Gwen was silent as she cleaned the floor. Her brown eyes kept to the floor. Since her father had married that woman life was hard.

Then he died, now everything is just ten times worse. No matter how hard she works there is always a problem. The floor is so clean you would be able to eat of it. But no, it is just not good enough.

With a tired sigh, Gwen sat upright looking at the floor. How she wished that she could just escape this miserable existence. But that won't happen any time soon.

The days passed into months and the months into years. Each day when Gwen went to the market to get some fresh foods she would see the princess in her tower. The black hair cascading down over her shoulder and each day she longed to meet her.

She had heard about the princess love for the kingdom, it was shared far and wide. She would regularly come out and help in the hospital. A friendly word for everyone that comes her way.

Gwen picked up an apple, inspecting it. It looked shiny and felt firm. It would be great for the apple pie she wanted to make. As she and the owner of the stall talked about the prince for a few apples. A bell started to ring, silencing everyone.

A young man stood on a crate as he looked over the people. "The King had declared that it is time for the Lady Morgana to take a husband and the crown Prince Arthur a wife. There would be a ball tonight and everyone is welcome." With a small nod, the man jumped down from the crate.

Immediately everyone started to whisper to each other. Gwen gave a sad sigh as she knows that there is no way that her stepmother would allow her to go.

A small grin formed on her face before she turned around heading back to the manor, forgetting all about the apples.

When she got back home, she gave a small whistle. The grumpy cat gave her one look before it turned around walking back to lay down in front of the fire.

Without making a sound, Gwen rushed up to her room. It took a few minutes of work before she was able to pull the trunk down. A sad smile formed on her face at the sight of the carved wood. How she missed her mother.

Without missing a beat she opened the hatch, pulling out a red ball gown. She pulled it upfront of her, twirling slightly before the mirror.

With this, she was sure that she would be able to make a good impression on the princess.

"Gwen, get down here!" The shirl voice of her one stepsister made Gwen winch slightly.

With a sigh, she sat the dress back down. She could only hope that she would be able to get ready for the night.

The day passed with a blur and by the time that she could start to get ready, she could hear Lillian calling the two girls to leave.

With a sigh she started to get ready, tears silently streaming down her cheeks when she realised that the dressed had more holes in and there would be no way on this green earth that she would be able to repair it.

Gwen sank down in front of her window, staring outside. The tears slowly falling onto the window.

Emerys looked at the girl crying. With a loud throat clear, she almost jumped out of her skin before she turned around.

"Who are you?" Gwen quickly wiped the tears from her face. No need for that word needs to get out that she was crying, the family would never let her live it down.

"I am Emerys, your fairy-godfather." Emerys gave her a gentle smile as he gave her a once over. "Now tell me what is it that you truly want?" His voice was soft as he frowned slightly.

"I just want to go to the ball, meet the princess and have a fun evening." Gwen gave the weird man a quivering smile.

Off all the things in the world, this wasn't something she would have suspected. Why on earth would she have a fairy godfather?

Emerys held his hand out for Gwen to take. When she had a firm grip, he pulled her up. With a flash of gold, her dress turned into a purple straight down, the train trailing behind her.

He gave another look and a flash of gold her hair cascade down her back with a golden hair accessory on her head.

"Now, I will transport you there. Normally we can only give until midnight, but I know for a fact that the princess wants someone special, so go out there and catch yourself a girl." Emerys gave her one more smile before they disappeared.

Arthur frowned slightly as he looked at all the people waltzing around, how on earth is he supposed to choose from these people.

Morgana slipped into the chair next to his. Her green eyes scanned the crowds. "Do you think father would allow it if we decide on someone he wouldn't approve of?" Her voice was quiet so that no one would be able to listen in.

Arthur snorted slightly. "You know how he can be sister." Arthur's eyes softened slightly. "But I am sure that if you fall for a girl, he would allow it."

With a force that Morgana didn't know where she got from, she didn't jump around to stare at Arthur.

"Everyone knows that you have no interest in men Morgs. Even Uther. So go out there and find that special one." With small head indications, Arthur forced Morgana to focus on the door where the most beautiful woman she had ever laid her eyes on walked in.

Without saying a word, Morgana pushed herself upright, walking up to the lady. With a slight curtsey, she held her hand out.

"Would you like to dance?" Her voice was filled with wonder when the faint scent of wildflowers filled her.

Gwen gave the princess a shy smile before she took her hand.

The night passed way too fast as they danced and spend time together. When the midnight bell tolled everyone came to a stop when Uther went up to the stage.

"I welcome everyone here, but it is now time for my son and daughter to choose their partners." Uther's voice was as always neutral and almost like a rock.

Arthur and Morgana slowly made their way to the front. Arthur on his own and Morgana keeping ahold of Gwen's hand.

With a small nod from Uther, Arthur stepped forward. "Unfortunately the person I love isn't here tonight. But you will all meet her soon." Arthur stepped back before Uther had a chance to say.

Uther frowned slightly at his son before he nodded to Morgana. Morgana stepped forward, a slight blush on her cheeks as she looked over the people. "If this wonderful person allows, I would like to take her hand in marriage."

Uther looked like he wanted to say something before Arthur gave a gentle bump against Uther's shoulder. He shook his head and tilted it slightly.

With a deep breath, Uther turned to look at his daughter, and for the first time in a long time, he could see happiness in her eyes.

Gwen looked deep into Morgana's eyes, before she jumped, throwing her arms around Morgana. A few yes fell from her lips.

Morgana could feel a weight falling from her shoulders and she easily embraces the girl. Holding her close to her chest.

Both pulled back slightly when there was a commotion from the crowd. Lillian looked as if she was ready to brawl.

"How can you take her! She is only good for one thing and that is to clean and cook. She is a nobody and that is all she would ever be!" Lillian took a step closer but before she could get anywhere two guards pulled her back.

With a nod from Uther, they easily removed her from the room.

"Well, we need to prepare for a wedding!" Arthur easily distracted everyone and soon the room was whispering about what sort of wedding would be held.

"Thank you." Morgana's voice was soft as she nodded at Arthur. Her arms around Gwen's waist again.

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