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After the mighty figures of the Builder and the Greenseer, Lyanna was shocked when the next one was a boy in a wheel chair. He had very few Stark features, if anything he dominantly looked like a Tully. What made him look completely out of place was his emotionless state.

"I am Brandon the Broken. Let's get this over with."

"Who are you?"

"I am your nephew from the future."

"What happened to you?"

"A man threw me off the broken tower."

"What kind of monster would do that to a child? Why?"

"He did it for love."

He looked fed up, like it was all a chore. He did not seem to realize how rude it was.

They were now in King's Landing in the throne room. To her surprise it was a full court. Everyone quietly watched her father and brothers fate.

"STOP IT!" She screamed. Surprisingly he obliged and brought her away. She cried for a long time before calming down.

"Is that my fault?"

"Partially. Brandon was just suicidal over not getting to marry his love and you gave him the perfect excuse to throw his life away. He went and screamed death threats to the bard prince. His hope was to get a trial by combat with one of the legendary king's guard, maybe even the prince but that was unlikely. He would either die or win and become a legend, but he considered either as better than marrying Catelyn Tully. Even if you had married Robert, he would have looked for the tiniest reason to challenge the Baratheon and die gloriously."

"But that's not what ..."

"Aerys was more far gone than anyone expected. The result was what you saw followed by the rebellion."

What followed was a quick slide show like treatment of the rebellion all the way up to the final battle at Trident. Lyanna was confused about this. It would be a lot more emotionally draining on her and help manipulate her into the desired direction if it was shown slowly with details. Specially with all the small folk dying in the war.

"Why are we rushing so much?"

"Its a special power of mine called the final season treatment. Don't worry about it."

The next thing she saw was the climax of the war with Robert smashing in the chest plate of Rhaegar and the ruby shards flying all over the place. She was numb by this time.

"What happened here?"

"Most likely Robert and Rhaegar had a fair fight, maybe slightly affected by the terrain. There are other versions though."


"Rhaegar was winning but refused to finish so Robert attacked his back. Or Rhaegar was winning but he showed mercy and tried to shake Robert's hand and got pulled in water. Or Robert threw mud in Rhaegar's eyes. Or Rhaegar slipped on a banana peel and fell down. I cannot comprehend the purpose of these stories."

Neither could Lyanna. These stories degraded Robert but did not improve Rhaegar in any way. If he showed kindness this late in the game, then she would kill him herself. She very much liked to believe that the prince fought and died like a warrior.

Next was the sacking of King's Landing and the fate of Elia Martell and her children. Bran did not show graphic things in detail but Lyanna still threw up. Surprisingly the children detected her even though Elia didn't. The magic in Targaryen blood was strong like the Starks. She tried to intervene, forgetting that she wasn't really there but Bran pulled her away.

"This is the problem with messing with temporal powers as an amateur. You would most likely fail. Worse is the unlikely event that you might succeed. I've seen the results with Hodor."

"But, those kids! They were just innocent children."

"So was I. No one cares."

He brought her to the time when Robert said Dragon-spawn. She felt vindicated in not wanting to marry him. Yet a part of her remembered the stupidly pure hearted person who now carried so much hate. He was such an enigma.

"I don't understand him."

"He is what a hero looks like in real life. His greatest weapon is not the warhammer but the 'power of friendship'. He wins over all men and women in his surroundings, even someone as loyal and honorable as Ser Barristan Selmy. If he was in King's Landing instead of Vale, he would have likely won over Arthur Dayne and others, maybe even the prince. If he was a second son and was allowed to become a sell-sword, everyone would be praising him. His father was the same way, as was their first ancestor."

"But the stories about him ..."

"... Are true. A hero fights injustice and wins maidens, but what if there is no obvious injustice? He becomes just a perverted philanderer in the best case and a villain in the worst. Heroes are born for war, not peace. You should know from your vigilantism as 'the knight of laughing tree', no matter how much you have romanticized it in your mind."

The final stop was naturally the tower of joy. She wondered what she was doing here and if she ever found the fate of her family. Neither answer bode well, one condemned her and the other her prince. The whole dying of pregnancy because there was no Maester or other resources reminded her of what the past showed. Though she was glad that at least her child survived. As long as he got a good life, her death would be worth it.

She also knew that the other her was desperate but she wanted to curse her dying self taking her brother Ned for granted so much with the words "promise me". Did he hate her for what happened to father and brother? Its not like Ned owed her any debts. It would be one thing if she had saved his life by risking hers or something. The so called family blood relationship had just become a one-sided leaching for her even if that was not her intention.

"You do not need to see any further future than that."

"You were a lot more gentle on me than the other two. You could have tortured me for my stupidity more, you know?"

"There is no point to that."

"I know. Its my loss. I will marry Robert Baratheon."

"Who told you to do that?"

This time she was dumbfounded in the extreme. Isn't it what they wanted? If not, then what was the point of doing all of this?

Bran suddenly grew serious and she felt a pressure that surpassed the previous two.

"The only thing worse than betraying your family and your people is betraying yourself. You will not be doing anyone any favors by joining an unwilling marriage."

"B-but ... I don't want to be responsible for all of these tragedies for my selfishness!"

"You can be selfish as long as you leave your name behind."


"Yes. You will renounce being a Stark. Not just in a secret letter but in front of a population, a village or a fort maybe. It has to be something definitive and irreversible. It will not repay the debt to your home but it will void it because Lyanna Stark would be dead so no one can ask her to do anything."

"If I do that, I can go with my prince?"

"Of course. My sisters had duties to the family too, but 'Alayne Stone' and 'Cat of the Canals' didn't. If you suffer due to being abandoned by your homeland or family for any reason, all your duties are null and void. The problem is that you ran away like a spoiled child while keeping the return path open."

That was all she had to do? It would be too easy. Surely her prince loved her for herself and didn't care for her name or bloodline?

"So choose now. Stay as Lyanna Stark or leave as a No-Name."

From here the story can branch in many different ways.

She marries Robert and he remains loyal. Or he continues with his depraved ways.

She goes with Rhaegar and he only cares about the prophesy. Or he loves her for real in addition to the prophesy.

Lets see where it goes in the future.