New School

Chapter 1

Nyx was walking into school with his little sister Selena, his best friends – Libertus, Crowe, Pelna and Luche before they saw a white limo pull up in front of the school.

"What kind of pretentious ass-wipes do we have now?" Crowe complained, her irritation and disgust clear. The rear driver's side door opened and a tall blonde guy came out, polo shirt that looked pressed and khaki slacks and just everything about him screamed prep, his posture was proud and the unimpressed expression he carried on his face was to those who looked on- was hardly surprising. He walked around the car to open the car door on the passenger side and opened it, offering his hand to the occupant in a very gentlemanly like manner.

A feminine, slender, almost fragile hand reached out and grasped it.

Nyx stood still, barely breathing, as a blonde girl, hair as brilliant as sunshine stepped out, it was in a twisted side braid and the prettiest blush dusted her cheeks as she came out of the car. She happened to look in his direction and their eyes locked and for that moment, while minuscule to everyone else, it seemed to stretch until it felt that time had stopped. Her big blue eyes were hypnotizing, then she smiled bashfully at him before she ducked her head and stole into the guy's side as she took his arm before he escorted her into the school.

Meanwhile Selena was staring at the blonde guy and had pursed her lips in a silent 'ooh'. He looked like a model and was probably one of the most handsome guys she had ever laid eyes on. But he was obviously a snobby prep. Shame.

"Uh oh," Libertus teased before giving a playful punch to Nyx's arm to break him out of his trance.

"What?" Nyx blinked rapidly a few times before he turned to his friends who were snickering.

"Damn, Nyx, one look, one look," Libertus teased.

"I'll bet you ten bucks he's smitten," Crowe crooned.

"Shut up," Nyx dismissed as he shrugged it off and began to walk into school.

"You better not be man," Luche muttered, being the only one not snickering.

"Why?" Selena asked before Nyx could.

"Dude, have you not heard the rumors? That was probably Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, and that was probably her brother, Ravus Nox Fleuret, their family owns Miracle Hospital." Luche informed them as Selena 'oh'ed' in understanding, that would explain the limo and his attitude and why he was so pretty, she had never seen a guy's skin look that perfectly clear before, like he had walked right out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.

"What's she doing here then?" Nyx asked, his curiosity piqued as Selena's ears strained to hear the answer to that.

They surely had no business coming here then. This was a public school, they should be going to private schools and shit if their family owned a freaking hospital.

"Well, the last I heard, their mom wanted her kids to have a "well rounded" education. Looks better on a resume apparently." Luche shrugged having overheard that from Noctis talking with Gladio the week before.

"Well here's to hoping we'll get new uniforms," Libertus chuckled as they all made their way into school. When they walked past the office, he could see Lunafreya and her brother talking with Principal Regis Caelum.

It was when Lunafreya was talking to the Principal that he saw her smile and his heart fluttered and he could feel himself swoon and his steps slowed to a stop as he stared through the windows of the office. It was almost odd since Lunafreya had now taken Regis' arm like he was now escorting her and the way she looked up to him, the adoring bright smile was completely unlike the way any other girl looked at the Principal before, almost like the way a little girl would look up to her loving and doting father.

Which didn't make much sense, Principal Caelum only had one son unless she was like a niece? She must have been his niece, because it was such a familial smile that Principal Caelum and Lunafreya both smiled at each other with.

But it was such a gorgeous smile nonetheless.

"Oh, Nyx Ulric." Principal Caelum said as he escorted them out of the office.

"Yes sir?" Nyx answered shaking his head out of the trance looking at her had put him in.

"Ravus, Lunafreya, meet Nyx Ulric, he's our quarterback and captain for our football team, he should be more than happy to show you around and to your classes." Principal Caelum invited before he reached into his suit coat jacket pocket to pull out his notepad and wrote Nyx a pass to excuse him from all tardiness from all of his classes for the day.

"Sure," Nyx nodded. 'Jackpot!' Nyx thought to himself he just had the best excuse to get closer to her.

"Excellent, if either of you have any questions or concerns my door is always open," Regis invited before shaking Ravus' hand with one hand while Luna had taken Regis arm and was practically glued to it and Luna hugged his arm before he wrapped his arm around her and they hugged each other from the side before he, out of habit and not thinking twice about it, kissed Lunafreya on the crown of her head.

'Oh yeah, she had to be his niece.' Nyx thought to himself.

And only barely registering her brother roll his eyes and subtly glare at both of them in disgust. "Have a good day Sweetheart." Regis bid Lunafreya who nodded eagerly and flashed the brightest of smiles back at him.

"Will do, I'll come to you at the end of the day and give you a full report." Luna offered with a light and melodic laugh that had Principal Caelum crinkling his nose at her.

'Oh yeah, doting uncle.' Nyx's thoughts confirmed. Nyx had to be on his best behavior, had to make a good impression.

"So, what classes do you guys have?" Nyx asked once Regis retreated back to the office.

"AP Chemistry," Ravus answered.

"Biology," Lunafreya answered.

"Awesome, well, Ravus your class will be just up the hall," Nyx invited as he turned to lead the way.

"So what brings you to Lucis High?" Nyx began curiously.

"Our mother insists on us having a well rounded education," Ravus answered aloofly. "Personally, I prefer Tenebrae Prep or even Niflheim Academy." Ravus added, the two most prestigious private schools in the area.

"I think it's a great idea to come here," Lunafreya countered softly.

"Yeah?" Nyx asked, as he turned his head to consider her curiously.

"Tenebrae Prep and especially Niflheim Academy have nothing but elitist snobs who are sheltered in bubbles of their own making who have no idea how the world really works." Lunafreya professed softly, Nyx had to strain his ears just to hear her over the general roar of the throngs of students. But while her words were softly spoken, they were still quite astounding and Nyx found himself agreeing with that sentiment because he felt the same way.

"You're just repeating what mother said," Ravus retorted snidely.

"Doesn't mean she's wrong." Lunafreya argued quietly before they came to Ravus' class.

"Go break a leg." Luna bid Ravus and Ravus just rolled his eyes as he walked into class. "Sorry," Luna apologized to Nyx once Ravus walked away.

"What are you apologizing for?" Nyx asked as they turned and Nyx led the way to their class.

"For him, he's the biggest elitist snob I know." Lunafreya murmured lowly with a playful grin as she walked a little closer to him so he could hear her before she reestablished their distance. Even so, Nyx got a good whiff of her perfume. It was sweet and floral and it took all of Nyx's self control not to breathe in as deep as he could to try and smell it some more.

"Oh I've met worse." Nyx dismissed.

"Gosh I would hate to meet worse." Lunafreya grimaced with a soft laugh. Everything about this girl was soft and Nyx felt himself completely swoon. She wasn't even wearing hardly any makeup and goodness gracious she was still so pretty. Like, model pretty.

"So what other classes do you have?" Nyx inquired curiously as he mentally tried to map out his route for the day.

"Oh um, after biology, I have social studies, algebra, history and then I have second lunch then there is gym, drama and study hall." Lunafreya listed off from her schedule.

"Awesome, we actually have some classes together," Nyx grinned, happy that he'd be able to see more of her in his day to day.

"We do? Which ones?" Lunafreya asked, the light of her enthusiasm making her eyes shine bright.

"Well, we have biology then lunch, gym and drama together." Nyx informed her.

"Awesome," Lunafreya grinned happily.

"So, Luna-freya was it?" Nyx started, slowly enunciating her name.

"Just Luna, please, my friends call me Luna, only adults and my brother call me Lunafreya." Luna insisted.

"I don't care for it." Luna shrugged.

"Why?" Nyx inquired.

"Because my full name sounds pretentious and stuffy and blah," Luna made a disgusted face which Nyx found utterly adorable.

"Ok, well Luna, here we are," Nyx said as he nodded toward their first class.

"After you," Nyx invited as he gestured for her to walk in first taking advantage of her walking in front of him so he could get one more lungful of her perfume.

"Thank you," Luna ducked her head as her cheeks stained rose again as she tried to hide her smile.

"Luna?" Noctis said as he saw her walk into the class.

"Noct!" Luna gasped happily as she quickly jogged over to him and the two hugged each other tightly like they hadn't seen each other in years.

"What are you doing here?" Noctis asked as they pulled away.

"Remember when I told you about my birthday wish and mom's idea? Yeah, that," Luna excitedly informed him.

"Awesome!" Noctis cheered before the two began their super friend handshake.

"You're so sitting next to me, Prompto, move over bud," Noctis directed.

"Nice to see you again Prompto," Luna greeted as they too hugged but not quite as tightly as Noctis and Luna had.

"Princess." Prompto grinned as he moved over. Luna rolled her eyes but smiled none the less as she sat down.

"Please don't call me that here," Luna requested of Prompto.

'Dammit,' Nyx cursed inwardly as he hung his head in defeat and walked to the back of the class where Libertus could barely contain his laughter.

"Shut up," Nyx murmured under his breath he took his seat.

"Aww, poor Noctis stole her away already," Libertus pouted sarcastically. Nyx glared at him in return.

"So what classes do you have?" Noctis asked Luna.

"See for yourself." Luna invited as she handed her schedule over to him.

"Sweet, we have most of your morning classes together and lunch, oh and drama, for the win!" Noctis raised his hand to give Luna a high five.

"Ok, settle down class, we have a new student with us today. Would you like to introduce yourself?" The teacher invited.

"Hi, I'm Luna," Luna said as she quickly stood up, waved a little to everyone before she sat back down.

"Oh come on, all of it," Noctis prodded as he grabbed her arm and shook her gently. Luna was so tense it made to motion look more forceful than it was as her whole body seemed to move stiffly with the motion.

Nyx frowned at the gesture, wanting to rip Noctis' arm off in a flare of his temper which he quickly stamped down. It wouldn't be a wise idea to rip the Principal's son's arm off. And who was he to be so protective of a girl he just met? Still instincts were instincts for a reason.

"No," Luna hissed.

"This is my best friend, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret," Noctis introduced proudly. Luna ducked and covered her face as she blushed scarlet.

Nyx could see her ears turn bright red as he imagined the rest of her face to be as well. "Idiot," Nyx mumbled under his breath as he rolled his eyes.

Was Noctis blind? Could he not see how embarrassed she was? Before he realized that Noctis said 'best friend' not 'cousin'. Ok this wasn't adding up anymore and Nyx suddenly worried that Noctis and Luna perhaps were 'friends with benefits' and that thought made him sick to his stomach and he couldn't say why exactly. Maybe she was dating Noctis? And Principal looked at her like a future daughter in law? That made him even sicker.

"Also known as Princess," Prompto added loudly.

"No, no, please don't," Luna spoke up, panic evident in her tone as she shook her head before giving Prompto a glare that could freeze lava. Luna then gave Prompto a jab in his side with her elbow in retaliation.

"Ow," Prompto gasped as he rubbed his side.

"Alright, that's enough, Luna, this is your textbook, we're in chapter 14," the teacher started to teach the class.

After class Noctis went up to Nyx.

"Hey Nyx, I have the next few classes with Luna so I can walk her to those, ok? See you at lunch." Noctis said.

"Sure man," Nyx smiled politely.

"Bummer," Libertus snickered as Noctis walked away.

Nyx shot Libertus another glare and simply went to find Ravus to see if he needed help, only to be met with Luche escorting Ravus himself since the two of them shared a lot of the same classes themselves before Nyx went to his next class.

At lunch, Nyx wasn't surprised in the slightest when Noctis continued to keep Luna by his side, moving his friends around so he could sit right next to her. So close their sides were touching and shared their food with each other as well as Noctis' friends who all seemed very happy to see her and have her with them. She was talking with Ignis about something… about her phone before she handed it over to him. She must have been having issues with it. But when Ignis had solved whatever the matter was, Gladio took it from Ignis and held it just out of Luna's reach.

"Give it back!" Luna demanded as she tried to get it out of Gladio's hold.

"I just want to see your wall paper Princess," Gladio waved off.

"I said," Luna bit out before she got up, marched around the table and reached out and grabbed his ear and twisted it violently.

"Ow! Ow, ow, ow!" Gladio yelped as his towering frame crumpled from the pain. Luna held out her palm expectantly and Gladio laid her phone into her palm before she grasped it and let go of Gladio with a victorious smile.

Nyx smiled to himself as he watched on. Gladio was a tower of muscle but he deserved what he got for messing with her. Ok so maybe she wasn't all soft, she had an edge or two, he could definitely dig that. After lunch Nyx walked Luna to the girls locker room for gym.

"So how is your first day treating you?" Nyx asked as they strolled down the hall.

"Treating me just fine," Luna assured him.

"Having trouble with Gladio?" Nyx asked.

"You saw that huh? He's...harmless, he's just being...himself." Luna shook her head as she waived it off.

"I can make him do extra push ups." Nyx offered.

"Oh that's right, quarterback and captain of the football team," Luna recalled.

"It's ok, don't worry about it. But I'll keep that in mind the next time Gladio decides to be a jerk, I'll have extra ammunition." Luna grinned mischievously and Nyx found that grin out right enchanting.

"Thank you, by the way for escorting me today," Luna graciously thanked him.

"You're welcome, happy to help." Nyx said as he stopped just short of the girls locker room before he turned and went to the boys locker room himself.

He tried not to stare at her when she stretched, clearly doing the splits as she did so. He tried, and failed, as did most of the class apparently.

"Damn girl," Crowe remarked.

"Ballet," Luna tried to explain as she pointed her toes to deepen the stretch.

"Oh I gotcha ya," Crowe nodded in understanding.

Nyx smirked as he continued to stretch, so she was a ballerina, he could definitely see that. She had the slender physique and grace of one. It was also evident in the way she ran, it wasn't so much a run as it was bouncing and leaping from foot to foot. It looked beautiful. But she had very little hand eye coordination. They practiced basketball and she could barely dribble or shoot the bal with much accuracy.

The big surprise came in drama when everyone gave their own little performance. She had taken out her notebook, perhaps to recite poetry.

"Luna, Luna, play Hallelujah!" Noctis begged.

"Play and sing, pretty, pretty, pretty please?" he insisted as he shook her arms again. Luna huffed in defeat and got up and went to the keyboard and selected the piano setting. She was blushing again, giving her pale complexion such a beautiful contrast. She squared her shoulders, sitting up straight but keeping her focus down at the keyboard and laid her hands on the keys and began to play the familiar melody. She slowly swayed a little to the rhythm, causing the wisps of hair that had fallen out of her braid to sway as she did so.

"I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord..." Luna began softly as she focused on the keys, trying to block out the rest of the class as they quietly talked among themselves before the teacher shushed them.

"But you don't really care for music do you?" Luna continued in the same soft tone before she looked up at Noctis who was smiling and nodding at her, trying to encourage her with two thumbs up.

"Well it goes like this. The fourth, the fifth. The minor fall and the major lift. The baffled king composing Hallelujah..." Luna sang out much stronger as she found her voice's sweet spot. And everyone's eyes got wide as they all seemed to realize the girl had a hell of a voice and had already been classically trained. Luna closed her eyes for a moment, as a gently smile played on her lips, the class was silent except for the sound of her playing the piano and her singing.

Luna chanced a look up at Nyx. He was staring in awe and he instinctively gave her an encouraging smile and nod. She smiled shyly in return before she looked back down at the keys.

Nyx couldn't believe his eyes or ears, God she had to be an angel, she had to be. How could she not be? She was kind and sweet and gracious and funny and so pretty, he was definitely smitten, beyond smitten. God and she was so talented! Was there anything this girl didn't have or couldn't do?

Then the tone of the song made as her face change to that of sadness and her tone was filled with such moving emotion, everyone seemed to forget that they were watching a student and not a professional singer.

Luna tried to just imagine she was at home alone playing and singing and not in front of a class of strangers and her new instant crush, which made her so nervous, she wanted him to like her, so much, she didn't know why she did either, she just...did, she wanted to impress him, make sure he knew that she was smart and kind and funny and she had tried to get him to laugh but she did get a grin and a smile and they had been beautiful and she didn't care if she made a little bit of a fool of herself. God he was so handsome and so far had been nice and sweet and careful around her, almost like he instinctively knew she was a fish out of water and awkward that that was ok, she just...she felt safe around him. Which is something she hadn't felt around guys other than Noctis and his friends in forever. She almost didn't recognize the feeling but when she did, she was so pleasantly surprised and longed for more.

Luna continued to look at the keyboard as the song progressed, not being brave enough to look up at her classmates, too afraid to look up at Nyx, what if he thought she sounded horrible? What if he hated it? What if he didn't like her singing? What if he didn't like her? She faded her voice before she ended the song and was about ready to cry, her thoughts spinning and running away from her.

But the whole class erupted in applause, whistles and cheers that it made Luna snap her head up as she looked at them in surprise, as she jumped in her own skin a little, not used to that kind of outburst but when she noticed that it was Noctis and Nyx who were cheering the loudest and clapping the hardest and the smile of relief that quickly donned her face and the small, soft giggle left her as she bashfully had to look down at the keys.

"Are you in choir?" The drama teacher asked.

"No," Luna shook her head.

"You should be," The drama teacher encouraged.

"Thanks." Luna smiled.

"Nyx," The teacher called out. Nyx grabbed his special deck of cards and walked to the front of the class, gently and "accidentally" bumped into Luna as she made her way back to her table she shared with Noctis and Prompto before shuffling the deck in these very elaborate ways.

"Noctis, help me out," Nyx invited and Nocits rose and stood next to Nyx.

"Pick a card," Nyx invited as he spread the deck out and Noctis chose his card.

"Show the class if you want." Nyx suggested and Noctis showed a king of spades before he put it back into the deck.

"Did you like your card?" Nyx asked as he began to re-shuffle the deck.

"Yeah man," Noctis nodded.

"Good," Nyx said before he held up a joker card.

"Was this your card?" Nyx asked.

"No," Noctis shook his head with a laugh as he perceived the trick going wrong.

"Huh, maybe Luna has it." Nyx grinned and the class looked over to see Luna pick her hands up off the table in a 'I surrender' motion, a playing card underneath her sleeve on the table. Luna's jaw dropped as she picked the card up and looked at it before turning it around to show the class- the king of spades.

"How?! How did you do that?" Noctis demanded as he went over to Luna to get the card from her.

"Magic," Nyx smiled victoriously as he took the card back and took his seat again. Luna continued to stare at him in amazement before she got her notebook out and wrote down something before turning her attention to the next performer in class.

Luna bumped into Nyx on their way out of class giving him a knowing smile as she did so before she went with Nocits who showed her where the library was so she could attend study hall. Nyx went to his next class and sat down before he heard the crinkle of paper in his back pocket. He reached out and pulled out a little note. Nyx looked at the folded piece of paper in curious amusement. Noting the definitely feminine way his name was written before unfolding the intricate folds.

'Thank you Nyx, for helping me today. P.S. I know exactly how you did it. But don't worry, your secret is safe with me. Let me know if I can help again. Sincerely Luna.'

Nyx smiled wide as he reread it over a few times. He refolded it carefully and put it into his pocket, his front one this time for safe keeping.

Nyx watched as Luna and her brother walked out of school and into the limo that was waiting for them. Luna caught his eye and flashed him a bright smile and a small waive which he returned before she got in the car.

"Ready for practice?" Libertus asked as he nodded to the football field.

"Yeah, sure thing." Nyx nodded.

"So why do you guys call Luna- Princess?" Nyx asked Gladio as they did push ups side by side in the football field.

"Oh it's what her dad used to call her all the time," Gladio explained.

"Used to?" Nyx inquired.

"Yeah man, he died of cancer, like five years ago, we all keep calling her Princess in memory of him, and we've all been friends since we were little, her dad was a really cool dude, she misses him a lot and she's practically been adopted by Uncle Regis, and she's practically adopted him too, calls him 'Dad' and everything. Pisses Ravus right off every time she does because he thinks it's disrespectful to his dad's memory even though it's not but he's taken his dad's death the hardest. Actually their families have been really close friends since Noctis' accident when he lost his mom and Luna and Ravus' mom is a doctor, a surgeon actually and operated on Noct and saved his life and has been Noct's mother figure ever since, he calls her mom, hell, we all do that, because she's the kind of mom that adopts every kid within a hundred mile radius and is one hell of a good mom." Gladio explained between push ups.

"Oh, then why doesn't Luna want to be referred to as that anymore?" Nyx asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"Well, especially in this school, no one knows about any of that, I think she's afraid people will assume she's a spoiled brat, which, I mean she kind of is spoiled, you saw the limo right? But she's not a brat, not even close. Her brother though, he's the spoiled brat through and through. But keep that to yourself man," Gladio urged with his own scheming and knowing grin. Having picked up on Nyx's interest at lunch. And Gladio knew Luna well enough that he knew Nyx and Luna would be really good together so he would do all he could to steer Nyx her way. Nyx was the hero, always, and that's exactly what Luna needed.

"I will," Nyx nodded as they finished their rep.

Now all of it made much more sense. Well they weren't related by blood but they were basically family, and that meant that she practically was, for all intensive purposes, Principal Caelum's daughter.

Ok, that made him a little nervous and felt a little inadequate, he was on good terms with him, was a pretty good student, but he felt like he should be asking Principal Caelum for "permission" to date his "daughter". But he then started to worry again about the 'friends with benefits' thing again.

When Nyx got home, Selena was sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Hey, how was practice?" Selena asked, happy he had made it home because she could barely contain her excitement another second.

"Fine, how was your day?" Nyx mirrored.

"Good, I made a new friend today, we made plans to hang out Saturday. She also helped me with my homework, got it done in study hall so I didn't have any when I got home." Selena baited with a scheming grin.

"Oh yeah?" Nyx asked as he crashed on the couch with her.

"Yeah, she's really nice, explained geometry better than Mr. Hills ever could." Selena grinned wider and waited for Nyx to ask the inevitable.

But Nyx was too tired at the moment.

Selena frowned, wanting so badly to tell him her 'news'.

"You're not going to ask me who it is?" Selena finally asked.

"Should I?" Nyx asked as he turned his head to consider her curiously.

"I don't know, I would think you would care if she came over to the house, considering she also told me about how you threatened Gladio with extra whatever for messing with her. She thought that was 'really sweet'. She also took a personal interest in me, and asked me what I wanted for a career and what college I was thinking of going to." Selena explained as she started to smile even more mischievously.

"L-Luna? The new girl we saw this morning?" Nyx asked, suddenly much more alert as he angled himself toward her and leaned toward her expectantly as his heart started to pound in his chest.

"Yup. Luna, blonde hair, big blue eyes, bright smile, really pretty, totally your type? Yes, and I may have informed her that I was your little sister." Selena teased as she got up and went to the kitchen to get another Gatorade.

"And?!" Nyx asked, he couldn't help himself, he happily jumped right into her trap.

"And then it was 20 questions," Selena giggled at the look on her brother's face as she tossed him a Gatorade.

"What did she ask? What did you tell her?" Nyx demanded. Oh his luck could not get any better. She was interested in him enough to ask about him! This had to be a good sign.

"Oh gosh, we talked about your music tastes, which she, by a giant surprise, knew just about all your favorite bands and had been to their concerts this past summer with Noctis and his friends. And then we talked about your football career and wondered if you were going to go on to play professionally and wanted to know your college choices. And then it was what was your favorite food and your favorite everything else and blah blah blah." Selena waved off.

"I think she really likes you." Selena ventured giddily.

"You think so? Are you just saying that to mess with me?" Nyx asked.

"I would say you like her too, by the way you kept staring at her." Selena ventured. Nyx hung his head.

"Yeah a lot of good it's going to do, Noctis has been hanging all over her all day, they are practically an item." Nyx informed his sister as his head hung and his shoulders slouched.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Selena smiled evilly. Nyx's head shot up and fixed her with an expectant look.

"Do the dishes for me, and I'll tell you." Selena brokered. Nyx groaned in frustration and pulled himself off the couch and went back to the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher before reloading it and turned it on. He went back to the couch and sat next to his sister and folded his arms over his chest.

"Spill," Nyx ordered.

"Ok, so I asked her about her relationship with Noctis and she said that they were just strictly platonic friends, like best friends and that they've known each other since they were little kids and that she stayed with him when he was hospitalized as a kid when he was in that horrible car accident and they're more like brother and sister than anything and that she's actually single." Selena divulged.

"But she was, I believe I would use the term – delighted- to hear that you're single too." Selena revealed with a bright beaming smile of her own.

Nyx's eyes went wide as his jaw dropped. "No way," Nyx breathed in disbelief as his hopes soared.

"Yeah so like maybe get to know her, keep walking her to class, see what happens." Selena encouraged. Nyx smiled and gave a small cheer of himself. Oh this could not get any better!

"I will do just that." Nyx vowed before he got up and went to his room to do his homework at his desk. Once in his room, he shut the door and sat down at his desk and took the note out of his pocket and carefully unfolded it again to read it again. He set it aside and tried to focus on his homework but it took him forever to complete it because he kept looking from his homework to the note. He had to reciprocate. He needed to do something for her but he had no idea what.


Back at the Nox Fleuret's residence, Luna had emerged from her room for snacks and was dancing around the kitchen, listening to music through her bluetooth earbuds as she cut up an apple and sliced some cheese and got a bunch of grapes, lip syncing her music. She ducked into the pantry to get crackers and when she emerged Ravus was standing in the kitchen with a friend he had made that day. Luna screamed and jumped as she dropped the box to the floor at the sudden appearance of them.

"Ravus! You scared me!" Luna scolded as she pulled the earphones out from her ears and put her hand over her heart to calm its racing rhythm.

"I've been talking to, if you stopped listening to that pop and rap crap you would have heard us." Ravus retorted as he and his friend tried and failed to control their snickering laughter.

"Could you please make us sandwiches?" Ravus requested. Luna looked from Ravus to the guy standing next to him curiously then to back to Ravus.

"Lunafreya, this is Luche Lazarus, he's in most of my AP courses." Ravus introduced as he realized she may not know his new friend yet, but knowing she should get to know him sooner than later.

"Lovely to meet you, please, call me Luna," Luna greeted cordially as she regained her composure and shook Luche's hand.

"Would you like a sandwich as well?" Luna asked politely.

"If it's not a bother," Luche ventured.

"No, it's not a bother, she loves to cook and host," Ravus answered for Luna.

Luna cut her eyes at her brother for a brief second before turning back to Luche to try and save face.

"It's no bother at all, we have turkey, a couple different kinds of ham and roast beef and I have white, wheat and I think rye bread." Luna explained as she went to the fridge to get out what she needed.

"So..." Luna began as she continued to gather her ingredients as she could feel both of them watching her.

"What do you like on your sandwich?" Luna asked Luche.

"Chef's choice, I'll refer to your superior and refined tastes." Luche smiled as he took a seat next to Ravus as they sat at the breakfast bar as he watched her appreciatively, not being the only one to be instantly smitten at sight of her that morning.

Luna smiled politely at that, goodness gracious, he was laying on the flattery a little thick wasn't he? Right out of the gate too. She got the feeling Luche was going to pursue her as hard as he could and that made her feel dread. She didn't want him. He was handsome and obviously charming but that feeling of safety that she felt with Nyx was non-existent with him at that moment. In fact, she very much felt like prey and she felt on edge and could feel his eyes on her.

She went back to the fridge to get out her favorite ingredients before she went to an herb planter in the kitchen window. She snipped a few herbs off before going back to the cutting board and assembling her own favorite sandwich before she plated it artfully and presented it to Luche. "Thank you, so much." Luche smiled as he graciously took it from her. Luna nodded as she went back to make Ravus his preferred sandwich of turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo on white. She went ahead and plated her snacks before she started to put her ingredients away before Luche practically moaned.

"Good?" Luna guessed as she shot him a curious look over her shoulder with a hopeful smile.

"Oh this is extraordinary," Luche praised.

"What did you put on this?" Luche asked.

"Oh, um, smoked honey ham, arugula cause it's spicy and sweet basil for extra flavor, and I used an heirloom tomato and this probably overpriced sandwich sauce..." Luna listed off before she showed Luche the bottle.

Luche took his phone out and snapped a picture of it so he could find it for himself.

"Smile," Luche prodded as he focused the camera on her. Luna indulged him and posed with the bottle herself like she was a model on the price is right and gave him a forced pleasant smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"I'm happy you like it," Luna grinned as she took a seat on the other side of Ravus, putting him between her and his new 'friend' to eat her snack.

"So you're in the same classes as Ravus?" Luna asked politely, no use in being rude and get accused as a frigid bitch by her brother, again.

"Yeah, we take a lot of the same AP courses." Luche answered.

"Wow," Luna nodded, ok so he was smart.

"So what college do you want to go to?" Luna asked civilly.

"Harvard." Luche answered and Luna wanted to snort a laugh. Every 'smart' person wanted to go to Harvard, or usually some other ivy league from the shortlist of well known collages. Ravus included.

"Well I hope you get in, maybe you and Ravus can be roommates." Luna remarked with a wry sense of sarcasm that Ravus immediately picked up on and gave her an unimpressed side glance but it went right over Luche's head and he thought she was being sincere.

"Where do you want to go to college at?" Luche mirrored.

"My mom wants me to go to Julliard for ballet and something Ivy League to get my doctorate." Luna answered, purposefully being vague to keep him from immediately changing his mind and decide to go her school of choice to be 'closer' to her in the future.

"So you dance ballet?" Luche asked even though Ravus had already told him that his sister danced. But Ravus had encouraged Luche to ask Luna about it as a way to find a common ground that they were both athletes.

"That is one tough sport, anyone who says it's not a real sport has obviously never tried it." Luche complimented and smiled charmingly when Luna smiled appreciatively in turn. Ravus gave Luche an encouraging smile and nod of approval at that.

"Thank you, I try, but I don't have the passion for it that perhaps I should, I would rather be a pediatrician." Luna revealed.

"Wow that's awesome, I'll keep you in mind the next time I'm injured on the field." Luche grinned.

"Oh you play a sport?" Luna asked.

"Yeah, football, wide receiver, get tackled a lot." Luche informed her proudly.

"Oh, yeah totally, I work with a lot of the sports medicine doctors at Miracles, yeah from one athlete to another, you guys have a game on Friday night right? I'll bring my goody bag just in case." Luna offered and immediately wanted to face palm herself.

'WHY DID SHE JUST OFFER THAT? WHY?!' Luna chided herself. She didn't want to give this guy some false hope that he had a chance as Ravus smiled encouragingly at Luche.

"That would be great," Luche smiled even brighter and more victoriously and Luna immediately wanted to retract her offer.

But then she remembered that Nyx played football, so she could still go and cheer Nyx on, so it wasn't a total loss.

"I should get back to my homework, it was lovely to meet you Luche. See you tomorrow." Luna bid him before she got back up and put her plate in the sink before retreating to her room again.

"You're sister is really awesome," Luche said to Ravus.

"Yeah, she is." Ravus nodded in agreement. He had hoped the introduction would go well, instantly liking and clicking with Luche on so many levels and they had hit it off so well already and Ravus had hoped that Luche might be the one to get Lunafreya out of her frigid bitch phaze and start coming around. All she needed was the right guy and Ravus had a really good feeling about Luche that he could be that 'right' guy. Especially since Luche had been so respectful and curious and not derogatory in any way when Luche had asked Ravus about his sister.

Back at the Ulric's residence…

Nyx was banging his head on his desk while groaning and whimpering, trying to wrack his brain of how he could respond to Luna.

"Selena," Nyx called out.

"Yeah," She answered.

"Did Luna say anything about her favorite... anything?" Nyx asked as he leaned out of his room.

"Yeah, her favorite flower is the sylleblossom." Selena answered from her room as she folded her own laundry and put it away. Nyx went back in his room and googled images of the sylleblossom as he got out his drawing pad and practiced and practiced drawing them before their parents came home from work with takeout. Nyx took his food and went back to his room to eat and continue to practice the rest of the night before he finally made a decent picture of a field of wildflowers, most of which were sylleblossoms with butterflies. He signed the lower corner and oh so carefully folded it up to give to Luna in the morning. He tried to sleep but the anticipation of the next day had his brain fighting off sleep no matter how badly his body begged for it.

The next morning he practically jumped out of bed and got ready for school, giving himself a pep talk to give himself the added confidence. He put the small folded piece of paper in his pocket for safe keeping. He went to school and met up with his friends in front of the school but Luche was showing everyone a picture on his phone. "And she made me the most delicious sandwich." Luche boasted.

"Wait, who did what now?" Nyx asked, not catching the first part of Luche's story.

"I went to Ravus and Lunafreya's house yesterday after practice and stayed for dinner, oh you should have been there, Lunafreya was so sweet and hospitable, made me her favorite sandwich, which is now my new favorite sandwich, and then she and her Nana made me the most amazing, delicious dinner and their mom is amazing, she's real firecracker. Luna said she would be coming to the game on Friday to cheer me on," Luche bragged as he showed the pictures of a smiling Luna, cropped from her shoulders up, both in her kitchen and at the dinner table. The ones at the dinner table were clearly taken in secret.

Nyx's stomach dropped. How, how had Luche weaseled himself into Luna's life already?! It wasn't fair god damn it!

The white limo rolled up and dropped Ravus and Luna off. Luna found Nyx in the crowd and flashed him another bright smile as she left her brother to walk up to the group before she realized Luche was standing with them and froze at the sight of him.

"Ravus! Luna!" Luche invited and smiled and waved them over.

Luna smiled politely back and forced her feet to move toward them and that was only because Nyx and Selena were there too. Nyx especially. She would be ok if Nyx was there. Even though Ravus had come and had his hand on her back and was pushing them over to Luche and his friends.

"Good morning," Luna greeted everyone politely before standing between Nyx and Luche while Ravus stood between Luche and Pelna, Luna however stood closer to Nyx than she did to Luche by both subconscious and instinct.

"Good morning, thank you again for your hospitality yesterday," Luche thanked her as he leaned towards her slightly.

Luna leaned back slightly to keep the same amount of distance between herself and Luche before he introduced her and her brother to the rest of the group.

And it was then that Selena realized that Luna's brother Ravus was actually… really... ok, he damn handsome himself, like crazy super fine hot kind of handsome even more so up close. But the way Luna talked about him, Selena knew she would be giving him a wide berth. He sounded like a fuck boy and she had no interest or patience for those. But still, whew, lord have mercy, why were all the super pretty boys assholes? Why? This wasn't fair.

"You're welcome, happy to oblige," Luna nodded at Luche before she turned to Nyx.

"Hey Nyx, would it be horribly inconvenient for you to show me to class again today?" Luna inquired hopefully, as her instincts told her to run and put some space between herself and Luche.

"I've been trying to study the school layout and I suck at directions." Luna tried to explain.

Ravus snorted at that.

"That's an understatement." Ravus muttered under his breath.

Selena frowned at that from her spot across from him between her brother and Pelna. Not liking the way Ravus said that, because he was disrespecting and mocking his sister as she began to feel repulsed.

Ravus noticed the change on Selena's face and blinked in surprise as he noticed how Nyx's sister was actually... really pretty herself . She had that exotic look with her dark brown eyes and dark brown almost black hair that had all these ribbons of caramel, copper and honey from being in the sun and olive skin tone gorgeously tanned and she was petite and slender but had softness where it counted and she looked... beautiful if he was honest, she would be an absolute knockout if she did her hair and dressed up or put makeup on because she had a ton of natural beauty to build up on and actually... she seemed...really sweet, he decided- she was that classic pretty girl next door but is a hottie hiding in plain sight if she put just a little more effort into her looks before his imagination teased him with what she would look like in a dress and heels, perfect kissing height. And he realized that she was actually so his type.

But then he remembered that he shouldn't be looking, since he currently had a girlfriend, well actually no, he didn't, she wasn't even a girlfriend, she was a frenemy with benefits, they weren't even that close to being friends, let alone an item but still, she was the jealous type and she would have his hide if she knew he was looking at another girl. Besides his current FWB was all woman and Selena was still clearly in her 'girl turning into a woman' phase, but God, what a beautiful woman she'd be when she would...

But that didn't mean he couldn't appreciate another girl's beauty right? But it bothered him that she frowned at him and cut her eyes at him and looked at him with… disapproval and subtle disgust. Every other girl always smiled at him. No matter what. But Selena didn't, he couldn't shake the feeling that she could see right through him. And Ravus didn't know why just didn't feel right, like she saw who and what he was and was already disappointed in him and didn't like what she saw- and he wanted her to smile at him, to like what she saw when she looked at him. He wanted her to like him because he could already sense that he liked her before he quickly tried to tell himself that it didn't really matter that she didn't instantly like him right away or even right this second because she didn't really know him yet and once she did, she'd hopefully like him then. He had time to earn and gain her approval.

Besides he had an in, his new BFF Luche was like another big brother and close platonic friend to her and if Ravus expressed an interest, he was sure Luche would help him get closer to her as he mentally started to work out how to make that happen because cutting ties with his FWB was easy because there was little to no emotional attachment on either side of the relationship, he was sure of that.

"Yes, I mean no, I mean, it would not be inconvenient, I would be glad to show you to class." Nyx happily and readily agreed to Luna's request, tripping all over his damned self and flushing with embarrassment at his so not smooth answer as Crowe was damn near crying not to laugh too loudly. Oh but she was going to roar with laughter once they left.

"Awesome, thank you so much." Luna thanked him appreciatively before the bell rang and they began to walk together.

"So your brother and Luche are friends now?" Nyx asked as they weaved their way through the throngs of students.

"I guess," Luna muttered with a heavy sigh.

"I take it you're friends with him too?" Luna guessed with a hint of apprehension and wariness. Oh god, what if there was like a "Bro Code" that they stuck too? What if Luche had already 'staked a claim' on her and that meant no one else could try? What if Nyx became deterred by Luche's advances, thinking he didn't have a chance? How could she possibly assure him that she wanted his attention, she wanted him to keep trying. She wanted to get closer to him without coming off as creepy or desperate?

"Yeah, kind of." Nyx admitted even though deep down Luche was like a brother to him but right that second he was the competition that needed to be beaten.

"Why do you ask? Is everything ok?" Nyx asked curiously, hoping Luna didn't like Luche back. Hoping he still had a chance.

"Well, um," Luna stuttered and stammered as she tried to be delicate about this. And then it dawned on Nyx that Luche made her uncomfortable and it was clear as day to him in her behavior.

"Was Luche a creep?" Nyx guessed with a barely contained knowing grin and laugh Luna immediately relaxed and the look of relief on her face was clear as day.

"Yes! And it was so awkward! So hear me out, so I emerge from my room for provisions and Ravus and Luche sneak up on me in my kitchen, nearly give me a heart attack and then Ravus demanded that I make them sandwiches, which, they have two hands they could have made themselves sandwiches but whatever. So Luche is all 'chefs choice' so I make him what I like on a sandwich and of course he thinks it's the 'greatest thing ever' and just pouring on the flattery nice and uncomfortably thick and so I show him what I put on the stupid thing and he takes a picture and then he goes 'smile' and snaps a picture of me holding the sandwich sauce like I'm a model on the price is right, and of course he just had to stay for dinner and, ugh! It was so creepy! Like I was just waiting all day yesterday to go home already." Luna confided as she put her things in her locker as she got ready for her morning classes as Nyx snickered a good hearty laugh.

Yes! she was able to see past his pretty face and see him for who he was, a suck up. Nyx had listened attentively, relieved to hear her side of the story and eternally grateful he had chose to walk her to class, his hope and faith were restored.

"And so then he invited me to the game and I, sadly, feel obligated to go." Luna grimaced.

"Well the next time that happens, you could always say you have plans," Nyx suggested.

"With you?" Luna asked, raising a quizzical brow and a barely contained grin. Quite proud of herself for being that quick.

"Sure, yeah, absolutely." Nyx immediately agreed before he inwardly chided himself for appearing too eager, he had to play this cool, Luche had been too eager and had crashed and burned. He had to go slower. He couldn't scare her off. He liked her way too much to chance scaring her away.

Besides his gut was telling him, no, screaming at him that he had found someone, someone special, someone that could and would change his life forever. He couldn't mess this up. He had to get this right.

Luna smiled brightly at him as she took out her phone and tapped on a new contact page before she handed it to Nyx.

"Name and number please." Luna watched as he Nyx typed in his name and cell number in.

"Thank you," Luna smiled brightly again as she took her phone from him before she turned and walked into class. He went in and sat down before he felt something in his back pocket again. He pulled it out and found it was an ace of spades with her own number written on it. Oh she was smoother than he gave her credit for.

He pulled out his phone and put the number in it and saved the contact as Luna before Libertus walked into class himself.

On the way out of class, Nyx slipped the picture he had made for her in her own pocket. While Luna continued to sit with Noctis and his friends at lunch, she did spare Nyx several smiling glances while he did the same.

After lunch Nyx walked Luna back to the girls locker room.

"Thank you for the drawing, it was beautiful, you're a really good artist," Luna praised feeling herself become absolutely smitten and falling hopelessly for him. He was handsome and sweet and talented. And he was a freaking artist and her heart immediately melted because what were the chances?

"Thanks, and thank you for the card." Nyx replied bashfully.

"Well if Noctis was the king of spades, then you should definitely be the ace," Luna reasoned as she ducked her head back down to hide her own bashful smile as her cheeks started to stain rose and she fidgeted with the edge of her sleeves. The bell rung before Nyx could say anything else.

"See you in there," Nyx bid her as he turned and walked quickly to the boys locker room. And for the rest of the week, they would continue to subtly flirt with each other, afraid that if they flirted too hard it would drive the other away and it was clear to the whole school that something was happening between them even if both of them were too shy and uncertain of themselves to make a real move on the other yet. But they did get to know each other and quickly became friends even if they both wanted so much more.

Nyx was blown away that Luna wanted to be a doctor, a pediatrician of all things and was practically a doctor already with how vast and intricate her knowledge was about it. He could listen to her talk all day long and never get tired or bored of it.

When Friday evening came around, Luna found herself sitting next to Selena and her parents while Ravus sat behind them with Luche's parents and Luche's little sister Luca who was a decade younger than Luche but who Ravus got along with really well, kicking into cool big brother mode since he had met them all earlier in the week when Luche invited him over to his house to do homework and study together and Luche learned that Ravus had god kids already who were only a few years younger than Luca which impressed Luche and his family quite a bit and since Ravus had expressed some interest in Selena, Luche was doing all he could to steer Ravus her way because Luche knew Selena would only benefit from having someone like Ravus in her life who not only had every good intention of being good to her and could take care of her better than most ever could ever dream of and had the means to do so in spectacular fashion and Luche could both be a good big brother figure to Selena while also cementing his BFF status in Ravus' life and hopefully win Luna's affections, win win.

And the two quickly but low key traded information almost constantly. Ravus traded information on his sister for information about Selena while Luche did the same about his information on Selena for information on Luna, both of them feeling both girls would thank them later for it since the two were already BFF's and got along like they were meant to be best friends for the rest of their lives while Luche was completely ignorant that Ravus even had a FWB already and had thought Ravus was single, thus the interest and when Ravus showed Luche the pictures of his exes, even Luche could see that Selena was Ravus' type and felt like destiny was maneuvering why else would Ravus be at this school? There would have been no other way for them to meet, not unless she was a barista at the hospital cafe or something.

Meanwhile Selena and Luna were completely unaware of Ravus' and Luche's scheming while Selena gave Luna every scrap of information she had about her brother because she shipped them so hard while also getting sage general relationship advice from Luna while Luna knew why Selena was asking such things because she knew who Selena had her eye on and was herself shipping Selena with that person.

At the game Luna practically froze in her white hoodie and jeans while Ravus had checked the weather and had dressed and planned accordingly and had given one of the blankets he brought to Luca and her mom Linda and the other he draped around Luna and Selena's shoulders which Selena had thought was actually really sweet and thoughtful and was low key listening to his conversation with Luca and was very impressed that he was surprisingly… really nice and charming and thoughtful and just.. Cool. Ok, so he wasn't all bad or even that bad, he redeemed himself in her book. She was perhaps too quick to judge him the way she did,- that and this blanket that he put on her was epic and awesome and so warm and smelled amazing and was super soft and really pretty, not knowing Ravus had actually agonized over it the day before, having been at a particular store and had had two associates help him make the purchases to make sure each little thing was perfect because he was out to impress Selena and win her affections and good graces by any means necessary.

"Here," Selena offered as she shared the blanket that she and her mother were using on their laps since Sabrina had also taken shelter in the blanket Ravus provided and had been gracious in thanking him as well which made Ravus happy to get in Selena's mother's good graces too. That one blanket that Sabrina brought was not enough to shield themselves from the cold snap that had seemed to come out of nowhere.

Luna, Selena and Sabrina snuggled together closely to retain heat and Sabrina broke out their thermos of hot cider and Selena and Luna shared a cup, taking turns holding the cup to keep their hands warm.

"Next time I'll bring hot chocolate," Luna offered before Ravus remembered that he brought some.

"Here, I brought some actually." Ravus said as he took the large and brand new thermos of hot chocolate and passed it up between Selena and Luna, but in particular to Selena.

"It's a mix of Ghirardelli and Godiva…" Ravus began as he casually listed off the ingredients since he had slaved over the stove top himself making it since he had gone on Pintrist and had gotten the most over the top recipe he could find and made two versions, a super rich version and a more drinkable one that you didn't need a syringe of insulin to drink and handed the more balanced drinkable one to Luna between Selena and Luna which the girls oohed and thanked him for since the thermos had had three cups which Selena and Luna both took one which gave Sabrina her original cup from her thermos back so Ravus could have the third before he poured it for each of them and even gave Luca and Linda some too which they were very appreciative and grateful for.

"Still, I think I need another heap of blankets, and a coat, preferably a parka, like the kind they use in the arctic. And boots, and a scarf, and a hat, and a face mask, and hand warmers, possibly some wool layers." Luna muttered to Selena as they giggled and sipped the hot chocolate.

Ravus just huffed and handed them the sets of hand warmers he had packed too and took off his own scarf and hat since he was wearing a parka himself with a hood but would not be parting with it, to hand everything else up to them as Selena and Luna who practically died laughing as they took the offered items but Selena greedily took his scarf and wrapped it around her neck and buried her face into it's super soft fabric and could smell Ravus and his cologne on it and had to admit it smelled amazing and bit her lips when she realized she really liked the smell of him and his cologne and it was turning her on a little bit as she tucked the scarf into her own jacket before putting said hand warmers into the palms of her gloves because this feat was amazing.

"It's really impressive Ravus that you thought to pack and amazing that you're willing to share all of this, thank you so much." Selena thanked him sincerely as Ravus practically swooned at her bright, appreciative and adoring smile as he mirrored it.

"You're welcome. Keep the scarf, I have plenty." Ravus practically cooed back, trying to be cool about it but was internally cheering that she noticed and appreciated it all which made it all worth it as he pulled his extra scarf out of the bag and tied it on his neck once Luna had taken the other that he packed, having hoped and planned for that.

"Oh if you had a spare I could have had…" Selena began to argue as she gently pulled at the scarf around her neck before Ravus stopped her. "Don't be silly, that one was already warm, I would rather make sure you had the warm one rather than trying to warm up the spare when you're already cold. So you can just keep that one and call it yours." Ravus tried to nonchalantly explain as he could tell Selena seemed to be touched and melt at the sentiment. So she appreciated thoughtfulness and generosity. Good. He could do and be both.

"Awww, thank you." Selena fawned as she bashfully ducked her head and bit her bottom lip to keep the smile from splitting her face in half as she buried her face into it again as Ravus smile was damn near blinding it was so bright.

Noctis arrived not long after, having gone home to get proper coats and blankets because he and Ignis froze their asses off just in the first few minutes of arriving to the pregame. Noctis sat on the other side of Luna as Ignis sat on the other side of Noctis while Prompto took pictures of the game from the sidelines because he was one of the school's photographers.

Nyx and his team came onto the field and everyone cheered. He chanced a glance at his parents and did a double take to see Luna sitting next to them, sitting extremely close to his sister. Luna smiled brightly at him and gave a little wave. Nyx gave a small wave back as he did his best to remember how to breathe again. Thrilled that she was there, and unbelievably pleased she was with his family as he suddenly put so much pressure on himself that his team needed to win this game, if only to have Luna see them win, see him win. Every girl loved a winner right?

"Wait is that Crowe?" Luna asked as she saw her on the field too.

"Yeah, our school is quite progressive, she isn't the only one," Selena revealed as she pointed out two other girls on the field.

"The best players make the team, no matter their gender." Selena informed her. Luna nodded her approval.

"Alright, you guys are going to have to talk me through this because I have no idea what's going on." Luna explained as the teams warmed up before the game started. Selena, Noctis and his friends all tried to explain the game but Luna, for all her trying, still could not figure it out.

However, only into the first quarter, Libertus sustained a sprained ankle in a pileup when the opposing team fumbled the ball.

Luna left the group and grabbed her bag and made her way to the field and talked with the medic and coach Drautos before she was allowed on the sidelines.

"Hey, Libertus is it?" Luna asked as she knelt down in front of him.

"On a scale from 1 to 10 how much pain are you in?" Luna asked as she dug through her bag to find the tube of cream she had been looking for before she pulled out a pair of black, nitrile exam gloves and put them on.

"11," Libertus told her as he tried to keep his cries and hisses of pain down to a minimum.

"Sounds about right," Luna nodded in understanding.

"Now Libertus, what I have in this tube is a proprietary medicine, still being tested by the FDA for human use, it should help alleviate the pain and swelling, think bio-freeze or mineral ice on super jacked up steroids." Luna informed him.

"Do it, put it on." Libertus authorized.

"Do you swear to not hold me or the school liable for any ill effects." Luna warned.

"I swear," Libertus confirmed.

"Ok then," Luna grinned as she squeezed some out into her hand and carefully took the ice packs off his ankle and applied it generously. Libertus watched in amazement as the cream, within less than two minutes alleviated nearly all of the pain before the joint became nearly completely numb.

"I don't suppose I get to keep that tube of yours." Libertus hinted as Luna took off her gloves and sanitized her hands.

"Uh, well, sure, um, just," Luna stuttered before she blushed scarlet and whispered something in Libertus' ear. Libertus blushed crimson himself and nodded before Luna handed it tube over to him.

Nyx, Crowe, Pelna and Luche watched the exchange curiously. Luna carefully replaced Libertus' ice packs before standing and turning to them.

"He'll be fine," Luna assured them. It was only when she was closer that Nyx realized she was wearing makeup. Still subtle but gorgeous all the same. And her hair was either naturally curly or she had curled it and it was sticking out around her face from her hood, framing her face with it's golden brilliance. She was like an angel who had materialized in front of them again.

"Thank you," Nyx thanked her earnestly before the rest of them followed suit and thanked her.

"You're welcome, happy to help, sorry it's needed." Luna smiled and nodded before she went back and sat with Nyx's family.

"What did she say to you man?" Nyx asked as he took a seat next to Libertus.

"I'll tell you later," Libertus muttered.

"Oh come on, what did she say?" Crowe pressed before Libertus whispered it in her ear before she fell onto her knees cackling and laughing so hard she nearly peed her uniform.

"What? What?" They pressed her.

"Apparently, this stuff is so potent, if you try to jack off with it, your dick will lose all blood flow and will literally die and fall off!" Crowe cackled as she laughed so hard she was crying.

"Tredd! Tredd! I have lotion you should jack off with!" Crowe howled as Tredd frowned and flipped them off as everyone started howling laughing before Coach Drautos got them under control again.

With Lucis winning the game, everyone decided a victory pizza party was in order. Luna continued to sit next to Selena who was quickly becoming another best friend, only this time Selena chose to sit with Nyx and the rest of the team, putting Luna between herself and her brother purposefully trying to get them together like she had been subtly encouraging them to do all week while Pelna got the other seat on the other side of her.

While Luche invited Ravus to do the same, putting Ravus across from Selena while Luche sat across from Luna so that Ravus could still be in all, if not most, of Selena's conversations while keeping a watchful eye on Luna which Ravus was eternally grateful for because he had been sitting across from Selena all through the week at lunch since they had that together and got to talk more then and had already set up a budding friendship as he realized Selena was practically the perfect girl and had mentally already planned out how he was going to dump his FWB the moment Selena showed the slightest interest in him but it was stupid to get rid of his "outlet" before then.

"Libertus, how's your leg doing?" Luna asked Libertus who was sitting on the other side of Nyx.

"Doing fine, thank you again, that's some miracle cream." Libertus informed her.

"Good," Luna grinned before she pulled out her notebook again and wrote down recommendations for doctors to see and programs to use to help with his recovery and tore the page out and folded it and handed it to Nyx to pass to Libertus.

Nyx smiled proudly, eternally grateful she went to that length to make sure his best friend would be taken care of. Her heart was just so big and she really, genuinely cared and he went from smitten to head over heels for her. He really needed to make a move sooner than later. He just needed the right moment. He couldn't let her slip through his fingers because he was too afraid.

Maybe tomorrow when she came over to his house. When they wouldn't have everyone staring at them, he would get the guts to ask her out.

She seemed to be such a private person, he doubted she would be up to being asked out in the middle of Pizza Hut in front of the whole football team, even though part of him wanted to stake a claim to her in front of all of them, especially Luche who hadn't let up in the slightest and who was giving her every look, smile and compliment and piece of praise he could.

And while Luna had accepted it all with grace, it was clear she just didn't like him like that at least and while she was friendly, civil and polite, she was never more than that and that gave Nyx so much hope.