Title: Mitsuri's Adventures through Harajuku

A/N: For the Kny Harajuku zine! It's a lot of fun writing from Mitsuri's perspective.

Summary: Hello everyone~~ Mitsuri here, with yet another installment where I show you the latest styles in Harajuku. Today I found these three adorable boys, all showing off their personalities with their own flair. Isn't it lovely to be true to yourself?

Hello everyone~~ I hope you're having a great week! Once again, it's time for my weekend column, where I give you a peek at some of the loveliest styles in Harajuku. It's always so hard to pick, there's so much to love here—the cool Lolita styles, the adorable kawaii styles, the fashion-forward decora. Ahh, I spend all week agonizing over who to feature; I just want to give everyone some love, you know?

Anyways, after a lot of struggle, I found a group of cute teenagers! They were just strolling through Harajuku, this set of three high school boys. They all have such different styles. A fairy kei, a decora, and a boar-head—okay, that last one isn't a style but there's no other way to describe him. I wonder how they all became friends. After a successful kidnapping, we're now in the Kisatsutai studios. They look a little nervous sitting in front of me, but they don't have to worry! I don't bite! Unless they want me to! I wave with a friendly smile. "Hello!"

"Hello?" One of them has a red scar on his forehead, partially hidden by his light red wig, and he waves back. He's dressed in soft colours: his teal green shorts, his checkered overcoat, it's a vision of a fairy. A pink muffler wraps around his neck to accessorize.

"You look beautiful," the blonde boy next to him declares, leaning forward. He has hearts in his eyes and on his hair—in true decora style, every inch of him is covered in something bright and interesting. His colour palette seems to be yellow, with yellow clips in his hair, yellow buttons on his clothes, and yellow bracelets on his arms. It's like looking at the sun. Oh dear, I wonder if he's fallen in love with me?

"Why am I here?" the third boy grunts. It's hard to figure out what style this boy is going for. He's shirtless, with just a pair of pants on and a plastic boar head hiding his face. Maybe he's into that horse-head craze? Or perhaps he's hiding his face from the world because he's secretly an actor. Either way, the contrast is lovely.

After he asks that, all three teens look at me and I smile. I can feel Shinobu glaring at me from her editor's office—perhaps I should have started with that. I know, I know, it's very clumsy of me, but I had put all of my focus on kidnapping them earlier. Clearing my throat, I explain. "I write for the Kisatsuitai magazine, and I want to write a feature on you!" They're still staring at me. Whoops, I forgot to give my name! "I'm Mitsuri!"

"A magazine?" The fairy kei's eyes are wide. "About us?"

Quick to the uptake, the blonde brushes back his hair. He shoots me a charming smile. "I knew my day would come." It's cute how suave he thinks he is!

My answer only makes the boar-head grumpier. He crosses his arms and growls. "Why am I here."

It doesn't feel like a question anymore. I wonder what about my explanation he didn't understand. "I write about the latest styles! What are your names?"

"Oh! Right! Sorry!" Flustered, the fairy kei quickly bows his head. "I'm Tanjirou Kamado."

The blonde one puffs his chest and gestures grandly at himself. "I am Zenitsu Agatsuma." He runs a hand through his hair and winks.

How adorable; he thinks he's a Casanova! I turn to the boar but he just slouches further in his seat and doesn't say anything. After a minute, a panicked Tanjirou introduces him. "He's Inosuke Hashibira."

"Don't tell her that!" Inosuke growls.

Even his personality is abrasive! Perhaps he's going for a gap with his fashion. I chuckle and immediately he glares at me. Well, at least I think he does—it is hard to tell with that boar hiding his face. How does he eat? Ahh, there are so many questions I want to ask him but there are three people here for my interview and I must give them all equal love.

"How did you pick your styles?" I ask, and I'm sure my editor must be pleased with that question. It is a standard one and while I am unconventional in a variety of ways, I do try to do my job properly.

Zenitsu speaks first, as I expected he would. With his blinding colours, he is certainly the kind of boy who wants to be noticed and puts himself out there. Pointing at a heart-shaped clip on his hair he starts, "I bought that for a girlfriend." He frowns, remembering something bad no doubt. "Well, I was hoping she'd be my girlfriend. When she rejected me…" His eyes water and oh, a boy who's experienced the bitter bite of love! "I just kept it. It's the same for everything else." Looking down at his many bracelets, at his sashes and baubles, he cries. "Everyone keeps rejecting me!"

Oh, a fashion style to show the heartbreak of love. I knew there was something special when I saw them, and perhaps this is it! When people dress themselves up, they are trying to show a side of themselves to society. It can be an attempt to blend in, to show hidden parts of themselves, or even just to rebel against the norms. This sad, tragic boy; he is trying to show love lost, to be the incarnation of Venus. Reaching forward, I clasp his hands and give him a hopeful smile. "I'm sure it will go better next time."

Inosuke snorts. "As if."

"Inosuke!" Tanjirou seems like he's used to dealing with Inosuke's gruff personality. In fact, he sounds a little like a big brother when he's scolding. When I ask him about his clothing, he rubs his neck sheepishly. "I…I didn't exactly pick this out myself. My younger siblings like to dress me up." Apparently there are many mornings where he wakes up with makeup on his face. It's impressive how deeply he sleeps! "It's a waste not to wear the clothes, so I keep wearing them."

Despite his words, he looks very fond of his clothes. I think the style has grown on him. How lovely, family helping family discover styles. Another depiction of love. Perhaps all three of them are trying to be love's warriors, cupids walking through Harajuku? Inosuke is the only one left to answer the question.

He just glares when I ask him again, and I don't think he wants to answer me. While I love how grumpy he is, it doesn't help my article much! Fortunately, Zenitsu and Tanjirou come to my rescue. Zentisu grits his teeth and glares at Inosuke. "He's hiding his pretty face." Once more, his eyes water. "The girls flock to him, even without it. WHY?"

Love is mysterious like that. Zenitsu, keep searching for answers!

Tanjirou mentions how Inosuke likes hiking and other outdoor activities and suddenly, I realize what he's going for! A rugged, manly look, a return to nature itself! This is a love of nature and a love of oneself! How beautiful! When I tell him as such, he growls that that's not the case.

How wild! In the end, after having Obanai and Giyuu take some photos, I have to sadly say my goodbyes to these three. Hopefully, I will see them again on the streets of Harajuku, proudly displaying their love for all to see.