Percy Jackson and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fanfiction

United as One

Third Person

Gaea was defeated three months ago and everyone of Camp Half-Blood is still healing in physical and emotional ways. Many were still mourning the lost ones so when the gods called for Annabeth and Percy to come to Olympus it surprised everyone. Percy and Annabeth were both still traumatized from their trip to Tartarus so they never spent a moment apart except for bathroom breaks, but even then they would wait for each other outside the door.

Percy and Annabeth are now standing in the throne room waiting for Zeus to start the meeting. All the gods knew that Annabeth and Percy are going through a hard time so they all decided to try and help them.

"Welcome Annabeth Chase and Perseus Jackson." Zeus suddenly boomed. "We have called you here today because of a new quest."

"What!" They both yelled.

Annabeth stepped forward, "Lord Zeus, we defeated Gaea mere months ago and we are still healing and now you want us to go on a quest."

"No not you only Perseus." Zeus stated calmly. "Perseus will go on this quest by himself and Annabeth you will stay here and rebuild Olympus."

"But Lord Zeus Annabeth and I are unable to stay away from each other for a long period of time." Percy said.

"We understand that so we will turn yourselves back into 14 year-olds. Your minds will then be of what you remember during those 14 years. You will not remember anything about your last three years." Athena steps in. "And we will turn you back into your 17 year-old selves after the quest is done."

"Can you please let us talk about it?" Percy asked,

Zeus nods and Percy pulls Annabeth out of the throne room.

"So, you want to do this Annabeth?" Percy questions.

Annabeth nods, "It all goes in our favor. We may not see each other everyday or be girlfriend and boyfriend, but we can have a break from constant nightmares, we can IM each other whenever we please, and we can do something we both love. I love architecture and you love helping people and that's what quests do."

"I agree, but I will miss seeing you everyday." Percy whines.

"I will miss you to Perce." Annabeth says. "One last kiss before we become 14 year-olds again?"

"I thought you'd never ask." Percy breathes before leaning down and kissing Annabeth.

They pull away to breathe a minute later and start to walk back into the throne room. They accepted and then were hit with a bolt of light before they both passed out.