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Chapter 8

She couldn't believe the ease with which the proposition had come to her lips. This was the first time she had seen him in literally years, and one of the first things she did was ask him to sleep with her. Well… she hadn't exactly specified, but it was implied, right? What else did it signify for a woman to invite a man into her hotel room?

It felt so right at that moment, but she found the longer time went on the more she second-guessed herself. They were walking, hand-in-hand, down the street towards the two-story pink building where she had been staying. It occured to her that they could, potentially, run into any of the others in Sabaody by this point, but she didn't even care if someone she knew saw them together- she was riding the high of their passionate alleyway tryst. She didn't want to let go of his hand...but that high couldn't last forever, and the doubt began to seep in past her defenses.

"What would you do if I changed my mind right now?" she asked the man next to her, genuinely curious.

The look he gave her, slightly frowning in thought, his free hand coming to his face, was absolutely the same expression he wore whenever trying to strategize for an upcoming conflict. It was so utterly Usopp that it sent a pang through her heart. If there was any doubt in her mind that this was the same guy she parted with two years ago, that look washed it away. "I suppose I would ask you where we should buy fuel, and try not to let the crushing disappointment show until you weren't looking," he answered, far too sincerely.

Guh. He was cute.

She couldn't believe that particular thought filled her mind, but there it was. He knew when to charm her with humor, when to overwhelm her with honesty, and how to mix the two like a pro. Was that new? Or was he always like that, and the depth of seperation had made it that much more obvious to her?

"Hmm… I don't really feel like haggling on fuel prices at this very moment, so I guess we're pretty much stuck, huh?" she smirked, pulling him into the hotel lobby.

The room she had rented was on the second level. The whole place was painted a very garish pink, heavy yellow runners on the floors, right up until the rooms. They, at least, were fairly standard, with whitewashed walls, a dresser, a tiny table (where she had left her morning coffee, half gone), and a... bed.


"So…" she said, swinging her arms around and clasping them behind her. "Not very fancy- tried to save money for important things… like clothes." There were quite a few shopping bags against the far wall that served as evidence.

She wasn't quite sure what to do next. What did a person do after inviting a man to their hotel room? Besides… well, the obvious.

She couldn't bring herself to look up at him quite yet. The room had a large window covered by a curtain. Nami made her way over to it, peeking through to the street outside. While she was looking, two arms wrapped around her middle, pulling her tight into a hug. "I don't know about you, but I don't plan on being separated for another two years anytime soon," he said, his mouth close to her ear as he spoke over her shoulder.

She leaned back a little against him, releasing a long breath. "I have no idea what that's supposed to mean."

"I mean… one minute you're the queen of calm and collected, and suddenly you seem… well, weird."


"Yeah. You don't have to be weird around me, Nami."

"Again, are you going somewhere with this, or are you just trying to insult me?"

He seemed to be collecting his thoughts. His curls tickled against her neck, and his arms were very warm against her bare midriff. "I mean that there's no rush- I think you know how I feel. And you know that wherever this… this 'thing' we have goes, I'm not going to resent you for it or anything. I mean that in general. You're still my nakama first. So don't be weird around me. If something's bugging you, you can just say it. If you don't want to do anything, you can say that too."

Ah. Again, a strange pull on her heart, like a tugging string. Dammit.

She decided to go for blunt. "I asked you up here to have sex, you know."

He stiffened marginally, still holding onto her. "Well, I got that. I, uh, decoded the very subtle subtext."

"And I have never done that before."

"Again, obvious. You've said as much before." She turned around in his arms, looking up at him with her arms folded across her chest, a bit disgruntled. She was expecting more of a reaction. "I mean… come on Nami, you know I'm just playing a very precarious game of "fake it 'till I make it." I don't know what I'm doing, despite my very cool, suave new vibe."

She couldn't help it; she laughed. "Every time you open your mouth, I'm reminded that, despite these… really amazing abs… you're still that same boy we picked up in Syrup that used to commiserate with me on the dangers of the world."


"It was meant to be a positive," she quickly clarified. "I get trying to reinvent yourself, but if you came back acting all macho and like an entirely different person, I don't think I'd like you half as much as I do."

He considered this. It was awkward being in his arms while her own were crossed over her chest, so she lowered them, letting her hands rest against his stomach. His taught, muscled stomach… damn. He definitely noticed her studying expression and grinned. "Okay, I'll accept that as praise, if only for the part about my very manly and hard-earned muscles."

"I mean, goddamn Usopp…"

It was his turn to laugh, now, and as he did so he leaned over and kissed her cheek. This innocent move put the crook of his neck right in front of her, and she was struck by the strangest, most irresistible urge to lick it.

So she did.

The reaction was one of a man hit with Thunderbolt Tempo; he shivered hard with such sudden shock, taking a single step back from their embrace. "Did you just… lick me!?" he asked.

"Yeah. What are you going to do about it?" she challenged, amused.

They both stared at each other for a moment, Nami raising her brows in a petulant, teasing expression.

In one swift motion he grabbed her, lifted her bodily from the floor, and flung her over his shoulder. Apparently, he could do that now. She squeaked- fucking squeaked- when he did this, so caught off-guard she couldn't even formulate a protest. When he flung her down, it was onto the bed.

Her mouth fell open as he crawled over her, still unable to think of a single thing to say. He was straddling her, now, and he gently moved the curtain of her hair out of the way before leaning down to her neck… and running his tongue, thick and flat, up the side of it.

She yelled, smacking at his shoulder in punctuation for each word as she yelled, "Are you serious!?"

"Ha… you did actually ask for it." He laughed, and then abruptly changed tactics, moving his mouth over her neck, kissing a trail down to her collarbone.


That was nice. She liked that.

She found herself wanting to taste him, and grabbed his face in both of her hands, pulling his mouth back up to hers. She let her hands fall back into his tight jet-black curls, throwing his stupid hat to the floor.

He kept one elbow by her head on the bed for balance, his other hand running down her side like he was memorizing her curves. He shifted one of his legs so it was situated between her legs instead of straddling her sides, his hand making its way around her hip to cup her butt.

"Hey now-" she started to protest, her lips still grazing his. He moved his knee up, parting her legs, and she forgot what the hell she was trying to say.

"Nami," he said in a low voice just above a whisper, something thicker to it than normal. "I want to touch you."

"Isn't that what you're doing…?" she started, then catching his meaning she found her face growing hot. "Oh...yes," she hummed, the words of aquiescence falling haltingly from her lips, "you can touch me… anywhere you want."

The minute the words left her mouth he sat up, his hands moving to the top of her jeans. He undid the button and lowered the zipper, and Nami just watched, transfixed. Anxious… but in a good, "why is he moving so slow?" kind of way.

Her jeans loosened, Usopp's hand had room to slip below the already low-sitting band, his fingers immediately slipping along her, exploring but not hesitating.

Her head fell back, her eyes closed. It was different from when she touched herself, of course. So strange and different, to have another person caressing her… his calloused fingers moved slowly, smoothly, pressing against her entrance and trailing back up towards her clit. It wasn't at all clumsy or too eager- his languid movements were testing and careful...

"Nami?" he asked, and she opened her eyes to meet his. He had leaned down again, looking pointedly at her face. His expression… she had seen that look before. "Tell me what you like."

She almost had a smart comeback for him, as she realized what he was doing, when his thumb brushed against her clit and she couldn't help the small sound that escaped her throat. He was trying to figure her out- like one of the broken objects he had tinkered with on the ship, putting everything together. That's what that fucking look was, and in response she moved her own hand down over his, guiding him to the kind of touch and pressure she liked over that little nub.

He caught on quick, and Nami found she couldn't help but wiggle her hips a little as he continued to stroke her, her breath growing quick. He shifted his hand, still administering to the spot she pointed out (with rather surprising skill), while letting a single finger slip down and into her.

Her hand flew to her mouth to try and cover the gasp that flew out. Again- so different, and the fact that it was him doing this to her… she looked up, and sure enough he was still studying her face, still putting together the pieces and she couldn't stand it. "Fucking kiss me!" she admonished in a very breathy voice, just as he added a second finger to his work.

He obeyed, and between the kiss and the pressure and the fullness and his smell and taste she could feel something familiar building, her hips moving against his hand as she made embarrassing little sounds against his lips. She ran her hands over his arms, feeling the muscles of his forearm move as he pumped his fingers, working his thumb over her clit with just the right amount of force-

Heat and pressure and suddenly everything crashed down, a wave rolling over her, and her head fell back away from his lips, her whole body tensing. She could feel her inner walls clench around his fingers as she rode the wave in a series of spasms, her hands both coming up to clamp over her mouth to muffle the strangled sound that was forced out. She felt tears forced out the corner of her eyes as the powerful feeling took over every nerve in her body, and it was several moments before the wave faded, and she relaxed, a hand to her eyes as she attempted to just breathe.

He laughed a little as he removed his hand, and her eyes flew to his face, wanting to be annoyed but still feeling so damn good in the afterglow of her orgasm. "What do you find funny, exactly?" she asked, trying to catch her breath.

"Just… wondering why you do that."

"...I mean… I think it's obvious that you made me do that…"

He had the decency to look a little embarassed at her answer, clearing his throat and no longer looking even a little amused. He let his hand run up her arm as he spoke, and she found the light touch slightly ticklish against her sensitive skin. "I meant the part where you covered your mouth. I, uh… I like the sounds you make. Let's me know I'm doing something right."

She felt her face color further at his words. "Well… I guess it's a bit of a habit…" At his raised brow she continued, "I mean when I'd do that to myself. I don't generally like to announce it, you know."

"Oh. Well, stop. Er, if you don't mind."

She laughed at how serious he sounded, pushing some of her hair out of her face with one raised hand. "We'll see. Awfully confident in your ability to make me moan again, aren't we?"

He gulped, but otherwise looked oddly calm as he answered, "I want you Nami."

She raised the hand from her forehead to his face, placing her palm right across his mouth, unable to stop smiling, herself. "It's so weird to hear you sound like that- so serious. Of course you want me! Well, you've got me. I am successfully wooed. So what now?"


He pulled her hand away from his face, kissing her palm. His heart was beating fast, obviously, but he felt strangely confident. He had watched her come so completely undone, and there was power in that, in a way. Knowing he could make her feel like that destroyed any doubt he had about where this was going- the doubt he had about his own performance. He was pretty sure she wouldn't judge him for his inexperience, but as a man he felt a certain pressure to make a good impression.

It turned out, so far, that the most effective thing he could do was just pay attention to her and her reactions. Figure out what worked well, and what didn't. He could do that.

And if all else failed, Nami was certainly not afraid to just yell at him to set him on track. He liked that too, in a way. She was never anything but brutally honest.

He sat up again, grabbing the waist of her jeans and peeling them down her thighs- they were so tight, that really was the only word for it- her soaked panties coming with them. She helped, lifting her hips a little, and when he finally got the offending fabric off of her he realized she had taken the time to remove her tiny top.

And there was Nami, on the bed before him, all of her body on display. Her hair was a beautiful mess around her, her cinnamon eyes meeting his with a rather intense look. She had drawn one of her long slender legs up, bending at the knee, while the other was stretched out in front of him. He had seen her naked before- on three separate occasions, technically. She had changed a little (they both had), her hips a little fuller, her face a little longer, but overall seeing her now was a lot different from any other time before.

This time, he could look at her as long as he wanted. And he was the only one.

"Usopp?" she asked, and he managed to tear his eyes away from her body and back to her face.


"Lose the clothes."

Ah, right. Another time her bossiness could be appreciated.

He let the straps of his suspenders fall down his arms to his sides, then took the time to struggle with kicking his shoes off (which was certainly the least smooth move of the day, as he almost fell over). In another moment, he was standing at the foot of the bed, nude. They were each very fairly on display for the other, and he caught the curious expression on Nami's now very red face. Her eyes were just a little wider than normal as she leaned up on her elbows.

He returned to his former position, dropping to his knees on the bed, one finding its way between her own knees. She let him move her legs to give him room. As he crawled up her body, his knee moved up, parting her legs again. Nami was… very quiet, chewing on her lower lip. When she realized his eyes were still diligently on her face she sighed.

"It's fine. I'm fine, okay- stop giving me that look. I just didn't realize it was…" It seemed like she absolutely could not meet his eyes when she finished the sentence, turning her head and clearing her throat before saying, "... so big."

His head fell to her chest in his shock, his nose pressed awkwardly against her breast. Holy shit.

"Don't let it go to your head! I don't have a frame of reference!" she yelled, realizing how complementary he was taking her words.

"You can't just say stuff like that and think it won't go to my head!" he shot back.

"I just meant… that's why I'm a little concerned…"

"Nami, at the risk of damaging my own manly pride, let me assure you that my dick is fairly average sized." He couldn't hold it in anymore, and quiet laughter shook his body against her.

She shook his shoulder lightly, annoyance clear in her voice as she felt his silent laughter. "Don't make fun! Think about it- I'm pretty small…" He knew there was nothing funny about this, but he couldn't seem to stop the rumble in his chest from growing. "No one ever told me about any of these things- I don't even wanna know what kind of dick-comparison competitions go on in the boy's room, but for me this is new information."

"I'm not laughing at you- really!" She absolutely did not believe him. Somehow he thought he might be killing the mood. "I'm laughing at the situation- I certainly did not predict this to be a conversation today." He pressed his lips to hers quickly, trying to cull the laughter from his body. She still looked angry. He did it again. Marginally better. Once more, and she seemed to give up, throwing her arms around his neck and keeping him pressed to her for a long time, her tongue slick against his as she deepened the kiss.

He assumed he was forgiven.

He ran his hand over her breast lightly as he kissed her, the small pink peak hardening under his touch, his thumb moving over it a little harder. She sighed into his mouth, the sound so soft and feminine. He let more of his weight rest against her, their pelvises pressed close.

He kissed his way to her ear, sucking lightly at the soft spot just below it. She hummed, hands moving up and down his arms, her hips moving against his. He adjusted, and could feel his manhood slip against her- she was still very wet, and just the thought alone almost made him lose it.

Nami wiggled, seeming to like the feel of him against her opening, rubbing against her clit. It was a lot- a lot of sensation, and friction, and… he just hoped he wouldn't embarrass himself. He wanted to make her moan, again, and that would not be accomplished very easily if he didn't last very long. He let his head fall to her chest again, closing his eyes and taking a breath.

"Nami…" he began, but he didn't need to finish the thought.

"Yes," she said as he looked back up at her. "Just… be gentle."

He didn't waste time- he adjusted himself into the right position with one hand, and as he pushed forward slowly he had the forethought to also use that hand to rub against her clit, stimulating her in a way he knew she liked as he buried himself inside her.


She was so warm and so tight- it was like nothing he had ever even really imagined. He resisted the urge to move- to pull back and pound into her as hard as his instincts were screaming at him to do.

'Be gentle,' she had said, and he was doing his damn best.

He stayed still for a moment, letting Nami get used to him and watching her face curl up in an expression that he wasn't sure about- it could be pain, or it could be very much the opposite. Her eyes opened to slits, and her breathing started to speed up.

"Usopp," she said, grabbing his face in her hands a little desperately. "Oh my god," she panted, her eyes glazed, "you're inside me. You're inside, and it's… strange, but not bad, and I need you to move now. I need to feel more…"

She didn't need to tell him twice. He let go, letting his body take over, pounding into her with his hands at her hips. After a moment, she started to join him, her hips moving to match his motions. They were not exactly in perfect rhythm- their movements were a bit clumsy, Nami's hands grasping at him until she managed to wrap a hand over his shoulder, pulling herself up a little off the bed. Her eyes were wet, her lips parted as gasps and moans were pushed from her lungs with each thrust.

Usopp couldn't be certain how much longer he was going to make it. This was just too new, too good, the look on her face too uncontrolled, her breasts bouncing as their two bodies moved together.

He had forgotten to continue touching her at the little nub in front of where their bodies met, and he decided it was probably a good idea to refocus on her. He touched her, rubbing the bit of flesh between his fingers before applying pressure, pressing at her while also trying to keep a steady pace inside her.

His body was running hot, his skin slick with sweat by this point. Her hair was sticking to the side of her face; the heat from their exercise and from their approaching releases. It seemed to Usopp that it was taking longer to get her there, this time, but it certainly seemed to be affecting her differently. Just when he was sure he was at his absolute limit, she reached up, pushing his fingers hard against that perfect spot, her legs raising up to his sides to grip him closer. She took control of the pace, pressing up against him forecfully in several animalistic motions that had her breath hitching and her body shaking.

The sound that erupted from her was pretty damn loud- somewhere between a strangled cry and a feminine moan, her hands grabbing at his hair and pulling him roughly down to her, kissing him as she continued to vocalize small, muffled moans. The timing was pretty fortunate, because it was only a few thrusts more until he, too, met his end. He ground down into her as deep as he could, rather surprised at the grunting moan that came, unbidden, from his own throat, holding tight to her hips as he came.

He had never cum so hard in his life. His exhaustion was on another level as he lay there, his face buried in her hair. He wasn't sure what he had expected sex to be like, but the sudden lethargy was like a weight holding him down, still inside her, not wanting to move just yet.

They were both very still for a moment, both processing everything that had just happened.

Just as the exhaustion was threatening to pull him forcefully to sleep, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Usopp," she said, still breathy, "you're heavy now, remember? I can't breathe."

He groaned, rolling to the side and pulling out of her at the same time. "Sorry…" he muttered groggily.

"It's okay," she said in a very quiet voice, and he turned to meet her gaze. "What?" she asked, as he continued to stare.

"I love you," he said to the woman lying beside him for the second time in his life. This time, it felt right.

She reached up, grabbing his chin roughly- or more specifically, his small goatee- between her thumb and forefinger, a grin creeping onto her sleepy, satisfied expression. He thought for sure she was going to chastize him again. "Why?" she asked instead, quite pointedly.


"You're you."

"Oh, yeah? That's a lame answer."

"It's what I've got," he said. The two of them were face-to-face, only inches apart. She still had hold of his goatee, her thumb brushing down his chin, making it a bit hard to talk. "I like everything you are- even the parts that are a bit scary."

She laughed, closing the gap to kiss him once. "Okay. That's fair. For the record, I like everything you are, too." She punctuated the statement by tapping his nose playfully, as if she were teasing him about it. "Even the parts that are stupid," she finished, a little childishly.

Usopp's heart skipped a beat. To him, it sounded like she was admitting more than what was apparent at face value. He knew she loved him- but Nami, as cool as ever, wouldn't just say something as embarrassing as that. Not yet.

She would one day.

"Oh, and by the way, thanks for asking but I took care of birth control," Nami managed, turning onto her back and then sitting up in the bed. She gathered her hair in her fists, attempting to make some sort of sense of the knotted ends.

His blood ran cold for a minute, his face frozen in shock. She noticed, and rolled her eyes. "The lady at the pharmacy had a long rant about men never thinking that through- it sounded personal. Had to escape before she subjected me to her whole life story. Anyway…"

He rubbed at his forehead. She was right, and he was an idiot.

"You're lucky I'm such a smart planner."

"You are a perfect goddess and I'll never insult you again," he managed with a chuckle, then abruptly realized what this meant. "Wait… you planned on this!?"

"I planned just in case! I'm a very hot, eligible young woman. I'm a catch. Plenty of men would trip over themselves for a chance to-" she saw the look on his face, and huffed. "Okay. Fine. I was hoping that when I saw you again, we would pick up where we left off… I didn't expect it to move this fast, but I guess we had a lot of time to catch up on."

She stood up, still nude, picking through the fancy-looking shopping bags against the far wall. He watched her, and couldn't believe the spark of arousal already scraping at his stomach at the sight of her, bent over like that.

Not the time.

"We have to resupply and meet the others-"

"Not before I get a shower in, we don't!" Nami declared, pulling several items from her bags and vanishing quickly into the bathroom.

"I can go ahead and rent a Bon Chari, and meet you back here. We could go to get the fuel together," he offered, cleaning off the mess at his crotch with the sheets as best he could. He wanted to shower, too, but he figured he could wait until he was back on the ship.

"Good plan!" she called over the sound of running water, "I'll be quick! 20 minutes?"

He dressed as quickly as he could, giving himself a passing glance in a mirror. His hair… oh god it was bad. She had really done a number on it, pulling it like that. Nami had a few of her things scattered on a table by the bed, and he hunted through the small collection… there! A hair tie. It wasn't the best solution- but he wasn't complaining. He had survived for two years on an island without hair products, but had managed to pick up at least a comb on his trip back to Sabaody. He sighed- no time to deal with it. He tied it back as smoothly as he could, grabbed his bag and hat, and left.