Toshinori grumbled to himself as his buff form vanished in a cloud of steam. The slime villain had slipped through his fingers. Scrawny as he was, Toshinori could still use a phone, and he had a rough idea where to look.

The deafening booms led him to his target. The viscous ball of slime with eyes had a teenager in its clutches. The kid flung explosions everywhere as the villain forced itself into his mouth. The heroes on the scene stayed back and managed the crowd. Kamui Woods would light up like kindling, Mount Lady wouldn't fit in the cramped alleyway, and Backdraft had raging fires to keep under control. Toshinori turned away, with a prayer that a more suitable hero would arrive soon.

Shouts from the crowd made him look back. Another kid marched past Death Arm's barricade, ignoring the hero's shouts to stay out. The slime villain laughed as the kid walked up to him and punched his gelatinous body.

When the kid realized that his punches did nothing to the villain and scraping slime off the victim's mouth only gave a second's reprieve, he stepped back. Toshinori thought he was giving up, but instead, the kid scooped a handful of slime into his mouth. The crowd went deathly silent. The villain gawked at him. Even the victim stopped struggling to give the crazy kid a wide-eyed stare.

"You know what?" the villain said. "Fine! If you want a taste that badly, have some more!"

The villain threw his first victim aside and plunged into the other kid's mouth. Within seconds, the villain had fit himself inside. Toshinori pushed his way to the front of the crowd, stomach clenching with fear, but the kid seemed undisturbed by the villain currently residing in his stomach.

Death Arms approached the kid cautiously. "Uh, you alright kid?"

The kid blinked at him. "Yes I am. Thank you for asking."

Death Arms held out a thermos. "Any chance you could spit out that villain?"

Tilting his head, the kid said, "I'm not physically capable of spitting out anything I swallow. I am only able to digest it."

"Hah!" The villain's muffled voice echoed out of the kid's mouth. "I'm immune to stomach acid!"

"I don't have stomach acid. It would melt through my body."

Moments later, the villain screamed and bubbled out, shrieking, "Fire! Why are you filled with fire, you crazy kid?"

Death Arms scooped the steaming villain into the thermos and screwed the lid shut. As the hero congratulated the kid, Toshinori smiled to himself. The kid had charged into danger and put himself at risk to save another. He had his successor, one already strong enough to handle his Quirk.

As Toshinori followed the kid away from the crowd, he grinned at the thought of rubbing his new successor in Nighteye's face. That would show him he wasn't an idiot!

One conversation later, Izuku ate a golden hair, and the Quirk it carried vanished in a puff of smoke.

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