Chapter 3

Ghost sat in her place waiting. Her handler had come in to check on her when the 'care takers' were taking her vitals, his scowl gave Ghost all she needed to know all the information that she needed. They were discussing punishment. The unknown and the traitor now have an insight into her identity. There would be a session and Ghost knew that much.

These were one of the very few moments, Ghost was awake when she could able to think for herself, mostly about going back under and of she had done her job well enough not to go under overdrive. But right now it was of the traitor's face when he ripped off the mask. There was surprise and confusion, but also pain. Ghost never knew more than what she was told and that was the way of thing here. But something about the man, he was different, traitor or not Ghost only worked with him once in the past but the mission had failed and both served punishment. There was something else, something forgotten.

'MJ' a voice whispered. Pain developed into Ghost's head, unknown memories of… before resurfaced.

'Remember' the voice called out again, but it was of many people than just one that Ghost didn't know of. The heart rate monitor spiked with her change of mood, the overdrive finally kicked in and all hell broke loose.

MJ cracked the neck of the 'caretaker' who came over to see what was happening with their weapon. The other two in the room, scattered, one made it to the door in time to press code red but died a moment later when his head was shattered against the wall in front of him, making a sickening sound of a ripple of cracking through the skull. Before MJ could move to the last 'caretaker', the doors opened and Ghost's handler with several other men stormed into the room. MJ's reaction was too slow, the men crowded over her, barely pinning her to the floor as she struggled to get up.

"Was ist los [What is going on]?" the handler asked moving to the man in the corner.

"Wir wissen es nicht [We don't know]," the 'caretaker' said. "Aber sie ist auf Hochtouren und hat den einzigen Mann getötet, der es abgeschaltet hat [But she is in overdrive and has killed the only man to shut it down]."

The handler stepped forward toward the weapon.

"Narbe [Scar]; Zweiunddreißig [32]-."

An outrage scream tore from MJ's throat, cutting off the code. Struggling into a crouch position, she kicked one of the men in what was the… he fell to the ground in pain, MJ was able to swing her body to the left kicking another man in the head, leaving him with a good bleeding cut on his forehead. Within moments she had taken down another two men, the other three men had joined the handler and 'caretaker' near the door.

"Ich möchte mich erinnern [I want to remember]!" she shouted at the men. She ran forward to further break away the fog of her mind.

"Ruhezone [Quiet zone]," the handler said. Ghost became still a punch only millimetres away from the man's face. They put a mask to her face as she breathed in, her mind clouded over waiting for the next command to be spoken.

"Setzen Sie sich auf den Stuhl und wir werden beginnen [sit in the chair and we will commence]," her handler said.

The tug of command drilled into Ghost's mind, stiffly walking over to the chair and sitting back, the arm locks wrapped firmly around her wrists, the 'caretaker' moved forward with caution toward Ghost taking off the mask and order her to open her mouth, placing a rubber bit. The old plastic and dirt taste filled the inside of Ghost's mouth it was the only thing that was ever remembered when the chair tipped back and the resetting device was connected to the front and backside to her head.

"Beginnen [commence]," Ghost's handler said.

The pain took over, all there was, one name that MJ could remember through the wipe

"Bucky!" she called out.

Hey guys hoping that you have been enjoying the story, I need some ideas for the upcoming chapters so yeah… :)