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"…Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph!" John held his arms out, only to feel a strange wetness spreading across the back of his hand. Turning, he looked over to see a zombie; teeth sunk into his skin. He screamed, collapsing against the wall as Anna pulled him away; whacking the zombie with the oversized plastic candy cane she'd fashioned into a makeshift weapon. More zombies were on their way, but that didn't matter anymore, did it?

Sitting against the wall, he met Anna's eyes- the fear beginning to sink in. He wasn't going to make it out of this. He wasn't going to Uni, he wasn't ever going to get to tell Anna how he felt about her, wasn't going to survive this fucking apocalypse.

What was strange (and slightly alarming) was that even though a good portion of his hand had just been bitten off by a zombie, he didn't feel any pain. Looking into Anna's eyes as the two of them crouched against the building, he realized that the pain of never seeing her again was far more overwhelming than the non-existent pain from the gaping bite left in the back of his hand. Wiggling his fingers slightly, he realized that his hand felt as if it hadn't been bitten at all.

Probably just the effects of whatever virus this is, that's all. At least if I have to die it won't hurt.

"Come on. Get up."

Anna moved to pull him to his feet, and John gritted his teeth as he heard the agitated grunting of a group of zombies that had been unaware of their presence until that moment.

"Get up!"

John took one look at the zombies, saw how many of them there were, and looked back at Anna. He loved her. More than anything, he wanted Anna to survive. He was as good as dead now, anyway- so he had absolutely nothing left to lose. Tears pricking at his eyes, he took a breath; steeling his gaze.

He wrapped his arms around Anna, holding her fast as he began walking backwards through the horde of zombies. Anna's voice broke as she yelled out to him; and he wished he could explain everything to her- but there wasn't enough time. Screaming his name and struggling against him, John tightened his grip around her- resting his cheek against her head for the last time before turning and throwing her as far away from the zombies as possible.

The screaming of both Anna and John hadn't only alerted the zombies- but had also alerted the few remaining members of their party. Nick rushed forward, scooping Anna up and dragging her away as John watched Anna, Chris, Steph, and Nick until the lumbering zombies blocked his path; their teeth tearing into his skin. He screamed- mostly out of fear, but also out of grief- the reality that this was the last time he'd get to see anyone ever again sinking in.

The zombies began to tear into him, but he couldn't feel anything. He wasn't sure if he'd rather feel pain or die in this strange, numb state; but the lack of physical pain was made up for with the pain of losing his friends, of putting his friends in danger. He couldn't even remember if he'd told his mum he'd loved her before this whole disaster had begun- and now he was alone, being ripped apart by zombies.

Crying, John closed his eyes- feeling like he was falling into darkness, the numbness spreading over him; his body feeling heavier by the second.

And then, he woke up.