Morgana spits out the blood, her body slump slightly, the only thing holding her up was the shackles. She could feel her magic trying to fight against the cold iron, but she knows that there is nothing that she could do expected if they would let her go.

A bitter laugh left her lips, her throat was raw and she just felt cold. This would be her death, Uther's hatred for magic had just convinced him that she would betray him.

Maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Why should she keep on trying to do her best when he just wants her dead?

The cell door open with a creak and without even thinking about it Morgana took a step backwards. Her back hit against the wall and for a moment her emotions almost overwhelmed her. Can they just end the game?

If Uther wants her dead, why doesn't he just kill her?

Gwen and Merlin rushed into the small dungeon. Morgana barely had a chance to reacted when Merlin whispered a spell and the shackles fell open.

Morgana would have eaten dirt if it wasn't for the fact that Gwen caught her with ease. Morgana wanted to ask what was going on but a shush from Gwen and she fell silent again.

It was slow going as they made their way to a secrete passage. Merlin on occasion distracting the guards that were milling around.

When they got to a dungeon deep beneath the dungeons they stopped for a moment. Morgana was struggling to breathe and for a moment she thought that she was going to faint.

"Sit down. Do you know what is everything injured?" Merlin made sure to keep his voice as low as possible and the light he had going with his magic was dim as well.

They will need to stay hidden here until midnight after that well he hoped that the two women would be able to find their way to the druids.

"Just a few scrapes and bruises. What is going on?" Morgana looked intently at the two of them.

For a moment there was only silence before Gwen threw her arms around Morgana. The two days locked up had caused the princess to lose some weight and Gwen just wanted to mother hen her.

Morgana was shocked into silence for a moment before she smiled slightly. Her arms went around Gwen's waist. And for the first time in a long time, she felt grounded. As if this is where she belongs.

Merlin cleared his throat slightly. "I am sorry to interrupt." He turned to face Morgana properly. A small smile wanted to form as he could see the way the two women were looking at each other.

They might be going through hell now, but together they would be able to conquer the world if they truly would want to.

"You would need to stay down here until midnight. Arthur will make sure that the guard's search around this area first, when you hear five knocks against the wall, it would be safe to come out.

"Two horses will be prepared for you, if you go north through Gawant you will find the druids, they will take you in." Merlin gave them a serious look. This will only work if they leave at the marked time.

"The window is short, so please be careful." Merlin gave them a tight smile before his eyes flash gold and the orb went blue, carefully hanging in place.

He pushed himself upright, walking away, with one last look he whispered a quiet, be careful before he disappeared into the dark.

Morgana turned to face Gwen, there were so many questions she wanted to ask, but she wasn't sure where to begin.

Gwen shuffled slightly until she pulled a napkin closer. "You need to eat, from what we could gather from the guards, was Uther withholding your food." Gwen's voice was tight as she tried to fight back tears.

With ease Morgana pulled the napkin open, to see some sausages, cheese and chicken. A small smile formed on her face. She knew for a fact that this was Arthur's breakfast they had gathered for her.

She picked up the cheese, nibbling on it slightly. Knowing that she needs to eat slowly or else she would just puke.

While she ate, she looked up at Gwen. She could see the stress lines around her eyes, the tightness in her shoulders and she wished that she could take all of the worries away.

"What happened?" Morgana kept her voice even as she asked it.

Gwen was silent for a moment. "Arthur was furious when he found out Uther had you arrested and that for magic. He went to Merlin to ask about any passaged ways that leave the castle. We are not sure how Merlin even knew about this place but yeah.

"He had shown it to Arthur. He then asked me to accompany you to the druids. We both know until Uther is off the throne you will never be able to live a just live here." Gwen fell silent again.

The last two days were pure hell and she wasn't sure if they even would be able to get to the druids. Uther would send searches parties out until he had Morgana back where she belongs.

"Arthur will continue to distract the king until we are a safe distance from here." Gwen gave Morgana a tight smile.

Her heart was pounding and she couldn't help but feel fearful for what the future might hold in for them.

"Thank you." Morgana grabbed Gwen's hand squeezing it slightly.

"Always." Gwen wished that she could say how much Morgana truly means for her, but for now, she would need to keep quiet. Maybe one day the timing would be better.

"We need to get some sleep." Gwen pulled Morgan up onto her feet and then lead her to where she made a bed for them. The dim blue light followed them, giving them enough light that they don't trip over their own feet.

When Morgana was down, Gwen got onto the bed, just looking up. Unsure of where to put her arms. Gwen almost jumped a few feet into the air when Morgana slung an arm around her waist, holding her close.

Gwen listened to the deep even breathing of Morgana before she relaxed completely.

It might be hard, but come what will. She will do her damn best to get Morgana to safety.

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