Activation code received Initiating start-up sequence.


Data corruption detected, routing.


Battlenet connection: No Signal


External damage reported, beginning repair process.


Repair process failed.


Neural inhibitors damaged.

Startup beginning.

A deep inhale, followed by a smooth exhale with the fluttering of eyes and the small whirl of machinery. His eyes were greeted by the deep blue sky above him, not a signal cloud insight with the sun at the edge of his view.

Audio Restored

Sound finally filled the silent void, with the sound of waves splashing amongst the ground by him, with the faint breeze hidden amongst it.

Neural Connections Restored

Finally, he felt his body finally begin to loosen as he slowly sat up, sand running down his body from the sudden change in angle. His new view allowed him to stare at the ocean before him before he slowly turned his head to the right.

He was able to see the continued sight of a beach, with a forest of along it, none of which were palm trees, more those resembling tropical forests…

Turning to the left his vision was greeted with a much more different sight.

Debris littered the beach, all of which were of various sizes and belonged to the same wreck which was meters away. Lodged into the ground was the cylinder shape of a metallic pod with the hatches along both sides open, trails of footprints along both sides, one pair making its way to him while it appeared something was dragged behind them…

The other pair was a mess, shakily changing directions and filling a small circle of area, clearly in some form of panic…Glancing back to the pod he could see why, burn marks trailed along the sides with a large hole inside, clearly a fire had started.

A hum exited his mouth, he had been abandoned on the beach, the two others with him must have gone further into the island, why? He did not know.

He went to place his left hand up to his chin but stopped when he felt nothing connect, causing him to glance down to his side.


Where an arm should have been was nothing more than a mess of wires and bent metal.

He had lost his arm, his prosthetic arm to be exact.

An annoyed sigh exited his lips as he flopped down onto his back so he could stare up at the sky with a blank stare.

Of course...stuck and abandoned on a beach, his arm was missing, and his helmet was...gone…

'God damn-it'

A groan came from him as he tried to cross his arms and let out an annoyed huff before moving his arm to rest back at his side.

Tuesdays were the worst.

He laid on his back for a few more minutes before letting out a grunt before slowly sitting up and rolling his singular shoulder before slowly stumbling to his feet. He winced a bit as he felt a sudden pinch in his head and reached up to rub his head and let the pain slowly wither away.

He grunted before looking around while brushing what little sand had clung to his snow-white tailcoat with light green highlights running up along it. There were probably some along with his black pants, but he shrugged and left it be and continued onwards