After the announcement from the intercom, me and Red looked at each other confused. Why would we have a lockdown all of a sudden? Usually, we'd know the day a drill lockdown because a teacher or student would tell everyone else. Or maybe there was an actual deranged shooter in the area of the school. It didn't matter what it was, it was still a lockdown either way.

Me and Red along with everyone else in the cafeteria at the time went into the boy's locker room next to the cafeteria. My next period was Gym so I had my stuff in here in preparation for it, and so I didn't have to carry it.

All of us just sat in silence for about 10 minutes. You could hear the vents banging a couple of times. Those vents are loud. Some of the students were talking to each other, despite the protest of the teacher that was near before the start of the lockdown. Others were just on their phones probably playing Angry Birds or texting any family. That is if they had a phone. Others looked very worried probably realizing that this might be real. The look the teacher had on her face just gave me all the reason I needed.

My biggest question was, Why would a shooter come round here? I know we were in a somewhat dense neighborhood, but it was a good neighborhood with little to no violence or crimes.

"Hey," Red said in a whisper.

"Yeah?" I whispered back.

"Do you think this is real?" He asked.

"Of course I do," I said making it sound like it was obvious.

"Alright just making sure," He looked very worried.

"You okay?" I asked genuinely.

"It just that I never been in a lockdown before," He seemed just as genuine. The vents started banging again

"How?" I wondered.

"None of the schools I went to look had lockdowns. Not even a fake one"

"Oh, I see," After that, it got awkward between us. Goddamn, why won't those vents shut up!

After another 15 minutes of just waiting everyone was either done talking or asleep. Nothing but the sound of the AC.



We suddenly heard someone hitting the door that leads to the cafeteria. At that moment we all shot straight up. Whatever we were doing we stopped. The teacher rushed to the door to block the door if the intruder somehow were to break the door. Some male students went to go help her. Others took anything that could be used as a weapons and took a stance.

The rest of us were tense and nervous, praying to whatever God to have mercy, whether that God existed didn't matter.


Then we heard a gun go off likely from a cop. But just as soon as we heard the gunfire, it just as fast stopped.

The pounding only continued until the door broke. I turn away because part of the wall also broke shooting dust into my eyes.


I turned around to see the teacher getting mauled by another human being. I looked up to see three others who had somewhat pale skin. Paler than any person should have.

The most sticking feature is blood all over them, on their shirts, hands, deep wounds. Blood was even coming from their mouths. It was the scariest thing I've ever seen.

Although one of them frightened me more. He looked like he was in his late 20s and had similar features on him as the others but, he had the lower half of his jaw missing. The only thing left were the muscles that would have kept the two halves together.

What the fuck.

A girl suddenly screamed, which is the universal call to get the hell out of dodge, just as the students who were closest to the teacher were also attacked. We all had ran incoherently to the other door in the locker room that led outside. Since Red and I were closer to that door and are faster than most of the other students there we got out first.

Once outside we saw that these crazy people weren't just a few, but many. The gym class that was outside before were slaughter out in the baseball field. Few though were standing and looked just like the ones we saw in the locker room.

These were fucking zombies.

"Come on, hurry!" Red urged me. I ran just in front since I was just a bit faster. We then reached the small basketball court.

I was not paying attention, however.

"Look out!" Red yelled as he pushed me aside making me fall on the concrete.

"Ahhhh! Get off me freak!" Red screamed as I whipped my head around as fast as I could, but I froze for a second. The person that was attacking my newest friend was my ex.


Just before Red came here to see what the school was like I had dated Emma. However, she did not like him, neither did he. Since I wasn't about to just leave someone who just here and needed help, I decided to break up with her. We both agree to split up. I guess irony has a way of showing up in fucked up situations.

I was going to let a friend die. I sprang up to at least push her off, but two other zombies decided that wasn't going to happen. Before I could reach him, those two had already pounced onto him. Sealing his fate.

I quickly decided I needed to run as far as I can, but before that, I saw a knife in a knife holster probably Red's judging by where it was, and what direction it's in.

Grabbing it as I said I sorrowful goodbye. Red's face gave a look of understanding and closed his eyes knowing his demise. It just hurts even more now.

I ran through the field with only two things on my mind. Surviving and hoping to God Daria is safe.

From where I was I was heading east away from my home. I didn't know much of the neighborhood past the school but I did know about Manor Tree.

I got to the street past school grounds and crossed it. Seeing many people die in the process.

I turned right onto Oak Ln. then after running 233 ft I turning left onto Hunter Ave. I can see Manor Tree. Running for 346 ft I finally reached it and immediately fell down.

I may have been in track but I was never a distance running nor did I ever run that fast. Lucky no zombies were around so I could take a break and close my eyes.

Why? Why must this happen to me!? Everyone is gone. Red is dead, Mom is at her college, I don't know where Daria could be or if she is even alive. Lucky Dad is abroad, so he doesn't have to see this mess. My god help his soul when finds out.

Will I live? I hope so but I don't know if I will everyone I've seen so far hasn't made it. I just hope if I do die it's quicker than Red's. But knowing the situation I'm in I probably won't get that wish.

I then feel someone near. I open my eyes and notice a shadow looming over me. I couldn't see who it was since the was usually bright for this time of year.

I close my eyes once again thinking it's another zombie and wait for my slow death...

"Hey, get up," I immediately sat up and looked up to where I heard the voice. A police officer in his late 20s stood tall above me.

He had a navy blue uniform with a silver badge on the left side of his chest. From the lines on his shirt, he had some light protective vest under it.

He sat down next to me, "What's your name?" He asked me.

"Oh um...Ken Aiken," I answered back.

"Aiken? I never heard that one before," He asked in curiosity.

"It's Irish."

"Oh, I see. Is this your house? Why are you out here?" He looked straight into my eyes.

I looked down suddenly remembering everything that lead to this moment. "I was at the school when those things attacked."

"Oh? You mean the school a couple of streets away? Yeah, I used to be the police officer that was always there making sure everything was safe," When I didn't say he just hummed and stood up.

I don't think I remember him being on campus at any point. Maybe he was there before I started going there.

I suddenly felt a weight on my legs. "Do you know how to use that," I looked down and it was a 1911 pistol. I nodded because I do know how to use it from when my dad showed me when I was 15.

"Good, take these as well," He handed me two magazines. I now had three magazines with the one already in the gun.

"But wait, what about you?"

He smiled sadly and lightly tap his holster "Don't worry kid I got mine. That one I got off another officer." He started to walk off to my left.

I looked at the gun and realized that he probably also the same experience happen to him. The only difference being he looked more stable than I do.

I took out Red's knife it may have been a regular knife but I didn't care. It belonged to a friend and that's when I made my decision.

"Come on, hurry we have to get to an evacuation center!" I heard the cop yell from across the street. I put the knife in its holster and the extra ammo in my pocket.

I will survive for everyone I know!

Date Published: May 26, 2021