MJ (Mayra Julie) Barnes, born August twenty-fifth, nineteen-twenty. She was a free spirit, was never easy to tame. Her parents tried sending her off to boarding school for young women but were kicked before finishing term one of the schooling. Her brother James/Bucky was the only person who ever encouraged MJ to do what she wanted. A special teacher of mix martial arts took her in, taking her spirit and letting it seep through the class. MJ was by far the best in her class. She would attend the class with her friend Peggie Carter who suffered the same restriction from her family.

Prologue - 1934

After a long training session on basic maneuvres, fourteen-year-old Mayra Julie (MJ) was packing up and ready to go home, her friend hadn't shown up today, making her one of the only females in the class, although she had become used to it for over three years, it had been nice to have another female around, meaning her friend Peggie.

"Hey you, beautiful," one of the boys called. Looking up MJ could see that it was one of the new students, a harmless yellow belt. He walked over, already she could feel the confidence radiating off of him. Good posture, closely cropped hair and a goofy smile on his face. The newcomer bent down beside MJ, but it only made her stand to walk away. The horrific smell of old liquor was in his breath, so foul you could probably smell it a mile away "I don't think I can help an ego like yours," she said, walking to the door.

"Come on, someone as pretty as you here can not have a man," he replied, making stupid hand gestures to himself. MJ just looked him up and down, what was there to take from men.

"I'm fourteen," she said simply. "And you're a disgusting pig that can't control himself."

"Really?" he said, the fumes off his breath becoming more deadly to breathe in as he got closer. "You wanna settle this on the mat?"

MJ eyed her instructor that had crept into the room to watch the showdown in cases of interference. He nodded before turning to leave and into the next room which was an office.

"By all means," she gestured to the mat and started to put on her training uniform. The yellow belt waited on the mat confidently talking, not doing anything to prepare.

'How much ego can he have,' she thought.

Strapping on her hard-earned brown belt, she walked over to the mat and bowed in respect before stepping and going into starting formation. One of the others in the room came to the edge of the mat to MJ and 'pig' to referee the fight. When the 'pig' saw that MJ's belt, his guard came up, obviously he thought she was a newcomer… along with everybody else that comes into the studio for the first time.

"Ready," the referee said. "Set, spare!"

The word 'spare' wasn't anything on what this fight was supposed to be, but it was a good reminder for MJ not to kill the guy in twenty seconds flat; no that job was left for Peggie. The yellow belt stood no chance, with two punches block MJ took her move and pulled his arm as he took another punch, swept under the legs and flipping him to the ground, rolling him over with the captured arm and pressed it behind his back, in a position that would most likely break his arm. He slapped the mat with his other hand, in surrender. MJ got off him and went straight for her stuff not even looking behind her. It was already getting dark and her parents would beat it into her about being late for supper and what not.

"Hey!" someone said behind MJ. It had been one of the long term newbies that although he seemed like a nice guy the boy had trouble fitting because he was a different colour he was unfortunately easily picked on by the bullies. A lot like MJ for being a girl.

"Everything ok? Or did I hurt that poor boy's ego," MJ asked pulling a face, which just made her companion laugh.

"Nah, you did a mighty job I thought at least," he said. "Though on the way out it did look like some tears were going to be shed."

MJ couldn't help but laugh at the boy's humour.

"What's your name?"

"Fury, Jason Fury," the boy- Jason said.

"MJ," she replied.

They walked in silence for a little while, the sun had now set and the streets became quiet, hardly anybody was around, except for the occasional bar or drunk on the street.

"So," MJ said, lighting the mood walking past a second drunk. "Do you have any siblings?"

"I have an old brother and a younger sister- Kane and Nichol," Jason said. "What about you?"

"I have an older brother- James but we all call him Bucky," she replied. As the two of them progressed home making small talk about their lives and family. MJ had been laughing at Jason's story about trying to eat a staple, only to be cut off when a firm hand wrapped around her arm, another around her mouth, dragging her into the closed alleyway. Shaking off her captor, MJ stepped back to see that Jason had gotten the same treatment. They stood side by side as there were two leather-clad figures moved to the end of the alleyway, dark a gloomy. They spoke quietly but furiously in a tongue other than English- no wait German. There had been crazy rumours that Germany or some country European wanted war, for a while yet nobody could prove it. Well until maybe now.

"What the hell-" Jason started beside her but before he could even take another breath a loud explosive bang filled the rotten air. Jason's body lurched in a violent flinch, his eye widened in shock and pain, before falling to the ground like a dead man. MJ was barely able to catch him, let alone hold the boy's weight, but it was just enough to slow his fall to the ground. He wheezed and coughed a couple of times on the ground, crimson pooled and seeped into the white shirt covering his chest. Unable to do anything but watch as ever so quickly did Jason's eyes glass over, permanently staring up at the sky, body limp and the blood still seeping through the shirt.

Holding back tears of grief for her newfound friend standing to her feet with bloodied hands, MJ turned to the figures to see that one was holding a gun smoke poured off the hole where the bullet left. The jacket the person wore was had a shoulder pad visible in the new electric street lights, a skull with octopus tentacles below it. MJ thought of her choices, stay here and wait to be shot or see how well they can fight. Thinking of Jason, the stories of his family, waiting for him to come home but never will, didn't even get last words before dying and the worst part was that she could stop it. Through sheer anger MJ lashed out at the two standing in the alleyway, she took down the first one pretty well but lost track of the second figure unaware he had snuck up behind her with an unknown weapon but it hurt like hell. When the pain finally subsided MJ was knocked unconscious. Fighting it the one that she had taken down stood up with the other she heard,

"She'll just fine if you ask me enough brain to wipe and a lot of skull to keep her going," one said. Everything went black for a moment before,

"You betting on that, I hear Hydra has big plans if she lives."

There was a satisfied noise in the background before someone said something like 'Hail Hydra' and then the silence took its toll.


Mayra woke up strapped to a bench, the room around her was filled with bright lights. A little man walked over to MJ, he was in a white lab coat, he wore circular glasses and had a big forehead for someone as small ass him. MJ noticed that she was no longer wearing her normal training clothed instead a white suit that stuck to her like glue showing the outline of her body and her hand had been cleaned from Jason's blood. Long sleeves on both arms and legs; struggling trying to move, the man just kept looking at her as if working out what to do with her. for a while longer he sat watching MJ trying to break free or really just wasting energy trying to move at most, before clearing his throat catching MJ's attention.

"I am Dr Zora and you are here for the value of Hydra an organisation that wishes to make the world ours." the Doctor addressed. " We need you to assassinate enemies and others to make sure we get what we want for no one will mess with Hydra; Hydra messes with them... now we are going to wipe your memory and you will become the weapon known as Ghost."

At his final statement, a machine appeared over MJ's head static electricity moved between the parts of the machinery; it connected to the front and backside of her head, a bit was put into her mouth someone had commanded the machine to start electricity fired from the machine through her head. Pain was the only thing that the girl could remember.


Ghost woke up a man in front of her,

"Narbe [Scar]; Zweiunddreißig [32]; Verfolgen [Haunt]; Schatten [Shadow]; Ein und vierzig [41]; Name; Einer [1]," he said these words one after another in German, each one planting itself into Ghost's selfconsious.

"Soldat [soldier]?" he asked.

"Geist. Bereit zu entsprechen [Ghost. Ready to comply]," she returned. The man gave a satisfied nod before continuing.

"Geister, töte und eliminiere irgendjemanden oder irgendetwas, das zwischen dir und der Mission steht…" the man- Ghost's commander said. "Die Mission ist es, Adolf Hitler um jeden Preis zu töten."

The orders were given, the mission was carried out.

They say the war started from many things, the persecution of Jews, to conquer, to claim for their own, all correct except there was one more for Hitler to fill: To find and kill the one who tried to kill him. Ghost had failed the mission, but for a cost that it would be Hydra to accommodate and rein fouth from the inside. The mission will be done to be sure that the truth is hidden, poison to cover murder.

Sentences in German:

*Ghost, kill and eliminate anybody or anything that stands between you and the mission*

*The mission is to kill Adolf Hitler at all costs*