This is when Ken was hired as the Mason firm's private investigator and Caroline began to work closely with him. And she gets a little bit of a "wake up call" so to speak about her and Ken's relationship, or the possibility of it, from a woman they spoke to.

"Hey, Caroline can you and Ken go work on this lead together?" Perry asked one day as Caroline and Brenda were babysitting a 7 – month – old Emma Rose while Isaiah and Danica were on vacation just the two of them.

"Sure, Daddy." Caroline said with a nod as Ken looked at her as they walked out after getting information on the lead.

"How long have you been working with your parents?" Ken asked as Caroline smiled,

"For as long as I can remember." Ken smiled as Caroline looked to him with her alluring hazel eyes,

"When did you realize you wanted to be like my Uncle Paul, work as a private investigator?" Ken smiled,

"When I failed my first year of law school." Caroline smiled,

"That's one way to find out." They both laughed as they got out of the car once they had gotten to the location of the lead and before they left,

"Miss Mason?" The woman called as Caroline walked to her,

"Yes, ma'am?" The woman smiled,

"I've been in love before and I couldn't help but notice the two of you exchanging glances and your warm smile towards him. Are you two in anyways involved?" Caroline shook her head,

"I've only been working with him for a few months now." The woman smiled,

"Remember this 'a good man is worth fighting for' and don't let him go. He's a good 'un. I can tell." Caroline nodded but before she could speak,

"C'mon Caroline. We said that we wouldn't take long." Ken called as Caroline whispered,

"Thank you, ma'am." The woman nodded and Caroline walked out and got into the car,

"What was that all about?" Ken asked as Caroline sat in silence before he drove away. Once they got back to the office,

"Mama, Brenda? Can we talk for a little bit?" Emma was asleep for her nap as the three women walked into the hall as they walked on the sidewalk outside.

"Caroline, is something wrong?" Della asked as Brenda looked to her sister,

"What happened? Did he hurt you?" Caroline shook her head,

"The woman we talked to told me that I'm in love with Ken. We're just friends. But she told me that 'a good man is worth fighting for' and to not let him go." Della sighed,

"She's right, Caroline. Dad and I were going to say something but we figured that you'd find out on your own." Caroline sighed,

"Mom…" Della sighed and hugged Caroline as she noticed her daughter tearing up,

"What is it that you're so afraid of?" Caroline sighed,

"I don't know if I want this to happen! I've had plenty of bad relationships before but this one feels so right that I can't tell if it's real and it's too good to be true."

Caroline had made some pretty bad choices in high school and college when it came to boys. Not that they were physically abusive (it was all emotional abuse), they were clearly not for Caroline. But she went ahead and dated them anyways.

"Ken's a good egg. I can tell." Della said as Caroline sighed,

"The woman said that too." Brenda sighed,

"Isaiah's constantly saying, 'Caroline's a fool for not seeing what's in front of her', he was referring to how good Ken's been to you. We were both so mad when you made those past boyfriend choices. Ken's the one for you. Just trust your heart, Caroline." Caroline nodded,

"My heart tells me that this is right. That it won't be broken anymore and Ken will help mend it. I believe it, too. But it's so stupid that my head keeps wanting to put up barriers." Della sighed,

"The emotional abuse is causing that. I think Ken can sense that you were hurt, badly. And he wants to help mend that hurt. He loves you, Caroline."

Caroline was silent for a few minutes, playing back in her head all the moments where the evidence of the emotional abuse crept up and how Ken was ever so patient with her. How he was willing to let her talk about it, even when she was unwilling to do so.

"…So, do you love him?" Brenda asked as Caroline looked to her sister and mother with tears in her eyes as she nodded,

"Clearly I do, because it hurts to breathe when he's near, I dream about him at night. He's clearly patient with me and my outbursts. He's such a gentleman, and it seems like he'd move heaven and earth for me. Like Dad would for you, Mom." Caroline said as she nodded towards Della before continuing,

"I can't see myself without him in my life to keep me from getting myself into worse relationships." The three women nodded and when they walked back into the office,

"Ken –" Caroline started when Ken stopped her with a kiss as Caroline began to cry and when Ken broke the kiss,

"Did I hurt you?" Caroline shook her head and kissed him back,

"Thank you." She said voice quivering happily as Della, Perry, and Brenda smiled happily. Glad to see that Caroline found Mr. Right.

I know this one's a bit heavy on the mention of abuse but it needed to be written in. I hope y'all enjoy.