The 12th Homicide Squad

The 12th solved a big case with the help of a British agent.

Kate does something foolish and everyone finds out.


The place the bullpen of 12th homicide at eleven thirty (11:30pm), all the detectives seem happy but one. That one is Richard Castle, author, consultant, Kate's Becketts partner, and more.

Kate was dressed in a beautiful black strapless evening gown, with five-inch spike heels. Her date, the English MI6 Agent Colin Hunt, on loan MI6, is dressed in a tailored black Tux. They have just returned from an undercover mission at a foreign embassy. They and the homicide unit detectives are happy they have gotten the evidence they need to close a difficult case.

As they are giving and received high five, Castle is checking out the two of them. He notes that Kates zipper on the right side of her dress in down slight two plus inches. He knows that dress, he bought it for her for a book signing two months ago. He known that zipper has a security lock that prevents it from opening, or slipping down, and exposing her breast, or the dress falling off, as it is strapless. Colin cummerbund is off and missing, that not fitting with the rest of his tuxedo, from before they left.

He is angered, and jealous, he takes his time deciding if he should say anything, or remain quiet. He takes Kevin aside and tells him his observations. Pointing out everything, telling him he followed them to the affair, and back. Kevin looks over Kate and Colin, and sadly agrees with Castle. Taking a clue with the closeness of the two are to each other. Colin keeps reaching out and pulling Kate into physical contact with him. She does not react, negatively, to this as if this is something not new to either of them.

Castle eyes the report sheet they filled out and compares it to the formal complaint from the embassy. There is an hour plus difference from the time they say the party ended, and the time embassy said they were ejected physical. What did they do for an hour and a half, they have not said ?

Castle slowly walks up to the couple. He congratulates them on their clever work. Moving over to Kates side he softly whispers to her.

"Beckett, can we talk, alone in the captain's office it's important?" "Sure, Castle just give a minute to tell Colin."

"I did not realize you needed to get his ok to talk to me."

Kate wrinkled her nose and spoke to Colin. Castle walked, slowly and bitterly, into Gates office and waited for her. He looks out the window and saw Kate speaking to Colin and nodding at the office. He saw both walking to the office, he turned his back and made like he did not know they both were coming in.

"What do you want to talk to me about?"

"I wanted to speak with you Beckett, in private, what is he doing in hear?"

"What your problem Castle?"

"I wanted to talk with Kate in private, so what are you doing in here."

"Kate spoke with me and I thought you might be angry with her" "So you came to protect your new prize."

"Castle what are you talking about? I'm not his new prize."

"Tell him that as he has the look of confidence as he pulls you around. Your his

prize, his notch on the bed pole you accuse me of wanting. I wanted to warn.

you that you have filed a false report. Gate will find it in the morning, and you alone are going to take the fall."

"What false report Castle?

"What time did you and Colin leave the embassy?"

"I'm not sure, Colin filled out the report."

"But you Detective Kathryn Beckett NYPD signed it. It is a lie; you have an hour.

and a half of missing time. The embassy called the NYPD on a recorded, and

time stamp line, at the time you both were expelled. I have seen both reports I

wanted to give you a chance to change it, but while you and your keeper.

taking, getting your story together Kevin sent your report to 1PP. Why did you? have to take the time to get the ok to talk to me from him?"

"I did not think it was important, I thought you were just jealous of Colin."

"Yes, I was, and am still. But I was trying to save you. Do you have an excuse for the missing time? Was the glass always in your sight or control."

"Yes, it was. Colin had it in his jacket all the time."

"Even when he had his pants off, in the motel room, and you had your dress.

off on the floor?"

"CASTLE, how can you say that?"

"Well Colin your cumber bun is missing, your pants have a white stain on the front.

by the fly, Kate your dress is open the zipper is down two inches plus, inches.

Do not try to tell me it just slipped; I bought that dress, so I know it has a

safety lock, so it cannot open by accident. You had the top of your dress off.

or down, and this pecker head came some ware in, or on you. You two have

anything to say?"

Kate was mad and red as a beet; Colin was just mad. Colin put his arm around Kate and led her out of office and the building. Castle followed them after a few minutes.

The next morning at nine (9am) Castle exited the elevator to the homicide squad. Esposito and Ryan were at their desk, no one was in Gates office. Looking around the room me saw Beckett sitting at her desk doing paperwork, in the chair next to her desk, his chair, sat inspector Colin Hunt. Castle had only one cup of coffee in his hand, he made a show of drinking a good bit.

"Good morning boys, and you to Detective Beckett. Has he been with you all night, I say that as you both have bags under both eyes?"

"Up yours Castle"

"I guess you did have a good night, but no sleeping."

"Carefully Castle or I'll tear you heart out."

Before more could be said Captain, Gates appeared.

"Beckett my office now."

Kate got up and walked to the office. Colin got up and followed her.

Kate entered the office followed by Colin.

"What are you doing in my office, and in my building. You were told to report back to London ASAP."

"I was offering Detective Beckett moral support."

"Beckett close the door."

"You're a hypocrite Hunt, you are going to give moral support to Detective Beckett.

You have a pregnant wife at home with a third child. You are having free sex.

with Detective Beckett. You Beckett I am appalled you would do this acting,

like a whore for a pretty face. Having sex multi times with him, signing a false

report to cover what you did for an hour and a half. Do not try to lie, a NYPD.

technical follow your car to the motel you and Beckett spent the missing time.

and the rest of last night late rolling around having sex, is he that good detective . You were so dumb not using an embassy car. Now get the hell out of my station, and my city."

Without saying a word Inspector Colin left the room, and the floor.

"Mister Castle my office please."

Speaking softly to Ryan

"What did I do now."

"Mister Castle please sit down beside Officer Beckett."

It was only as he sat down, he noticed Becketts gold badge sitting on the desk. "Mister Castle how much do you know about what happened in the embassy.


"I Know Detective Beckett, and Inspector Colin went to a party at a Foreign

embassy. They obtained needed proof and brought it back to the 12th."

"What are you not telling me?"

"Do I have to tell you, its private. I might have committed a crime."

"What crime, and yes you must tell me."

"I followed Beckett, and Hunt, to the embassy and back."

"How did you do it Mister Castle."

"I put a tracking device in Inspector Colin's car a video recorder in Colins.

buttonhole, and a camera in the necklace on Kate neck."

"Castle you did what, a tracking device. One of your toys, why."

"I was jealous of Colin; I did not trust him with Kate. I plead guilty to that, but I

checked Colin out with a friend at Scotland Yard, and found out he is a cad,

was still married with children back in England."

"You have deep feeling for Officer Beckett. That a statement not a question Mister

Castle. Why have you not express those feeling to her at the prescient, or on?


"Captain Gates PDA between officers is forbidden, and I did not want to lose the

friendship, and partnership we have."

"So, you are alright with officer Beckett having affairs with other men?"

"No, you got it wrong, I would do anything to protect her, and make her happy.

She prefers other men, but I can still have feeling for her. Sir why are you?

referring to Detective Beckett as Officer Beckett?"

"Because of what happened last night Beckett has been suspended and demoted to

patrol Officer. Mister Castle are you going to use your influence to fight this.

action. After what she has done, and the hurt I can see on your face?"

"YES, I am going to us ever chip I am owned and all the money I have. I love her.

ever if she does not share those feelings."

Kate jumped up and wrapped her arms around him.

"All you had to do was say those things to me without a joke. I was never sure you.

were serious. Now I know, can you forgive me?"

"I guess I can think about forgiveness, first you have to become my girlfriend, I will have to be your only man in your life, then maybe, in time, my wife."

"Castle, Rick I'm in love with you now, so you will be my BBF. [Best Boy Friend]."

"Beckett your still suspended for thirty days, subject to review by the commissioner.

Take the suspension and take your time straighten out your life. Maybe

Mister Castle can adjust your think about this job, and a real life. You can

Go home now after cleaning out your desk".


Kate took out her gun and laid it on the desk.