Uninspired Voyages

A Star Trek: Voyager fanfiction by Andrew J. Talon

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit fan based work of prose. Star Trek: Voyager, Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation et al are the property of CBS Television, Para creation of Gene Roddenberry. Please support the official release.

Flashback: "The Chute"

Shepherd is briefing the Hazard Team about their mission to save Harry and Tom...

Shepherd: "The Akritians have them in this orbital prison complex where they're holding Harry and Tom. Now, we can't go in force-Our four ships will be outnumbered. So we'll have to slip in."

Biessman: "Are you sure those two wouldn't mind us giving them more time?"

Shepherd: "What are you implying, Mister Biessman?"

Biessman: "Look, I'm not the only one-I'm not the only one who thinks they're way too close to just be friends, right?"

Much murmuring and agreement ensues.

Chell: "They are way too good of friends."

Telsia: "They have matching pajamas!"

Munroe: "It's hard to buy they're straight, that's all, sir."

Shepherd: "Guys, even if those two are gay, how is this relevant to the mission?"

Biessman: "Sorry El-Tee. Bad joke. Won't happen again."

Shepherd: "Good."

A pause.

Shepherd: "That said, if they finally break down and confess their feelings for eachother in prison, I win fifty credits sooo... Let's take our time and do this right, shall we?"

Hazard Team: "YESSIR!"

They do save Tom and Harry... Unfortunately...

Tom: "You took your time because you bet I could have confessed my love to Harry?!"

Harry: "Yeah. Why not the other way round?"

Tom: "Oh come on, Harry. Even if that were possible that we love each other, you wouldn't have been able to confess. You're too much of a doormat."

Shepherd: "They're really bickering like a couple, aren't they, guys?"

Tuvok: Holds out his hand

Shepherd: sighs, then pulls out the fifty credits and hands them over to Tuvok

Tom: "Wait... You were the one who made the bet, Tuvok?!"

Tuvok: "Humans often see only what they want to see when it comes to interpersonal relationships. While you and Mister Kim have a strong friendship, that does not mean there is any romance between you two."

Shepherd: sighs, shrugs "What can I say? This is why I don't gamble a lot."

Everyone stares.

Shepherd: "... With money. Obviously."

Sorry it's so short. Let's just say things are going slow on this story.