Magic and Miracles

Chapter 2

The Ulric siblings had gotten up earlier than they normally would have on a Saturday. Their parents had left for work and it was up to them to get the house as clean as possible for their company and they tag teamed to get everything ready for their company.

Nyx spent a considerable amount of time in his own room. Just in case Luna should venture in it. He practically displayed his art supplies. Luna had adored the little picture Nyx had drawn her earlier in the week. Nyx had wanted to draw her something else but wasn't quite sure what to draw her.

Unknown to Nyx, Selena had seen Luna write poetry on the back of the little drawing. What the picture itself had inspired from her. Luna had taped it into her journal and would often turn to it and smile appreciatively at it.

Luna had wanted to reciprocate but had little idea of how and even Selena was coming up with a blank on how she could either.

Luna spared a glance to the back seat where a crock pot was bundled along with a container of sandwiches. She had requested to bring lunch, because she did love to cook after all and Ravus, had for a change, helped her make lunch, breaking out their father's family recipe for the best stew on earth that their father's family had brought over from France when that side of the family had immigrated from France through Ellis Island in the late 1800's. Luna had worried about what to make them but thankfully Ravus had been a great sounding board for her and suggested the family recipe and helped her make it and make it perfect.

Ravus felt something of a peacock or bird of paradise showing off his feathers or a browerbird, showing off his "nest" of talents and abilities and his thoughtfulness because he hadn't thought of how he could invite Selena over to his house so she could see what kind of lifestyle he could offer her if they ever got in a relationship and if that relationship ever got that serious... which he knew he was being ridiculous and he knew he was being over the top but he couldn't help it at this point, he nearly had her, he almost asked her out last night but didn't want to embarrass her since she seemed a bit of a private person and it didn't feel like it was the right time yet and felt he still had some charming to do and more impressing to do and feeling her out more before he could feel confident and comfortable enough to ask her out and hoped to feel like it was almost a certainty that she would say yes because right now he wasn't sure she would and he didn't want to crash and burn yet, he had only known her a week and he didn't want to come on too strong or too fast and scare her off, if he was going to do this, it needed to be perfect and he needed to lay a good foundation in order to build any kind of relationship on top of it. He wanted to ensure that if he did go out on a limb and ask that he would succeed.

The Nox Fleuret siblings had also made from scratch- brownies, chewy fudgy ones that had real homemade caramel swirls in them and were always a favorite whenever they had made them before and if Ravus had not had his own plans that day with his own friends, he would have gone with his sister to hang out with them, he could tolerate Nyx if it meant he would get to share Selena's company and show her that he could be down to earth and every girl loved a man who could cook and with their, albeit, stereotypical French culinary upbringing, both Nox Fleuret siblings could cook spectacularly and with having a stay at home dad, it was one of the many life skills he passed on to both of his children and in their early childhood, he would have them help him have dinner ready and waiting for their mom when she got home from work and as they got older their mother had them get private culinary lessons from an actual chef and close family friend by the name of Hazel Stevens, who at the time had just graduated from the Cullinary Institute of America, or CIA in New York and had started up her own business of teaching cooking classes back in her home town and had already had a prolific YouTube Channel teaching the basics of cooking.

The weather was still quite cold because the cold snap was still hanging on tight so Luna imagined that they would stay indoors. Selena had said something about playing video games. Ravus liked to play video games too but they were always single player and he wasn't too keen on showing her how to play them himself so Luna's familiarity with them was a bit limited.

Luna called Selena to tell her she was only a few minutes away and Nyx and Selena got their shoes on to help bring in the food.

"You made it!" Selena cheered as she opened the front door.

"Finally, I may have taken two wrong turns, I suck at directions," Luna admitted as she got out and gave Selena a hug since she was the first one out to greet her. Luna then opened her back seat and handed Selena the pan of brownies.

"These smell so good!" Selena praised as she held them closer to her face and breathed in deeply.

"Thank you, Ravus and I made them, he felt bad that he already had plans today and couldn't come and hoped this would appease you guys," Luna smiled even though Ravus hadn't really given any thought to what Nyx would like and seemed to be wholly focused on how Selena would like this food before Nyx came over himself.

"Aww, he's so sweet." Selena smiled appreciatively as she mentally envisioned Ravus with an apron on and actually enjoying cooking. It was actually a very pleasing mental image.

"What can I bring in?" Nyx asked before Luna turned to him, goodness gracious were her eyes the most stunning ice blue. Nyx tried not to stare at her but then she walked in front of him and he could smell her perfume on the breeze, it was similar to the one she had worn earlier in the week but not the same, still smelled divine though. She had her hair braided in the front so that it looked like she was wearing a head band while the rest of her hair was pulled into a clip in the back. It was a good look.

"The crock pot," Luna suggested as she went around the car to unbuckle the crock pot, finding the handles from underneath the towel she had used to swaddle it.

"Please, please don't drop it." Luna pleaded like the crock pot was a baby.

"I won't," Nyx assured her as he walked back to the house with it securely in his arms. Luna smiled and went back around and gathered her other container of sandwiches and a small cloth grocery bag that had her sandwich sauces before she locked the car and followed Nyx into the house.

"Thank you so much for inviting me," Luna thanked them as she wiped her feet on the mat inside the door and handed her things to Selena, who had already put the brownies into the kitchen and had snuck a peek and a sniff of them- to hold while Luna took her shoes off.

"Thank you for bringing lunch," Selena mirrored.

"I just hope you like it," Luna laughed nervously as she took her coat off and hung it on the coat hooks along the wall by the front door, not really realizing she had hung her coat over Nyx's. But Nyx was not about to tell her that, he hoped that some of her perfume would permeate his coat.

"Oh I'm sure it's fine, the way Luche went on, you would think you were a gourmet chef." Selena flattered.

"Yeah that's what I'm afraid of- not meeting such high expectations." Luna muttered as she set everything out as Selena and Nyx got dishes and silverware out and set the table. There was a whine at the back door that made Luna's head snap toward the sound.

"Do you guys have a dog?" Luna asked excitedly.

"Yeah, he's a rescue," Selena explained.

"But we are keeping him in the backyard because he is a shameless beggar and jumps up on people." Nyx explained.

"Oh, I don't mind, I have two dogs myself, and Ravus has a cat. What kind of dog is it?" Luna asked excitedly, hoping Nyx would be a dog person too.

"Pit bull mix," Selena informed her, half expecting Luna's eyes to widen. Pit bulls didn't have the greatest of reputations.

"Aww, I love pit bulls! They are just really big muscle-y marshmallow babies! I know lots of pit bulls and they are the sweetest dogs," Luna gushed.

"Well after lunch, we'll let him in." Nyx grinned.

They sat and ate and Luna could tell that Nyx didn't love the sandwich, he ate all of it though so as to not offend her. He loved the stew though and was already on his second huge bowl of it as was Selena.

"Not your cup of tea?" Luna guessed to Nyx.

"What?" Nyx asked, his spoon almost to his lips.

"The sandwich," Luna specified.

"It's ok, I'm not offended or hurt or anything if you didn't like it." Luna assured him.

"No, it was fine," Nyx tried to smooth over.

"It wasn't my favorite sandwich, but it wasn't bad." Nyx insisted.

"Ok," Luna nodded before Selena and Luna broke into the pan of brownies.

"What piece do you want?" Luna asked as she got Selena an edge piece at Selena's request.

"Don't care," Nyx shook his head.

"Corner," Selena specified.

"More or less caramel?" Luna asked as she pointed to different corners.

"More," Nyx answered sheepishly and watched with eager eyes as the caramel stretched from the piece of brownie that was lifted from the pan to a plate. His stomach suddenly found an empty pocket to stow it away into.

"Thank you," Nyx smiled as Luna handed the plate to him. He moved his bowl of stew over slightly to center the plate in front of him, picking up the strand of caramel and putting it into his mouth. It was sublime and decadent. He picked up the brownie and took a bite. It was just... so damn good.

Luna could tell by the expression on his face that he loved it. Nyx tried his hardest not to moan, he tried, and failed. Thankfully Selena moaned louder than he did to help mask the sound.

"OH. MY. GOD." Selena said over her mouthful of the treat.

"How?! How did you make this? What kind of dark forbidden magic did you practice to make this?" Selena asked as she tried to slowly enjoy and savor it but she failed, her jaw tried to unhinge so she could swallow it whole.

"It's so good," Selena made a show of pretending to cry that made Luna laugh as she ate it.

"I just want to inhale the pan, inject this into my veins, like between my toes, I would walk across broken glass," Selena went on.

"Lord have mercy," Selena shook her head as she finished the rest of her piece in one bite before getting another piece and devouring that too. If Ravus had been there, she thought she just might have kissed him it was so good. But instead she kissed Luna on the cheek.

"Thank you thank you thank you for bringing it! It's the best brownie I've ever had in my life." Selena fawned around her half full mouth before she got a third piece too.

"I second all of that," Nyx agreed.

"Yay! I'm so happy you guys like it," Luna cheered.

"No, not like, love ," Nyx quickly insisted while his brain added 'you' in his head as he got up another paper towel to wipe his face before he poured himself the largest cup of milk he could find, gulping it down to help cut the richness of it.

Luna couldn't help but stare at his throat, watching his Adam's apple bob with every swallow while not so innocent thoughts suddenly popped into her head.

Selena saw this and simply smiled wider as she took another bite of her third piece of brownie before getting Nyx to get her and Luna their own cups of milk too.

Nyx's fingers grazed Luna's as he passed her the cup of milk he poured for her, before he got himself another piece of brownie.

"I need the recipe, if you're ok with sharing it," Nyx insisted as he took his seat back at the table.

"I would be more than happy to share it," Luna agreed before going to her purse to get her journal, flipping toward the back to find an empty page before pulling up the recipe on her phone while texting Ravus the response she got from Selena who was now on her fourth brownie and near a diabetic coma to copy it down for him while Ravus was at home and him and Luche were both cheering that Selena had loved it as Ravus was kicking himself that he hadn't been there in person to receive that kiss but he couldn't cancel tonight with his friends or forgo introducing Luche to all of his friends tonight. But he promised himself that he could find a way to earn one someway somehow.

Nyx noticed his picture that he had drawn for Luna in her notebook and couldn't help but smile when he saw it. She liked it enough to keep it in her journal, now he really had to draw her something else. Luna carefully ripped the page out and handed it Nyx.

"Did you want a copy too?" Luna asked Selena.

"No, that's ok, I love to eat food, not really into making it though, Nyx, however, he is all about that, everything he cooks is good." Selena praised.

"Not this good," Nyx argued as he took another bite of brownie.

"Practice and the proper tools." Luna countered as she finished her own piece of brownie.

"So what kind of dogs do you have?" Selena asked, changing the subject.

"Oh I have a husky/Spitz mix named Pryna and an Alaskan Malamute mix named Umbra and even though they are both fixed and neutered, they are madly in love with each other. Both of them are rescues too." Luna answered as she pulled up pictures on her phone of her dogs to show them.

"Aww, they do look madly in love," Selena fawned when she saw pictures of the dogs.

"And then Ravus has a Persian long haired Siamese cat named Duchess. She is beautiful, she knows it too," Luna laughed as she swiped through her photo gallery to find a picture of the cat too as she sat on Ravus' lap as Ravus had been sitting on his couch with Noctis next to him with Ignis on the other side of Noctis with Umbra stretching over Noctis' and Ignis' laps to soak up their affectionate pets, just the three of them casually chilling in the living room when they had come for Luna's birthday party only a few weeks before as Ravus seemed more keen on keeping an eye on the contents of the playpen just out of the camera's frame.

"Wow she is pretty," Selena complimented when she saw the picture of Ravus' cat.

"I'll let Charlie in," Nyx said as he got up and opened the back door.

"Hi Charlie!" Luna greeted excitedly to the large dog that came barreling into the house.

Charlie's tail wagged so hard his whole body shook as he greeted Luna, he jumped up to put his front legs on her lap and licked her face as she pet him.

"Oh it's so nice to meet you too! Who's been a good boy? Huh? Who's been a good boy?" Luna cooed to the dog as she scratched behind his ears and gave him a hug.

"Charlie, down," Selena laughed.

"Oh it's fine," Luna waved off as she continued to pet Charlie enthusiastically as Charlie began to sniff Luna.

"You smell my babies? Huh?" Luna laughed as she began to give Charlie butt scratches.

"So what were the plans for today?" Luna asked as she continued to pet Charlie who had calmed down considerably under Luna's affection. Instantly falling in love with her.

"Well we have a Wii," Selena offered.

"Awesome," Luna smiled as they got up and put their dishes in the sink before going back to the living room.

"You know how to play?" Selena asked.

"Yeah, well sort of, I don't have one but my friends Yasmine and Pashmina do," Luna answered as she was given a Wii remote and made her little avatar before they chose Mario Cart.

"Oh you bastard," Selena laughed when Nyx chose rainbow road and chose Yoshi.

"I get Toad," Selena chose.

"Princess Peach please and thank you," Luna giggled before they started the race.

"Cheater!" Selena accused as Nyx cut her off and sent a turtle her way, causing her to crash.

"I got you girl." Luna soothed as she got a blue spiked turtle and sent it Nyx's way. Nyx however slowed down and let himself be passed by one of the other racers so that the blue spiked turtle hit it instead.

"Oh, you tricky..." Luna trailed off as she bumped him with her hip in retaliation since they were all standing in front of the TV.

"Hey! Personal foul." Nyx laughed as he sped off into the lead with the help of a star. "Unsportsmanlike like conduct!" Luna countered with a hearty laugh of her own.

"Hey all is fair in love and war and racing sweetheart." Nyx crooned.

"Maybe if you guys weren't such sore..." Nyx started before Luna passed him in a corner and placed a banana in his path which he slipped on.

"Losers!" Nyx yelled before he growled in frustration as he tried to catch up with everyone with Selena and Luna cackling evilly.

"Get it, get it!" Luna cheered as Selena almost crossed the finish line before Nyx fired a turtle at Selena.

But Luna, making the self sacrificing play, swerved behind Selena to intercept so Selena could win.

"Yes! In your face bro!" Selena cheered as she did a victory dance with Luna.

"Thank you for saving me back there," Selena thanked Luna.

"You're welcome," Luna smiled victoriously.

"Best two out of three," Nyx requested.

"Now who's a sore loser?" Selena stuck her tongue out at her brother.

They continued to play, losing count of who won or lost until Nyx's phone rang.

"Yeah," Nyx answered as he tried to talk on the phone and play at the same time. Selena and Luna paused the game so Nyx could concentrate on his conversation.

"Yeah man, let me make sure it's ok, call you back." Nyx said before ending the conversation.

"You guys ok if the gang comes over?" Nyx asked Selena and Luna.

"Um, who's all in the gang?" Luna asked cautiously.

"Oh it's just Libertus, Crowe and Pelna," Nyx answered and mirrored her smile of relief when he didn't say Luche's name.

"Oh, yeah, that's fine with me." Luna nodded her agreement with that.

"The more the merrier, ooh, Luna have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?" Selena asked.

"No," Luna shook her head.

"Ever played Apples to Apples?" Selena asked Luna.

"Yes," Luna nodded.

"Same thing, only for the morally ambiguous person, like Apples to Apples- South Park and Family Guy edition," Selena tried to explain.

"Ooh, yeah sounds fun," Luna nodded.

"Ok, but just to warn you, there's a bunch of swearing." Selena warned.

"Ok," Luna nodded in understanding.

"Tell Libertus to bring Cards Against Humanity." Selena told Nyx.

"Well mom and dad haven't signed off yet," Nyx reminded her as he called his dad.

"Hey Dad? Is it ok if my friends come over? They said they would chip in for pizza." Nyx asked and waited for a reply.

"Ok, yeah, uh huh, ok, bye." Nyx finished before he hung up and called his mom.

"Hi Mom, how's your day going?" Nyx asked sweetly.

"So, Libertus called and him and Crowe and Pelna wanted to come over and we would get pizza, is that ok?" Nyx asked. "Thanks mom, love you, bye."

"I better call my mom and tell her I'll be staying longer," Luna said as she retreated to the kitchen to call her mom, still being relieved that she didn't hear Luche's name because Luche was supposed to be at her house with her brother and all his friends tonight which was why she was here to begin with.

"Hi Mom," Luna chirped.

"Yes, everything is going great, um so I'm having a really great time, could I stay longer? They're talking about getting a pizza for dinner," Luna requested.

"Yes I promise to be safe, ten o'clock, got it." Luna assured her mom.

"Thank you thank you thank you, love you bye." Luna bid her mom goodbye before coming back into the living room.

"I have to be home by ten," Luna informed them.

"Sweet!" Selena cheered. Nyx grinned as he called Libertus back.

"Hey man, yeah, it's ok, come on over, Selena requests you bring Cards Against Humanity again." Nyx grinned, chancing a look at his sister before looking away as Libertus continued to talk.

"We'll talk about it when you get here," Nyx suggested before he hung up. Nyx and Selena sat on the couch with Luna between them with Charlie sprawled out across all of their laps as they watched TV waiting for everyone else to join them. While Nyx inwardly debated if he should make a move or not. Now that they were alone save for Selena, it was ideally the perfect time but he was feeling so insecure again and his insecurity zapped his courage.

"So what's Ravus up to that he couldn't come?" Selena asked casually, recalling how Ravus seemed particularly nice to her last night, nicer to her than he was to his own sister and was beyond charming.

"Ravus invited his own friends from Niflheim Academy and Tenebrae Prep along with Luche, wanting to introduce him to them so it really worked out that I could come here." Luna answered.

"Do you not like his friends?" Selena inquired curiously.

"Um, most of them are ok, a few of them, make me feel very uneasy, like I don't think they would try and pull anything just..." Luna trailed off.

"So your brother still hangs out with them even though they give you the heebie jeebies?" Selena asked with another disgusted frown because Selena knew that a good indicator of a guy was who his friends were and if his friends were no good and made his own sister uncomfortable that that only reflected badly on him too. Dang it. Why did the hot ones always have to be assholes? Why? That right there killed any attraction she had to him. She didn't mind being friendly to him at school but that was probably where she would have to draw the line.

Luche was a good judge of character, maybe after Luche met these guys he would get some space from Ravus too because even she could see they were getting awfully close.

"Yup because 'they are his friends and he's not going to stop hanging out with them just because I'm overly sensitive and misconstrue everything'," Luna recounted as she rolled her eyes and sighed.

Nyx made a disgusted face at that and leaned forward to look at Selena.

"Selena, if any of my friends ever, in the slightest, make you feel uncomfortable in any way, tell me and I will stop being their friend for one and two make sure they never come near you ever again." Nyx adamantly insisted.

"I know," Selena smiled appreciatively.

"I'm sorry you don't have a brother like mine," Selena said to Luna as she rested her head on Luna's shoulder. Luna smiled and rested her head on Selena's.

"Me too, could I borrow him from time to time?" Luna halfheartedly joked.

"Anytime," Nyx answered.

"I'm serious, if you ever find yourself in that situation or whatever, call me," Nyx insisted.

"Thank you," Luna smiled appreciatively in turn as she almost asked him out already because she was trying to give him time to ask her out but she felt like their window of opportunity was starting to close.

But just then- Libertus, Crowe and Pelna came through the door. After eating pizza and devouring the rest of the brownies, they decided to play the notorious game.

"So you've never played this?" Crowe asked of Luna as Nyx dealt out the white cards and Luna shook her head 'no'.

"No, I have never even heard of it until this afternoon but Selena gave me the rundown." Luna answered as she picked up her cards that were dealt her.

"Oh. My. God. What?!" Luna stared at her cards as she tried not to burst out laughing.

"Oh Jesus," Luna snickered as she looked through her cards.

"What the hell?" Luna laughed, finally succumbing to her laughter.

"We haven't even started to play," Libertous laughed along with her.

"I know, it's just, wow," Luna replied before looking at Selena.

"You were not kidding," Luna said, trying to stifle her laughter and try to regain her composure. "Ok the first card is, drum roll please," Nyx announced as he picked up a black card as they drum rolled on the empty pizza boxes.

"Why won't you make love to me anymore? Is it- blank?" Nyx asked as he laid the card down face up so everyone could see it. Luna bit her bottom lip as she looked from one card to the other before picking one and laying it face down on top of the other cards that the others had tossed in. Nyx smiled as he leaned forward and shuffled the cards before reading them out loud.

"Is it...Sudden penis loss?" Nyx read as everyone started laughing.

"Is it..Unsheathing my massive horse cock. Hey man, it can't be helped." Nyx remarked wryly as everyone continued to laugh.

"A My Little Pony toy horse kind of cock," Libertus teased which only earned more laughter.

"Fuck you dude," Nyx teased with a laugh back before he continued to read on.

"Is it...setting my balls on fire and cartwheeling to Ohio? That's just painful," Nyx remarked.

"Is it rabies?" Nyx laughed.

"Yeah man I would think so. Or lastly, Crying and shitting and eating spaghetti?" Nyx and everyone roared with laughter.

"Wow, ugh, it's a tie between- Crying and shitting and eating spaghetti and my massive horse cock, I'm going to go with horse cock." Nyx decided.

"Thank you," Luna laughed as she took the black card from the middle and placed it in front of her crossed legs.

"That was your card?" Pelna asked, astonished.

"Yeah," Luna giggled before it was her turn since she was sitting right next to him and they were going clock wise.

"Ok, so- Come to Dubai, where you can relax in our world famous spas, experience the nightlife or simply enjoy- blank-by the poolside." Luna read off as she laid the card down and eagerly awaited the group's answers.

"Everyone put in a card?" Luna asked as she took the cards and haphazardly tried to shuffle them before she cleared her throat.

"Ah, hem. Come to Dubai where you can relax in our world famous spas, experience the nightlife, or simply enjoy..throwing stones at a man until he dies." Luna read off with a light chuckle.

"Well you're not wrong," Luna grimaced.

"Enjoy..breast feeding a ten year old." Luna laughed, scrunching her nose up in such a cute way as she heartily laughed.

"Oh dear god, ok, enjoy...cute boys, yeah, I do like to people watch, next, enjoy...peeing into a girl's butt to make a baby." Luna squealed with laughter, as she leaned back but lost her balance and fell back, continuing to hold herself as she rocked with laughter as Nyx and Selena tried to help her sit up again as everyone laughed too.

"Shit, that was good." Luna wiped a tear from her eyes.

"Or, enjoy...two whales fucking the shit out of each other." Luna roared with laughter, laughing so hard she couldn't breathe, she just convulsed, her mouth open wide as tiny squeaks and huffs of air managed to escape her before she squealed and snorted causing everyone to erupt in harder laughter as Luna went into a full blown giggle fit as she fell over again.

"The last one," Luna managed to get out as managed to try to regain a normal breathing rhythm but was having a really hard time doing so. She crawled over to her purse and got out her inhaler.

"You ok?" Selena asked, worried once she saw the inhaler. Luna nodded yes as she took a puff from it and tried to hold her breath to let the medicine get into her lungs before exhaling out of her nose and crawled back to the group, inhaler in hand.

"I haven't laughed this hard in years," Luna admitted as she wiped the tears from her eyes, in an effort to keep her mascara and eyeliner from running as she settled down.

"You have asthma?" Nyx asked, concerned for her despite laughing along with her.

"Sort of, not bad, just enough to be inconvenienced." Luna waived off before she sniffed and wiped at her nose, blood appearing on her hand.

"Damn it," Luna groaned as more blood started to come out of her nose.

"Come on," Selena urged as she got up and helped Luna get to her feet as the two girls made it to the bathroom only to have laughter spring forth from their location a few moments later.

"I dare you to go out like that," Selena joked. Selena came out with Luna following her with twisted toilet paper coming out of her nose.

"Look I'm a walrus!" Luna joked as she clapped her hands together like they were flippers which only got the group to laugh more. Luna sat back down next to Nyx crossing her legs again but sticking her tongue out to move one of her 'tusks' with the tip of her tongue.

"Hell of an oral fixation right?" Luna joked, looking toward Nyx who blushed crimson as she did it again as everyone continued to laugh.

The group of them continued to play until Luna hit 10 black cards, Nyx was in second with 9 with the rest of them having various numbers of them.

"Beginners luck," Libertus gently teased.

"How about a round of truth or dare?" Crowe instigated, wanting to get to know Luna better herself.

"You mean interrogation or humiliation?" Luna rephrased with a smile.

"Yeah sure," Luna shrugged from her spot.

"Ok, Luna, truth or dare," Crowe posed.

"Truth," Luna chose.

"How flexible are you?" Crowe asked.

"Cause I've seen you do the splits in gym and good night nurse, I wish I was that limber." Crowe explained.

"Me too," Libertus agreed with a shit eating grin as his arm hung around Crowe's shoulders.

"You jerk," Crowe swatted playfully at his chest.

"You love me anyway," Libertus pointed out.

"Besides the point." Crowe rolled her eyes but a smile still placed firmly on her own lips.

"This feels more like a dare." Luna grinned.

"But ok, so," Luna stood and stood next to the couch, holding onto it for balance as she leaned over to the side and lifted her leg until her toes were pointing at the ceiling before stretching further. Everyone's eyes went wide as their jaws dropped.

"That's just unnatural," Selena grimaced in pain as she brought her knees to her chest before Luna returned to a standing position.

"Yeah most ballerina's can do that though," Luna shrugged as she sat back down in the circle. Luna enjoyed herself as she sat and listened and watched as the others were dared or had to tell the truth before it was her turn again.

"Truth." Luna chose.

"What is the pettiest thing you've ever done." Selena asked.

Luna laughed at the question.

"I paid $100 to a doorman to not let my ex into a club he had waited for four hours to try and get into." Luna answered.

"This sounds like a hell of a story," Selena prodded.

"Oh it is." Luna grinned victoriously.

"I dare you to tell the story," Crowe challenged.

"Ok, fine. If I tell this, you all have to swear on your lives that you will not breathe a word of this to anyone, it does not leave this room got it? Pinky promise? Ok, so my ex was really into all things French, which I am French on my father's side of the family and so for like the two months we dated, I made only French food, got a beret which I don't look good in hats but whatever. So for his birthday I decided I was going to give him the time of his life, so I made plans for us to go to a really upscale French restaurant and a club that he had been dying to go to and then give him his real present on the way home if you know what I mean. And so I got hooker heels, like five inch stiletto leather boots, black fishnets, a black leather mini skirt, the whole nine yards, because for one night, I'll be his edgy French dominatrix, because that was his fantasy. I got tips and tricks from a Dom I know and strip tease lessons and lap dance lessons choreographed to Partition by Beyonce from a dance instructor who used to be an exotic dancer, which to this day I can't listen to that song without anyway. So I did all of this work and I have this whole night planned as a big surprise and he dumps me, the day before, for a French runway model. So I, instead of canceling everything like a sane person, I decide, fuck it, I'm just going to have dinner and go to the club with my best friend Noctis because Andrew was always so jealous and super possessive and Noctis would never make things romantic or uncomfortable and we would just hang out for the night and go dancing and it would be great. Now I did not wear the outfit I was going to wear for my ex but I did wear this red silk number that had everyone staring, including my ex because he tried to get into the club that night but because he didn't have reservations or me to get him in- he was having trouble getting in. So I paid the door man $100 to not let him in either because I'm petty." Luna explained.

"But on the plus side I became really good friends with the girl who gave me the lessons." Luna shrugged. Everyone had to pick up their jaws from the floor.

Nyx having to do so the most because HOLY SHIT that blew his mind, she came off as this sweet innocent 'pure' girl and he...he loved this about her? And was delighted by it. Like it was thrilling, truly, and his brain gave him image after image of her in this notorious outfit and he instantly had a boner which wasn't noticeable thanks to his baggy jeans that were currently pulled taught because he was sitting cross legged too.

"Damn girl," Crowe said as she raised a hand to give Luna a high five.

"Go big or go home," Crowe congratulated.

"I'll bet he was sorry he dumped you." Selena concluded.

Luna shook her head no.

"Not that I've seen, well, when he's sober, he acts like it was no big deal and that he's better off without me and has said... as much …" Luna delicately explained with a very pained expression as she recalled how brutal he had been, that had everyone looking at her with sympathy.

"When he's drunk, which is more often than not, it's the opposite. Although I'm quite happy and relieved that he did dump me and I do my best to stay as far away from him as I can be." Luna professed.

"How long ago was this?" Nyx asked as he realized that must have done a real number on her and that he realized he would need to be careful with her and around her. She would need him to be if he was going to be in her life.

"Only like, a few months ago. We only dated for the beginning of summer just May and June and his birthday was in the beginning of July and I spent all of July and August with Noctis and Ignis, going to concerts and stuff while my mom was overseas for conferences at the World Health Organization, and the different European health organizations too." Luna answered.

"So, I guess fairly recently." Luna shrugged as she tried to stamp down and push out of her mind all the memories of the horrific experience before Selena quickly changed the subject and they continued to play for a little bit before Luna had to go home.

"Thank you for inviting me over today." Luna said as Selena and Nyx helped her put her things back into her car.

"Thanks for coming and bringing lunch, we need to hang out again soon." Selena smiled.

"Agreed, I have a performance next Saturday though," Luna sighed.

"Ooh, could I come?" Selena asked.

"Sure, it's at the Performing Arts Center, it's at 4pm," Luna explained.

"Can I come too?" Nyx asked hopefully.

"Of course," Luna smiled excitedly.

"How much is it to go?" Selena inquired.

"Oh, don't worry about it, you'll be coming as my guests, it'll be free." Luna assured them.

"Just um, kind of dress up? Not like formal formal, not like tuxes but just nice dress clothes?" Luna shrugged.

"I think we can manage that." Selena smiled.

"Ok, I gotta go before I break curfew." Luna said as she gave Selena a parting hug before giving Nyx one as well even though part of her was screaming at her to just kiss him already.

"Thanks again for tonight, it was awesome." Luna repeated before she got in her car.

Both Selena and Nyx waited outside to make sure Luna's car started and waved as she drove away, Luna waving happily as she left.

"She's so nice," Selena smiled as she turned and walked back into the house.

"And hot," Selena added giving Nyx a look over her shoulder.

"Go ahead, disagree with me, I dare you." Selena winked as she laughed as the two walked back into the house where Libertus, Crowe and Pelna had stayed behind with giddy smiles since they had watched the interaction from behind the blinds.

"Dude!" The trio cheered.

"Shh," Nyx shushed as he pointed to ceiling where his parents had already gone to bed with one hand while he gestured at his own throat making a cutting motion.

"She likes you!" Libertus insisted but Nyx gave him an unsure look.

"She shoved you every time you won a black card, she kept touching your arm, and your knee and when she laughed she leaned your way." Crowe pointed out as she counted on her fingers.

"She likes you, I've been trying all week to gently nudge her your way." Selena revealed.

"So what's holding you back from pulling the trigger?" Pelna asked.

"We just met! This is the first time we've hung out, I want to give her a chance to get to know me and maybe I want to get to know her more too?" Nyx reasoned.

"If you don't pull the trigger, Luche will," Pelna pointed out.

"He's been trying to buddy up to her and her brother all week, I mean, he's hanging with her brother, as we speak." Pelna explained.

"How do you know that?" Libertus asked. Pelna gave him an unimpressed look as he pulled out his phone and showed all the pictures Luche had been sending him all night.

"Wow, they have a really nice house." Crowe assessed.

"Luche says that they have a game room/den, that's where they are spending the evening. That game room has a bar too." Pelna informed them.

"Great," Crowe droll-ed sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.

"He says the place is a palace, they have an indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs and tennis courts and shit." Pelna went on.

Nyx hung his head, feeling completely out of her league. There was no way he could ever give her any of that if they had a romantic relationship with a realistic future.

Luna came home and saw the cars parked along the sides of her driveway, mentally putting names and faces to the cars as she put together who was in her home. She saw two cars she didn't recognize but one looked oddly familiar but she couldn't place where she had seen it.

Luna shrugged it off as she parked in the garage and came into the house, Pryna and Umbra eagerly waiting by the door for her.

"I'm home!" Luna called out to Ravus, knowing her mother had most likely already gone to bed before stopping to let Pryna and Umbra sniff at her legs and her hands and every surface Charlie had touched.

"Oh I know, I pet another dog other than you," Luna cooed as she knelt down to pet them and give them forehead kisses.

"Den!" Ravus called back as he noted the time on the phone and texted his mother that Luna did in fact come home on time.

"K!" Luna called back as she put her purse down before she went back out and got her things from the car, Pryna and Umbra on her heels.

"Need some help?" Craig asked as the portly fellow suddenly appeared in the doorway, taking up most of it with his towering frame.

"Yes, thank you," Luna smiled as she waved him over. Being relieved it was him. Craig was one of the few friends Ravus had that Luna was friends with too. Because he was practically a big teddy bear and was a general sweetheart and had always been nice and respectful to her and had helped Ravus through his grief when their dad passed.

"How have you been?" Craig asked as he took the now empty but clean crock pot from Luna, nearly tripping over her dogs as he did so.

"Good, you?" Luna asked as she got the rest of her things.

"Fine, I got a new car," Craig smiled.

"Oh yeah? Was it the black BMW or the black Mercedes?" Luna smiled as she followed him into the house, shutting the garage door and door to the garage as they stepped inside.

"The black BMW," Craig grinned.

"Nice, moving up in the world." Luna appraised as they made their way to the kitchen.

"So who have you spent the evening with?" Craig asked curiously, having thought she would have hung out with them but was relieved she wasn't home because of Ravus' other 'company'.

"Oh, new friends I've made at Lucis High, Selena, who's a junior like me, her big brother Nyx who's a senior and his friends, Libertus, his girlfriend Crowe, isn't that a cool name for a girl? And Pelna." Luna listed off.

"Cool," Craig nodded in approval.

"We actually played Cards Against Humanity, it was so funny, I laughed so hard I went into an asthmatic attack, thankfully I had my inhaler, but after I used it, I got a bloody nose so then I did the 'walrus' and they thought that was funny, so yeah I had a great time." Luna smiled fondly.

"It's great to hear that." Craig smiled, genuinely happy to hear she was happy and doing better.

"So what can you tell me about Luche?" Craig asked as he folded his arms and leaned against the counter next to her. Luna mirrored his actions as she racked her brain to think of what she could answer with.

"Oh, um, Luche and Ravus are in the same AP courses, I think they bonded, might have a bromance going. He's nice, he's on the same football team that Nyx- Nyx is the quarterback, Libertus is a linebacker/guard, Luche is a running..back? No, he's a wide receiver, I think that's the term oh and get this, Crowe, Libertus' girlfriend, is a running back, Lucis has three girls on the football team, it's awesome. You remember my friend Noctis and his friend Gladio right? Gladio is a linebacker/guard too so they all play sports. Luche's really good, I saw him play last night." Luna informed him.

"Awesome." Craig nodded.

"So you both have football in common." Luna shrugged.

"He's been "pursuing" me awfully hard." Luna muttered lowly with an eye roll and a huff and that got Craig to bark a laugh before he covered his mouth.

"What?" Luna asked as she turned to look at him curiously.

"I'm just really happy you can see that. He's been asking me about you for most of the night. He's really interested in you." Craig informed her which made her make a disgusted face.

"Well the feeling aint mutual." Luna assured him with an adamant shake of her head.

"Good," Craig nodded as he felt his own hopes soar. Having had a crush on Luna himself for years but always being too timid to say anything or make a move. Hoping that if he just befriended her that their friendship would someday grow into something more one day.

"Luna! Grab me another two liter of Coke!" Ravus requested from the den. Luna and Craig both rolled their eyes.

"Like he can't get up and get it himself." Luna muttered as she went to the pantry to grab another 2 liter of the beverage.

"Let me take it to him," Craig said as he moved away from the counter.

"Nah, it's fine," Luna waived off.

"But-" Craig tried to argue but Luna was already walking quickly toward the den. Craig hung his head in defeat as he walked behind her.

Luna walked down the hall to the den and saw Andrew among Ravus' friends and froze, her eyes going wide as she found herself barely breathing. Having avoided him for the last few months after the last 'incident'.

"Ravus?" Luna called out, only halfway down the hall.

"What?" Ravus answered from his spot on the couch.

"You have two hands and two feet, you come get this," Luna requested.

But when Ravus got close she could smell the booze on him as she watched him stagger a little. Which meant he was drunk.

"You've been drinking," Luna remarked as she handed the bottle to him in the middle of the hall.

"And you're judgmental," Ravus countered irritably as Craig passed them to sit with the rest of the group.

"I didn't mean it like that, it's just..." Luna began to stutter before lowering her voice.

"Why is Andrew here?" Luna whispered angrily.

"You need to get over it," Ravus reprimanded her.

"Seriously, you guys broke up like months ago, he's still my friend, so stop overreacting and treating him like he has the plague every time he just happens to look in your direction. Everyone is staying over, but we'll all be on this end of the house, so you'll be fine" Ravus defended.

"How was the Ulrics?" He asked, hoping there was more to Selena's reactions that Luna hadn't texted him earlier.

"Great, they both loved the stew and the brownies, Selena inhaled 4 pieces in like five minutes, I thought she was going to go into a diabetic coma, she practically had a foodgasm, actually several of them." Luna recalled as Ravus grin got wider as his imagination took that knowledge and tormented him with an image of Selena doing just that before he imagined what she would look like actually having an orgasm or being sensually fed berries and cream.

"Good." Ravus nodded as he did his best to hide his growing erection by turning away from her and rejoining his friends with the smuggest smirk on his face.

Luna still clenched her jaw and tried to take a cleansing breath but when she opened her eyes. She saw Andrew staring at her, looking her up and down like he used to, like he was undressing her with his eyes and that same smug half cocked smirk he always had when he drank and Luna felt her stomach churn. She turned on her heel and marched back to the kitchen. She paced a little as she tried to come to grips with the situation and the possible variables as Pryna and Umbra laid down on the mat in front of the sink but kept an eye on her.

"Hey Luche," Luna called out.

"Yeah?" Luche immediately answered.

"Could you help me open this jar?" Luna asked, figuring that was a safe way to get Luche away from the rest of them so as not to cause suspicion as she went to the fridge and got a jar of jelly out.

"Sure," Luche agreed as he joined her in the kitchen.

"Thank you," Luna thanked him before re-tightening the lid herself and put the jar back in the fridge.

"Why..." Luche began before Luna cut him off.

"Listen, Luche, I'm going to ask you a question and I need you to tell me the truth, has Andrew been drinking tonight?" Luna whispered.

"Yeah, we all have," Luche answered slowly.

"Ok, I need you to keep an eye on Andrew for me and keep him away from me, ok? Andrew is my ex and he can become a very... dangerous person when he drinks and he's vindictive and spiteful even when he doesn't drink, I just... make sure he doesn't sneak away, especially in my direction, run interference for me, please Luche, please," Luna pleaded quietly as she took his hands into her own and squeezed them anxiously, hoping the physical contact would induce Luche to do as she asked.

"Absolutely, I won't let him out of my sight." Luche agreed instantly as he realized how genuinely scared, not scared, terrified, she was and started to worry about her as he realized the golden opportunity he had just been given, he could be the hero and save her from her ex. Something he could definitely do for her. This would prove to her once and for all how much he liked her and if he could do this for her, she would give him a chance and he would win her over.

"Thank you," Luna smiled feeling some relief in that but the anxiousness still wouldn't leave her. She went back into her room, Pryna and Umbra joining her, laying down on their shared bed and watched as she continued to pace.

'Shit, shit shit', Luna thought to herself as tried to think of anything else she could do before a thought dawned on her. She got her phone from her pocket and called Selena.

"You make it home ok?" Selena asked from her bed when she saw it was Luna calling. The rest of their friends had already left so that the Ulric siblings could get to bed at a decent hour.

"Yeah, um, it's just that," Luna stuttered as she fought to control the anxiety whirling in her chest.

"Luna, are you ok?" Selena asked, sensing something was very wrong as she sat up in bed.

"No," Luna shook her head as she continued to pace her room.

"What's going on, talk to me," Selena urged.

"I'm scared, my ex, Andrew is here and I'm freaking out," Luna blurted.

"Ok, how can I help?" Selena asked.

"I need to ask a favor of Nyx but I wanted to run it by you and tell me if it's crazy." Luna suggested.

"I'm all ears." Selena told her.

"Ok, so Andrew has been drinking and he's...he can be really dangerous when he does. Luche is here also and he said he would run interference but I don't know if it's going to be enough. Do you think it would be ok to ask if Nyx could come and spend the night, with me, in my room, pretend to be my boyfriend because Andrew will leave me alone because he's a douche who won't respect my boundaries but might respect another guy's'." Luna requested.

"Absolutely," Selena nodded as she jumped out of bed and marched to Nyx's room, knocking quickly and forcefully as she did so.

"Yeah?" Nyx answered from his bed, taking his hand from his cock, having been trying to jack off to a fantasy of Luna, irritated by the interruption.

"I need to come in, Luna is in trouble," Selena said through the door.

"It's open," Nyx said as he instantly sat up in bed and wiped his hand off on his bedding and pulled his pajama bottoms up to further conceal it before sitting up in bed as Selena came in and turned on the light.

"Here, she's on the phone, she's freaking out, like almost panic attack, you need to go spend the night at her house," Selena said as she thrust her phone into Nyx's hands as she went to his closet and began packing an overnight bag for him.

"Luna?" Nyx asked as put the phone to his ear as he swung his legs to the side to set his feet on the floor.

"Nyx, oh thank God, I know it's late, I'm really sorry to bother you but I need the biggest of favors. My ex, Andrew is here, he's at my house and he's staying the night apparently with the rest of Ravus' friends, and he's been drinking and I don't have the safest of locks on my door and I don't trust him to stay away from me and my brother keeps telling me not to worry and Luche is here and he said he would run interference but I am still scared, I'm scared it won't be enough. Will you please come over, please, normally I would call Noctis but the last time Andrew was like this and saw Noctis it got ugly. Please Nyx, please," Luna quickly pleaded, tears escaping her eyes as emotion choked her voice.

"What's your address?" Nyx asked as he went to his desk and got a pen and paper as Luna gave him the address and directions to her house.

"I have one more favor to ask you," Luna requested, biting her nails nervously.

"Name it," Nyx answered.

"When you get here, I'm going to kiss you, I need you to kiss me back and make it look real and authentic, I need you to act like you're my very steady boyfriend ok? Andrew might respect that kind of boundary." Luna asked, her features blushing hard.

"Yup, got it, understood," Nyx agreed with a gulp as he tripped over himself again and wanted to face palm himself.

"I'll be there as soon as I can." Nyx assured her.

"Thank you, I owe you, see you soon, bye." Luna breathed before she hung up and breathed out slow and measured as the anxiety finally started to leave her. She would be ok, Nyx would be here soon and she would be safe . She got dressed in her pajamas before she put her clothes back on over them and put a robe on over those as well and got her room and bathroom ready for a guest. She sprayed Febreeze on most of the carpet and furniture as she picked up her room, making sure it was clean and orderly before her own company came. She left her room to see Andrew coming down the hall but Luche was only a few strides behind him trying to catch up but Luna still froze at the sight of Andrew.

"Mon Cherie," Andrew greeted smoothly as he strode over to her purposefully caging her with his body as he put a hand on her door behind her.

"Hi," Luna greeted back with a forced calmness before looking up over Andrew's shoulder at Luche as she grasped the door handle to her room, ready to open it and unleash Pryna and Umbra on Andrew if he touched her again, hearing their low growls through the door.

"You lost?" Luche asked Andrew as Luche came up behind him with his arms crossed over his chest and a determined stare.

"Just looking for another bathroom." Andrew answered, his nerve temporarily faltering as he stepped away from Luna.

"Right back here," Luche directed as he pointed to the door behind him. Andrew glowered but turned and went to the bathroom.

'Thank you,' Luna mouthed to Luche once Andrew turned away from her. Luche winked at her once Andrew passed him.

Once the bathroom door shut Luna blew out a breath of relief and opened her bedroom door to let Umbra and Pryna out again.

"Bedtime guys," Luna urged them before they trotted back to their food and water bowls in the kitchen.

"See what I mean?" Luna whispered to Luche as they walked back out of the hallway.

"You weren't kidding," Luche shook his head, sad that he hadn't been just a few seconds quicker coming to her rescue. He had wanted to make sure Andrew had come nowhere near her and he didn't quite succeed and he inwardly berated himself for it.

"So I called Selena and Nyx is coming over and posing as my boyfriend, so just go along with it ok?" Luna requested softly as they walked to the front door.

"...Ok...I could have done that, posed as your boyfriend I mean," Luche offered, kicking himself that he didn't think of that sooner.

"Aww, thank you, that's so sweet, but you have your hands full with Andrew, so keep doing what you're doing, you're doing great, thank you so much I owe you big." Luna smiled appreciatively before Luche's cell phone rang.

"Speak of the devil," Luche said into his phone.

"Is Luna with you?" Nyx asked as he drove over to Luna's house as fast as he could.

"Yep, she's right next to me, we're hanging out by her front door, waiting for you apparently." Luche answered as he spared a glance at Luna who was looking at him curiously.

"So she told you?" Nyx concluded.

"Bruh, I caught the guy cornering her outside her own room which is like on the other end of the house that everyone else is hanging out in, real creeper," Luche informed Nyx. Nyx's features flashed rage as his foot dug into the gas pedal.

"I'll be there as fast as I can. GPS says 10 more minutes, I'll see if I can make it in 5." Nyx said as he passed a car.

"Tell him to be careful and don't get a ticket." Luna cautioned softly as she went and sat down at the bench by the door.

"Luna said to be careful and don't get a ticket." Luche repeated as he took a seat next to her on the bench.

"I will do my best," Nyx grinned.

"Don't leave her side." Nyx urged Luche.

"I won't." Luche assured him.

"See ya when you get here," Luche said before he hung up.

"Thank you," Luna said, squeezing Luche's other hand that wasn't around his phone.

"No problem," Luche grinned as he squeezed back, opting to hold her hand. "What are you two doing?" Andrew asked as he walked past them and stopped once he saw the two.

Luna instantly pulled her hand out of Luche's to fold them in her lap as she sat up straighter and more rigidly. Her whole body becoming tense.

"Waiting on her boyfriend." Luche answered evenly before Pryna and Umbra came back, both sitting in front of Luna and keeping their eyes on Andrew, the way they had been doing all night.

"You got a new boyfriend?" Andrew asked Luna, his eyes narrowing a bit as there was an edge to his voice that even made Luche's stomach knot as he could see the anger blaze in Andrew's eyes as there was a deep, dark scowl that came upon his face as Andrew's fists slowly clenched.

In Luches's endevors to ask about Luna all night, Ravus' friends had pulled him aside and told him not to because Andrew was Luna's ex and he was still possessive because he was trying to get back with her and it would be for his own good to stop and steer clear of her which gave Luche some pause but Luche hadn't taken much heed because he didn't really know Andrew or his methods yet.

"Yeah, he's a good friend of mine, captain and quarterback of the same football team I'm on, hell of a guy," Luche answered for Luna so she didn't have to, keeping his focus on Andrew even though, in his peripheral vision, could see Luna smiling proudly at him which only made him smirk.

"Huh, I'm going to have to meet him then," Andrew said as he came forward and sat in a chair opposite of them. Luche and Andrew had a stare off as Luna found refuge in her phone, going through her social media feeds as they waited in awkward silence.

True to Nyx's best estimate, he was there within 6 minutes. Luna practically jumped up and went to the door, staring out of the glass on the side of the door as she eagerly awaited for him to walk up to the front door. Pryna and Umbra mirroring her as they cautiously wagged their tails.

"Excited to see Nyx too?" Luna cooed to her dogs.

"Nyx is awesome isn't he, we like Nyx, yes we do." Luna continued to baby talk to her dogs before their tails began to wag more.

"There's my knight in shining armor!" Luna greeted excitedly as she opened the door wide, revealing Luche right behind her and Andrew right behind him as Pryna and Umbra went out to greet Nyx.

"Hey Pryna, Umbra," Nyx greeted, thankful he had remembered their names. Pryna and Umbra wagged their tails some more, giving him a few curious sniffs before letting him pet them before sniffing at the grass to relieve themselves.

"Sorry it took so long Princess," Nyx smiled as he carried a duffle bag in one hand as he walked up the steps to her front door. Luna couldn't wait for him to cross the threshold, she took the few steps that separated Nyx from herself and met him halfway there. She stood on her tip toes and kissed him firmly. Nyx dropped his duffle bag and framed her face with his hands as he kissed her back as she held onto him desperately. Something they both had been dreaming about all week but now that it was happening, they found themselves wishing it was for completely different reasons.

"My hero," Luna grinned up at him as she sighed partly in happiness, partly in relief. Nyx smiled in turn, giving her another quick kiss before leaning over and picking up his discarded bag as Luna stole into his side and placed his arm securely over her shoulders.

"Andrew, meet my boyfriend Nyx," Luna introduced proudly as Pryna and Umbra passed them to go back into the house and back to her room. Andrew tried and failed to keep his disdain out of his expression as he gave Nyx a once over but had noticed Luche's look of jealousy too, which made him smirk because he knew the enemy of his enemy was a potential friend even if they were vying for the same girl and technically competition, but he could tell Luche was a suck up and it would only be a matter of time before Luche would be sucking up to him too which would only boost his own ego so for now Andrew could afford to play nice with Ravus' new friend, especially if he was useful to him.

"Hey man," Andrew finally greeted as he held out a hand for Nyx to shake.

"Hey," Nyx nodded as Luna took his duffle bag from him so he could shake Andrew's hand so Nyx didn't have to take his arm off her shoulders. The two shared a forceful handshake, both partly trying to break the other's hand in the hand shake. Andrew turned his attention and said something to Luna in French that had Luna staring at him in outraged shock as her cheeks flushed even more than they were. Luche didn't know much French but he got the gist of what Andrew had said and glared at Andrew who only smirked in response. Luche glared at Andrew like Andrew had just insulted him too before, out of spite, he fished his wallet out of his pocket, pulling out two condoms and handing them to Nyx.

"I only have two, they might be too tight a fit though." Luche said as he passed them to Nyx who had to take his arm from around Luna's shoulders to take them.

"Thanks, I brought plenty," Nyx replied with a grin, catching onto Luche's heavy hint as he put them into his pocket.

Luna smiled victoriously and handed Nyx his bag back before she led him to her room. Once inside her room Luna locked the door and hugged Nyx as tight as she could.

"Thank you, thank you so much for coming," Luna murmured into his chest. Nyx hugged her back, just as tightly.

This poor girl, the lengths she just went through to keep distance from her ex. He must have been a real asshole. But he was happy to have her in his arms again. A place he felt keenly that Luna should always be.

Luna smiled before she pulled away and took her robe off and carefully let it pile up on the floor. "Oh and Pryna is the white beauty and Umbra is the mostly black handsome man," Luna clarified as she continued to arrange her robe on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Nyx asked as she then took her shirt off, revealing her pajama top underneath as she carefully placed the shirt on the floor.

"Making it look like you've been undressing me," Luna answered as she stood in front of him and took off her jeans, making them pool at her ankles before stepping out of them. She went over to her dresser and pulled out a black lace thong and a matching black lace bra and strategically placed them on the floor as well.

"If you wouldn't mind, could you do the same to your clothes, you can change into pajamas in my bathroom." Luna suggested as she motioned to the door to her bathroom.

"Wait, why are you doing all this?" Nyx asked as he gestured to her clothes on the floor.

"Because, the last time this happened, I had Noctis come and Andrew broke into my room in the middle of the night in a drunken rage and when he saw that Noctis and I had no sign of being intimate he accused me of...just really horrible things and it just got ugly." Luna explained, pained by the memory as she pulled out one of the hideaway bed underneath her own, on the other side of her bed that couldn't be seen from the door that she had used for sleepovers and went to the other closet in her room where extra bedding was stored as she made the bed for Nyx.

"Wait, wait, wait," Nyx countered as he dropped his bag to the floor, holding his hands out in a stopping motion.

"This is your house, this is your room. It should be the one place you feel safe and secure and no one should have access to this space without your permission and consent. If he so much as touches that door I will kick his ass into next year and he will need an ambulance by the time I'm done with him. This is ridiculous! Your brother needs to step up and never let this guy within two thousand yards of the house, you should get a restraining order, you should not, under any circumstances feel like you need to do any of this just to keep him away!" Nyx protested as he gathered her clothes off the floor and handed them back to her.

"I'll still stay in here with you and I'll play along out there but it has to stop somewhere." Nyx insisted.

Luna blinked at him in surprise before dropping her clothes and hugging him fiercely again, crying into his chest.

Nyx held onto her again, even though he wanted to kick Ravus' and Andrew's asses. He felt so sorry for this girl in his arms, crying into his chest and holding onto him so tightly, that it was getting a little hard to breathe. Nyx wrapped one arm securely around her and stroked her hair with the other. Soothing her the best way he knew how.

"You're right, you're absolutely right, but I can't..." Luna sniffled into his chest.

"I can't make Ravus see that. It's like he can't look at anything outside of himself anymore." Luna revealed.

"Well I'm going to have to make him see it then," Nyx replied.

"No, not tonight, he's been drinking and it'll just make things worse," Luna pulled back so she could look into his eyes as she shook her head adamantly and clung to his shirt, tears welling up and streaming from her eyes.

"Tomorrow when he's sober and Andrew has already left," Luna suggested.

"I just don't want another confrontation. Not right now," Luna pleaded.

"Ok," Nyx allowed. Luna tucked her head back down into his chest and they held onto each other as Luna slowly regained her composure and she basked in the feeling that because he was here, she would be safe, he would keep her safe. It was going to be ok.

"Not exactly how you planned on spending your Saturday night huh?" Luna mumbled into his shirt, a small smirk on her lips.

"No, but I'm glad I'm here." Nyx allowed a small, gentle smile to grace his lips, his head still to top of hers as he started to worry about what Andrew must have done to her to make her this way and instantly knew he had a mortal enemy in Andrew and while Nyx and Luche had been discretely competing for Luna, at least Luche was still cool enough to have his back and come through for Luna.

"Me too." Luna whispered softly before she was able to pull herself back together and regain her composure.

Nyx unpacked his things from his bag that his sister had packed as Luna continued to get ready for bed in her bathroom. He looked around at the room, looking at the white walls, white carpet with all kinds of art, mostly watercolor paintings all over the walls before he saw that she had an art corner by her bay window in her room that also had a bench and several cushions and pillows that Nyx imagined she read in and the thought made him smile softly.

She also had giant windows that currently had the shades drawn on and several skylights in the room as well. She had a regular desk that he assumed was for homework with a closed laptop on the surface against one of the other walls and her own mini living room in her room. She also had a vanity by the bathroom, half of which was covered with perfumes and lotions and a few makeup bags. He saw the keyboard piano with a bench on the other side of the bay window. Her room was freaking huge, it felt like three times the size of his living room.

He then noticed her book shelf that took up the corner on the other side of her art corner by the bay window and walked over to it curiously. He turned his head to the side to read the spines of the books. A lot of them were about psychology, which would explain how she had managed to win at Cards Against Humanity, a book about reading people's handwriting, medicine, sports medicine, massage, physical therapy, holistic medicine, essential oils. Then an entire shelf dedicated to cook books then a whole shelf dedicated romance novels, the science of sex and attraction and poetry. Nyx shook his head at the romance novels but tried to take a note of the other books. But then a whole shelf dedicated to art books. He looked closer, smiling appreciatively at the different ones.

"You can look at any of those if you want." Luna offered from the doorway to her bathroom, still rubbing in her nightly moisturizer as she walked over and took her favorite one off the shelf and handed it to him. He could see from the paint stained fingerprints on the cover and on most of the pages she must have used this as a reference.

"Did you remember a charger?" Luna asked as she went to her bed and plugged her phone in. "I don't think I did." Nyx shook his head as he looked up and noticed when she had turned around that her hair was down, the hair towards her face was in waves while the hair in the back was slightly curled from being twisted into the clip. Goodness was it pretty.

"That's ok, I have extras, I-phone or Android?" Luna asked as she opened her bedside dresser drawer.

"Android." Nyx answered.

"My kind of guy," Luna grinned as she pulled out a spare charger and plugged it into the wall for him.

"I should probably warn you, I do talk in my sleep so if that freaks you out, I'm sorry." Luna informed him as she got into bed.

"I snore," Nyx shrugged as he closed the book and put it back on the shelf and walked over to the light switch to turn the lights off.

"I won't notice, I listen to music as I fall asleep, helps me have lucid dreams," Luna smiled softly as she put one earbud into her ear.

"Does that really work?" Nyx asked curiously as he plugged in his phone and got into the hideaway bed that was next to hers and noticed that it was way more comfortable than even his own bed at home.

"Sometimes, I have really, really intense dreams so when they are good, they are spectacular, when they are bad, they are...brutal and horrific and make me never want to sleep again." Luna revealed lowly.

"I'm sorry about the latter." Nyx grimaced.

"Well, you're here, so I should be just fine," Luna assured him as she settled into her bed further.

"Nice nightlights," Nyx smiled as he saw a few of them in her room, one by the bedroom door and one by her bathroom door which was on the side of the room he was on, his bed coming between her bed and the bathroom and then another on the side of the room where the mini living room was, along with the moonlight coming in from the skylights.

"Thank you," Luna smiled in the darkness, at least he didn't tease her or make fun of her for being afraid of the dark.

"Although, if you prefer to have less light I have a sleeping mask you could borrow." Luna added.

"Nah, I'm good, good night Luna," Nyx bid her as he rolled away from her and tried to fall asleep, even though his body begged for rest but his brain told him to stay awake to stand watch over her.

"Goodnight Nyx, thank you again for coming." Luna replied softly as she rolled away from him in turn and selected her sleep music playlist.

It had to be the middle of the night when he woke up to the sound of her moaning and suddenly his dick sprang to life. 'Go. Away.' He inwardly told it and rolled onto his stomach, hoping that with sad thoughts he could make his erection go away. Luna gasped softly in her sleep as she rolled onto her back as she sighed happily. Nyx buried his face into his pillow as he ground his pelvis into the bed, halfheartedly hoping she would stop soon while his imagination was set to record any sound that escaped her to fuel future fantasies. Her breathing changed, got more labored as little cries of ecstasy escaped her lips as her hands clawed at the bedding as she writhed, fisting them before letting out a silent scream as her whole body tensed. Soon however her body slacked and her breathing soon returned to normal.

Nyx, for all of his self control, couldn't help but watch, lifting his head and looking at her face, grateful for the soft light that had been emitted from those blessed night lights and skylights. His eyes had adjusted and witnessed the tortured bliss on her face, had seen her hands squeeze the bedding and had watched her writhe in bliss. God help him.

Nyx huffed in defeat and carefully and silently got out of bed and found refuge in her bathroom, carefully shutting the door and being ever so relieved to see she had a night light in there too so he didn't have to turn a light on and risk waking her up. He took a seat on her toilet seat and pulled out his aching shaft that was already drenched in a mother fucking river of precum from his pajama bottoms and boxers. He closed his eyes as his imagination went into overdrive. He imagined Luna in that outfit she had described earlier in the night, imagining the sharp contrast of black leather and fishnets against the paleness of her skin. Her bright, ice blue eyes staring into him as he would put his hands on her thighs, feel the fishnets snag just a tad on the calluses of his hands as he felt the heat of her skin beneath his palms as he would slide his hands up those scorching hot legs of hers.

He fantasized that those fishnets would only go thigh high. His hands would go to her ass squeezing the bare flesh he found there as Luna would strip for him. What he would give to tease her, to see that pretty mouth of hers hang open as she panted and moaned as she would spread her legs wide on his lap, revealing everything to him. He fantasized what shade of peachy pink her feminine lips would be, if past experience had taught him anything it was that a girls lips on her face tended to be the same shade as her nipples and her clitoris, nature was funny like that sometimes.

He would delve into those folds with his hands as he made out with her. Then when he had her on the brink of release he would pull his hand away, watch her lips pout as she begged for more. Then he would ease her down onto his shaft and watch as he filled her. Watch her head lull back and her mouth open wide as another moan comes from her throat. She would ride him, as hard as she wanted to as he held her close, capturing her pulse points on that regal column of her neck with his mouth, biting and sucking until she was bruised all over, claiming her as his for everyone to see. She would start to pant as she got closer. She would start calling out his name as a prayer as she clung to him.

His hands would roam her, squeezing her breasts, giving her amazing cleavage before pulling at them and rolling her nipples between his fingertips, what a beautiful contrast they would be to the rest of her flower petal soft skin, a real feast for the eyes. He would try to suck on them as she continued to ride him. She would be so wet because he would make god damn sure she was good and aroused. His hands would go to her hips, helping her, guiding her as she would rock back and forth against him, feeling slick walls start to constrict around him as her cries grew louder as she got closer.

She would hang onto his shoulders and the back of his neck for balance, her fingertips digging into the flesh there as her face would wear that beautiful tortured bliss expression again. He had almost forgotten how amazing it was to watch a girl orgasm, to come apart and back together again, to be given the highest of joys and ecstasies. And the satisfaction of knowing that he was the one to give that to her, to make her feel that way if she wanted it- was the best kind of natural high. He wanted her, in every way she would have him.

He blew out a shaky breath as he finally came himself. His semen rocketed out of cock and splashed all over the marble floors of her bathroom. He cleaned himself and the floor up, chancing a flush of the toilet with the soiled toilet paper and washed his hands of any evidence of his actions.

He was drying his hands when he heard her gasp again, but this one, while soft, was not like her gasps before, there was an edge to it, a hiss to it, like she was in pain. He opened the door to see her facing the bathroom, her face twisted into a pained expression.

"No," Luna muttered. Nyx took one step toward her and she curled in on herself.

"Andrew, no!" Luna whispered harshly. Nyx froze in position as his eyes left her to scan the room, making sure Andrew was not in fact there. His eyes quickly traveled to her door and made sure it had stayed locked. His ears strained in the silence, listening for breathing, for movement of any kind other than Luna's and his own.

Luna's wrists came together and went above her head, like they had been tied together before she started to silently scream again. She was having a nightmare. She kicked the covers off as she kicked wildly as she continued to silently scream.

Nyx's heart twisted painfully as he crossed the room in an instant and fell to his knees on the hideaway bed as he knelt next to her bed and grabbed her by the arms, bringing them back down from above her head as he tried to gently shake her awake.

"Luna," Nyx whispered softly.

"Luna wake up," Nyx urged. Luna tried to fight him off before her eyes snapped open as she sat up in bed, gasping for air as she clawed at her wrists, scratching them in the process before she realized she was awake and safe and sound in her own room.

"You ok there?" Nyx asked softly, still on his knees on the side of her bed as he gently rubbed soothing soft circles into her back as she caught her breath. Luna turned to him and flung herself at him and clung to him before practically dragging him back down to the hideaway bed.

"Oh-ok," Nyx muttered as he laid there awkwardly, not quite sure what to do.

Luna, for her part had already mostly fallen back asleep. Nyx took a deep breath and squirmed to bring his arm up and lifted her head slightly to push his arm through the space under her neck and adjust their now shared pillow before reaching up with his foot and hooked her blanket with it to bring it down since they were laying on top of his and managed to cover them both with it before resting his other arm in the crook of her waist. He couldn't help but gaze down at her beautiful face and smiled bittersweet-ly as she seemed to be at peace now. His eyes drew heavier and heavier as he slowly blinked at her, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead, his lips lingering there before finally succumbing to sleep himself.

Luna awoke in the morning, feeling at peace as she could feel a pair of strong arms around her as one of her own arms wrapped around someone in turn. Luna frowned as she realized that there should not have been a pair of arms around her and she shouldn't be holding onto anyone. She opened her eyes and saw Nyx's chest and recognized that it was the same shirt he had worn to bed last night, and then looked up curiously to see Nyx's neck, then that glorious jaw of his, then finally his handsome, peaceful, restful face and could not stop the smile that played on her lips as memories of the night before began to wash into her mind. She had dreamed of him, dreamed of Nyx making love to her and it had been epic actually.

Oh god then she had a nightmare, of Andrew, he had managed to tie her up and was torturing Nyx before coming back to her and she was fighting him off then she remembered that she had woken up from said nightmare, gasping in a cold sweat, and...and Nyx had been there, he had been awake, he...had he tried to wake her up? Bless his soul if he had.

She remembered practically gluing herself to him and feeling so much relief, comfort, peace and a deep sense of safety and security when she did. She must have fallen asleep that way.

She noted her blanket laying over them and figured she must have dragged it down with her. For Nyx to make such a big deal about consent and personal space, she sure did invade his personal space a lot, with or without his consent. She would have to apologize for that when he woke up. She should be withdrawing from him, she should...but she couldn't.

She just couldn't bring herself to pull away from him. Heaven help her. She felt like she belonged with him like this so she nuzzled into his chest and committed the scent of him to memory. Such a soothing scent too. She really liked it. Soon however she could sense him wake up. But still, she did not move. Instead she stayed still and let him wake up.

"Good morning," She greeted in a voice so small she couldn't quite believe her own ears.

"Morning," Nyx groaned sleepily as he pulled his arm away, that had had been resting on her waist, his hand splayed possessively and protectively on her back, to roll onto his back and stretch out. Luna could feel the arm beneath her neck tense as it stretched in unison with the rest of him before it relaxed again.

"Thank you, for helping me through last night." Luna thanked him softly. Nyx smiled sleepily as he rolled back over to face her but he folded his arm in front of him, trying to respect her personal boundaries, even though she had made no move to get off his arm, or move away from him.

"No problem," Nyx told her, shaking his head a little as he did so as he slowly blinked his eyes open in the bright sunshine streaming into the room.

"So how bad did I talk in my sleep?" Luna inquired, grimacing as she did so.

"You didn't, I mean you said 'no Andrew' in your sleep but you didn't say much of anything else, or at least if you did, I didn't hear it." Nyx shook his head, choosing to keep part of the truth to himself to save her any embarrassment.

"So hardly at all, good, good," Luna nodded.

"Sorry I invaded your bed." Luna apologized.

"Don't worry about it, I'm not going to complain," Nyx shook his head again, as he could feel the corner of his mouth tug into a smile.

"I just..I mean..I just..." Luna started to stutter and trip over herself as she fought to collect her thoughts again. She grimaced again as if waiting for Nyx to sigh exasperatingly but when she opened her eyes, all she saw was patience tempered with curiosity.

"I feel safe with you." Luna blurted as her cheeks stained rose.

"Good," Nyx nodded in agreement. "I hope I never make you feel unsafe," Nyx added.

Luna's heart melted at that, all she could think of was how bad she wanted to kiss him again as she nodded with him. But she tried to exercise self control. She had to try.

" have you..." Luna struggled with forming a coherent sentence.

"Have I...?" Nyx asked after a beat, careful to keep his tone gentle. He had to be gentle.

"Favors, have you thought of how you wanted to be repaid for this favor?" Luna blurted super quickly before she hid her face into the pillow, embarrassed by her stuttering.

"Me and English are not getting along this morning," Luna muffled into the pillow with a self depreciating laugh.

"Sorry," Luna apologized as she pulled her face from the pillow to face him again.

Nyx was shaking his head again, a gentle grin quirking the corner of his mouth in a very adorable fashion.

"Don't worry about it, you don't owe me anything," Nyx insisted.

"I can't accept that answer." Luna shook her head in friendly argument.

"No, I'm serious, you don't owe me anything," Nyx repeated emphatically, with a gentle firmness but Luna still shook her head no.

Nyx rolled his eyes before placing his hand on her face and gently grabbed it and shook her head yes for her which earned laughter from both of them.

"Yes Nyx, I don't owe you anything," Nyx repeated in a girly voice, a gentle teasing sarcastic imitation of Luna's voice which only got Luna to laugh harder.

"Ok, I give up," Luna laughed before Nyx pulled his hand away from her face.

"Here, how about this," Luna suggested as she reached around him and began scratching his back through the fabric of his t-shirt. Nyx couldn't help the gravely moan that escaped his throat as he rolled back over to his stomach to give her more access to his back.

"May I?" Luna giggled as she dipped her fingers under his shirt to scratch at the skin there.

"By all means," Nyx invited, taking the shirt off and fully laying on his stomach. Luna smiled as she sat up next to him and began to scratch his back.

"Lighter? Harder?" Luna asked as she scratched softly.

"You could scratch a little harder." Nyx told her before she put more pressure into her scratching.

"Oh yeah, just right," Nyx groaned in pleasure as he enjoyed her attention. Soon her scratches alternated into rubs and massage. The moans that escaped his throat had Luna biting her bottom lip because damn was his voice sexy. It was extra deep because of sleep and lord have mercy , it was turning her on.

"Could I try something?" Luna felt embolden to ask.

"Absolutely," Nyx agreed. She could have her way with him and he would happily comply.

"But I would probably have to sit on you, like your lower back or your butt." Luna clarified as she withdrew her hands from him to get a book on her headboard and flipped through the pages to find the diagram she was thinking of. She straddled and sat on his ass and suddenly Nyx was very aware of her hot core against him and he was so grateful she couldn't see his erection that was hard enough to fuck through steel at the moment that was pinned between his body and the mattress.

And then she was running her knuckles up either side of his spine and his eyes nearly rolled back into his head. Oh god, she was massaging up and down his back and then her hands went to his shoulders and then his neck and all over again. This was heavenly.

"You can keep going...for like hours if you want, I won't stop you," Nyx gently teased her.

"Can I now?" Luna all but purred as she continued to massage him.

Holy shit she was flirting with him and Nyx's cock was in desperate need of relief again. It was taking every ounce, every molecule of self control not to give into his desires.

She continued to massage his back until her stomach started to growl.

"I didn't ask you," Luna laughed as she talked to her stomach. But the scent of breakfast that was wafting through the house.

"It does smell good." Nyx had to admit before his own stomach growled too.

"Pause on this for now?" Luna asked as she gently caressed up and down his back, giving him goosebumps everywhere, appreciating his muscular back.

"Sure," Nyx agreed, he couldn't bring himself to even disagree. "Ok, I'm gonna go to the bathroom and get dressed and stuff, feel free to shower or whatever when I'm done ok?" Luna suggested before getting off of him and going to her closet to get some clothes to change into. Nyx stayed put until Luna had gone into the bathroom. When she had retreated to the bathroom and shut the door, he rolled over to his back, he rubbed his face as his erection tented his boxers and his pajama pants, precum soaking through both layers of material but thankfully not really spotting the sheets. Thank God.

Nyx tried to ignore it as he got up and put Luna's blanket back on her bed and folded up the bedding from the hideaway bed, putting it back into the closet where he saw her take it from before he pushed the hideaway bed back under hers, appreciating the cool design of her bed frame, how it had looked like just a bed long drawer underneath her bed. He dug through his bag and got the outfit Selena had packed for him and grabbed the stick of deodorant Selena had thrown in and went ahead and got dressed quickly before Luna came back out, thankfully his boner had gone down some and he could hide the remainder of it in his jeans without it being too noticeable.

Luna came out not long after that and stopped when she saw that not only was the hideaway bed put up but that his bedding had been folded and put away. None of her friends ever thought to be so damn thoughtful or considerate.

"Aren't you just amazing?" Luna cooed smiling appreciatively at him as he passed her to use the bathroom himself.

"I try," Nyx smiled.

Luna quickly made her bed and waited for him because there was no way she, a princess, was going to leave her tower without her knight in shining armor.

"Ready?" Luna asked as she stood from her seat on her bed when he reappeared.

"Yup," Nyx nodded.

"Follow me," Luna gestured as she stood up and made her way to her bedroom door, unlocking it and opening it for them before Pryna and Umbra weaved between them to walk out of the room as well. Nyx politely closed the door behind them.

However when they turned toward the hallway again. They found they were not alone. "Mother," Luna greeted a bit louder than she should have, as panic seeped into her chest once again at the sight of her mother coming down the hall toward her room. Shit, she forgot about the dragon