's a little humbling actually, that he sustains his rage for so long that he is known as a scourge of hell. He killed literally an entire dimension of demons and then went looking for more.

I guess I have quite the legacy to live up to here. I just hope I end up doing the title of slayer proud.

+ 5 rep with ?

I freeze, I guess my own thoughts are as private as I would like them to be.

[Indeed they are not]

I relax, "hey Iris, I haven't heard from you in a hot minute. Everything good?"

[Everything is fine, you were just. . . busy.]

Ah, sorry. I didn't think it would be this . . . messy.

Better get used to it bucko, you're going to Attack on Titan.

"Well at least the blood evaporates from the titans." I muse as I check over the loot I got from the goblins. "By the way, do I have an inventory like other gamers?" I question.

[. . . . . .]

[Are you serious?]

Well, I had to check! Some systems have either a very crappy inventory or don't even possess an inventory.


The fabled hammer space opens with its rows and rows of empty boxes waiting to be filled. Over time it will be filled with the wonders and treasures that I will acquire. And here I am, filling it with goblin loin cloths, broken spears and roasted squirrel. In total from that last fight, I got . . .

7x Loin Cloths

6x Goblin Spear's (Poor)

1x Goblin club (Poor)

5x roasted Squirrel

1x Cleaver (Rare)


I stop as I see the cleaver amongst the junk. Apparently one of the goblin's were using it as a sword.

I pull the cleaver out of my inventory and use Observe on it.

[The Butcher]

A very well-made cleaver. It's a little on the large side but well apt for slicing up food, or your enemies. Deals 150 + (Str*2). Inflicts bleed for 10 second on successful hits.

Well looks like I have found my new favorite weapon and cooking implement. I place it back in my inventory and continue on following the path that the scout leader took.

Hey system, what is the tier system like for loot? I have seen poor and rare so far

Certain items are divided into tiers to represent their worth these tiers come in the form of








What tier would the praetor suit be at? Or any of the slayer's weapons?

They would be ranked Legendary to Mythic.

Weapons like the Crucible or the Unmayker would fall into the Mythic category.

I guess that means I have a long way to go. I also need to get an actual fighting style. The ripping and tearing that I am doing now may work against goblins, but I am just using brute force and my imagination. And I guarantee that I will be court marshaled if I rip off a fellow trainee's arm and beat them to death with it.

Is their skill books that I can pick- up for a new style?

Yes, scattered throughout dungeons and drops are various skill books to teach you different styles and abilities, you still have to train them up though.

I hope I find one in this dungeon because I won't get very far without some sort of style. It seems like every OP asshole in the universe has some sort of special style.

You know what? I want to be one of those OP assholes, I am going to find a base style and make it my own. Who knows, maybe their will be dojos dedicated to learning my style?

Quest Added

[One Style to rule them all]

Objective: Develop a personal style

Bonus Objective 1: Gain fame as a practitioner of said style

Bonus Objective 2: Open a dojo dedicated to teaching the style

Bonus Objective 3: Establish your style as the strongest

Reward: Your own personal style, 1,000,000 XP, $100,000,000

Those are some tantalizing rewards, I'm not going to lie. But first things first, finding a style to work from.

I finally reach the gates of the goblin village and find a large group of their Warriors waiting for me


Goblin Warrior Lvl. 10

Goblin Warrior Lvl. 11

Goblin Warrior Lvl. 9

Goblin Warrior Lvl.10

Goblin Warrior Lvl.12

Goblin Warrior Lvl.9

This group seems significantly more dangerous than the scouts that I had run into previously. I pull the cleaver out of my inventory and prepare to rage. This time when I rage, armed with the cleaver, almost every hack and slice ends with a glory kill as I bulldoze my way through the pack. More and more goblins are pouring out of the various huts and building that make up the camp.

One by one, the Goblin's Fall like dominos before my onslaught as I remove arms, legs, heads, and anything that comes within my reach. Eventually, I start experimenting trying to find the quickest way to kill these goblins. I try to channel mana into my cleaver and I slice a goblin in half with a single strike. I receive a ping afterword's and I check the notification.

Skill Gained

[Mana Strike] (1/100)

Empowers your strikes and increase their damage potential with mana

50 MP per Strike

Deals 2 X Standard damage

I grin as I read the notification, this just got a whole lot more interesting.

I try my power strike on the nearest goblin and watch my cleaver glow as arcs of energy coat it, and slice through the goblin. It felt like slicing through warm butter. I check my MP

MP: 5/100

Jeez, that really drained my MP. I guess I can't use it is frequently as I was hoping . . . .

I grab another Goblin and snap his neck

Glory Kill!

MP restored!

Another goblin carcass thrown in the center of camp. This allowed me to power strike two goblin's before I had to glory kill another one. I soon had a rhythm going until there were no goblins left in the camp.


Boss Monster incoming!

Oh, come on! It can't be any better than these disappointments of goblins. As soon as I say those words, the boss appears.

Hobgoblin Chief Lvl. 25

HP- 2250

Thoughts – You killed its tribe; your life is forfeit

Ok, I may have shot my mouth off just a tiny bit too much as it hits me with its spiked club.

[-150 Hp]

Shit! That was half my hit points in a single swing. I am going to have to be very carful about this. I look around for another goblin, hoping for a quick glory kill and realize that I just killed the last standard goblin moments before.

I dive out of the way of another swing and use two power strikes with my cleaver

Mana Strike!

[-500 HP]

Mana Strike!

[-500 HP]

I retreat quickly and use observe on the chieftain.

Hobgoblin Chief Lvl. 25

HP- 1250/2250

Ok there is half his health gone. Just as I am about to hit him again, a sense of exhaustion hits me. I check my SP and rage.

SP 0/500

Rage cool down 2:59

Oh dear . . . *Giggle* I'm in danger!

I feel the spikes of the club dig into me again, as I try to maneuver out of the way and put some distance between me and the chief.

[-130 Hp]

I start running, trying to buy time before I get slaughtered. How pathetic would that be? I'm not even out of the tutorial and one more hit and I'm done! I check the countdown timer for rage . . .


I check my MP pool and I almost have enough to do another power strike. I keep my head down as I duck and dodge away from the angry hobgoblins club. I just need to buy enough time in order to enter my rage state.

Due to Continuous use, new skills were unlocked.

[Sprint] (2/100)

Increases sprinting speed by 5mph*level

Costs 25 SP every 30 seconds

[Dodge] (2/100) (passive)

Increases dodge chance by 2%

[Physical Resistance] (2/100) (Passive)

Reduces physical damage by 0.5% for every level (1% reduction)

Not now Iris! I receive a glancing shot from the club.

[-25 HP]

[Rage Available]

My rage is available again and I activate it and use blood punch, causing the hobgoblin to explode into gory chunks across the remains of the goblin camp.

[-1225 HP] *Critical hit*

I finally collapse from the last fight as I receive multiple pings from the game.

Level Up! X5

Quest Completed

[The beginning]

Objective 1: Use observe on the "Goblin" [x]

Objective 2: Kill said "Goblin" [x]

Objective 3: Clear this area of the Dungeon[x]

Bonus: Defeat Hobgoblin Chief [x]

Reward – ID Create, ID Escape, 500xp, $500, Random Skill Book

Tavish Byrne

Level – 9

Class – Martial Artist – Lvl 9/100 [19%]

Prestige Class – Slayer – Lvl 9/100 [49%]

Race – Transcendent Human

Alignment – True Neutral

HP- 1000 [200 per minute]

MP- 100 [20 per 30 seconds]

SP- 1000 [200 per 30 seconds

Soul Well (35/25) (Perk options available)








Mana Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

Health = END X 10

SP = END X 10

Stat points (70)

Money: $5764

[Loot Gained]

27 x loin cloths of various sizes

8 x Goblin swords [poor]

12 x Goblin Spears [poor]

5 x Gacha Tokens [common]

1 x Gacha Token [epic]

5 x Cooked rabbits [rare]

2 x minor health potions

Skill Book: Gentle Fist Martial art

Due to Strength reaching 100, a Perk was awarded

[Unflinching] (passive)

-Gives the gamer an 80% chance to resist getting staggered or knocked back

Due to Dexterity reaching 100, a Perk was awarded

[Speedster] (passive)

You can move and react faster than others

-increase speed by 50%

Due to endurance reaching 100, a perk was awarded

[Self-Regeneration] (1/100) (passive)

This skill restores the gamers body to a greater degree than natural regeneration

-Increases HP/SP per END by skill level

-Increases Hp/SP Regen by 1% x skill level

Sweet! I finally have a style to use as a base.

I grab the book and a screen pops up.

Would you like to learn Gentle Fist?


Yes of course. As soon as I hit yes, the book vanishes into colorful pixels.

[Gentle Fist] (1/100)

Cost 10 MP per Strike

The Gentle Fist is a form of hand-to-hand combat used by members of the Hyūga clan. It inflicts internal damage through attacking the body's Mana System, subsequently injuring organs which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. This style circulates around redirecting your opponent's attacks and striking joints, pressure points and vital areas.


For reaching level 5, you have unlocked the Production Class slot.

Please select a Class








I'll go with Engineer. I will probably get blacksmithing for working for the black smith, right? And this way, I will be able to upgrade technology to my standards and bring myself closer to the praetor suit.

Class Gained

[Engineer] (1/100)

+5 INT and WIS per level, +2 Luck

Skills Acquired

[Create device]

-creates basic device, requires materials

[Create Machine]

-creates machine to serve you, requires materials

[Disassemble Machine]

-Provides an integral understanding on how a machine works

-Blueprint of machine added to collection

[Upgrade Machine]

-Spend Mana to improve aspects of a machine or device.

[Blueprint packs added] x3

-packs containing 5 x blueprints of machines and devices of various strengths

Gamer's Shop Unlocked

The information on how to build and create is forced into my head like someone is attempting to drive a railroad spike through my skull. I hope that I got the basic stuff to start an industrial revolution on Trost. If not, I could take a look in the shop for something specific.

It will also bring me a lot closer to getting the Doom slayers gun's as well. I think that AOT only has black powder rifles and gun powder is a rarity. Increasing the firearm quality should by extension, grant me funds that will help me in the long run.

+5 INT for developing a rough plan to achieve your goals and how to go about implementing them.

Speaking of which if I am going to be developing this stuff, I need to get smarter, a LOT smarter! All tech within the walls has been designed to fight titans.

The government has been suppressing technological advancement. I am going to need to work on getting Commander Pixis, Commander Erwin and possibly to a lesser degree, General Zackly, on board. I am going to need their support in actually advancing technology. Pixis won't be too much trouble as long as what I create will benefit humanity in the long term. His support will go a long way in implementing change in Trost.

Zackly will do whatever benefits himself the most, or humiliates the monarchy.

Erwin would be a huge help in trying to develop anything to get an advantage over the titans and make humanity the superior race of the world. His need for understanding the world will be a huge boon if it can be directed in the right direction.

Ultimately, I need machines, and for machines to work I need to develop a power source. Once I have power, I can send signals and then we will have communication with other districts in seconds. There is the potential that I will accelerate Paradis into a civil war . . . but I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

I go ahead and add 35 points to both wisdom and intelligence bringing those stats up to 45 each. I haven't been saving my points because I don't want to be one of those gamers that ends up hoarding his stat points to the end of time.

My Soul Well is full too! I went ahead and selected a new Slayer Perk

Perk Added

[Eternal Champion]

The Slayer can Grapple and throw creatures 15m or smaller.

Soul Well (10/50)

I got that perk for the ability to troll people.

My vision starts to fade out as Iris messages me.

Alright now that you have encountered your first dungeon, it's time to enter the actual world.

You will wake up in bed at your Uncle's house in





-avish . . . . Tavish It's time to wake up!

I Blearily open my eyes and see a dark-haired woman standing over me along with a new message. My body appears to be that of a 15-year-old. I have de- aged a little but my overall size hasn't reduced.

You have slept in a bed!

HP/SP/MP Restored!

All status effects removed!

I quickly use observe on her.

Maggie Amsdale Lvl. 15

Loving Aunt

Thoughts – worry, love, you need to get up.

I quickly get up. "Sorry Aunt Maggie, I guess I didn't fall asleep until late last night." I couldn't Exactly tell her that I spent all of yesterday killing goblins in a dungeon now, could I?

A new skill has been acquired

[Lying] (1/100)

Increases the likely hood of someone believing your lie by skill level (1%)

Iris! What was I supposed to tell her!?

Maggie nods in understanding. "I understand, I don't think anyone in the districts could sleep soundly after yesterday. The wall reclamation operation . . ." she shakes her head. "We should have been better prepared, yet in the hundred years that the walls stood successful in protecting use, we grew complacent. When our leaders decide that the easy way out is to sacrifice their own people, they should lose the right to be our leaders!"

The venom with what she said those words surprised me. "I know Auntie, but be careful with saying that. Said leaders might try to silence you for such an opinion."

She snorts; "Don't I know it. Well hurry up and get dressed, your Uncle is already down in the smithy. Don't keep him waiting, we have a lot of work to go through." She finished and started heading down stairs.

I went over to the cabinet beside the bed and pulled out some clothes.

[Items Acquired]

1 x Simple shirt

1 x Simple Pants

1 x Basic Underwear

1 x Set of Steel-Toed boots

Hell yes! Finally! I have shoes! I have literally been fighting barefoot throughout the entire dungeon. Ooohhhh, you sweet foot coverings, come here!

I put on the boots and they feel comfortable, yet firm. This is a solid pair of boots! I hope we have many adventures together!

After that little outburst, I head down stairs and walk from the house into the smithy. The house is connected next door to the shop and forge. There I see my Uncle already working metal into horse shoes, blades and other works. I observe him.

Jacob Amsdale Lvl. 27

Contemplative Uncle

Thoughts – Focus, worry, determination

"Hey Uncle!" I call out to him.

He sets the metal he is working on back into the fire, takes his gloves off and dusts off his hands.

"Tavish." he greets. "Grab an apron and gloves, I am going to need that strength of yours today." Gesturing over to the rack with the smith's apron and gloves.

"What are we making today?" I question him.

"Horse shoes and shoe nails," he grunts while hefting a box of metal over to the work area. "We need you brought up to speed if you are going to work here." He finishes.

Quest added

[Build me a Cavalry]

Forge 40 horse shoes (0/40)

Forge 120 Shoe nails (0/120)


Class: Blacksmith +25 Levels

ODM gear Skill Book


No question now, I need to complete this quest. I need that information in order to start modifying my own gear.

I pick up my first piece of metal as my uncle instructs me on timing and how to properly fire the horseshoe. I hit it a few times with the hammer bending it into shape before dunking it in the water before offering it to my uncle for inspection.

He examines the shoe closely, checking it for imperfections. "Alright that 'll do." He nods approvingly.

Forge 40 horse shoes (1/40)

I start working with the rest of the metal, eventually making each shoe faster and faster before reaching 40 shoes.

I show the stack to my uncle and he whistles. "Damn Tavish, maybe your true calling is one working in the forge. Let's get you started on the nails." He says with a grin.

As I start working on the nails, I ask my uncle; "Uncle Jacob, are we one of the shops that produces ODMs and their blades?"

"Yep, this shop has a license that allows us to work on that stuff. Maybe we can go out once the orders are done and let you test one. I have a few that need to go through the final test phase." He finishes.

"Does that mean I will eventually be able to make ultrahard steel?!" I exclaim!

"Yea, this is one of the few forges in Trost capable of making the stuff." He said, bringing his hammer down on another horseshoe.

We continue working in silence for a bit as I finish out the quest.

Quest Completed

Forge 40 horseshoes (40/40)

Forge 120 shoe nails (120/120)

Class added

Blacksmith (25/100)

+5 Str and Dex per level

"Hey Tavish, come here." My uncle calls across the forge.

I walk over to him.

"Here," he hands me a book, "That is an ODM manual, keep it. I need you to study that so that you can operate and build one of these things yourself." He smiles up at me; "You made amazing progress today keep up the good work. Pretty soon you will be the one making and forging this stuff, and if you maintain that same speed, the military will never lack for equipment." He chuckles and wanders off and starts washing his hands.

"Come on now, your Aunt will be making supper." He hangs up his gloves and apron and heads over to the house.

I quickly hang up my gear and follow him. I didn't realize so much time had passed. It looked dark outside. I saw lamps being lit as I head for the house. I put the skill book in mt inventory. I'll read it later.

I walk into the kitchen and Aunt Maggie looks up and smiles at me.

"Tavish, could you chop up the carrots for the stew? There is a cutting board and knife over there." Gesturing at the nearby counter.

I go and pick up the knife and start chopping the carrots, adding them to the stew.

Skill added

Cooking (1/100) Common

Increases the competency and the tastiness of your cooking by your level and rarity.

Does that mean I have to level cooking 100 times to make rare quality food?! Well, I guess I can't have everything . . . but this will probably motivate me to cook more often.

We finally sit down to eat. It is a simple dinner, Vegetable soup and a piece of bread. I didn't realize how hungry I was from working all day. Even with how bland it was, I finished off my entire portion. After, I helped clean up the table and did the dishes.

Skill added Cleaning (2/100)

Increases the cleanliness of a room/object after you finish cleaning it.

Iris, I know your trolling me right now.


Anyway, I head up stairs to my room. Now that I have some alone time, I can check out the gamer shop!

Welcome to the shop function!

Here you can buy and sell products you collect in exchange for your preferred currency

Alright, first things first. What's the price of a modified praetor suit?

Praetor Suit

The Armor of the Slayer (Gamer Edition)


Honestly, that may be a viable option to speed along my progression. I am having more and more things added to my plate and I am barely a day in. I will still level my smithing and engineering. But I might just grind in a dungeon until I have enough cash on hand. I sell off the loin cloths and weapons that I get from the goblins.

$2500 has been added to your inventory

Ok before I go crazy buying all sorts of blueprints, I should see what prints I have in my packs

Machine Pack opened

Pathfinder (MRVN)

Refiner bot

Sicarian Infiltrator

Scout unit

Sicarian Ruststalker

Assassin unit

Panzerhund 1961

Large robot dog unit


Mining unit.

Out of those five, I can only confidently make two of them. I will probably have to expand my engineering abilities to make Bosco, and I am fairly certain I need a Mastery understanding of medicine and biology to make the Skitarii units.

The Skitarii have been modified to be purely mechanical in nature.

However, you are correct in thinking that you're a way off from making a Skitarii.

This is fantastic! I have the makings for my own minions! Let's open the other two packs.

Skitarii Ranger

Hunter Killer unit

Transonic blade

Bladed weapons that adjust their frequency to match that of enemy armor, quickly slicing through it.

Sentinel Energy Generator

After the betrayal of the Khan Maykr, the night sentinels were forced to use alternative power sources to argent energy. This Generator makes Sentinel Energy, also known as Wraith Energy or Wraith Essence, is the untainted essence derived from the Wraiths prior to their imprisonment. Sentinel Energy has many extraordinary properties with a seemingly endless number of uses, powering mighty machines and spaceships like the Fortress of Doom, to granting individual takers superhuman physique.

Sentinel Batteries

Batteries capable of storing Sentinel energy.

Mr. Handy

Helper unit

M79 grenade launcher

Big boom, small package

.44 Magnum

An Eastwood special


Shotgun on steroids.

1911 pistol

The old reliable.

Ironstrider Ballistarius

The cavalry units of the Skitarii

Those were fantastic blueprint pulls. I even got a Panzerhund! That is gong to be the absolute first thing I make. My actions will soon draw the attention of the greedy and the corrupt, it would be a good idea to have a deterrent against that sort of behavior. I don't want anyone to come busting down the door of my aunt and uncles house, so I'll just make some security. But for now, it's time to grind.

ID Create [Goblins]

I spent a few hours clearing the dungeon again and again.

On my fourth run on the dungeon, I encountered a new enemy.

Goblin Elementalist Lvl 40.

I thought at first that he was the super hippy of the goblin tribe until he threw a fireball. I rolled away from the blast and tried to close the distance between us, keyword being "tried". I snarled at the goblin as roots from the near by tree reached up to snare my ankle.

"God Damnit", I swear ripping my legs free of the roots. I am still making progress towards the shocked goblin but I slowed significantly.

Dealing with the mages that kept cropping up after that turned into a chore, one that I gratefully put aside after my tenth run.

Level up x6

Tavish Byrne

Level – 15

Class – Martial Artist – Lvl 15/100 [29%]

Prestige Class – Slayer – Lvl 15/100 [39%]

Race – Transcendent Human

Alignment – True Neutral

HP- 1850 [370 per minute]

MP- 450 [90 per 30 seconds]

SP- 1850 [370 per 30 seconds

Soul Well (230/50) (Perk options available)








Mana Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

Health = END X 10

SP = END X 10

Stat points (60)

I am able to pick out two new slayer perks so I get,


Grants the Slayer the ability to redistribute his HP/SP/MP if one of these stats reaches zero.

[The Only thing they fear, is you] (AOT Titan's)

This perk allows you to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies

-Selects a favored enemy

-Grants double damage against the favored enemy

(perk may be taken multiple times)

I check my Soul Well after I purchase my perks,

Soul Well (80/200)

Loot Awarded

220 x Goblin Loin cloths

20 x Minor HP potions

160 x Goblin spears (Poor)

30 x Spiked Clubs (Common)

10 x Goblin swords (Poor)

10 x Gacha tokens (Common)

1 x CHA + 10 Stat crystal

2 x INT + 10 Stat crystals

5 x magic staffs

Hey Iris, what's with this Gacha stuff? I have a lot of these things sitting in my inventory.

The Gacha System allows you to randomly receive an item/skill/etc. from somewhere in the multiverse.

Rarity denotes quality of draw.

A common Gacha can draw an item from any category

A rare Gacha can draw from any category except common, thus narrowing the draw pool.

Sweet! Let's draw some Gacha then!

I snap the first token,

[A Pet Rock]

*sigh*, I guess when you said anywhere, you meant anywhere didn't you?

Alright, let's not keep the Gacha gods waiting.


[A Boot with a Fishhook]

[Medical Skill Book]

[Folding blade (Legendary) (Dishonored)]

[+10 Skill Scroll]

[A pile of garbage]

Up until that last pull I was satisfied with what I was getting, but seriously a pile of garbage?! I decided that now was as good a time as any to use my epic Gacha.

[Daisy's Rabbit Foot] (Mythic)

The start of a crusade against the demons of hell

Increases your Luck by 75%

Best. Draw. Ever.

I immediately finish the rest of my draw.

[Engineering materials pack]

[Companion summon token: Bastion & Ganymede (Overwatch)]

[The Slayer's Testament: Vol I – Vol VII]

[Sentinel Spear (Epic)]

[+25 Skill Scroll]

[Saxe Knife (Epic)]

[Super Shotgun (Mythic)]

[Glasses of Higher Education (Epic)]

[Gun-Howitzer Manuel]

[Ammo Making Kit (Rare)]

I am never going anywhere without Daisy, never again! I exit the ID and realize that I spent the entire night grinding. I could see the sun just peaking beyond the horizon. I guess I can start for the day. . . .

[Jacob's POV]

I woke up and started getting ready for work. Put on my pants, my shoes, and my shirt and I started heading downstairs. I am glad that Tavish has started reacting to the world around him again. Ever since the fall of wall Maria, he has been quiet almost never expressing his emotions.

The reclamation mission must have sparked a fire in him, to do his part. I remember when he was younger always getting up to some sort of mischief. He disassembled a Garrison members ODM to try to see how it worked.

I stop by Tavish's room and knock on the door only for it to swing open. The bed was empty, it was even made! He hurried down stairs where he found some soup warmed up from last night and some bread left out. He could here bangs and thumps coming from the workshop.

I eat the food and hurry in to discover chaos.

Tavish had finished all the orders I had planned for the day, and he was working on what looked like a large metal beast, with a massive head filled with sharp teeth he was bolting on some plating to the machine when he finally noticed me.

[Tavish's POV]

"Morning Uncle Jacob", I greeted wiping some grease off of my hands as I step back to admire my creation.

"Tavish . . . . What the hell is this?" He deadpans.

"I was worried about Auntie and how she always wears her heart on her sleeve, so I decided to make something that would protect her and the shop!"

"You created this? Where did you even get the parts for something like this?! He Exclaims.

"I found tons of scrap and junk metal lying around so I just used that." I explained.

"So . . . this didn't cost me anything?" He seems a lot calmer now. I wonder why. . . OH! He thought that I used all his material to make this. . . now I feel kind of bad.

"No Uncle. So do you want to see him working?"

"Yea may as well" my uncle grumbles.

I connect a cable behind the head of the Panzerhund and channel a little mana, and I hear the soft hum of machinery spin up, as the Panzerhund takes his first steps.

Familiar system unlocked

Would you like to make the Panzerhund your familiar?

Yes please.

Please Select a Name

Your name will be Wolfe

Wolfe – Lvl 1


Familiar of Tavish

HP - 10,000

SP – n/a

MP – 200

STR – 400

END – 200

DEX – 100

INT – 15

WIS – 15

Man, those are some incredible stats. I was hoping this would happen when I channeled mana into his activation.

Jacob is standing there in shock. Oh dear, I may have overloaded his brain. I guess it's a very abrupt change of going from quiet mournful kid to building robot dogs in your garage.


He passes out.

Damn it Jacob.

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