Percy Jackson and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fanfiction

United as One

Percy POV

The last thing I remember was hanging out with Annabeth at camp, but when I woke up I found myself on a bed in the throne room of the gods. I noticed Annabeth still sleeping beside me so I shook her awake.

"What?" Annabeth groaned as she gained consciousness.

"What are we doing in Olympus?" I asked.

Annabeth shoots up in surprise, "We're in Olympus!"

"Yes you are Annabeth and Perseus." Zeus suddenly says as he appears on his throne.

Annabeth and I stood up and bowed to him as the other Olympians appeared in the throne room. We watched as Apollo snapped his fingers and the two beds disappeared.

"You both are here because we transformed you back into your 14 year-old selves, but you do not remember anything of your future years. We did this because Percy is needed for a quest and is required to be at this age and we figured you would be more comfortable if Annabeth was the same age." Athena spoke up. "And Annabeth you will remember everything in education wise so you can help us rebuild Olympus."

"Does that clear everything up?" Zeus questions.

"Yes, Lord Zeus." Annabeth and I said together.

Poseidon then spoke up for the first time during the meeting, "Percy, your quest will be to go to Paris and help when you can."

I was very confused, why do I need to go to Paris? Why so far away?

"Your questions will be answered in time, Perseus." Zeus says. "Now say your goodbyes and then we will send you to the house you will be living in until you have completed your quest."

I quickly say goodbye to Annabeth before I am engulfed in a light and I find myself in front of a bakery called, 'Dupain cheng Bakery.' I had two large suitcases and a duffel bag with me and I could feel Riptide still in my pocket. I grab the baggage and head inside to find a teenage girl and two adults who look like they're her parents standing inside.

"Welcome to our home Perseus!" The adult lady greets. "I am Sabine, this man is my husband Tom, and this is our daughter Marinette."

Marinette steps forward, "Hi, I am Marinette. I hope you can feel at home here."