"Why exactly are we doing this again?" Sato asked as he stared glumly at the bobber drifting in the water.

"Because it's fun?" Ojiro got a nibble, but when he reeled it in, his hook was stripped bare.

Sato gave him a flat stare. "Define fun."

"Well, it's a way to spend time together, isn't it?" Ojiro asked as he strung another worm on his hook.

"We could spend time watching paint dry, but you wouldn't catch me calling it fun."

"Well, there are those really glossy paints that-"

"I'm going to stop you right there before you embarrass yourself even more.

Sato's bobber plunged down. He gave an ecstatic yell and started reeling it in. "Oh boy, I've got a big one!"

"Hey, what was that about fishing not being fun?"

"Silence! You're breaking my concentration! Now, give it some slack… then reel it right in!"

With a sugar-powered yank, Sato pulled the fish out of the water. He triumphantly held up the end of the line, only to behold a two-inch bass.

Ojiro howled with laughter at Sato's disgusted expression.

After Sato plopped his pitiful catch in a bucket, Koda looked inside. The bass gave him a sorrowful, teary-eyed expression and said, "Oh, how it burns! I can feel death approaching. The very water burns my gills, and the light from the surface grows dim. Is this how it ends? Will I never see my wife and children again?"

Holding back tears, Koda nervously looked back at his fellow fishermen. They had both gone back to staring at their listless bobbers and started an existential tangent about how they came to be in the universe. Koda glanced back at the bucket, and the sad guppy-eyes of the tiny bass.

Koda quickly scooped out the fish and put it back in the water. The moment the bass was free, it shouted, "Sucker! Can't believe you fell for that! Time to steal another worm off that-"

An eagle swooped down and snatched the loudmouthed bass out of the water. Koda, sufficiently traumatized for one day, removed the hook from his line and cast out into the river.

Izuku got a bite and reeled it in. Attached to his hook was a slip of paper with someone's email address, password, and their mother's maiden name.

"Uh, Izuku, what kind of fishing are you doing?"

Izuku cast again. He reeled in the bank account information of a noodle stand.

"I am not sure why people keep giving me this information," Izuku admitted. "The bait explicitly states that I am only trying to catch fish."

Ojiro read the email attached to Izuku's hook. "A Nigerian prince, really? That one's centuries old!"

Koda's bobber sank. Perplexed, Koda reeled it in. Attached to the severed end of his fishing line was the Loch Ness monster. It looked around the Japanese landscape and asked in a thick Scottish accent, "How did I even get here?"

Sato snapped his pole in half. "That's it, I give up."


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