"I know I know," I said as I hit the mute button on my Alarm. I let out a loud yawn and get up from bed.

"Sigh, School as usual," I went to the closet and pick out my clothes for the day. Grey pants, plain athletic red shirt, blue and white shoes and to top it all off, my favorite black hoodie with the words "Track Team '09" in red letters on the front, and on the back it has my full name and a big 7 under it.

I make my way downstairs to see my mom making cereal for herself. "Hey Ken, did you sleep well?"

"Yeah", I said in my bored and tired tone as I went to make some cereal for myself. "Did dad already go to work?" I asked her. "Yes"

My dad is sort of an endorser for the company works for. He goes to other companies to either pitch an idea or try to convince a company to come under the umbrella of his company. Right now he's going to Britain to at least get one business there so they can later get a chain of businesses going in Britain.

My mom then went to the front door with her regular attire. She goes to school to become a lawyer, but only started relatively recently going because she's only half way done.

"Bye sweetie," she said as she went out the door and to her car. I said bye back.

After I finished breakfast I went out the door and locked it, now off to school.

I always find myself thinking about The Green Flu while on my walks. For the past week and half the Green Flu has ravaged half of America already including New York. The thing is, no one seems care, at least not here.

We were told that if we have or think we have the virus to just stay home and wait...and that's it. No full quarantine, no lockdown of the city.


It worries me how little we seem to care. I've heard that other towns have basically barricaded themselves. So why not us?

I know that it's a strain of the actual flu it?

Anyways, while I was on my way to school I saw some of my friends when walking by. They were in their rooms resting or outside exercising because I heard that's a good way to at least mitigate the flu.

I simply waved and they waved back, then I went on my way.

After the 15 minutes from my house to the school I arrived at Prospect Hill School. It's a small school but it's kinda all you need. It was an elementary school but now it teaches high schoolers.

I then see two of my only friends left who haven't either gotten sick or moved because of the virus.

First there's Daria Delaney who I met two years ago in our Freshmen year. She has blue eyes with some dirty blonde hair in a ponytail and glasses. She's about 5'4 tall and that height is usually the target of most my jokes to her.

Then there's Red...that's really it for his name. I only know his first name, I don't even think it's his actual name, it seems too weird and random. He doesn't even wear red.

He's about the same height as me if only an inch taller. He has short blonde with green eyes. I only met him about a month ago. He's not enrolled in this school. He came to see what it's like here, he's 'testing the waters' you could say.

"Hey guys," I said, getting their attention.

"Oh, hi Ken!" Daria basically screamed that one in my ear.

"Sup buddy," Red said in his cool demeanor.

I then let out a yawn "Tired?" asked Daria, giving me a sassy look with one hand on her hip.

"Yeah? So what?" I said lazily

"So what? You're always tired!" She yelled.

"At least I don't have the height of a raccoon!" I retorted back.

"Oh, So you're calling me a thief now!?" I'm definitely getting on her nerves now.

All Red did was laugh in the background, "Now now, let's not have a fight now especially in front of the school"

Daria just huffed. I just stop caring at that moment.

"Anyways let's get going Ken," I just nodded to Red and started walking to my chemistry class. "See you later Daria"

All I heard was "Yeah, whatever Red"

After a couple periods and a geometry test that I no doubt failed, it was already lunch. Me and Red were having pizza today from the cafeteria.

Daria has a different lunch then us so she's not with us.

"So what's wrong with you and Daria?" Red asked out of nowhere.

"What do you mean?" I asked back.

"I mean you didn't seem like you wanted to see her anymore after your little fight," While that may have been true at that very second, it wasn't what I was worried about.

"It's not that," I said.

Red let out a sigh, "Let me guess, it's about the virus?"


He rolled his entire head back, "Come on Ken! Ever since you found out about it seems to be the only thing you think about," He was right but I had good reasons.

"I know but it just seems off. We are the only city that hasn't at least tried to quarantine. It's already got half of America. I wouldn't be surprised if it's already in Canada or Mexico by now," From the last time I had read about the disease it showed signs of traveling all the way to Mexico to Canada. Turning it from a national crisis to an international one.

"You're just being paranoid," He said before eating the rest of his pizza.

I just looked down in guilt, "Maybe"

We sat there for a few minutes before the intercoms turned on. Everyone in the cafeteria looked up.

"Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!"

A/N: I know a pretty short chapter but I don't really know how to right longer chapters, especially since I got all I wanted done for this one. Hopefully I can write longer chapters after the next one, and yes the next might be even shorter then this one. Anyways hope you enjoyed.

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Date published: 5/19/2021