The 12th Homicide Squad


The 12th solve a big case with the help of a British agent. Kate does something foolish and everyone finds out.

Kate suspension was extended to be 90 day by the commissioner.


Kate was due to return today, her replacement left on Friday. He was good detective but not topnotch as Beckett. Saturday Beckett was at the rage passing her gun qualifications with a perfect score, Gates was looking to the return of both Beckett, and Castle. They lighten the heavy load with their energy.

At nine [9am] on the dot Beckett stepped out of the elevator and walked into Gates office pausing only for a quick knock. Gate looked up and visibly inspected her. She looked good she had a tan and had put on a little weight.

"Captain Gates, Officer Beckett reporting back after suspension."

"You look good and rested. You have your range qualifications sheet."

"Yes sir. Did it Saturday. I saw HR also this morning they will have my new

ID by twelve. Where am I to work?"

"Sit down Beckett I have somethings to talk over with you.

You are to be given your Detective rating back in thirty [30] days. Till then

you are an extra patrolman in homicide, you will be expected to do the duties

of a nonuniform officer. That the bad part, the good is you passed the LT.

exam with the highest score, even taking points off for your suspension.

You will be promoted at the graduation in five weeks. You will be offered any

open position in the NYPD. I see that look, but here is a surprise,

the 12th has just been given a slot in homicide for a Director of Detectives.

We also will be getting two new detectives opening on that same day.

Are you interested in that position; it is mostly supervision with decreased field work? Also, it would a nine to five, with overtime."

"Captain, please stop try to sell me, the answer is yes. I do not mind the wait, working as a patrolman will get me back in the field with a feeling of how

the grunts feel. I need to go home to get my uniform."

"Kate, you are going to be plain-clothes, not a uniform officer. So, do go home

and please contact Mister Castle and ask him if he would return."

"It will be easy to contact Rick Castle; we are living together now.

I hope that alright for his return?"

"Since when?"

Said Gates with a smile.

"Two months, all summer we were at his summer house in the Hamptons. His

summer house has ten bedrooms, it's a mansion."

"That explains the tan and the weight gain, it looks good on you."

"Sir the weight gain in muscle, not fat. I now have two black belts in different type

of self-defense."

"That great Kate so take off, your done for today."

Kate left and went to find Rick. Rick was at the loft writing more Nikki Heat. He heard the door open, so he stopped writing and got up to see who was there. He was surprised to see Kate.

"Kate suspended so soon?"

"Very funny, Gates checked me in. I am a plain-clothes officer for thirty days. Then

I get my detective badge back."

"Sorry Kate, I would have made a fuss about your suspension if you

had let me."

"Rick it's all right thirty days is a cake walk.

After thirty days, at the NYPD graduation I am going to be promoted

to LT. I passed the test with the highest score ever seen, even after

they took points off for being suspended. I get to pick any open slot

for LT. The great thing the 12th is getting an LT slot, on the same

time, and three detectives. Gates tried to sell me the slot, almost

begging. I held my ground, really, I cried out I would take it before

she finishes. I am back at the 12th, and becoming a nine to five,

Monday to Friday, desk officer."

"This is great baby, speaking you did not tell her about our baby."

"No, I was so excited I forgot. I will tell her tomorrow; I do not think it will affect

the job."

"Kate about telling Gates about the baby first answer this on question please."

Going down on his right knee he opens a small blue box, removed a large Dimond ring.

"Kathryn Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?"

"OH, Christ Rick, today is just a dream. So, if it a dream yes, I would love to be

your wife. You are my one and done, I'll never detour or ever leave you till

death do we part."

Castle stood up took Kate in his arms, after placing the ring on finger, kissing her like it was the only thing in the world to do.

"Kate I'd like to marry you as of right now, but I think we wait till after the baby, I

feel you want a semi-large wedding, and have your father walk you down the


"Richard Castle I love you; you are always thing about what I want What I want is

you, I want to walk down the aisle and have you drooling to take me as your

wife. In that frame a bride with a big belly is not going to do, so let us get

married next June in the Hamptons."
"Yours wish my love is my command. June next year on grounds of our house in the


"Well, we set the month, how a date. June has thirty day my computer gives four

Saturday in that month. I like the 12th of June, what's your pick?"

"I like the date; I know why you picked the 12th. It where we started as partners, am

I right?"

"As right as rain in April, that why you are such a great detective."

"Let's go into our bedroom and let me show you how much I love being your bride

to be."