Chapter 1 - Present day (2024)

2024 had been a weird year for everybody other than just half the universe skipping five years. Bucky had been a part of that with his modern age friend Sam. He can't remember what had happened but found out the world had moved on and he was just getting back in it. Now

Bucky was checking out the new arm he was still adjusting to. Of course, Wakanda made the arm vibranium, it moved the way every arm does on command, but that doesn't stop the small strain of his mind and out of sink move of a twitch by the smallest millisecond.

He stood on the rooftop of a New York apartment from a down street base of S.H.I.E.L.D. A mission had been assigned for him and unfortunately Falcon, or as he said the 'Black Cap'. The mission was simple: wait and observe for anything out of the ordinary or something that would solve the fact that even though the 'Blip' was over, people were still and were going missing; most found dead in their old homes. Looking down at the late afternoon landscape of the city, people were rushing to get home, others in taxis, horns screeching for others to get out their way. Seconds turned into minutes, then to hours, to the rest of the afternoon. An occasional ground agent would be seen or Sam being bored and wanting attention through the earpiece. The night started to fall, the ground started to get quiet the once and a while car was going past. A cool breeze wove past Bucky onto his face which he didn't mind. It was another feeling that reminded him that Hydra had no way to control him again. Settling on the thought-

"Ground to roof!" someone shouted through the earpiece. "I repeat ground to roof! There's someone on the move they're heading to your building, I-"

The person was cut off and the radio link cracked. Looking down Bucky saw one of the ground agents lying on the ground, a crimson pool dripping out the side of him. A figure leaning over him, a bloodied dagger in her hand. The assassin made her way across the empty street to the apartment building Bucky was on.

Bucky stepped back from the building's edge and grabbed his extra gear. His new hunting knife strapped to his leg and combat vest on. The sound of glass breaking filled the silence.

'How did she get up here so fast?' he thought, looking over the edge again to see that two windows down, there was glass falling in slow-motion to the ground and a shadow seeping into the lit room. Holding onto the side of the building with his metal arm, he slid down, sparks going everywhere in the process. Finally grabbing the glass-covered windowsill, he slid in just in time to see the assassin corner an innocent woman. Her blade in hand stepping forward to take the kill, when the woman caught the eye of Bucky, staring at him with teary pleas. The assassin tilled the blade to see behind her, fast as lightning, the assassin pulled out a handgun and fired twice at Bucky. The first one hit him in the metal arm, the second hit a shield that came flying through the broken window and into the closest wall.

"Your welcome cyborg," Sam said over the earpiece before swooping in and trying to kick the girl to the wall but it ended with the assassin catching his leg throwing him to the same wall as the shield stuck out of. The dagger sailed from her hand and to Sam's neck but stopped mid-air making a metallic wafting noise. Bucky's arm vibrated from the bullet's hit. Everything was in place as normal though. The young assassin finally turned around and Bucky could finally get a good look at her face, but looking at her only scared him with old memories of Hydra. She was corpse white, her eyes were dark from constant strain and glazed over from the tug from command over her mind. The veins running underneath the assassin's eyes were swelled and dark blue, visible on the surface of her skin like they were filled with blood ready to burst. A mask covered the lower half of her face and her nose, with a white line and three white streaks running across it like teeth. This girl was a ghost.

The gun fired at the traitor, but there was no sign of damage caused to him. Firing again only to be stopped by an unknown shield sailed into the area and into the wall.

'Move, then you can kill the target and the traitor,' the voice said. By now Ghost had known never to ignore the voice when it gave instructions, the mission would fail and punishment would come.

Ghost moved to block the unknown person who entered the room, seeing the opening she grabs at the man's leg and swung him against the wall, activating her metallic control dagger and leaving it at his neck. If he were to move, there would be more than just one victim of death tonight. Facing the traitor head-on Ghost, decided to fire another bullet. It hit him in the left arm again, but still left no sign of damage or pain.

'Focus on the target, then traitor,' the voice commanded. About to summon the dagger, but the command was cut off when something kicked out underneath Ghost, the traitor pinning her to the ground. The mask came off and her identity was revealed, everybody here tonight won't live till next week.

'All tactics have failed, stop at nothing and kill,' the voice commanded. The override was turned on and the dagger was summoned.

The sound of horrid screaming filled the air of the silent room, but just as it had started it also ended, Bucky only just turned in time to see the woman being impaled with the sharp tip of the blade right at her heart.

Bucky stopped breathing, the assassin had won, the woman was dead. When the Ghost kicked him off, he came back to reality, grabbed the mask, and jumped out of the broken windowwindow broken when she entered.

Sam stood there still against the wall, hiswall his eyes were plastered to the woman's corpse on the floor. Bucky understood how it was seeing this, no matter how many people were in the bank of his mind, all the deaths he committed because of Hydra, the was always sick feeling of remembering and seeing it happen all over again bubbled up in him.

"Why didn't you stop her," Sam whispered. His voice reeled with anger, venom spat with every word.

"It isn't something I want to talk about right now," Bucky replied just as quiet, but scared. She was alive, she really was, but why was she with Hydra was questioned.

"You better start talking soon Buck or I could ask that therapist of yours to get it out for me."