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Please keep in mind I have to get most of my knowledge about this sport from the internet.

Match of the Immortality

The year was 2021, and Wembley Stadium was packed. Not with mortals, but with Nymphs, Ghosts, Gods, Priests, and the occasional monster.

In the commentary box stood a figure that looked like a man with a golden falcon head, who was Ra, Egyptian god of the Sun, and a green-skinned man in a tall white hat and clothed from the neck down in bandages. That was Osiris, Egyptian god of Mummies and the underworld.

"Welcome, viewers! We are live at Wembley Stadium, and today there is going to be a showdown between the Greek and Norse Gods in a game of football!" Announced Ra "Or Soccer, whatever you call it!"

Osiris went next "Here are the players and coaches!"

A board was rolled up by Isis.

The Greeks:

Zeus: Coach

Athena: Assistant Coach/Tactician

Apollo: Captain/Attacking Midfielder

Heracles: Goalkeeper

Hermes: Striker

Artemis: Winger

Hestia: Sweeper

Poseidon: Centre-back

Demeter: Defending midfielder

Dionysus: Central Midfielder

The Norse:

Odin: Coach and Tactician

Thor: Captain/Central Midfielder

Loki: Striker

Freyr: Goalkeeper

Freya: Defending Midfielder

Frigg: Centre-back

Heimdall: Winger

Magni: Attacking Midfielder

Modi: Sweeper

Ra smiled. Even though he had a beak instead of a mouth, he smiled "The game will begin in five minutes!"


In the Greek changing room, Zeus, dressed in an ancient Greek Himation, was giving a pep talk to his team, dressed in ancient Greek clothing suited for sport.

"Right, everyone. This game is a matter of pride for Olympus. If we win, we shall be heralded throughout the world!"

"Aren't we already?" Asked Hermes.

"Not the point. Now get out there and win!"

The Greeks let out a great cheer, and thundered out of the door. Expect they didn't and got stuck in it from all trying to fit in at once.

"What do we do, dad?" Asked Artemis.

"Just shape-shift!" Sighed an exasperated Athena.


Odin was giving his own pep talk

"Right, if you win the movies may FINALLY get the facts right! So do that!" Cried Odin, dressed in viking armour and a brown fur cape, similar to his team, who didn't wear a cape.

"Can we cheat?" Asked Loki.

'Only if they cheat first! Now get out there and win this game!" Ordered Allfather.


The two teams ran out onto the pitch, and the crowd went wild.

Horus, Egyptian God of war who was also referee, took out a coin.

"Heads or tails?" He asked.

"Tails." said Apollo.

Horus flipped the coin, and it landed on Heads.

He passed the ball to Thor, blew his whistle, and the game began.


Thor passed to Magni, who dribbled it for two minutes, before Demeter opposed him.

They eyeballed each other, before Magni kicked the ball over her a long way, and it landed next to Loki, who Booted it into the goal.

As Horus blew his whistle, Apollo had a huddle talk with his team.

"Okay, you know what to do." he whispered.

"Cheat?" Asked Hermes, excitedly.



As the next round began, Apollo did something Magni was about to Kick was ball, a huge golden bird swooped down and grabbed it, flying over to Hermes, who was right next to the goal, dropping the round object next to him.

Silence for a few seconds.

Freya and Modi charged towards the goal.

Freyr, who was standing with his mouth open, did nothing.

Hermes did nothing. He merely waited until the opposing player were a foot away, then kicked the ball into the goal.

As Horus blew the whistle, The birds changed back into Apollo, who was looking very smug.

Thor marched up to Horus "Surely that isn't allowed!"

Horus shrugged "There's nothing about turning into a bird and grabbing the ball with your feet."

Thor growled "It's cheating time. Loki!"

AThe God of lies came up "Yes?"

"Prepare operation Sixteen."

Loki grinned maniacally "Yes. On it."


The Greeks did a huddle "Right. Keep this up, okay?"

"Right." Nodded Poseidon "Can I-?"


The god of the sea crossed his arms and went into a sulk.

As the new round began, Apollo made it to the ball first.

Big mistake.

The ball burst, flying as if it was pumped high-pressure air, spinning in the air for a few minutes before heading towards Loki, who caught the ball with his foot and casually flicked it into the goal with his foot.

Horus sighed "Nothing against that either.


As the next round began, Thor managed to Dribble past Demeter and Hestia, and booted towardcs the goal. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper was Heracles, who managed to get it easily.

"Blast." Muttered Thor. "Loki, plan seven."

Loki nodded, and transformed.

Heracles heard a "Yoo-hoo" From behind him, and gasped to see his wife Hebe.

"My dear! I thought you were in the crowds!"

"Oh, I wanted to come down here and wish you good luck." Snickered Hebe.

Suddenly, there was a great ROAR from the crowd. Heracles turned round. The Norse had scored.

Heracles turned, to see Hebe's figure morphing into Loki.

"You little-" He roared, grabbing Loki by the scruff of the neck.

"None of that! Now get back to the game!" Horus told him, angrily.

Heracles set Loki down.

Apollo looked at Poseidon, and gave him a nod to signify he could do something he wanted to do.

Poseidon nodded.


As the next whistle was blown, something unprecedented happened.

As Magni raced towards the ball, he heard a splashing sound from his feet.

He looked down, to see water. Water that was rising quickly.

He gasped as it came up to his neck within seconds, quickly rising to four metres. The crowd had to move out of the way, except for the ghosts, water gods, and water nymphs.

Thor burst the surfaced, spluttering, and Saw Poseidon snatching a phone off somebody, and grabbing the ball between his feet, before swimming underwater.

He came out a few seconds later, and came up to Horus, who had scrambled up to the seats, showing the phone to him.

Horus looked at it for a few seconds, before announcing 'GOAL!"

"WHAAAAAAAAAAATT!?" Roared The Norse team and their supporters.

Zeus and Odin, who had also scrambled up to the crowd seats, stood with their mouths open.

Thor saw red. "You Greek cheat! I'll show you!" he roared. Still afloat, he summoned storm clouds with his hammer.

"Wait, Thor!" Yelled Loki.

Too late. Lightning struck the Water, electrocuting it and everyone afloat in it. Which included the Norse and Greek Teams.

They yelled in pain as electricity coursed through their body, and went limp.

Everyone stared. All was silent, except from the occasional rumble of thunder.

"So... Who won?" Asked a Nymph.

"i declare the winner..." Began Horus "The Egyptians!"

"WHHAAAAAAAAAT!?" Yelled the crowd.

"That's cheating!"

"They weren't even playing!"

"Zeus and Odin will not stand for this!" Roared a Ghost who stood next to the two Kings. A few seconds later, the pair crumpled into a heap. They had fainted out of shock.


"That ghost was right. They didn't stand for it." chuckled Osiris.

"Well." Smiled Ra "That's the game for you, then."

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